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 Unveiled by Experts on WHO Guidelines...

Who am I?
1. 2. 3. 4. I am a CEO – Chief Energy Officer I am a Health and Wellness Coach Not a medical professional Just a person sharing a true story

What inspired this Health Session?
1. 2. 3. 4. Dr. Ray Strand's book called “What Your Doctor Does Not Know About Nutritional Medicine Is Killing You” & “Death By Prescription” Dr. Peter Bennett ND and Dr. Stephen Barrie, ND’s book called “Energize your life”. Jim Loehr & tony Schwartz’z book called “The Power of Full Engagement”. Dr. duke Johnson, MD; Medical Director for Nutrilite Health Institute Center for Optimal Health

Other References : 1. 2. Reader's Digest Guide to “Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements” A 2002 JAMA (Journal of the American Medicine Association)

“It is much easier and safer to maintain your health than try to regain it once you've lost it.” “People today are living shorter and dying longer”

Dr. Joe Wallach (Nobel Prize Winner, 1993)

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The genetic potential of longevity in human being is 120 to 140 years.  There are people in Tibet, Western Russia, Eastern Pakistan, Georgia & Azerbaijan who live up to 120 – 140 years. Average Life span of American is 75.5 years while Doctors/M.D. is only 58 years. Average Life span of Indian is 62 years while Doctors/M.D. is only __ years.

“With 10 Cr. Patients, India is World's BP Capital”
BP ...A Silent Killer ....most important cause of....
* Strokes * Heart Attack * Diabetes * Blindness * Paralysis * Brain Hemorrhages & Renal Failures. Times Of India- Front Cover Story .. 22nd August. 2007.

Heart Disease





more than 80% Woman in India are Iron deficient
RBC and Sickle cells


Obesity leads to

* Heart Problems * High B.P. * Diabetes * Cancer * Stroke

What we are eating …

This is not even close to a balance diet

We all know that in the present day life, there is a Great Difficulty in making mentioned food choices because of 1. Excessive usage of pesticides

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Artificially grown animal food Less nutritional value due to excessive farming & commercialisation Convenience Storage & Cooking Food Habits, Taste.

– – – – –

7. Skipping meals & snaking 8. Processed Food like fast food (Excessive Carbohydrates & Fats) 9. Eating while doing multiple activities like Watching TV, Reading & Working on PC, etc. 10.Life Style choices like alcohol, excessive Tea/coffee, smoking, medication.. 11. Restrictive diet due to certain illness, overweight or fasting

Why Natural Supplements?
Natural means derived from plants. Plants absorbs minerals from soil which are 2.5 times rich in value than metallic minerals. 98 % of The Natural Supplements are absorbed in the Blood, as against 10-15 % absorption of Synthetic Vitamins. Natural Supplements supply us

Phytonutrients available in Plants.

Now Lets See It Practically How

Antioxidants & Why Natural
To Fight

Free Radicals....

FICTION: 1. If I get sick, I will just go to the Doctor 2. There is an anti-biotic for everything these days 3. My doctor says, Multi Vitamins are not worth taking anyway

FACTS: 1. 2. 3. Drugs (Medicines) treat our symptoms and not the cause of our ailments. Drugs are synthetic chemicals with side effects… These chemicals are foreign and unnatural for our bodies to process… because they are free radicals, they actually damage our cells. A 2002 JAMA (Journal of the American Medicine Association) study recommends that every adult should take a daily Multi Vitamin Over 2000 Medical Scientific studies have shown the positive impact of nutritional supplements on our health.



FICTION: Fast food and sugar are not that bad for me. I only drink about 2 cokes/sodas per day and that is not bad Kids like special treats (Sweets, cakes, biscuits, etc) after school or before going to bed – there is nothing wrong with that. FACT: Fast food can be considered fake food. They are empty calories with little nutritional content. We fill our bodies without feeding our bodies with nutrients. So we are overfed and under nourished.

FACT: 1. Sugar causes our arteries to spasm for three hours after we eat fast foods or drink sugary drinks 2. Sugar is considered to be the most successful recreational drug in the history of mankind. 3. Sugar is a highly addictive, mood altering, health threatening substance that causes anti-social behavior. 4. Sugar is called the fertilizer for Cancer. 5. Sugar weakens the immune system 6. Over consumption of sugar causes – Obesity, diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular decease, Premature aging, allergies, inflammatory deceases and conditions like Arthritis, Migraines and Alzheimer’s.

FICTION: 1. I can eat right and get enough nutrients in my diet. 2. My grandparents did not have to worry, they ate everything including sweets.

FACT: 1. Soil is being depleted of its nutrients and is being treated chemically so fruits and vegetables are not as nutritious as they used to be. 2. So while it is possible that we can make healthier food choices, (more and more doctors are recommending) that we still need to supplement our diets. 3. This has started in the last 30-50 years. There are more free radicals in our processed foods, fast foods and restaurant foods, etc… 4. Due to the fast paced lives that we lead, people are eating out more often.

1. Rather than being re-active with synthetic drugs, why not be Pro-active with Natural, Organic nutritional supplements 2. You can take charge and arm your body to fight and win against these killer deceases.



Nutrilite’s Multi Vitamins benefits run deep:
1. It improves nutrient levels in your blood stream 2. It lowers Homocysteine levels – amino acids that metabolize protein. Higher homocysteine levels mean higher risk of heart attack and stroke. 3. It reduces DNA damage by 4-6 times in only 6 weeks. Think about how this can positively impact you over a lifetime? 4. It has the Anti Oxidant power to fight and protect your cells against five different categories of Free Radicals.

Now Lets Evaluate Our Own Diet...
Lets Fill Up The Nutrition Analysis Sheet... Just To Check Where We Stand...

Soy Isoflavones + Iron + Calcium which supplies a balanced blend of 9 Essential Amino Acids

Protein helps in
* Maintenance & Repair of Muscles, Tendons, Skin, Ligaments, Organs, Glands, Nails, Hair, Bones * Good Nutrition for infant through mother * Children’s Growth & Development * Giving Strength to Elderly People * Heart Disease, Diabetes, boost immune function * Lowering Blood Pressure * Relieving some nervous disorders * Production of hormones such as insulin, neurotransmitters



Multivitamin & Mineral Tablet provides 13 Essential Vitamins + 11 Minerals + Phyto factors Plant Compounds


Helps Support * Energy Production, Nerve Function, Hormones etc. * Healthy Cells, Skin, Hair Nails, Eyes, Bones & Teeth * Immune System, Heart Beats, Connective Tissue * Muscle Activity, Brain, Hemoglobin, Regulation of Body Temperature * Body’s Antioxidant Defence System, Glucose Level, Metabolism etc.

Supplement with EPA & DHA derived from Salmon Fish, harvested in the deep & cold waters of Atlantic Ocean.


Helps in

* Heart Disease
* Hyper Tension * Diabetes * Premature Aging * Some form of Cancer * Good for Vegetarians / Non vegetarians & People who eat junk food.

Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fatty Acids:
Ideal Ratio

1 : 5-10
Actual Consumption

1 : 30-70
Source: Indian Journal of Pediatrics, Volume 72, March 2005, Page 239-242

Consequences of imbalance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids intake
High incidence of:

4Heart disease 4Hypertension 4Diabetes 4Obesity 4Premature aging 4Some forms of cancer

KIDS CHEWABLE Multivitamins & Minerals
16 Essential Vitamins + 4 Minerals

Multivitamins & Minerals

Helps Growing Children in * Rapid Growth * Strong Muscles, Bones & Teeth * Healthy Eyes, Hair, Skin * Mentally Sharp & Physically Active

Excellent source of Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals & lots of Energy

Ideal Supplement for * Healthy Growth & Development of children * Nutritional & Energy – boosting drink for all * Sensible snack without adding empty calories * Good for Heart, Muscles & Brain


Vitamin ‘C’ from Acerola Cherry concentrate & Ascorbic Acid with Multiflavonoid complex


Helps in * Formation of Collagen – bind cells together in bones, teeth, gums, blood vessel & connective tissue * Stronger defense System * Speeds wound healing * Help prevent Arthritis, Cataract, Heart Disease * Treats Asthma * Good Antioxidant – must for people who smoke, take alcohol, stay in polluted area & who don’t eat fruits & vegetables


2 Essential Nutrients Vitamin E & Selenium with Phytonutrients


Benefits * Help protect against Heart Disease, Certain Cancers, Pollution, Smoking, Alcohol * Aids in skin healing * May delay or Prevent Cataract * Enhances Immune System * Fights against viral infections, cold, sores & may slow down development of HIV / AIDS


Perfect combination of Calcium & Magnesium with Added benefit of Natural Phytonutrients

Helps in * Strengthens bone & muscle structure * Progressive bone loss & osteoporosis * Aids Heart, Blood Clotting, PMS * Eases Indigestion, Fatigue * Aids in preventing complications of diabetes * Activates more than 300 enzymatic reactions

Benefits * Helps calcium work better * Supports bone density


* Minimise loss of bone mass * Supports formation of New bone cells * Build Muscle * Increases bone calcium retention


Spinach concentrate specially processed to provide Iron, Folic Acid & essential phytochemicals


Helps in * Treatment of Anemia * Needed by women during pregnancy & heavy menstrual periods * Protects against Birth Defects * Reduces risk of heart disease, stroke & several cancers * Can alleviate depression, especially elderly people * Helps body fight infections


Balanced formula of 7 Essential B Vitamins + Inosital + PABA (Para-Amino-Benzoic-Acid) derived from Naturally cultivated yeast

Benefits * Aids Energy Production * Help reduce depression, improve mood * Help in Heart Disease, Migraine & Asthama Attacks * May prevent progression of Type II Diabetes * Helps in Nerve pain, numbness, tingling, Improves circulation, Soothes Indigestion * Improve skin blemishes * May lesson PMS symptoms


Combination of Siberian Ginseng + Ginko Biloba + Bioflavonoid concentrates


Benefits * Combat physical effects of stress, boost vitality * Herbal tonic, improves mental alertness, work output & concentration * Alleviates Cold, Painful Leg Cramps * Relieves headaches, Tinnitus (Ringing in Ears) & dizziness * May slow down Alzheimer’s symptoms, sharpen concentration & memory * May treat impotence, errections & infertility in men * Good for students, busy people, people doing stressful activity etc…

Glucosomine HCL + Bromelain + Natural Enzymes from Pineapple & Boswellia

● ●

Benefits * Relives Pain, Stiffness & Swelling of Knees, Fingers & other joints caused by Arthritis * Help reduce arthritic back & neck pain * May speed up the healing of sprains & strengthen joints, preventing future injury


Echinicea + Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex


Benefits * Protects from seasonal changes, cold, cough & flu by reducing severity & duration * Boost body’s Natural defense * Speeds the healing of skin wounds, inflammations & urinary tract infections


Mountain grown Garlic with all natural benefit with unique enteric coating which helps tablet bypass stomach & get absorbed in intestine.


Benefits * Helps lower cholesterol level * Helps in improving blood circulation * Fights infections * May produce a slight drop in B.P. * Boost immunity * Reduces blood clotting

Positrim Healthy Living Weight Management Program Components
● ● ●

Positrim Meal Replacement Drink Healthy Eating Regular Exercise


Nutrition foundation of India reports – 1/3 male & more than ½ of the females in upper middle class are overweight. 25% of the Indian population is expected to be overweight by 2025.

‘Positrim’ BSM Starter Pack contains - Healthy living Guide - Healthy living 2 VCD’s for weight management & Exercise - A Shaker - A Pedometer - A BMI Calculator

‘Positrim’ Meal Replacement Drink mix of 53gm contains - Almost 1/3 daily value of Vitamins & Minerals - Safe & sensible balance of Proteins , Fats & Carbohydrates - Essential Fiber for good health - Only 170 Kcal - Delicious Chocolate flavor

We are not only in the business of making money, we are in the business of helping people have a better quality of life till they die. Nowadays, people often start to die 5 – 7 years before they actually die. This is a way to ADD YEARS TO LIFE & LIFE TO YOUR YEARS!!!!!!!!!! Thank You.