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By Amfri Umi-Uchechi Copyright © May 3, 2009 at 10:32pm

This article is primarily for my family and friends who know me as Rodney Stowers«and secondarily for those who are simply curious. Know that I am honored by the Stowers name. My change is a result of a spiritual awakening and initiation that has taken me far beyond the limits of traditional, contemporary religion. As such, I am honored with two names. I answer to both. Rodney is the name I use in my material professional life. Amfri is the name I use in my spiritual professional life. Over the past four years, the lives have become more unified as the ancillary roles of my material life are being fulfilled. This is my 42 year of spiritual study, the moment of my awakening occurred 19 years ago (circa 1992) with the initiation into the deeper spiritual mysteries occurring about 10 years ago (circa 2000). Amfri is the name I chose during my awakening. I started using the name, privately, about 12 years ago (circa 1998). Originally spelled Imfri, the name was crafted as a spiritual affirmation and reminder to keep a promise to live in the awareness of truth. I found a book titled ³The Shining Ones´ by Flower Newhouse. In it, she says that the Amfri are a fiery order of angels whose charge is to protect truth. Since the purpose of spiritual writing and teaching is to protect and promote the nature of truth, I adopted her spelling and often use her angelic definition to explain the meaning of my name. However, the original name-craft was developed as follows. I·m·fri: y ³I´ means ego, the one who writes and speaks. y ³M´ is a contracted form of ³am´ meaning ³sum...the totality of being fully present in each moment´. y ³Fri´ is the beginning of the word friend and means both ³love´ and ³free´. Amfri has deep religious significance to me in that my thought, words, and actions are united with and bound inextricably to this consciousness of love, freedom, and truth. A chosen name represents a state of consciousness to which and by which the awakened individual unites the self. It is an affirmative reminder of the Divine Urge expressing through the individual, as the individual. As such, the most powerful spiritual

name crafted will hide an affirmation. This is the ³secret power´ of one¶s name. As such, the spiritual name affirms who and what one knows this physical expression of self to be. I AM LOVE, I AM FREE, My Ego is Fully Present in Love, My Ego is Totally Free, The One-Who-Writes-&-Speaks Is Love, The One-Who-Writes-&-Speaks Is Free, The I AM that I AM, All that I AM belongs to God. For four years (1998-2001), I did not choose a spiritual last name. It was not until my studies lead me to the deep and rich spiritual teachings of the elders that I crafted a spiritual last name. My ancestors, the ancient keepers of wisdom traditions of Africa, inspired this name. Bouts of mysticism lead me to understand the ancient religious practices of upper Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sudan (Chad), Egypt (Kemet) and Ghana. I chose an African name to honor these Ancient Ancestors who left an amazing wealth of religious/spiritual teachings for us to follow. Umi-Uchechi is my African name (Ibo/Yoruba). Umi means life. Uchechi means the blessings of Chi/God. (Yes, chi is an ancient African and ancient Chinese term for GOD or energy). So translated, the entire name, Amfri Umi-Uchechi, means:
y y y The One-Who-Writes-&-Speaks of love, freedom, and life as a blessing of God. The Ego expresses love, freedom, and life, a blessing of God. The fiery defender of truth whose life is the blessing of God.

Normally, I give only the last meaning since it is easier; but, I want family and friends to know the deeper meaning and significance of the name. NOTE: Spiritual initiation is the process of being instructed or adept in the ³secret´ knowledge of thought. I use the term secret loosely because all of God¶s secrets are hidden in plain view. We just need to know how to become aware of them. Since most people are not aware of the ancient spiritual traditions of Africa, or those of tribal people, I will attempt to explain them as best I can. Since what I teach is a reformulation of ancient teachings, understand that ancient teachings require a contemporary explanation. I will do my best to provide this insight and answer all questions as best I can. Peace & Blessings,

Brother Amfri