12/1/2010-JCA-2 Government of India Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Department of Personnel and Training) North Block, New Delhi Dated the 21s' June, 20 10 Subject: Holidays to be observed in Central Government Omces during the year 2011.

It has been decided that the holidays as specified in the Annexure -I to this l O.M. will be observed in al the Administrative Offices of the Central Government located a t Delhi/New Delhi during the year 201 1. In addition, each employee will also be allowed to avail himself/herself of any two holidays to be chosen by him/her out of the list of Restricted Holidays in Annexure 11.


2. Central Government Administrative Offices located outside Delhi / New Delhi shall observe the following holidays compulsorily in addition to three holidays as per para 3.1 below:

3.1. In addition to the above 14 Compulsory holidays mentioned in para 2, three holidays shall be decided from the list indicated below by the Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committee in the State Capitals, if necessary, in consultation with Coordination Committees a t other places in the State. The final list applicable uniformly to a l Central Government offices within the concerned l State shall be notified after seeking prior approval of this Ministry and no change that no change is permissible in can be carried out thereafter. It is also clarif~ed regard to festivals and dates as indicated.

3 .
4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1 1. 12.

commercial and trading establishments would observe upto 16 holidays in a year including three national holidays viz. Union Territory Administrations shall decide the list of holidays in terms of Ministry of Home Affairs letter No. depending upon sighting of the Moon. 4. However.M.I.e.GP-I dated 15. in the year 20 1 1. would be declared by the Ministry of Personnel. are to be included in the list of restricted holidays. about the change of date. i. there is no objection if holiday on account of Deepavali i s observed on 'Naraka Chaturdasi Day (in place of Deepavali Day) for the Central Government Offices in a State if in that State that day alone is declared as a compulsory holiday for Diwali for the offices of the State Government. 5. 2011 (Kartika 04). In view of this. 6. on "Narakachaturdasi Day". The Coordination Committees a t the State Capitals may draw up separate list of Restricted Holidays keeping in view the occasions of local importance but the 9 occasions left over.1984 by which they would observe a total of 16 holidays including the three National Holidays Viz. / Newspapers and the Heads of Department / Offices of the Central Government may take action according to such an announcement without waiting for a formal order. Central Government Organisations which include industrial. Independence Day and Mahatma Gandhi's birthday.1 For offices in Delhi / New Delhi.2 For offices outside Delhi / New Delhi. if necessary. 5. The remaining holidays / occasions may be determined by such establishments / organisations themselves for the year 20 1 1. During 2011. the Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committees a t the State Capitals are authorised to change the date of holiday. Muharram and Id-e-Milad. is meant for Central Government Offices located in Delhi / New Delhi. any change in the date of holidays in respect of Idul Fitr.2 above. 20 11. The list of Restricted Holidays appended to this O. Muharram and Id-e-Milad. both are falling on the same day i.3. if necessiuy. of NCT of Delhi. based on the decision of the concerned State Governments / Union Territories. Republic Day. 5. the practice is to celebrate the occasion a day in advance.1 above.3 I t may happen that the change of date of the above occasions has to be declared at a very short notice. . In certain States. in respect of Idul Fitr. 7. announcement could be made through T.R. as compulsory holidays. 8. subject to para 3.e. Diwdi (Deepavali) falls on Wednesay. / A.. Independence Day & Mahatma Gandhi's birthday. after choosing the 3 variable holidays in para 3. Diwali (Deepavali)and Narak Chaturdasi Day. Idul Zuha.14046/27/83.2. October 26. In such a situation. Idul Zuha.2 No substitute holiday should be allowed if any of the festival holidays initially declared subsequently happens to fall on a weekly off or any other nonworking day or in the event of more than one festivals falling on the same day. October 26. Public Grievances and Pensions after ascertaining the position from the Govt.V. Republic Day.

DOP&T (20 copies) NIC (DOFT) with the request to place this O. In other words. 17.G. Lenin Sarai. the number of holidays may be notified in accordance with the instructions contained in this Department's O.M. 14. All attached and subordinate offices of Ministry of Personnel. 15. P. three National Holidays and Mahavir Jayanti. Chief Secretaries to all the State Governments / Union Territoreis. Kolkata . 2002. Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity.G. they will have the option to select 12(Twelve) holidays of their own only after including in the list. Deputy Secretary (Coordination). B-Wing.M. Block-AQ. All Ministries/ Departments of Government of India.8 Sector-V. New Delhi (with 5 spare copies) Positional Astronomy Centre. 13. New Delhi (with 5 spare copies) Deputy Director (Bills). 5. 13-C. Plot No. and Pensions. . Secretariat. the holidays are restricted to 1 5 days in a year in terms of the instructions issued by the Department of Economic Affairs (Banking Division). Ferozeshah Road.T. & Pensions. UPSC/CVC/C&AG/ PMO / Lok Sabha Secretariat/ Rajya Sabha Secretariat/ President's Secretariat/Vice-President's Secretariat/ Supreme Court/ High Court/ Central Administrative Tribunal/ Election Commission of India / Minorities Commission/ National Human Rights Commission. 10. Kolkata (with 10 spare copies). 7.: Lists of holidavs To 1. 2. 11. P. 12. All Staff Side Members of the National Council (JCM). 18. Ministry of Personnel. Hindi version will follow. 166. National Council (JCM). DEPUTY SECRETARY Encl.. Salt lake. 8. Manish Bathan. New Delhi. Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committees (As per updated list from Welfare Section). The Manager (Store). 4. All Staff Side Members of the Departmental Council (JCM).9. 16. 6. 9. PS to Cabinet Secretary. Stadium. New Delhi. No.12/5/2002-JCA dated 17&December. of Printing. In respect of Banks. I. 10. Commissioner for Scheduled Castes /Commissioner for Scheduled Tribes. PTI 100 Spare Copies. 1 11. on the Website of the Department (www.Dte. Staff Side. Nirman Bhavan. Secretary.G. In respect of Indian Missions abroad. Christmas Day included in the list of compulsory holidays and falling on days of weekly off.O. 3.persrnin.700091 Facilitation Center. Forms Store. Delhi Govt.nic. Chairman / Secretaries. Government of India. I.

I / April 1 Vaisakha Vaisakha 1 May bugust I ( 8. 2. 7. I l d u l Fitr ugust 31 02 06 26 I Bhadra Asvina Asvina Kartika 09 10 14 04 16 I ednesday Sunday Thursday Wednesday I 1 1. Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami) October 13. Diwali (Deepavali) I I October ovember I 1 I I I 14. k p u b l i c Day panuar~ 1 Magha I 1932 SAKA ERA 06 pednesday / ilad-Un-Nabi or Id-Eebruary ilad (Birthday of Prophet boh&mad) k h a Shivaratri parch I I Magha 27 11 ednesday (Wednesday I / Phalguna I m Navarni I I pril pril 1933 SAKA ERA Chaitra 22 I esday aturday Priday I esday l~onda~ 5. khristmas Day ecember 25 Pausa 04 .ANNEXURE-I LIST OF GOVERNMENT OF INDIA HOLIDAYS DURING THE YEAR 201 1 FOR DELHI / NEW DELHI OFFICES IS.NO. 3 . 4 . ahavir Jayanti p I d Friday uddha Purnima Independence Day anamashtami (Vaisnava) I 16 22 17 I Chaitra 26 02 27 24 6. Mahatma Gandhi's bctober birthday 12. I I 15 ) Sravana / 1 10. l d u l Zuha (Bakrid) I 07 I Kartika Kartika I onday hursday I uru Nanak's birthday I ovember ecember 10 06 I 19 Agrahayana 15 I esday punday I I I 17. 1 I Holida y 1 I Date 1 26 16 02 12 I Saka Date I Day 1 I 1.

i I I Pongal January 15 08 18 19 27 19 I 25 19 29 I Basanta Panchami /Sri February Panchami I P iI b.LIST OF GOVERNlYlENT 09 INDIA RJWTRICTED HOLIDAYS DURING THE YEAR 2011 FOR DELHI I NEW DELHI OFFICES. 15. July August August Asadha Sravana Sravana Bhadra 12 22 28 04 Raksha Bandhan Parsi New Year's day I 2. I Vishu I I April April 14 l4 24 24 14. Guru Gobiid Singh's January birthday Makar Sankranti January 15 24 I Wednesday Friday Saturday Tuesday I . S. Jamat-U1-Vida I August 26 Friday . " March I 1I Magha - 30 08 1 Phalmna - (I Saturday I Sunday Saturday I / Phalguna 28 Phalguna 29 I I 10. 2 1. 20. 5. I Holi I March 20 Sunday SAKA ERA 1933 Padava/Ugadi/ het ti April 14 I Monday Chaitra Chaitra I 24 I Thursday Thursday I I I I 13. 2. I Rath Yatra . Guru Ravidas' birthday I February Friday Shivaii Jayanti I I Swami I P. I I Mesadi Vaisakhadi(Benga1) / Bahag Bihu (Assam) Easter Sunday Birthda 1 Chaitra Vaisakha Vaisakha Jyaishtha I Thursday April 24 09 16 03 13 19 I 04 19 26 I Sunday p p Rabindranath's May &1 '? i as A t : I Birthday I June I Thursday Sunday Saturday Friday I 19.No 1. Holiday New Year's Day Date January 01 05 14 I Saka Date Day SAKA ERA 1932 Pausa 11 Saturday Pausa Pausa Pausa Magha Magha I 3. 16. I I baraswati Jayanti Holika Dahan (Do1yatra) II February Davananda I Februan.

I 1 Ganesh . 4.b3. Christmas Eve -7 Saturday . i 1 Vinayaka Chaturthi ( Onam 1 (Maha Saptami) Chaturthi I September 01 Bhadra 10 Thursday ) I r (Maha Navmi) birthday I ussehra (Maha Ashtami) October (Additional) October October 04 Asvina Asvina I 12 13 05 11 Asvina 19 9. 16. I Deepavali (South India) Narak Chaturdasi I 0. October October October November 26 I Kartika Kartika I 04 05 06 10 Govardhan Puja 27 28 01 ( Kartika 1 Kartika -. 5. Wednesday -7 Thursday Tuesday November 24 Martyrdom Day I Agrahayana 03 5.

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