pros: 1. easy to make perfect products. i.e. increased accuracy 2. lower labour costs 3.

duplicates produced more easily (no human error) 4. easy to make minor and major adjustments cons: 1. the program is very expensive as are the machines controlled by the software 2. often difficult to use. the operator has to be highly trained

CAD / CAM Software

EdgeCAM Suite of CAM software for all your NC programming needs such as turning, milling, EDM, free form and advanced Surface machining. Voted Metalworking Product of the Year 1999 by industry. EZCAM CAD/CAM Systems Introduced by Bridgeport Machines, EZ-CAM CAD/CAM software has over 10,000 users worldwide. Developed by a team of software and machining specialists, the software combines an easily learned interface with powerful machining capabilities. TubeCad Perform 3-D tube layout and design for forming and bending tube assemblies quickly and accurately with this simple software. AlphaCAM LICOM AlphaCAM is a comprehensive and fully-featured CAD/CAM system for the Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000 platforms. Capable of 3-5 axis milling, 3D router, turning, engraving, punching, laser & waterjet profiling. Available in 14 languages. Magics Rapid prototyping software for rapid mould design, mould quoting and 3D file sharing. AutoCad AutoCAD by Autodesk is one of the best professional design & drafting programs on the market. This award winning program is used by engineering and manufacturing companies around the world. CATIA V5 World¶s leading CAD/CAM/CAE software for mechanical design of solid, hybrid or sheet metal parts. Stress and vibration analysis capabilities. Catia is the premier design software for SME's, the electronics, automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding industries. IronCAD 3D CAD software for foundries by Novacast. Works fully in 3D and changes in design can be

engineering firms.made without going to 2D. VRML. Alternative to expensive & time consuming process of physical prototyping. QuickPen . and 3D Face data in DXF format. A simple windows interface with unique drag-and-drop capabilities help designers and engineers build assemblies in record time. Pro/ENGINEER 2000 Highly rated 3D mechanical design suite which assists designers & manufacturing engineers with product development across all industries. . The CAD/CAM system of choice for mechanical design professionals seeking a competitive edge. Radprofile and RadbendCNC. multi-axis milling and turning. build. Reads STL. measure. wire EDM. Pro/Mechanica 2000 Design simulation software to evaluate how products will perform in real-world conditions. including architectural. Easy import of most common CAD files. MasterCam Leader in PC based CAD/CAM software. surface and solid modeling. Automate complex piping design tasks & streamlines the design of industrial machinery and equipment. and HVAC. Comes with 20 different foundry catalogs. weldments and more. SolidWorks.Sheet Metal CAD CAD system for sheet metal contractors. and mark-up CAD data. There is a Mastercam product for every budget range and application. Create multiple isometric and plan views and download to your plasma cutter for efficient fabrication and waste elimination. SolidView Free 3D CAD viewer which allows anyone with a Windows PC to view. PipeDesigner 3D CAD design and drafting system designed specifically for mechanical contractors. assemblies. drafting. Quickly draw complete systems. The most suitable CAD system for a jobbing foundry. and manufacturers that design. Includes Radbend. Users can improve designs early in the development cycle to reduce cost and leadtimes. fully integrated with SolidWorks. Offers software for basic 2-axis machining. Create solid or sheet metal components. Radan Sheet Metal CAD/CAM Suite of sheet metal CAD/CAM and process management software solutions. Solid Edge helps designers do more work with less effort than other CAD systems. the 3D sheet metal design system that can automatically unfold parts for downstream processing with Radpunch. Solid Edge The leading mid-range mechanical CAD software by Unigraphics Solutions. OBJ. or fabricate piping systems. SolidWorks Piping Piping design program and fittings library. No need for expensive CAD software. SolidWorks Powerful 3D CAD software for mechanical design. 3D design. structural.

CastDESIGN for feeding system design. Compass II. Performs coupled thermal. IV Material optimization software to help companies that shear & slit master coils or sheets to minimize scrap loss. Developed at General Motors and currently maintained and marketed by Technalysis. MacOS and UNIX. Cut-Planner Panel optimizing software module that determines the best way to cut rectangular parts from sheets. extrusion. embossing dies. manufacture. and squeeze casting. core boxes or dies are made. Win95/98/NT. engraved signs. elasto-viscoplastic. Create handcarved looks. Inc. elasto-plastic. AFS Solidification System (3D) Solidification modeling software for the PC by Finite Solutions. DEFORM Forging simulation software that enables designers to analyze metal forming processes on the computer rather than the shop floor using trial and error. $95. routing and machining jobs you¶ve ever wanted. Each software products is focused on a specific aspect of the design.00 US for CAD & $495 for solid modeling. semi-permanent mold. Inc. III. and rolling. awards and trophies. Effective tools for component design or casting simulation for Windows. Predict whether your rigging design will work before patterns. rapid prototyping. stamps.TurboCad 6. from Pattern Systems Intl. Delcam's Power Solution CAD/CAM solution developed by toolmakers for toolmakers. CastCAE is for casting simulation.5 Affordably priced 3D CAD and solid modeling software packages. Determine the optimal shearing patterns for producing blanks from stock. . Windows 95/98/NT system. dieCAS Software for process modeling and analysis of die casting and related processes. quality and delivery at leading companies for nearly a decade. Has file sharing capabilities with AutoCad and an easy to use drag and drop interface. CASTech Software for simulation of casting processes. ANTARES 2D and 3D geometry-based forming simulation software for simulating metalworking processes like open or closed die forging. and CastCHECK for component analysis. injection molds and engraved panel decorations for wood. The software lets you make a casting on the computer before it's made on the foundry floor. rigid-viscoplastic and workability modeling. inspection and reverse engineering of complex 3D forms. The use of DEFORM has improved cost. EnRoute Design and produce all the engraving. including permanent mold.

Increase productivity and improve accuracy in charge calculations. shapes and drawn tubes and wire forming. A simulation tool for the technological and quality focused production of castings. mold weighting. AxiTherm. MINOS delivers world-class solid modeling in an easy-to-learn. thermal analysis software. Predict formability and blank size for 3D models of stamped sheet metal components before dies are developed. and leaf springs. tubes & pipes. HEXAGON Spring Software Software applications for calculating the design and cost for helical and conical compression springs. Forming Technologies Incorporated FTI offers a suite of metal stamping and forming software. riser size an neck design. is now available for download. MAGMASOFT Software developed by foundrymen for casting process optimization. Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering. Directory of free Mechanical Engineering software.51. extention. a simulation program which performs FEM thermal calculations. calculators and others. MINOS Free full-function solid modeling 3D CAD program for Windows 95. disk. modulus estimation. feeding distance. dynamic simulation software. estimation. Print custom pipe templates in minutes.EZ Pipe Software Software for pipe welding patterns and layout. ForgeWare Free shareware application for the forging industry developed by the Colorado School of Mines. drafting and engineering personnel. Saves time for pipefitting. 2D and 3D CAD programs for sheet metal.0 and LINUX. Download your personal copy here. filter calculation. CAD/CAM software. MetalMaster Foundry charge optimization software by Novacast. metallurgical calculations and more. Windows NT 4. maintenance welding. finite element analysis software. thermal stresses and distortions. Foundry Technology II Software for design of gating and risering systems. utility programs. Helps reduce design lead-time and cut costs by identifying formability problems early. easy-to-use package. Improves understanding of mold filling. rollforming. Values for the most important spring materials are provided by the integrated material database. spiral. Windows NT 3. Includes modules on weight estimation. The consequenses of using different types of cast iron can easily be simulated. Freebyte. MetalBender Engineering software for the sheet metal industry. horizontal gating. A helpful tool for choosing the best raw materials for each alloy. torsion. Free Demo available. mechanical properties. .

Import any CAD tooling data via StereoLithography (STL) description. warm. Covers mechanical. lost wax casting. Formats are . The 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software interfaces with most commercially available CAD packages. Ubeco's sheet design software is usefull for all manufacturers of HVAC and folded sheet metal parts. QForm Forging simulation software developed for a windows 95/98/NT environments. powder forging and electric upsetting. etc. while maximizing material usage and reducing forging defects. Capabilities include automatic meshing. Works for gravity casting. shell moulding. and more. unit conversions.DWG and . Simulates cold.MSC. thermal analysis. and hydraulic presses. hammers and multi-ram presses. Offers a suite of sheet metal fabrication software. ProCAST A leading casting simulation software. Compatible with Windows NT/95/98/2000. fluid flow. fluess. Sheet Lightning Shareware CAD program for sheet metal engineering and manufacturing. chimneys. high & low pressure diecasting of most alloys.Casting Library Software by FabCad with a library of 1200 castings patterns that can be incorporated into your drawings. investment casting. . courtesy of Advanced Tubular Tech.Version 4 Free shareware utility for tube fabricators that calculates tangent distances. Cost effective complement to CAD/CAM systems. cones. penetrations and cut-outs of geometrical models. A 32 bit Windows app. screw. Striker Systems Metal forming and fabrication solutions. PROFIL Roll-forming design software for every manufacturer of cold roll-formed profiles or seamed tubes from sheet metal and for designers of rollformers and tube forming machines. and radiation effects. Create cylinders. Progeo Software for the sheet metal industry. Compatible with any CNC or engraving machine. arc lengths. rectangular ducts and oval. Performs calculations of unfoldings. chutes. OrnaCad . bases of a right triangle. Programs are available as add-on's to AutoCAD or as stand-alone solutions.WMF. NovaFlow & Solid´s Mould filling and solidification simulation software by Novacast. hoppers. Tubular Tech Calculator . and hot closed die forging.SuperForge Forging simulation software that optimizes the industrial forging process by predicting material flow and die loads. Type3 Engraving Software for industrial engraving and sculpting.

Gate Library This ornamental metal CAD library is an add-on feature to the OrnaCad casting library. It contains 20 driveway gates and 13 walk gates fully drawn. SGI and SUN. . QUIKSTAMP Stamping and forming metal simulation software for quick die design and evaluation. IBM. Compatible with UNIX workstations from DEC.OrnaCad . Hewlett Packard.