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booster fans should be added in the dryer duct run when the length of the duct exceeds 25 feet with no bends. 20 feet with one bend or 15 feet with two bends. All of Fantech’s Dryer Boosters can be used on runs up to 130 feet except the DBF110 which is effective up to 108 feet. Dryers were designed to be located on an outer wall and directly vented out of the building. Always consult local codes before installation. (See back cover for description. measure from the dryer to the external venting point in roof or wall. Fantech’s patented pressure sensing switch automatically turns the booster fan on. condo and apartment designs the laundry has been moved to interior locations causing the use of extensive lengths of duct.V E N T I L AT I O N F O R T H E L A U N D R Y ANOTHER FA N T E C H V E N T I L AT I O N SOLUTION DRYER BOOSTER FANS are specially designed to solve the problems caused by long duct runs on clothes dryers. HOW DO THEY WORK? When the dryer is on. For each bend or elbow add 5-7 feet to your total duct run calculations. moist air in the dryer YEAR WARRANTY duct is exhausted quickly. In today’s home. WHEN IS A DRYER BOOSTER NECESSARY? According to some dryer installation instructions and local building codes. In these applications a dryer booster fan is the perfect solution. Long duct runs with multiple elbows can cause extended drying time as well as lint and moisture build-up within the dryer duct. NOTE: If booster fan is located within 15 linear feet of the dryer. CALCULATING DUCT RUN To calculate the length of your planned duct run.) . Most typical dryers cannot operate efficiently against the resistance created by the necessary duct work. Exclusive Wall-Mount Panel with LED Light assures homeowner that booster fan is working normally. The FIVE warm. a DBLT4 Lint Trap should be added between the dryer and the fan.

. Additional components include: mounting bracket.4" Ps Fan Model DBF4XLT Max Watts 83 Max Amps 0. Backward inclined impeller allows lint to pass through the fan. housing.2 inches WG.4" Ps 134 CFM . quickconnect/disconnect duct collar. Per HVI's Certified Ratings Program.6" Ps 119 CFM CFM . Includes fan with galvanized steel 6 sensing switch. 4" Per HVI's Certified Ratings Program. automatic pressure 15/16" 7/8" 3 33 with plug. mounting bracket.2 inches WG.73 CFM 0" Ps 170 CFM . LED light on wall panel lets homeowners know fan is working properly.6" Ps 119 134 CFM CFM . 4" Fan Model DBF4XL Max Watts 83 Max Amps 0.8" Ps 1.0" Ps 103 86 Duct Dia.0" Ps 2" 103 86 Duct Dia. 2" 37/8" 1" 2" 1" 1" 3" 3 7/8" 6 15/16" 33/4" 9 3/4" 3 7/8" 6 15/16" 9 3/4" 2" 37/8" 1" 2" 2" 37/8" 1" 33/4" 1" 3" 2" 3 7/8" FIVE YEAR WARRANTY 2" 6 15/16" 9 3/4" FIVE YEAR WARRANTY 1" 37/8" Exhaust Fan Performance Exhaust Fan Performance CFM .73 CFM 0" Ps 170 CFM .8" Ps 1.2" Ps 150 CFM . Fan features galvanized steel housing and integrated airflow sensing switch. charted airflow performance has been derated by a factor based on actual test results and the certified rate at . charted airflow performance has been derated by a factor based on actual test results and the certified rate at . Pressure switch 9 3/4" hardware and 51/2 foot power cord/4" activates fan when dryer comes on. 1" DBF4XL Metal Dryer Booster Tap into the power of this dryer booster fan which can be used on duct runs up to 130 feet.D R Y E R B O O S T E R FA N S / M E TA L “INT INTRODUCING FANTECH’S ELLIGEN T” DRYER BOOSTER NEW “INTELLIGENT” MODEL DBF4XLT “Intelligent” Dryer Booster The newest dryer booster fan from Fantech is the most advanced in the industry. The unit can be used to effectively boost dryer exhaust in duct runs up to 130 feet.2" Ps 150 3/4" 3CFM . 51/2 foot power cord with plug plus wall-mount indicator panel.

net Canada 50 Kanalflakt Way.fantech.2 inches WG.0" Ps Ps Dia. . Fits 4-inch duct. reserves the right to modify.6" Ps 113 Exhaust Fan Performance Max Amps 0.4" Ps 133 Exhaust Fan Performance CFM CFM . Ideal 11/2" for condos and apartments as well as homes. NB E4S 3M5 Phone: 800-565-3548. charted airflow performance has been derated by a factor based on actual test results and the certified rate at . 4" Fan Model RVF4XL Max Watts 92 Max Amps 0. It can be used on dryer duct runs up to 108 feet. 13" 91/2” 111/4” 23/4" 37/8" 11/2" FIVE YEAR WARRANTY 37/8” 91/2” 121/2” FIVE YEAR 101/4" WARRANTY 13" 37/8" 6" 101/4" Exhaust Fan Performance Fan Model DBF110 Max Watts 80 Max Amps 0.0" Dia. DB10 Pressure Switch Automatic pressure switch allows for fully automatic operation of RVF4XL dryer booster fan.72 CFM 0" Ps 167 CFM . .fantech. Article#412038 SBL0906 ©2006 Fantech. Fan runs for 10 minutes when positive pressure is sensed in the duct then shuts off and turns on again as needed. Use when duct length between dryer and booster fan is less than 15 feet. any or all of its products’ features.84 CFM Fan 0"Model Ps 193 CFM Max . 37/8” RVF4XL Exterior-Mount Exhaust Fan for Dryer Boosting 23/4" Fantech’s popular exterior-mount exhaust fan with white. 2 amp rating. 941-309-6099 www.INLINE & EXTERIOR-MOUNT DRYER BOOSTERS DBF110 Dryer Booster Fan This Fantech Dryer Booster Fan is engineered of thermoplastic resin and features an integrated automatic pressure switch. designs.2" Ps Watts 172 92 RVF4XL 6" CFM . The fan’s backward inclined blades allow lint to pass through the fan. ACCESSORIES United States DB10 1712 Northgate Blvd. Inc. Switch suitable for 115 volt supply.4" Ps Ps .6" Ps 0" .8" Ps 1.8" PsPs 1. Per HVI's Certified Ratings Program.2" Ps 150 CFM . 118 136 118 136 172 91 91 4" 4" Per HVI's Certified Ratings Program.ca. powdercoated metal housing can be used for dryer boosting when paired with a DB10 Pressure Switch (purchase separately). removable lint filter for easy cleaning and 1/2" flange for flush mount installation. 941-309-6000 Fax: 800-487-9915. info@fantech. 506-743-9500 Fax: 877-747-8116. FL 34234 Phone: 800-747-1762.2" Ps 154 193 CFM .2 inches WG. at any time and without notice. Bouctouche. 506-743-9600 www.0" Ps 88 63 Duct Dia.4" Ps 154 CFM CFM CFM Duct CFM CFM Duct .ca DBLT4 Distributed locally by: DBLT4 Lint Trap Paintable galvanized metal lint trap for dryer boosting applications. All Rights Reserved. info@fantech.. Sarasota. components and specifications to maintain their technological leadership position.net. Fantech. charted airflow performance has been derated by a factor based on actual test results and the certified rate at . Pressure switch automatically activates the fan when the dryer comes on.8" Ps 1. Effective on duct runs up to 130 feet.84 CFMCFM CFM CFM .6" . Features pull out door with view window.