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Frequently Asked Questions in Interview
Q: What is the difference between liquors and liqueurs? A: Any liquid that contains alcohol and is safe to be consumed by humans is liquor whereas a liqueur is a basic spirit that has been flavored & sweetened. All liqueurs are liquors but all liquors are not liqueurs. Q: Name the five basic spirits. A: Whisky, Rum, Gin, Vodka & Brandy. Q: What is a Demitasse? A: It is a small cup, usually made of bone-china, used for serving small portions of coffee like Macchiato. Q: What are the liquors that go into a Long Island Iced Tea? A: Vodka, White Rum, Gin, Tequila & Triple Sec. Q: What is the minimum age of a Scotch whisky? A: 12 years. Q: From which regions do the best quality brandies come from? A: Cognac & Armagnac in France. Q: What is the standard garnish of Bloody Mary? A: A Celery stick. Q: What is the standard glassware for Bloody Mary? A: A Roly-Poly. Q: What is O.T.R.? A: O.T.R. is an abbreviation for “On The Rocks”. When a guest asks for, for example, Whisky O.T.R., it should be poured on a glass full of ice cubes without any mixers. The ideal glass for serving such drinks is the Old Fashioned glass. Q: What is a Screwdriver?

It is served in an Old Fashioned glass. A: Glenfiddich. Diva. Q: What is a wine waiter called in French? A: Sommelier. Q: Name five international Vodka brands. lime juice & orange juice. Q: What is the national drink of Russia? A: Vodka. Cardu. Strathmill. Q: What is the standard garnish of Martini cocktail? A: Pickled Green Olives. Cannefora. Q: Which glass is cognac served in? A: Brandy snifter or brandy balloon. Q: Name an Indian brand of stout beer.A: It is a cocktail of Vodka. Talisker. A: Stolichnaya. Robusta. Absolut. Finlandia. Oolong. A: Orange Pekoe. Balvenie. Earl Grey. . Q: What are the accompaniments of Tequila? A: Lemon wedge & table salt with silver tequila. Q: Which region produces the best quality Indian wines? A: Sahyadri Valley. garnished with an orange slice. Mackellen. A: Hayward’s Black. Oban. Maharashtra. Q: What is Tia Maria? A: It is a Jamaican liqueur which consists of dark rum flavored with chocolate. Glenlivet. Moskva. Q: What are the three species of the coffee plant? A: Arabica. Karmazov. grapefruit wedge & white pepper with golden tequila. ice cubes. Q: Name five single malt Scotch whiskies. Q: Name three types of tea.

Beefeater. Q: What does the word “glen” mean in many of the names of single malt scotches? A: “Glen” literally means “valley” in Gaelic or Scots. Foster’s. Black Velvet. Camino. Chenin Blanc. Q: Name three types of beer. Reisling. A: Gamay. Beck’s. Q: What are the flavoring agents for Gin? A: The primary flavor of Gin is Juniper berries. Moscow Mule. Q: Name five white grape varieties. Palomino. Corona. A: Sauza. Marsanne. Rosemary. Nebbiolo. Columbard. Tuborg. Q: Name five international brands of Gin. Glenmorangie means “Valley of Tranquility”. Carlsberg. Tanqueray. Muscat. Barbera. Anchor Steam. A: Bombay Sapphire. Black Russian. Guinness. Sherry is from Spain whereas Madeira is from Portugal.Q: Name five international beer brands. Rousanne. Gordon’s. Herradura. Citrus peels & Angelica are employed by Gin producers around the world. Q: What are Sherry and Madeira? A: Fortified wines. Cabernet Sauvignon. Screwdriver. A: Heineken. Stout. Ale. Belgravia. Grenache. Tempranillo. Q: Name some famous brands of tequila. A: Pilsner. Different combinations of liquorice. A: Bloody Mary. Budweiser. Pimlico. Patron. Lager. Lemon. Shiraz. Q: Name five vodka based cocktails. Q: What does the word ’Vodka’ mean? . Limes. Pinot Noir. Jose Cuervo. Stella Artois. Beach-comber. Q: Name five black grape varieties. Hogarth. A: Chardonnay. Glenfiddich means “Valley of the Deer”. Glenlivet means “Valley of the Livet river”. Blue Lagoon.

It is distilled to produce Tequila. Q: What is Mistelle? A: The fortification process of Vermouth. Taittinger. Spain. Its base is Irish Whisky. Black coffee is then poured on top and two spoonfuls of sugar are mixed into it. Q: How do you make Irish Coffee? A: Irish Coffee is a cocktail. Q: What is Agravé? A: The mesh of copper wire that is used to hold the cork of a Champagne bottle in place. one measure of Irish whisky is poured into a heated Irish Coffee glass. The characteristic bitter. Dom Perignon. Moet & Chandon. & it is served on an underplate. Bollinger. Q: What is the country of origin of Angostura bitters? A: Trinidad & Tobago. Q: What do you get by oxidation of alcohol? A: Vinegar. West Indies. Q: What is the origin of the word ‘beverage’? . They are used as a flavoring & stabilizing agent in the production of beer. Q: Name five Champagnes? A: Pol Roger. Q: Which city is famous for Sherry production? A: Jerez. Mumm. First of all. Q: What is Pulque? A: Fermented juice of Agavé.A: ‘Vodka’ means ‘little water’ in Russian. Q: What are Hops? A: The female flowers of the plant species Humulus Lupulus. tangy flavor of beer is attributed to hops. It is a derivative of the Slavic word ‘voda’ which literally means ‘water. Veuve Clicquot. Cream is then floated on top of it. Chocolate shavings are sprinkled on top.

Henri IV Dudognon. The wines made from Zinfandel are robust & full bodied. but is most commonly associated with Sherry. Q: How do beverages like tea & coffee stimulate the human body? A: The caffeine in these drinks induces the adrenal gland to secrete small amount of adrenaline into the blood stream. A: Gevrey Chambertin. Bols. Q: Name five French red wines. Q: What is Sekt & Asti Spumante? A: Both are sparkling wines. Cru Mont Clivet. A: Beaujolais Nouveau. Q: Name five Cognacs. thereby giving the feeling of being stimulated. Martell. Cru Mont Brouilly. USA. Q: Name five French white wines.A: It is derived from the French word ‘bevere’ which literally means ‘to rest after exhausting work’. Pouillac Rouge. Q: What is Triple Sec? A: It is a liqueur that has neutralized spirit flavored with dried citrus peel. Q: What is Zinfandel? A: It is a variety of red grapes which has its origin in California. André Brunel. the fortified wine from Spain. Remy Martin. USA. Courvoisier. It comes from Tennessee. Cointreau. This increases the heartbeat and blood pressure and makes the brain more active. Nuits Saint Georges. It is used for aging many table & fortified wines from different countries. Q: What is Solera System? A: Solera System is the process of aging wines. Q: What is Jack Daniel’s? A: It is a brand of sour mash whisky made from corn. DeKuyper are some famous brands of Triple Sec. A: Hennessey. Pouilly Fuissé. Grand Cru Classé. Pommard. Volnay. . Meursault. Sekt is from Germany while Asti Spumante is from Italy. Barons de Rothschild. Vosne Romanée.

Q: What are the different types of distillation methods? A: There are two types of distillation methods. anise & saffron. They grow best in the unique Atlantic coast climate of Portugal. They are Pot Still Method & Patent Still Method. Noir. These five colors are commonly associated with grapes & wines. White. Q: What is Drambuie? A: It is a Scottish liqueur made by flavoring whisky with heather honey & a secret blend of herbs & spices. France. The best Madeira wines of Portugal are made from Serçial & Verdalho. Q: What are Serçial & Verdalho? A: Both are varieties of white grapes with high sugar content. they literally mean Green. Blanc. Q: What is Perrier? A: A brand of bottled aerated mineral water from Vergèze. Rouge & Rose mean? A: In French. Q: What is Edelfäule? A: It is the German term for Noble Rot.Q: What do the words Vert. It is used for producing high-quality sweet wines. one gets appreciable hints of nutmeg. Q: What is Midori? A: It is a Japanese liqueur made by flavoring neutral spirit with muskmelon. Food Service . Q: What is a Punt? A: The concave bottom of a sparkling wine bottle. Black. Red & Pink. Q: What type of salt is used for rimming a glass? A: Celery salt. The fungus Botrytis Cinerea infests ripened grapes on vines. Upon tasting. respectively. Q: What is Marsala? A: Fortified wine from Italy.

Q: What is the first course of a French classical menu? A: Hors d’Oeuvres. Red Chili Flake. Q: How many portions does one litre of soup yield? A: Five. Q: What are the accompaniments of Roast Beef? A: Horseradish Sauce & Yorkshire Pudding. It literally means “before the work”. Oregano & Fresh Black Pepper. Q: What is Café Complet? A: Café Complet is another name of Continental Breakfast. Q: What is the accompaniment of Roast Pork? A: Apple Sauce. Q: What are the condiments for Chinese cuisine? A: Soy sauce.Q: Who is called the Father of the Fast Food industry? A: Raymond Albert Kroc. Q: What is Tete? A: In French. Q: What is Raan? A: It is Hindi for Leg of Mutton. Tete means Head of Pork. roasted Parsnips & Apple and Sage Garnish. Q: What is Trancheur? A: It is the French term for Carver or the Waiter whose duty it is to carve meat preparations on the table in front of the guests. Q: What is the accompaniment of Roast Turkey? A: Cranberry Sauce. Q: What are the condiments served with pasta? A: Olive Oil. the man behind the fast food behemoth McDonald’s. Q: What are the accompaniments of Fish & Chips? A: Tartar sauce & Malt Vinegar. Red Chili Sauce & Chili Vinegar. .

Penne. Q: What is chowder? A: An American soup thickened by potato starch.Q: What are the accompaniments of Dum Biryani? A: Burrani Raita & Mirchi ka Salan. Parmesan. Papardelli. oregano & chili flakes. Mozzarella. Q: Name five pastas. Best example is clam chowder. A: Farfalle. Q: What are the accompaniments of idli-sambhar? A: Tomato chutney & coconut chutney. Q: Which country does Teriyaki sauce belong to? A: Japan. Caprino. Q: Name one vegetarian & one non-vegetarian Hors d’oeuvres. Macaroni. A: Vegetarian – Melon Frappé (Melon cubes on a bed of crushed ice) Non-vegetarian – Saumon Fumé (Smoked Salmon) . Fettuccine Linguini. Spaghetti. Mascarpone. Belmonte. Q: What is the Black Forest cake named after? A: The Black Forest in the Bavaria region of Germany. Fuseli. Paddraccio. Q: Name five Italian cheeses? A: Gorgonzola. Q: What is the French term for cake? A: Gateau. Q: What is the French term for chicken? A: Poulet Q: Which country does Stilton cheese belong to? A: England. Q: What are the accompaniments of pizza? A: Olive oil.

oz. Windmill. Hurricane. Q: What is “Chingri”? A: Bengali for prawns. Old Fashioned. Star of David. Margarita. . A: High Ball. F&B Equipment Q: Give another name for dinner plate. Q: Give another name for American Service. joint plate. Martini. Washington. A: Bishop’s cap. A: Full plate. Pilsner. Q: What is the capacity of High Ball glass? A: 200 ml. A: Pre-plated Service. Q: Name five breakfast cereals. 7 fl. Lady’s Fan.. Wheat Flakes. Q: What is the measurement of a dinner napkin A: 21” x 21” Q: Name five folds of dinner napkin. Q: What is the accompaniment of sweet juices? A: Castor sugar. Shot Glass. Book Fold. Muesli.Q: What is the accompaniment of fresh cut papaya? A: Lemon wedges. Star Fold. Porridge Q: What is Caviar? A: Salted roe (unfertilized eggs) of Sturgeon fish. Beer Goblet. A: Corn Flakes. Q: What is the accompaniment of Roasted Duck? A: Orange Sauce. Q: Name five glasses. Fruit Loops. It is served as Hors d’oeuvres. Chocos.

Service Console.O. Pint Jug. Food English Lamb Mushroom Beef Mutton Brinjal Cheese Milk Tea Coffee Sugar Chili Mint Green Beans Pepper Fish Dry Soup Cream Peanuts Lobster Ham Vegetables Duck French Agneau Champignon Boeuf Mouton Aubergine Fromage Lait Thé Café Sucre Piment Menthe Haricots Verts Poivre Poisson Sec Potage Crème Cacahuètes Homard Jambon Legumes Canard . A: Dummy Waiter. stands for Kitchen Order Ticket.T. Beer Stein. Sideboard. stand for? A: Point of Sale. Beer Boot. It is used by the service personnel for writing down the food order being dictated by the guest(s).O. Duvel Tulip. Stange.O.Q: What is K.S. Q: Give another name for Side-station. Beer Mug. Ale Chalice. Q: Name five different glasses used for serving beer.? A: K. Pilsner. Q: What does the abbreviation P. A: Beer Goblet.T.

Poori Bhaji. Stuffed Parantha. Muffin. Q: Name five British cheeses. Chevington. Reblochon. Caerphilly. Brioche. Stilton. Q: Name five Swiss cheeses. Boursin. Q: What is Club sandwich? A: Three layered toasted sandwich which contains ham. Q: What is Yakitori? . Munster. Q: What is the standard garnish of crème soups? A: Cream & croutons. Chèvre. Q: Name five Indian breakfast items. A: Croissant. A: Dosa. Epoisses. Idli. Poha. Banana Bread. Brie.Goose Bread Salt Salmon Tomato Potato Grape Oie Pain Sel Saumon Tomate Pomme de Terre Raisin Q: Name five French cheeses. Helvetica. Wensleydale. Gruyére. Cheddar. Q: Name five bakery items served in breakfast. Honey Mustard & Mayonnaise Sauce. A: Cheshire. chicken & fried egg. Camembert. Q: What is the accompaniment of Club Sandwich? A: French Fries. Upma. Toast. Q: Which condiments are served with a Club Sandwich? A: Tomato Ketchup. A: Emmental. Tintern. Raclette. Home Fries or Fried Potato Wedges. Cotswold. Fondue. Q: What is Specialty of the Day called in French? A: Plate du Jour. A: Roquefort.

Q: What is Minestrone? A: It is an international soup from Italy. Q: What is Feta? A: It is a creamy cheese from Greece. Only the most skilled and expert service personnel are deputed for service of guests in such functions. Q: What is Escalope? A: Thin slices of meat. Herringbone. Rôti is the ninth course in a French Classical Menu. It contains each and every detail of an upcoming banquet event. Classroom. It is served with warm Pita bread. Q: What is Falafel and what is its accompaniment? A: Middle Eastern street food of spiced chickpea fritters. often served as Hors d’oeuvres. It is an unpassed soup which contains vegetables & pasta.P. or B.A: Japanese Chicken Kebab. Hollow Rectangle. Boardroom. Roasted Lamb is called Agneau Rôti in French. . It is made from sheep’s milk.5’ or 6’ x 3’ Q: What is state dinner? A: It is a highly specialized function. T-shape. Banquets Q: What is F. A: 6’ x 2. Q: What is Rôti? A: It means ‘Roast’ in French. Q: Name five different seating arrangements for conferences. Q: What is the staple food of Bengal? A: Rice.F. For example.? A: Function Prospectus or Banquet Function Prospectus.P. Q: Give the dimensions of a rectangular banquet table. for visiting heads of state. A: U-shape. usually organized by government.

Guantanamera. Cohiba. El Rey Del Mundo. Diplomaticos. Binder & Wrapper. . Q: What are the three parts of a cigar? A: Filler.Tobacco Q: What is a Humidor? A: A wooden box for storage & display of Cigars. Juan Lopez. Monte Cristo. A: Bolivar. Q: Name five famous brands of Cuban cigar.