Online banking services have grown from simply allowing customers to check balan ces, to trading assets.

Today, banks like ING Direct are functioning entirely on line, with no brick and mortar building. With the costs saved by requiring fewer employees and the lack of facility expenses, these virtual banks can often offe r higher interest rates than their traditional counterparts. Internet banking gi ves you the power to control your finances completely. You are no longer tied do wn to managing your money during the hours the bank is open. If you want to tran sfer a balance after business hours, you can! If you have access to the Internet and have a number of recurring monthly bills, then you should use Internet bank ing to make your life easier. 1.3.3 FEATURES OF ONLINE BANKING Today, online ban king services are quite varied. One of the best features of online banking is putting the user in control. The user controls all bill paying , transfers, and investments from home. There are other features, though of online banking. One of these is increased accessibility to your account information. Users of online banking services can access their account information from anywhere in the world! This is particularly helpful for businesses. Internet business banking is becoming increasingly popular, as businesses are becoming more global in their reach. Now business people can access their accounts, even when on overseas business trips. Business Internet banking is extremely popular for this reason. A particularly popular aspect of online banking services is the ability to make bill payments electronically. With a minimum degree of set-up, customers can enter the amounts of their paper bills (or opt to receive electronic bills) and process all their payments at one time, from one screen 1.4SCOPE OF THE STUDY 4 The scope of this project is limited to the activities of the operations unit of the banking system which include opening of Account, Deposit of funds, Withdraw al of funds and transfer. 1.5 METHODOLOGY This project employs the object orient ed approach of software engineering using appropriate (UML TOOLS) an object orie understandin nted approach. Some of the steps to be taken are: Feasibility study g and identifying of existing system and associated study. Analysis proper analy sis and suggested solution to tackle such problems will be considered. Design de signing the new system will be achieved through an object oriented software tool s (UML). Coding this is implemented as a 3tier architecture model using java lan guage. The 3 layers of the application are as follows. 1, Java server pages / html pages front end 2, Java server pages / servlets middle end 3, SQL server as the back-end 1.6 MODE OF OPERATION WEBTRUST will contain self explanatory hyperlinks that cus tomers can click to make any request or perform a task. 5

If a customer clicks on account opening links, he is taken to page where he fill s a form and clicks the submit button if he is through. A successful filling of the form gives a response that confirms the customer account is open and activat ed. Thus such a customer can receive money into such an account through funds tr ansfer. Account details are sent by the bank to the customer s email box. Register ed customers or Account holders of the bank can now login using the account deta ils posted to their email box to login before they can perform financial transac tions. The system is secured such you cannot operate another mans account even i f you knew his account details because a new transaction number is always sent t o a customer for each login. This transaction number is what will be used to aut henticate any transaction per time. 1.7 DESCRIPTION WEBTRUST is built on the thr ee tier architecture of web applications. Front-end 6 Database JSP/Servlet (Appl

It connects to the database to retrieve the requested inform ation and sends its response back to the browser which displays the output on an other web Home Services Contact . The advantage of this architecture is that the database is more secured as it is only accessible by the application logic (jsp/servlet script) t hat resides on the web server.ication logic) Internet / intranet www.webtrust. WEBTRUST Server (Web server) Middle-tier Back-end When a request is made on a web page through the browser. 1. a jsp/servlet script that is residing on the web server (the WEBTRUST Server) pro cesses the request.0 Web Technology: JSP/Servlet Database: Ms Access / SQL Serve .5 Language: Java Web Server: Apache Tomcat 5.8 SOFTWARE TOOLS USED IDE: Net Beans 5.