Selena was in a small northern California town, sitting in her favorite coffee house, sipping on her morning latte

and reading the paper when a man approached her table and said. “Good morning Ms. Tyler, excuse me for being so forward, but I have come about your blog posting.” “Excuse me, do I know you?” She said as she looked up at the man standing next to her table. He was very nice looking. Six three or four, a large man, muscular and well built, not in any way overweight or fat. He was tastefully dressed, a grey sweater, blue jeans and boots. His hair was dirty blond, shoulder length, tied back at the neck. He had pale blue eyes that seemed to look through to her soul. “Not exactly, you answered a blog posting of mine about four or five weeks ago, it took me some time to locate you.” He responded, smiling widely. She detected a sadness or melancholy behind his breathtaking smile. Selena’s mind raced to put some memory to whatever he was talking about, in a few moments it came to her. An internet page she had stumbled on that posed a question “How would you love a Vampire?”, she thought it was just something silly but she had been in a rather quirky mood that night and she had indeed responded to the somewhat lonely sounding writer who claimed to be a vampire. The man standing before her did not look like any image of a vampire she had ever imagined. “How did you find me?” She asked, sounding a little cautious, this was very close to stalking. “My apologies again, I am a bit of a computer geek, I tracked you down from your post. I found your old apartment easily enough, but you had moved on, I have had to track you from hotel ip’s, it has taken some time.” He responded and sat down across from her. His eyes probed her face. “Are you stalking me.” She asked, her voice truly concerned now. “I was, in a sense, but only to get to this point, to meet you. I will not continue if you ask me to go away.” He said. She didn’t want him to go away, she did not know what she wanted, but for him to go away was definitely not it. “Why didn’t you just email me?” she asked, looking into his eyes. “I thought the matter required my more personal attention, I get carried away sometimes.” He replied, his blue eyes twinkling with hope. She tried to be sensible and run him off as she knew she should, but something in his eyes made her want to jump in to them and cling to him forever. If vampires do not have a soul, then why could she see his though those remarkable blue eyes. There are no vampires she told herself, snapping out of her daze.

“What matter is that?” She asked him coyly. “The matter of our introduction of course.” He replied, his eyes still intently watching her. He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen, strong muscles showed modestly through his sweater. She had to pay attention to keep her mouth from hanging open. “Well you know my name, I am afraid I have forgotten yours if it was on your blog.” She replied. She tried to keep her voice casual; she didn’t think it was working very well. “My name is Ethan Darien, and you did not forget, I did not include it.” he replied. “Nice to meet you Ethan.” Selena said, she decided to go with it until he showed some sign of being an axe murder or a wing nut, although he might even be tolerable as a wing nut if she got to look at him. “Nice to finally meet you Selena.” He responded, he lifted her hand and kissed it gently. A pleasant shiver ran up her back. Selena felt like she should pinch herself, to be sure she was still really awake; maybe she had fainted in the coffee shop and was now lying on the floor dreaming all of this. “So you are a vampire” she asked, matter of factly, trying not to show her doubt. “Yes, I am. I understand that you will require some proof of that, but it will be difficult in this place.” He said. There was no trace of deception or insanity in his voice or on his face. “I see.” She said, feeling the façade start to fade. “I can easily show you if you would take a risk and accompany me to the park across the street, we would still be in full public view.” He said cordially. She could tell he was choosing his words carefully, she could tell the conversation was more important to him than he was letting on. Her heart pounded, she was going of course, but afraid of what would come when he could not prove to her he was a mythological creature. “I guess I would not mind a walk in the park.” She said, accepting his invitation. He stood and offered her his hand. “Shall we.” He said. They crossed the street and entered the large shady park. It was a weekend and there were many people in the park. She felt at ease, as much as her brain was trying to tell her instincts to kick in and run away screaming, she was comfortable and enjoyed having him next to her.

He said “Are you ready then.” His eyes explored her face, trying to detect her thoughts. “Go for it.” She said, wishing she had thought of some reason to prolong their fantasy. In an instant, less than an instant they were over a mile away, clear on the other side of the park, perched in the top of a large tree. “Whoa…” she said, wobbling slightly as she comprehended where she was. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall.” He said holding her tightly around the waist. Still watching her intently for her reactions. “I am sorry, I did not intend to frighten you, I just thought this would be a quick way to get past the part where you think I have escaped my asylum.” He said quietly, his voice soft and kind. “I think it worked, could you help me sit down please.” She said and he helped her sit on the limb, he sat next to her and held her tightly. She was at least 30 feet in the air, but she felt safe with his arm around her. “You tracked me down, did all this, just because of a response to a blog that I posted one night when I was half drunk and feeling especially alone.” She said looking into his blue eyes. “I posted the blog when I was totally drunk and so lonely I could no longer bear it.” He responded, there was a deep sadness in his eyes, she knew he was being honest. “I am speechless; I don’t quite know what to say.” She said, she relaxed somewhat, he could tell, he was still holding her. “Say you will give me the chance to get to know you, spend some time with me. I can’t really say that I am not dangerous, but I am not dangerous to you. In fact, when you are in my company you are one of the safest humans alive.” He said, his blue eyes still had a pleading behind the hope in them. “Ok, how shall we proceed?” She replied, she tried to keep her feelings from her face. “We could go and do something, an amusement park or a museum, what things do you enjoy.” He asked. “I enjoy music and art, I am not much for amusement park rides, it seems to me I have a new friend that can fill my desire for thrill rides without the park fee.” She said, looking at him with amusement behind her smile.

He smiled at her adoringly and chuckled. “I could hang you by your feet and swing you back and forth.” He said and held her a bit tighter. “No thank you, I think I believe you are not going to hurt me, I think I might enjoy a long ride, do you have a car? I have one but it’s not all that much fun, old ford. We would have a quiet place to talk and get to know each other a little bit.” She said. Her brain tried in vain to make her apply some caution and look for a chance to escape, it failed. “I have a car, a jaguar as a matter of fact, it is fun. A road trip it is.” He said, his eyes twinkling with joy. “I will need to get my bag and my computer out of my car, I don’t want to leave it in the car all day.” Selena said. He kept an arm around her waist and reached down and put the other arm under her legs and jumped the thirty feet to the ground and landed as if he had jumped off a curb. “I think it would be better if we walk back to the car, if you want to see more examples of Vampires, we had better find a more private place.” He said. They walked back across the park, it took them quite a while to walk the distance he had traveled in moments. As they walked they decided to head north up the coast road though the redwoods. She loved that drive and it wasn’t like she had anything else on her agenda for the day, or her week for that matter. His car was parked in the same private parking lot as hers, he spoke to the attendant and she saw him hand the man some money. “Your car will be safe here until we return.” He said as he helped her gather her computer and bag from her messy car. He opened the trunk of his sleek black jaguar and she put the computer in and kept her bag with her. He opened the passenger door and helped her into the front seat. They set off in the direction of the coast road, the car was quiet and fast. Ethan put on some soft Jazz and left the volume low enough for conversation. “How would you like to proceed, shall I give you a summary or would you just like to ask me your questions.” He said, calmly. “Let’s go with the summary, I am not sure where to begin.” She said. She watched the soft hills and vineyards pass outside the car as they sped toward the coast road. “I have been a vampire for about seven hundred years. I do not kill people to stay alive. We do not require enough blood in one feeding to kill the donor, it is pleasant actually to feed a vampire, we do not feed on the unwilling either. Feeding vampires can become addictive to the donor if we are not careful. My senses are all heightened, I move faster, see better, smell better, hear better, taste better, my

tactile sensations are enhanced as well.” He said and looked in her direction. He was trying to gage her reaction, she could tell. When he had decided that she was not about to freak out, he continued. “I have no problem with the day light or the sun. I am fairly indestructible, although there are ways for a Vampire to die. I can not turn into a bat or any other animal. I cannot fly, without an airplane. I do not sleep in a coffin, in fact, I do not sleep at all. Crosses and holy water are not upsetting to me and I love garlic. I eat food, I don’t really need food, but I like it. I am cold blooded, I do not maintain a body temperature, I am as warm as the room I am in, but I am not innately cold.” He said then paused to allow her to respond. She reached out and touched his hand, it was cool, but not cold. He took her hand and held it to his face for a moment. Cool or not, she liked his touch. He brushed her hand lightly over his lips before he released it. It gave her goose bumps. They drove for hours just talking. “Why did you give up your apartment and move into hotels, are you looking for a new place to live?” he asked at one point. His were eyes curious, concerned, even cautious. “I just didn’t want to be burdened with the apartment, Motels seemed simpler.” She lied. She didn’t want him to know that she was an emotional basket case. “Sometimes it’s just easier to travel light.” He said. He sounded like he understood how she felt, even though she had tried to conceal it from him. “It is getting late, you must be getting hungry. It would be very late if we try to return to your car, even the way I drive. Why don’t we find somewhere and check in, I will get you your own room of course, we can order up some room service and watch some pay per view. Maybe forget about Vampires and loneliness.” He asked, the hope with an edge of pleading was back in his blue eyes. “It sounds good, I have been in the car long enough. One hotel, another hotel, what difference does it make.” She said. Now her eyes betrayed the loneliness in her soul, some of the pain. They were in the middle of the extreme northern California coast redwoods, there was the wild rocky pacific on one side of the car and ancient redwoods standing silently on the other. In about twenty minutes they spotted a sign to a resort off the road. The resort was beautiful, a lovely main building with lounges and an indoor pool, there was a restaurant, a sign boasted there five stare guest chef. There were cabins scattered along neatly manicured paths. She waited looking out of the window at the fog and the redwoods while Ethan managed the business.

“I got us a cabin with two bedrooms, it’s not exactly what we talked about, is it acceptable.” He asked her polity. “That sounds just fine.” She responded. She felt a bit guilty, she already knew that if this man tried to make love to her, she could not resist, the second bedroom may have been a waste of money, she hoped so. They got into the cabin and it was very nice. They were very remote, but it was equipped with full satellite TV and internet was available. Selena did not feel much like surfing the internet at the time though. The cabin was luxurious, but it’s style was rustic. The furniture was large and overstuffed. The colors were all muted earth tones. When they had put their few bags down, hers in one room and his in the other they settled on the sofa. He got on the phone and ordered dinner from room service. They admired the view and Ethan reviewed the movie choices while they waited for the food. The food arrived, along with some wine and they ate. The food was wonderful and she ate until she was full, glad for the appetite. The attendant brought chocolate dipped strawberries when he came to pick up the dinner dishes. They chose a movie and it started to play on the giant flat screen over the gentle fire burning in the fireplace. Suddenly she felt awkward sitting rather stiffly on the opposite end of the sofa, he sensed her feelings and raised his arm, inviting her closer. She moved closer and allowed him to hold her under his arm. She cuddled in and they watched the film for a while. He stroked her arm occasionally or kissed her hair lightly. She would snuggle closer or stroke his hand or chest in return. She felt peaceful and content for the first time, in a very long time. Their first kiss did not come long after. He was careful and gentle, he sensed her feelings and reacted to them, his touch made her tingle, had she been standing her knees would have buckled. Her lips found his face, his neck, his chest, she breathed in his scent. His lips found her shoulders and he lightly kissed her nipples though her thin blouse, his lips passed to fast. She longed for his touch now, she needed it. She felt his need for her in return. “If you do not ask me to stop now, I am going to make love to you Selena.” He murmured in her ear, breathless. Instead of speaking, she climbed on to his lap, facing him and kissed him deeply. As she rested on his lap, she could feel he was full and ready. He picked her up and carried her to the bed in the room he had placed his small bag in. He unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it over her shoulders, he kissed her neck and shoulders, then his mouth wandered to her exposed breasts, when his lips closed around her

nipples currents of sensation filled her. He unbuttoned her jeans and worked them down over her hips. She was naked now except for her panties, he kissed her belly button and kissed lower, tasting her through the nylon of her panties. He let out a growl and he yanked and the panties shredded in his hand. He removed his own cloths faster than she could clearly see. He was more beautiful without his cloths, his body was perfect, he took her breath away. At last they were reunited in each other’s arms in the bed. He kissed her from the top of her head, down her body to her toes and back up, he lingered near her pearl, his cool breath sending currents of pleasure through her entire body. He continued his journey up to her breasts and nibbled gently on her nipples. Her hands explored his body, his muscular arms, his strong torso and she allowed her hands to gently brush his penis, it felt full almost bursting. In an impulsive move she rolled him over and took it into her mouth briefly and released it and returned her mouth to his. He released a low growl of passion, definitely not a human sound. He rolled her over and entered her as he kissed passionately. His rhythm began slowly and built as her need grew, he was adept at speeding up and backing off, keeping her on the edge of ecstasy until they could hold off no longer and they crashed headlong into each other’s bliss. She could not speak, there were no words to say. He had captured her soul and she gave it willingly. She drifted silently off to sleep as he stroked her gently. It was still dark when she woke up, he was laying there watching her. She had forgotten he said he did not sleep. “How do you feel, my love.” He whispered into her ear. “You first, how do you feel?” She said, her eyes were giving away her insecurity. She was waiting for the careful let down after the roll in the hay. “I feel like I have just had the best sex in my existence, with the most beautiful woman in the world.” He said smiling, his eyes excited, contented. “I feel very very happy and contented, I feel loved, like I have never really felt love before. I am a fool, I have not known you for twenty-four hours but I love you unconditionally now and forever.” She whispered, she was not even sure where the words were coming from, it was like they came straight from her heart and her brain did not filter the words. “I love you too, I was hoping this would happen, but I did not expect it so quickly.” He said. His eyes were triumphant and filled with joy.

His lips were on hers again and they disappeared into each other’s bodies again. When finished she fell asleep in his arms again. When she awoke it was morning, she realized the night was over and panic struck her, he felt her distress. “Shh..shh, you are safe. What is wrong my love.” He said. He looked worried, almost frightened himself. “It is morning; we must leave, go back to the real world. I am not sure I am ready to bear it.” She confessed, her eyes were full of tears. She had no idea where this emotion was coming from, she was no stranger to casual sex and this was better than most. He held her tightly allowing her tears to flow, he kissed her face gently until her tears stopped. “Here is what we are going to do then. I am going to call and have your car stored in a safer facility. Then I am going to call down and book this place for a couple of weeks. After that, we are going to drive to that town nearby and get you some things to ware, I could use more than I brought myself. When we are through with that we are going to come back and be where I want to be most, in your arms. Is that agreeable, I will take you back whenever you ask.” He said. His voice made it clear that he was used to making decisions. He watched her face for her reaction. “I am not usually the kind of person who disappears with complete strangers, but then I am not usually the kind of person who does more than kiss of a first date.” She said fighting to force reason and reality back into her mind. “I don’t think you are a loose woman if that is what you are worried about. I knew from your response to my blog that you are my soul mate, I don’t know exactly how, but you are mine forever, I need to know nothing else. I am yours.” He said, his voice was serious, reverent. He looked down, embarrassed. She kissed him and got up and dressed in her cloths from the day before. He spent a few minutes on the phone and they headed for the car. They arrived in the small town and found a target store, when they pulled into the parking lot he said. “Please do not be concerned about money, I have enough money to keep us both forever, get what you need and what you want, although the selection might be limited at this store.” He said smiling at her proudly. They took their time, wandering through the store. She basically bought a new wardrobe at his insistence, she tried things on and he helped her choose her outfits. He gave her the courage to include some lower cut, tighter selections along with the normal sort of outfits she would usually ware. She bought a good warm coat and some heavy hiking boots at his suggestion, for walks exploring the woods. There was a huge bath tub in their cabin and they found some bubble bath for it. They chose some snacks to keep on hand. They bought some movies to pass the time.

He discovered she was found of a pc based mmorpg and he purchased a computer and the game so he could join her in play. They both bought rain gear as the season was wet and rainy. Finally he grabbed some luggage to contain their purchases. They returned to their cabin and spent several days making love and discovering the damp, foggy forest around them. One afternoon when they were walking in the fog she said. “Are you going to make me a Vampire?” “If that is what you choose, yes I will give you immortality.” He answered, somewhat solemnly. His eyes glued to her face. They kept walking. “Is that what you want me to choose?” she said. She looked at him, waiting for his reaction. “I want you for eternity, so I guess I hope you will choose to join me as a Vampire, but I will love you the same whatever your choice. I am most thoroughly yours.” He responded. His face was sincere, full of emotion. “What is the process?” She asked. She looked at him in the eyes. “Well, it is not complicated. I drink from you, more than a normal feeding, then you drink from me, you fall asleep and the transformation takes place, when you wake up, you are a Vampire.” He said. He was watching her again for her reaction. “Does it hurt?” she asked. She felt a strange excitement filling her. “No, it is awkward after, while you are getting used to your new senses. You may drop things or break things for a few days.” he answered, simply. “What sort of preparation do we need?” She asked looking at him seriously. As they wandered through the damp redwoods. “We just need enough blood on hand for you when you awake, and enough privacy to allow the change. I have the blood on hand. As I said, it will take you a few days to get used to your new abilities, it’s better if we don’t spend much time in public for those few days. We have enough privacy here, or we can choose another place if you wish” He said, his blue eyes were sparkling with excitement now. “Let’s pick a day then, today, tomorrow, I can’t think of any reason to wait.” She said, her voice was serious and confident. She knew this was the choice she wanted, life had shown her little happiness up to this point and she knew this man would walk beside her for as long as she wanted him. “Children, we trade fertility for immortality, I can not give you children as a mortal woman and as an immortal one we will not be able to have children.” He said, his voice was serious; he was braced for her refusal she could tell.

“I am infertile already, I was married, he left when we found out children would never be, he did not want to adopt.” She said, the pain of that time was close to the surface. Tears flowed silently down her cheeks. He held her tightly until the sobs subsided. He kissed her face softly. “We can adopt children, it would be wonderful to raise children with you. Do you want me to find this fellow that rejected you and return some of the pain he has caused you? It would be my pleasure I assure you.” He said, his voice was strong and protective. He wiped her tears from her face gently. “No, karma took care of him, the ex-cheerleader he left me for is now fat and they have three of the most poorly behaved children imaginable.” She said with some guilty victory in her voice. He chuckled and smiled, his blue eyes were clear and beautiful. They still took her breath away when she allowed herself to get lost in them. “Is there anything else I should consider?” She asked him. “Friends and family. You will need to put some time between the change and seeing them, anyone close will be able to sense something different in you, if you let a couple of years pass, some kind of relationship can resume, but then they will age and you will not and that brings up a different set of problems.” He replied honestly, he was still being careful, waiting for her to reject him or immortality. “I have no friends, none that would miss me anyway. I have a sister in Phoenix, but she will be happy if I call her every five years and always have a good excuse to not to visit. We are not close. I am ready Ethan. I know a rational person would take more time with a decision like this, but I do not need more time. I am ready for this; my life is with you now. I can fight it, or pretend that more time would be prudent, but I would be lying, to myself and you.” Selena responded. Her voice was confident and resolved. “How about tomorrow then, you should eat very well today and be rested.” He said, his eyes twinkling with joy. “You’re the expert, tomorrow then.” She responded, her own eyes excited and happy. “There is one more small thing we should talk about. I told you that Vampire bites can be intoxicating. Under usual circumstances it is considered nasty or kinky for a vampire to have sex while they feed, it is addictive to the human and humans addicted to Vampire bites can create problems, it is very difficult for a human addicted to vampire bites to overcome the addiction.” He explained. “What does that have to do with us? If you want to feed from me, all you have to do is ask, I don’t care what people or vampires think of me” She asked, curious.

“Well, when a human and a Vampire, choose to mate as we have. And the human has chosen immortality. When the human’s choice is made for reason’s other than the intoxication, the couple will make love while the human is being changed. It is supposed to be a very pleasurable experience for the human. What pleases you, pleases me, so it might be pleasurable for us both, something special to mark the beginning for us. If you decide to choose this of course.” He said. He held her close as they walked through the wet forest. “That sounds delicious, we should do it that way.” She responded. He stopped and kissed her passionately, she felt the desire growing between them. Her knees went weak and he carried her back to the cabin. They spent the rest of the day as they had the several before, loving each other, interrupted with the occasional meal or movie or walk. In the morning when she awoke, she expected him to enter her as he usually did when she awoke, but he held back. “I think we should wait today, until this evening, this is a special day.” He said, his eyes jubilant and excited. They got up and dressed. He took her to the near by town and they went to a lumber jack show, followed by a huge lumberjack meal, served family style with mounds of hearty, heavy filling foods. After that they walked on the beach. The seals on the beach were attracted to him, they waddled toward him and he scratched their fir. “Most animals are not afraid of us, we have to be a bit careful when we are around wild animals with humans. It can raise questions if a bear walks up and sit’s on your lap for a good scratch.” He said smiling. The shadows were long when they returned to the cabin. He ordered another huge meal, she was still full from the lumberjack lunch, but she picked at the dinner. When she was finished she got in the tub and turned on the jets. She lay there and relaxed, letting the churning water carry her mind away to thoughts of how blissfully happy she had become in such a short time. She tried and failed to find reason to be fearful or cautious over what was about to happen, she knew with every fiber of her being that she was making the right choice. “Second thoughts my love, we do not have to do this tonight.” He said as he slipped into the warm water next to her. “None what so ever, this is what I want more than anything.” She said, their eyes connected and she could tell he knew she was telling the truth. He began kissing her, not on the lips at first, light delicate kisses over her body, she returned them. Passion grew between them, they both held it back, prolonging it. He carried her to the bed and they kissed and caressed each other. He was already

an expert at arousing her, he knew the right touch, how to stimulate her and allow her passion to grow. When she was sure she was about to burst he carefully entered her, he slowed the pace, allowing the passion to subside slightly. He caressed her neck with his lips and tong, he nibbled on her ear and throat, her body was alive with sensation she didn’t really notice when the caresses turned to a bite, she felt the warm glowing feeling of the bite, she felt like her body was exploding in hundreds of points of pleasure, she felt his passion growing, she could tell that he no longer had the control to keep things slow, she felt passion that she did not know she was capable of building in her soul, a need for him, a desire for him, she was sure would never fade. Eventually he put his wrist to her mouth, there was a cut on it, she sucked on it eagerly, his blood tasted good in her mouth, mostly what she felt were the orgasms shuddering though her body as she tasted the blood on her lips. As the orgasms faded she lost consciousness for the last time. When she opened her eyes again, the room seemed different, she could see so many more details than she had seen before. She saw the individual threads in the weave of the drapes, a small spider skittering up the wall across the room in the distance. She could hear the forest outside. Then she heard him, near the microwave, he was at her side in the bed again, not an instant had passed, he held a silver goblet in his hand and offered it to her. “I am sorry, I felt you stirring, I wanted to have this ready for you when you awoke.” He whispered. She noticed a dry thirst in her throat, she took the goblet from his hands, her fingers left slight dents where she took the goblet in her hands. “It will take you a few days to retrain your muscles to account for your new strength; I thought the metal would make it easier for you at first. Drink, I know you are thirsty.” He said. Kissing her neck softly. She took a sip from the cup, the blood was thick and warm and soothed the itch in her throat. When she had finished and handed him back the cup, he ran his finger down her torso, over her nipples. She exploded with sensation. He skin had a new sensitivity, it startled her. “Feel free to explore your new senses, it will probably be fun, you have taken this all in stride already.” He said, his eyes happy and full of excitement. “We did it, I am a Vampire now.” She said, her eyes posed more of a question than a statement. “Yes my love, you are a vampire now. We are connected for ever through love and blood.” He said and kissed her lightly.

“I love you Ethan, I don’t know how to express how much I love you. There are no words.” She said. “We are mates now, bonded forever together.” He said as he slipped an ornate, antique ring on her finger. “This was my mothers, it is yours now.” He kissed her tenderly. “Thank you my love, it is beautiful. I don’t need any symbols to know you love me, but it is beautiful and I will ware it always.” She replied, admiring the ring on her hand, seeing the facets in the diamonds and emeralds that surrounded a larger diamond in the center. She stroked him gently, as gently as she was capable of at least. “As much as I wish to spend the day lost in your arms, you will be more comfortable if you start to get a handle on your new skills. If you get dressed, we can go for a run in the forest, most Vampires love to run.” He said. She got up from the bed, so far so good, then she picked up the jeans she wore the day before and started to put them on, they ripped in her hands. She was suddenly insecure and afraid, her eyes found his. “Don’t worry my love, let me help you, this will pass.” He said as he found her a new set of cloths and dressed her carefully, like a child or a doll. “That was pleasant, perhaps I will avoid learning to dress myself again for a while.” She said as he buttoned her shirt. Her eyes were playful and shining. “How is your thrust, do you want another cup of blood.” He asked her. “I don’t really know how to judge, but I think I am fine, the blood tasted so good, I knew it would be part of this, but I wasn’t prepared for it to taste so good, I thought I would just have to endure it.” She confessed to him. He saw her looking at her shoes. “Shoes will only annoy you for a while, just leave them on the floor, trust me.” He said and took her hand. The day was cold, rainy and foggy. There wouldn’t be many tourists in the forest today. He led her into the forest until they were out of sight of the resort, then he began to run, she followed him, holding his hand tightly, he was right, the feeling of running was wonderful, exhilarating. She felt the cold and wet weather, but it did not bother her, he bare feet felt good against the ground. They stopped deep in the forest. She touched things, grabbed things and they crumbled in her hands, she jumped and kicked and explored her new abilities. Ethan sat silently watching her, amused, happy. She recognized his new happiness, the fear gone from his eyes, the loneliness, the distant pain were gone, replaced with joy.

When they headed back toward their cabin she was soaked through, muddy, her long hair hung in a wet matt, full of leaves and debris. “I must look dreadful.” She said. “I think you look beautiful, wild and natural, there has never been a more beautiful creature in the world before today.” He said, his voice adoring. They entered the cabin and he helped her out of her wet clothing, it didn’t bother her to be wet, but for the sake of the furniture she left the wet cloths in a heap in the bathroom. The day in the forest had given her some tactile control and she managed to put on the bathrobe the hotel had supplied without ripping it to shreds. The next few days were a mix of playing joyfully in the forest and lovemaking. She discovered his strength, the part of himself he had held back for her safety when she was still human. She matched his strength, it felt natural. “What would you like to do next, where would you like to live, I am not rushing to leave here, but I wondered what your thoughts are.” He asked her as she lay in his arms in the dark. “Eventually I will probably have some opinion on that, but right now I am still to absorbed in loving you and learning to not break things. Perhaps you can make an interim choice for us until I figure out how I feel about things and what I might want. Right now, all I want from life is to be close to you.” She said, pulling herself closer into his arms. “I live just outside of Paris, perhaps we should go there until we can make a proper joint decision.” He said. “I don’t have my passport, it’s it locked in a safety deposit box, back in the city.” She replied, a bit of concern in her eyes. “You do not need a passport, you are a Vampire now. Actually it has more to do with money than being a Vampire, I will arrange for a private plane to take us home. We will get you paperwork so you can transverse the human world without suspicion later.” He said. “I will arrange for your things to be sent to Paris as well.” He added. “Don’t bother with my things, I don’t want anything from that life, it’s over now.” She said. She looked into his eyes deeply. In the morning she left with her Vampire.

Copywrite 2010, Grace Grady