ElectroForce® 3200 Biomaterials Test Instrument

Characterization of Native Tissues, Scaffolds and Biomaterials
ElectroForce test instruments offer exceptional fidelity, precision and versatility for biomaterials applications by incorporating proprietary Bose motor technologies and WinTest controls. The ElectroForce linear motor utilizes a simple and durable moving-magnet motor design that provides excellent dynamic performance and years of reliable operation for researchers and test engineers. The ElectroForce 3200 biomaterials instrument is suitable for accurate characterization of native tissues, scaffolds, and other biomaterials used in musculoskeletal and cardiovascular research.
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The ElectroForce 3200 biomaterials test configuration:

WinTest software for test control, waveform generation and data acquisition WinTest Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) software to determine the dynamic viscoelastic properties of biomaterials Heated saline bath to simulate biological conditions 225 N (50 lb) and submersible 22 N (5 lb) load cells 25 mm and 50 mm diameter platens for compression applications Lightweight DMA grips for tensile and DMA tests 3- or 4-point bend fixture for bone testing
ElectroForce 3200 Test Instrument

The mechanical properties of acellular dermal matrices (ADM) after a 4-week in vivo implantation in a ventral hernia repair model were evaluated under tension in an ElectroForce 3200 biomaterials test instrument with DMA grips. Alloderm (Life Cell Technologies), Collamend (Bard, Duvol), and abdominal wall/ADM interface specimens were compared to native abdominal wall samples.
Please refer to our “Dynamic Testing Characterizes Frequency Dependence of Liver Tissue” application brief for more details.

Soft tissue represents a significant challenge for analysis because of its lack of structural integrity. The ElectroForce 3200 biomaterials test instrument was used with DMA software for uniaxial, unconfined, cyclic compression testing. Frequency sweeps were performed at very low levels on fresh calf liver in order to determine the dynamic modulus under different strain conditions.
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Minnesota 55344 USA Email: electroforce@bose. and hold at mean parameters can be specified to explore changes in material properties.com for accessories specifications.024 micro in/s) 3. 091108 .50 in) 0. dynamic amplitude. The software allows the user to easily define a series of biomaterial test conditions that are then systematically applied to the test specimen. the Bose logo.bose-electroforce. Frequency. Suite 113.5 cm (19.5 mm (0.com Phone: 952-278-3070 – Fax: 952-278-3071 ©2008 Bose Corporation. Patent rights issued and/or pending in the United States and other countries.3 cm (19 in) 80 kg (176 lb) 0 to 360 mm (0 . Visit www.bose-electroforce.3 cm (32 in) 49. Bose. ElectroForce® 3200 Test Instrument Specifications and Performance Electromagnetic Load Capacity: Peak/max sine ± 225 N (50 lb) Static or RMS (continuous) ± 160 N (35 lb) Stroke: Linear Velocity: Minimum: Maximum*: Frequency: Minimum: Maximum*: Dimensions (H/W/D): Height Width Depth Weight: Test Space Size: 12.Biomaterials Research Accessory Kit WinTest® DMA Application Software The biomaterials testing field is undergoing rapid change as a myriad of novel materials are being introduced for orthopaedic and cardiovascular applications. Eden Prairie. Combine WinTest DMA application software with our ElectroForce 3200 biomaterials test instrument and special specimen fixtures. Bose WinTest DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis) application software meets the challenge of measuring the mechanical properties of biomaterials and soft tissues under dynamic excitation. Example of Data Exported into an Excel Database Biomaterial Data Analysis Properties Description Tan Delta Complex Modulus Storage Modulus Loss Modulus Parameter Tanδ E* (or G* for shear) E' (or G' for shear) E" (or G" for shear) Definition Tangent of δ (E"/E') K*/shape factor K'/shape factor K"/shape factor Bose Corporation – ElectroForce Systems Group 10250 Valley View Road. and you’re ready to determine the dynamic properties of biomaterials under a wide variety of test conditions.2 m/s (125 in/s) 0.0006 micron/s (0.50 in) 48. ElectroForce and WinTest are registered trademarks of Bose Corporation. mean.00001 Hz 200 Hz 81.14 in) DMA Test Sequence * Varies depending on fixture mass and specimen stiffness.com – Website: www.