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the demand and need.Executive Summary Summary of Technological Opportunity and Innovation: An Indian firm Tata has launched the Nano people's car. low cost car. in January 2008. which is the cheapest car in the world. which is forcing the size and shape of cars to change. There are environmentally led legislations. This has forced car suppliers to lower their company also led to the other manufacturers revealing their plans for prices and try to develop cheaper cars that can compete with the low cost second hand vehicles. Fiat and Ford are also interested in the production of the cheap cars. and they had announced to invest a huge amount in India to make a new small. The increasing competition. Companies like Toyota. . which has developed because of the large used car market. and the the cheap car market.

Model Versions 1.000 Rupees has air conditoning. 2008 the wait came to an end and Nano was launched in three Trim levels.00. The other companies are also planning to introduce a competitive car to Nano with better features than of it. The luxury Lx at 171.000 Rupees has air conditioning and power windows.Introdution Nano before five years of its launch when was announced by Mr.000 but rapidly rising material prices caused the car to be priced somewhat higher than what they said. The deluxe Cx at 151. .Ratan Tata as “The World’s Cheapest Car”.He promised for Rs. The Std priced at 123.Tata.This may cause a problem and risk to Nano in future in market was a big publicity and a hit through out the world and the people were eagerly waiting for its launch…… Finally on January 10.1.But the people were shocked to know the price which was not as much as it was promised by Mr.000 Rupees has no extras. 2. 3.

Is NANO comfortable? (a) Partially agree (b) Totally agree (c) Partially disagree (d) Totally disagree .Findings The questionaire of the survey taken and the response of the people to each question is presented in the form of pie chart below: 1. what is the first thing which comes into your mind when you think about NANO? (a) poor man’s car (b) rich man’s second car (c) For both rich and poor c cc poor man's car rich man's car both rich and poor 2.

Is NANO preferabe for long drives? (a) yes (b) no yes no 4.partially agree totally agree partially disagree totally disagree 3. Is NANO a stylish car? (a) partially agree (b) totally agree (c) strongly disagree .

partially agree totally agree totally disagree 5. How is the performance of NANO car? (a) good (b) very good (c) bad (d) very bad good very good bad 6. Is boot spacing comfortable? (a) yes (b) no .

yes no 7. Are the safety attributes of NANO car upto the mark? (a) partially agree (b) totally agree (c)strongly disagree partially agree strongly agree strongly disagree 8. Did TATA keep up the promise of giving a car worth Rs 1.000/-? (a) yes (b) no .00.

Will you opt for a new car if introduced with more features offered at Rs 2.yes no 9.00. Are you satisfied with NANO? (a) yes (b) no yes no 10.000/-? (a) yes (b) no .

yes no Conclusion According to the survey we did. It is just a name sake car introduced for the people who cannot afford the other costly cars. It is going to face a big competetion in the coming time. There are more number of defects than the advantages in it.we came to a conclusion that the people who are using Nano are not completely satisfied with it. It is a competor to bikes and not cars. .They said that Nano didn’t cover their expectations.

Suggestions It should work on its defects. It should increase the quality of the raw materials imported. It should increase certain facilities that is available in the other cars . It should realise the competitive market and take certain steps to overcome the complaints. It should modify the engine system to avoid the blast of cars.