90% share of 10% market -- pie needs to be grown - tcs annual report- Mohit TCS BPO operating cost

figures - mani Examples of rural BPOs- highlights - mani Subsidies, govt help - mani Educational insitituion tie-up (HCL, NIIT, WIPRO) - Mani need to get some figures (training cost etc) - mani Growth in SME vs Big players sector - mani mkt size of SME BPO sector - mani Example of bigger deals taking a hit due to recession -- ET 27Nov 2010 - mani Nos for kenya, SA BPO sector. - mani Govt incentoves in these countries - mani Examples - mani Growth in new revenue streams (alomg with mkt share, services) - mohit Value chain - diff sectors - numbers. Growth and pie size - mohit price margins etc - mohit non-linear biz models - examples, growth rate, reports on this - mohit


PPT STRUCTURE ------------Slide 1 - Industry overview - NASSCOM McKisney report, Top level envmts across c ountries, Porters 5 forces - Mohit Slide 2 - SWOT (TCS + tcs competitive positioning), captives as a threat - Mani Strengths: GNDN - operates from more than 41 countries and has more than 155 offices across the globe Non linear expansion strategy Strong precence in the Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) space Platform BPO offerings for end to end business solutions Strong Client relationships Weakness:

Opportunities: Businesses in the SME space New and emerging verticals like Healthcare, PSUs and Media Technology and consulting capabilities - to assist ably in co-transformation Threats:

Risk Mitigation (Revenue) -> Differentiator to be key (Think about thi s).5 mn savings each year Establishment costsTier 2-3 cities / rural shoring Migrate figuratively .Present positioning to future positioning graph Mani ============================================================================= BPO cost structure: mani Transport costs dowm: In house residential facilities for employees (Philipines BPOs) . It makes a mark that way because clients like to deal wit h those telemarketing firms that have business outsourcing units close by.11% reduction in costs hiring employees from tier 3 and 4 towns instead of top cities.In other words. Movi ng up the value chain (Cosulting+Technology+Ousourcing --. the BPO services firms are acquiring cal l centers in the developed countries to register their presence. Transportation Costs (In house residence facility).Over reliance on BFSI as business growth driver Captive BPOs The anti-outsourcing legislation in the US states . geog growth rate: mani Growth rates in South Africa . virtualization) .expected annual growth rate of about 50% for the . o/p based or partnership kinda of revenue m odels .$1.Mohit Slide 4 .may impact the businesses fr om the country (60%) Slide 3 . and is offering salaries 10-15 per cent lesser Partnership with educational instis to adopt a course / module to get job ready graduates Cut Travel and Implement Rapid E-Learning Insert the pic from site Increase span of control from 8 to 16 . The aim of the call center firms is to be physically available at the territories from where th ey get their business. share d. Technology costs (cloud. growth rat e of IPRs and all that) .Mohit + Mani Slide 6 .reduces administrative and HR costs by 25% Training costs. Establishment costs(Tier 2.KPO graph.Brings costs d own by 32% Metro replacing cabs soon + Shuttle service to Metro stations Combining Pickups and drops (Less idle time) . 3/rural shoring.Business Innovation -> Non Linear Business Model (Pricing model). Diff countries ) .Cost optimization -> Personnel Costs (Worker skills + managerial costs + training). Market segmentation (verticals).Cost reduction from 300 / day to 150 / day Technology ERP Based standardized process .Mohit Slide 5 .Comparitive slide .Mani Also look at 6 sigma and Lean .

Beyond that is business strategy.aspx http://www.com/2005-03-large-enterprises-cut-costs-by-20-perc ent-through-broad-based-hro-yankee-group-study-article-37913.80% growth from outside existing core verticals . the creation of templates and intellectual property a nd the use of platform BPOs Deeper end-to-end domain experience in new verticals specific specialization . development of IP.ict.delink revenue from headcount by simplifying and automating processes re-use of assets and code. how businesses can be enabled by IT.shared services model across horizontals Indian companies have started with applications development and maintenance runn ing the infrastructure and support services.BPO offerings -.com/Blog/post/Yes2c-You-Really-Can-Cut-Training-Costs.htm http://www.differentiators .html http://www.ke/oldsite/index.co. The next progression is consulting strategy and use of technology. SAAS.call-center. IPR.org/wiki/PeopleSupport http://www.8% in 2008 Kenya .southafrica. posting o ne of the highest growth rates: 17.scalable platform.theoutsourceblog. government services .net/tutorial-measuring-span-of-control.livemint. ========================================================================== http://www. segments like healthcare.com/india-news-stories/june-09-02/infosys-13-06-09.computerworld. BRIC integrate their IT.ke/articles/2009/03/08/africas-bpo-sector-expected-g row-despite-downturn http://www. companies having specific solutions for grwoing verticals).behindindia.bpovoice.info/business/investing/opportunities/bpo-overview.html http://www. green solutions NLBM: organic growth is slow with long gestation persiod transformative acquisitions .next five years ICT & outsourcing of services are one of Tunisia s most dynamic sectors.projected 10% annual economic growth rate over the next 20 years gartner's magic quadrant: mani ============================================================================== shared services80 per cent of growth will come from new segments.com/2010/07/the-great-bpo-migration/ http://www.c lients don't want partial solution.outsourcing-center.strategic fit.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=190&Itemi d=395 .go.africa.cu rrency hedging outcome-based pricing model. recession resilient (like insurance companies in US.com/2010/08/metro-may-replace-bpo-day-cabs-soon/ http://en.com/2008/06/03230055/BPO-firms-innovate-to-slash-tr.com/profiles/blogs/africa-who-has-the-guts http://www.theoutsourceblog.Carbon credits. SME .bersin.wikipedia. cloud-. revenue sharing mode (base + %age of savings) English speaking workforce presence in a growing market .htm http://www. public services.html http://www.