Determining whether an arrangement is, or contains, a lease

Fulfillment of the arrangement depends on the use of specific asset


Arrangement conveys right to use the asset

Implicit The supplier has only one asset and he fulfills his obligation using this asset. He cannot do the same using alternate asset.

Explicit Supplier exclusively uses specific asset to fulfill the obligation

Right to control the use of the asset – fulfill any one of the following 3 options

Purchaser has the ability or right – To operate the asset or direct others To obtain or control significant portion of output or utility Priyadarshini Aralikatti (trishna.priya@gmail.com)

Purchaser has physical access to the asset while obtaining significant portion of the output

Rare possibilities that other parties will significant portion of the output or utility during the arrangement &….

…price per unit is – Not contractually fixed or Equal to market price at the time of delivery.

ASSESSING OR REASSESSING WHETHER AN ARRANGEMENT IS. in Inception of renewal or extension period Priyadarshini Aralikatti (trishna.com) . OR CONTAINS.priya@gmail. A LEASE Assessment Reassessment Earlier of: To be done when either of the conditions is met: Change in estimate – no reassessment Date of arrangement Commitment by the parties to the terms of arrangement Change in contractual terms Change in terms of whether fulfillment is dependent on specific asset Substantial change in the asset Renewed extended or Reassessed as lease / not a lease here after: Begin / cease lease accounting from When change circumstances occur.

services. Cost of input. State that.com) .LEASE PAYMENTS: Separable (On the basis of fair value or estimation) Inseparable Lease portion Other portion.priya@gmail. payments include charges towards non-lease elements also. etc. Recognize imputed finance charge at purchaser’s incremental borrowing rate. Eg. Priyadarshini Aralikatti (trishna. Disclose separately. Finance Lease Operating Lease Finance Lease Operating Lease Not covered under IAS 17. Account as per other applicable IAS Asset & Liability at fair value of underlying asset Recognize as lease payments Account as per IAS 17 Subsequently reduce payments from liability.

then IAS 8 (Change in accounting policy) need not be complied with. Priyadarshini Aralikatti (trishna. Effective date Jan 2008.Other points: 1. If this interpretation is applied from start of the period for which comparative data is presented.priya@gmail. 2.com) . if IFRIC 12(Service concession arrangements) is applied or else Jan 2006.