ASSURANCE REPORT, 2007 – 2008 1. Activities institution: Sri year 1930. reflecting the mission goals and objectives was of the by




Dr.T.S.Avinashilingam, a known politician and educationalist, in the Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science (1964) is one of the institutions of Vidyalaya which stands for the ideals and thoughts of Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Holy Mother Saradha Devi and Mahatma Gandhi. Hence the goals and objectives of the institution are the blend of the ideologies of all these great people. The campus is situated at a serene and peaceful locality which kindles the spirit of motivation for a peaceful academic pursuit to achieve the aspired zenith. The college is in its twenty sixth year of autonomy. Our institution strives to mould the students’ as good citizens by inculcating human values, sympathetic consideration to poor, purity of thought, industriousness, brother-hood, morality, altruism, sincerity, service mindedness, faith in God, respect to elders, and over noble qualities. The uniform system (in dress) among both the teachers and students (white & white) keeps the students away from outwardly economic disparities. Daily Prayer consisting of recitation of three caplets of ‘Thirukkural’ (Ethical and spiritual complete in Tamil Language), a devotional song, principals daily brief announcements, appreciation of prize winning students, brief reading out of a sayings of Swami Vivekananda and a silence for a minute form an important tool in achieving our goals.


Weekly bhajans during first ‘Hour’ of Wednesday every week is compulsory which consists of half an hour bhajan followed by spiritual and ethical talks by eminent personalities. Regular encouragement of students to involve themselves in cocurricular activities provides them opportunities for multi dimensional development. Celebration of Gurumaharaj Jayanthi (Gurupooja) a full day celebration on first Sunday every calendar year, Vidyalaya Day celebration etc., are more characterized by moral, ethical and spiritual aspects. Gurupooja literary competitions for all the students in the region are regularly conducted. Motivating the faculty members for their upgradation, conducting monthly tests to the students, giving weightage to attendance, assignment and discussion, Practical training, Field visits and on-thejob training, etc. aim at students’ academic excellence. Hence we aim at an overall development of the students. 2. New Academic Programmes Our college offer 7 UG and 5 PG programmes under aided stream. In the self finance wing 6 UG courses and 2 PG courses are offered. No new programmes were added during 2007-08. 3. Innovation in the curricular design and transaction 1. An LCD was purchased for the Department of Cooperation was made available to other departments also. 2. Board of studies meetings of all major subjects were held on different dates. 3. The department of Computer Science gave thought in the curriculum, making it job oriented with communication skill development and industrial training.


4. The department of Cooperation collected new CDs on management to make teaching effective. 5. ‘Computer Science’ became a part of all the UG and PG Programmes of the College. 6. A tie up (March 2007) with CISCO for ‘CISCO Certified Network Associate’ was made through on which CCNA I is offered in the curricula as network paper. 4. Interdisciplinary Programmes Given below are programmes / papers offered by different departments. The beneficiaries are the students of other departments. 1) Department of Electronics S. No a b c The course of the benefiting students B.Sc. Physics B.Sc. Computer Science M.Sc. Chemistry Paper name Electronic Circuits & Devices Microprocessor, Microcontroller and Embedded Systems Chemical Instrumentation

2) Department Computer Science a b B.Sc. Electronics B.Sc. Cooperation Visual Basic & Oracle PC Software (MS Office)

3) Department of Chemistry a b B.Sc. Physics M.Sc. Electronics Crystal Growth Characterisation Environmental Pollution

4) Department of Mathematics a b c d B.Com. Cooperation B.Sc. Computer Science M.Sc. Physics B.Sc. Computer Science Mathematics-I Discrete Mathematics Numerical Analysis Mathematics-I

5) Department of Physics a B.Sc. Chemistry Instrumental Methods of


Com Cooperation a b To B. Cooperative Management Social Problems Self Financing Wing 1) Department of B. (Social Work) Accountancy Accounting & Business Management Organizational Methods and System Analysis 7) Department of English a b c B.S.Sc.Sc. Mathematics B.Sc. Cooperation Cost Accounting 3) Department of Computer Science a To B. Computer Science Principles of Financial Management Accounting & Business Management 2) Department of Commerce (CA) a To B. Mathematics Analysis Material Science Relativity & Wave Mechanics 6) Department of Cooperation a b c B.Com.Sc.Com.Com. (Commerce CA) To B.Sc. Electronics M. Computer Science M.b c B.Com. Cooperation All UG Courses To All UG Courses English for Competitive Examinations Communicative English Cultural Heritage of India 8) Department of Social Work a To M.Sc.W. Physical Education Elementary Statistics 4) Department of Physical Education a Other Courses Health Education & Physical Fitness 4 .

4. One state level symposium ‘OMNI PRESENCE 2K8’ was conducted on March 6-7. Chennai on 17. gave certificates to the participants in the Validictory function. 6.5. NIL 7. 14 Colleges enrolled for this Seminar. National Level Seminar on ‘Recent Trends in Information Technology” was inaugurated by Dr. 2. student Support Services. Director.K. Candidates qualified: NET / SLET / GATE etc. March 2008. and to avoid malpractices.5 Lakhs for conducting a National Conference on ‘Current Trends in Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry’. 2. March 2008. students discipline. 2008 by the Department of Electronics. Total Number of Seminars / Workshops conducted 1. Seminar on ‘Career Guidance’ was conducted by career guidance cell on 5. All final year students attended. UGC has sanctioned Rs. 38 participants attended. Jebanesan Cross. Elgi Tread India Ltd. ‘Credits’ and ‘marks’ structure for CBCS syllabus was decided in the examination committee meeting. 3. Tamil Nadu Open University. Examination Reforms implemented 1. It helped in maintaining 5 . Head.Murugan. The existing vigilance squad paid sudden and surprise visits to the examination halls during examinations.

07 to 17.Jayabalakrishna n Department of Chemistry 2 Years 18.000 /- Dr.3.Sekar Department of Chemistry 2 ½ Years 6 .000 /Name of the Research scheme / projects Deposition and Characterizati on CZT Films by Spray Pyrolysis CVD Techniques Synthesis.80.07 to 31.09 UGC Rs.1. Antitumor.M. Structural Characterizati on.57.Mohan Department of Physics UGC Rs.8.25.G.01.00.600 /- Dr.000 /- Dr. Research Projects The on going and accepted research projects during 2007-08.M.1.3. Thermal and Structural Characterizati on of some Dielectric and Ferroelectric Materials Synthesis and Spectral Studies of Novel Substituted Pyrido Carbazole Derivatives as Potential Anticacer Agents Name of the Principal Investigator Duration of the project 2 Years Sri. Antipactical and ctalyde activities or Rutheni Synthesis.Amirthaganesan Department of Chemistry Proposal accepted UGC Rs.S.9.C. Name of Sanctioned the Amount sponsore d Agency DRDO Rs.

Chandrasekaran Department of Physics 3 Years 1. Chennai conducted a Science Awareness Programme on February 14.08 to 31. The college in coordination with Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology.1. New Collaborative Research Programmes 1.000 /- UGC Rs.J. March 2008 by Sri B. 15 and 16. Manager.00. E-commerce and Insurance was received.16.07 to 17. Global 7 .M.1. 3.00.Selvaraj Department of Tamil Proposal accepted 9. students and Farmers of Coimbatore.4.1.UGC Rs.Anand.10. Erode and Nilgiris District.01. A UGC grant of Rs.5 Lakhs for conducting career oriented courses in advertising.Sekar Department of Chemistry 2 Years 18.R.11 Dr. Patents Generated (if any) NIL 10. 2. Characterizati on and NLO Studies of Substituted Polymer / Fullerence Based Bulk Hetrojunction Nanoscale Organic Solar Cells Usage of Logic in Tamil Teaching for the students of Higher Education Dr.000 /- Bio-Adsorption of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solution and Industrial Effluents Using Saw dust Carbon Fabrication.30 0/- UGC Rs.I.3. Inter-Collegiate meet on Computer Science and Application was inaugurated on 18. 2008 for SHGs.09 Dr.

9.D Programmes during 2007-08. spiritual retreats etc.Learning Services. Ltd. expert committees. 5 staff members attended orientation programmes conducted by various universities. Citation Index of Faculty Members and Impact Factor Exact Data not available 14. staff selection committees. The selling point was set up in the campus during Gurupooja Celebration 8 . 20 staff members of our college acted as members in Board of Studies. DRDO has sanctioned Rs. Chennai. European Commission Agency and TATA Dorabiji Trust. 3. (vide item: 8). 4. Two Lecturers of Computer Application department became CISCO Certified Network Associates. CEO. 4. orientation programmes.01.230 for 6 projects undertaken by our staff members. clubs.980000 for one project in ‘Physics’. competition judges. 11. Details of Research Scholars for the year 2007-2008 76 and 68 scholars pursued M.84. 2.Gnanasekar. our MCA department developed health education multimedia series – yearly continuous programme started from 2002.M. Red Hat India Pvt. The Staff of the Department of Cooperation coordinated marketing training program for 7 days from 3. doctoral committees.1. GMAC.08. camps.08 to 09. In collaboration with Ramakrishna Ashrama. WHO. Research Grants Received from Various Agencies UGC has sanctioned Rs.Phil and Ph. 13. and Sri. Honours / Awards to the faculty 1. 12. senate.

Our Physical Education Director has been appointed by Bharathiar University as selection committee member for selecting Bharathiar University Kho-Kho Team (men). received ‘Best Home Guard Award’ for Coimbatore District from Sri. 15. 9.9. 10. Department of Computer Science.Phil and Ph. 5. 8. The HOD of the department of MCA participated in the CISCO Academy meet in July 2007 to discuss about the new CCNA curriculum. 2.Radhakrishnan IPS.Jaikumar.S. The Program was much effective. Lecturer. Two research projects (SSA and Member involvement) were undertaken by Cooperation department with the financial assistance from the college management. 6. A lecturer in the MCA department completed a course on ‘Fundamentals of Java Programming’ conducted by CISCO and became a Java Certified Associate. Tamil Nadu on 23 January 2008.2007.D research outcomes.09.07 at PSG College of Technology. 3. Many M.M. Research Forum of the college was active and helped in enriching the M. Cooperation and Social Work departments jointly undertook a research project on IMAGE of POLICE in Coimbatore District. 9 . Two staff of Cooperation Department participated in one day state level workshop on ‘Goals and Roles’ – a faculty development programme held at PSGR Krishnammal College. Sri. Coimbatore on 18. Inspector General of Police and Commandant General for Home Guards. Our staff in charge of Youth Red Cross attended Youth Red Cross Training Programme on 11.D research designs and processes.and the students in batches were made to make sales.Phil and Ph. Internal Research Generated 1. 7. 4.

10 . Details of departments getting SAP. Coimbatore jointly organized an Awareness Programme on Child Rights and Child Labours at Panchayat Union Middle School. COSIST / DIST. 5.2007. Staff members of the Department of Cooperation conducted a one day Salesmen Training Programme to the employees of a District Cooperative Wholesale Store on ‘Retail Sales Management’ on 21. 2007. 3.980. The sixtieth Independent Day was celebrated in four villages. The Department of Social Work and Kovai Class. Kannarpalayam by NSS. 2008 at Adi Dravida Colony. Various sports activities were conducted for the school children and prizes were distributed by the Department of Social Work and NSS. Collectorate. Manithaneya Vara Vizha was celebrated on January 26.5. Community Services 1. 17.11. 16.07. The Republic Day Function was celebrated on January 26. Samichettipalayam on August 7. The college has received Autonomy Grant of Rs. A Mini Marathon race was conducted by Kovai CLASS at Coimbatore on 17-06-2007 to create awareness among the people about the abolition of Child Labour 68 NSS volunteers of second year UG class participated in the programme. FIST etc. 2. 2008 in our College Campus and in the two adopted villages.160 in 2007-08. A software was developed (inventory and website) for Ganapathy Silks and Johnson School of Business through MCA department with the help of Design Whiz Group. 4.

15. 13. Gandhi Jayanthi was celebrated in the adopted village on 2. 9. participated in the programme.436/.1. Humanism day was celebrated in Kannarpalayam village with the Coordination of District Adidiravida Welfare Officer.1. 11. 60 NSS volunteers of our college involved themselves in the survey work at Perianaickenpalayam and Karamadai panchayat area to know about the literacy status.2008 by the Department of Social Work.12. The Bharathiar University NSS Cell and the ‘Valar Kalvi Thittam’ of Coimbatore Collectorate jointly organized cent percent literacy programme by conducting a rally at Mettupalayam on 5-092007. 11 More than 100 people . 12. On 26.1.1. NCC cadets participated in a rally (Religious Harmony) on 17. 16. During all the Saturdays of Purattasi Tamil Month. The Republic Day was celebrated at our adopted village on 26. 8.2008.2008. 7.2008.01.2008 to 26. Coimbatore.2007 NSS Programme Officers and 20 NSS Volunteers participated in the Grama Sabha Meeting held at Sikkaram Palayam. Our NSS Volunteers actively participated in the ‘Kaitharikku Kaikoduppom’ (Helping Handlooms) programme and sold worth Rs. 20 NSS Volunteers actively involved in crowd controlling programme at Karamadai Temple (a famous Vishnu Temple in the area). Computer Application department offered a basic computer course for 6th to 9th standard students of Vidyalaya High School.6. 14. 100 NSS Volunteers participated in the programme.01.10. Collectorate. On 1-9-2007. The NCC cadets participated in a rally conducted in connection with the World Youth Day. A computer course was offered to the students of ‘Diploma in Higher Education’ conducted by Gandhi Teachers Training Institute of our campus under Tamil Nadu Open University system.Handloom Cloths between 20. 10.

Students have been provided with story books from the Library during their Library hours. Multimedia course was offered to 11th and 12th standard students of Swami Sivananda Higher Secondary School in our campus. Library Timings have been changed as per the convenience of the students. 18. 3. Teachers and Officers Newly recruited Teaching Non-Teaching : : 10 (Aided 3 + Self Financing 7) 1 (Self Financing) 19. They have been made to read the book and submit the gist.45 : 1 Non-teaching Staff 20. 12 .56 : 1 Non-teaching Staff : : 56 : 23 2.17. 2. Improvements in the Library Services 1. Bar-coding and computerization of circulation section in the Library were implemented. Teaching – Non-teaching Ratio a) Aided Wing Teaching Staff Ratio b) Self Financing Wing Teaching Staff Ratio : : 57 : 16 3.

Our college is a member of Association of Computing Machinery where we can access 40 Journals and Magazines. 37 38 37 64 56 25 13 33 14 43 Total 2488 Grand Total Amount Rs.21. Courses in which student assessment of teachers is introduced and the action taken on student feed back Student assessment of teachers was implemented to all the classes of aided and SF wing. No additional Journals were subscribed. Important requirements and suggestions of the students were brought to the notice of the teachers concerned.. 600 on line books etc. Unit Cost of Education An amount of Rs. New Books / Journals subscribed and their value 1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Subject English Tamil Mathematics Physics Chemistry Computer Science Electronics Cooperation & Commerce Social Work General (Other Subjects) Self-financing wing (all subjects) No. 2200 on line courses. 3. 23. 22. this during 2007-08. 3962 3944 4983 4800 35537 4114 4096 4925 4012 4300 74673 511366 586039 2. No.9000 is paid for 13 . Value of the books purchased during 2007-2008 S.

6000 was received under ‘departmental assistance’ under UGC Grant (Ph. 2. 26. The computer laboratories have adequate number of computers. 3. Seminars.Phil and Ph.2 Lakhs were printer priced Rs.12. admission.D Viva Voce examinations. Increase in the infrastructural facilities 30 computers were purchased during 2007-2008. Examination Results and issue of certificates.13000 and Rs.The unit cost of education for the aided courses was Rs. 25. Furniture sports materials worth of Rs. 27. M.D). LCD was used on important occasions viz. It was Rs. Workshops.7500 for PG. Activities of the office of Controller of Examinations were completely computerized.8000 and bought. Local area networking and Bar Coding have been completed in our Library. worth Rs.3500 per year for UG and Rs. Technology Upgradation Many department were using OHP.1.5 Lakhs were purchased. Pay Bill preparation and official communications in the office were computerized. 24.20000 for UG and PG courses respectively under self financing ststem. Association Meetings and other Public Meetings. etc. Computerization of Administration. Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students 1. A lazer Equipments for Science faculties worth Rs. Internet facility is commonly available to all the students at a very nominal rate in the MCA department (UGC Nodal Lab) of our 14 . Admission. Adequate number of computers were provided to each department for use of the faculty.

Chennai. Sri. III B. received Rs.2.59000 for 9 students were also received.5000/towards students project scheme entitled “Bio-Adsorption of heavy metal using Polymer Adsorbent” for the year 2007-08 under the guidance of Dr. 4.Hariram. The staff members can access this facility free of cost.00. They can use internet at their convenient times.2623392/.for his project “Glycerene Utilization Possibilities From the View Point of Technology and Chemistry” under “Earn While You Learn’” scheme from Nandini Consultancy Centre Private Limited. 1003 students were granted with various Scholarships to the tune of Rs.R. Ph. Chemistry has been awarded Rs.Saravanan. Chemistry.Sekar.D scholar in Cooperation has been awarded Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship Scheme for SC candidate by UGC.has been received in respect of him.4000 to 4 students was given by our management.Sc. New Delhi for five years.Vasagarajan. Fellowship Mr.1200/. the state and central governments.000/. An amount of Rs. Financial aid to students Scholarships During 2007-08.Sc. Students Project Mr.R. An account grant of Rs. The staff and students are encouraged to attend the training course in ‘Internet Use’ offered by the Polytechnic College situated in our campus. Merit scholarship of Rs.C. SG Lecturer in Chemistry. II Stipend Selected MCA students were sent as part-time programmers to advance 15 .M.8000 and Adi-Dravida and Tribal Welfare loan scholarship of Rs.

2008. Our College Alumni Meet was held on 19-08-2007. people were benefited. 439 cattle were treated. 29. 2. PG Department of Social Work conducted a Veterinary Camp at Samichettipalayam Village on February 23. they were provided with all the details about their sons. Parents gave good suggestions and improvements. one hundred and twenty members participated. 2008. The parents responded well. 2. Outstanding alumni were felicitated at Alumni Meet. have been created so far by the Alumni. The blood group of all first year UG students were identified 2.e. Parents lent very good support and helped in smooth functioning of the college. The parents meeting in the SF wing was conducted and the parents were given the option of visiting the college on any 4 days during the last week of August 2007. 4 students got benefited during 2007-2008.E-com solutions and Design Whiz Groups with a remuneration of Rs. Activities and support from Alumni Association 1. 30. on the ‘Gurupooja Day’. 7 Endowments . Twenty-one members newly enrolled. Health Services 1. Our PG Department of Social Work conducted a General Medical Camp at Samichettipalayam village on March 1. 16 200 with the help of a Private Clinical Lab by the NSS units. A blood group identification camp was inaugurated on 17-072007. 3. 31. The Alumni of Vidyalaya (all 15 institutions) Meet was held on the first Sunday every year i. The respective departments had frequent contact with Alumni. Activities and support from Parent Teacher Association 1.3000 per month.

07. An Eye camp was conducted on 15.2007 held at RVS College. benefited by this camp. Sathyamangalam.4.08. 3.2007. 5. Chess. Football.09.08. Kabadi. Kho-Kho. Performance in Sports Activities 1. Handball.4. Our College Volley Ball team secured second place and the Table Tennis team secured fourth place.2007 at Samichettipalayam by the Department of Social Work with the help of Sankara Eye Centre. 32. Ball Badminton competition in Bharathiar University intercollegiate meet on 17.2007 by Bharathiar University in the games viz..2. Our college teams participated in CICAA tournament conducted from 23.Sc. Coimbatore. Volley ball and Table Tennis.2007 at Kamadhenu Arts College. A Retinopathy Camp was conducted on 4. 2. Our college Kabaddi team secured third place in Bharathiar University intercollegiate tournament held on 28. Athletes. Volley ball. 17 More than 100 people were distributed the pamphlets in and around Perianaickenpalayam to .2008. A student of I B. Our college students participated in Weight Lifting. In coordination with Ramakrishna Hospital. Computer Science secured first place in 100 metres Event Under-18 years Junior State Athletic Meet on 01-082007 held at Coimbatore. Same student participated in 100 metres Event Under-18 Junior State Athletic Meet on 17. 4.2007 to 01. Our college conducted ‘A’ Zone Football tournament in Bharathiar University intercollegiate tournament on 20.07. 50 NSS volunteers NSS volunteers along with Programme Officers were participated. Coimbatore the World Cancer Day was celebrated on 4. Coimbatore. create cancer awareness among the public. 6. 5.08.2007 held at Karur. Our Football team secured First place.08.2008 with the help of the Aravind Eye Hospital.

12.12.03. Coimbatore.2007 at Acharya Nagarjuna Univesity.2008 held at Karunya University. Our college Soft Ball team secured first place in Bharathiar University intercollegiate tournament held on 08. Coimbatore and “IVANGILINE” Trophy on 18.09. Individual Performance of Our Students 12. Andhra Pradesh. 11. 9. Our college Volley Ball team secured fourth place in Bishop Appasamy Volley Ball Trophy held on 28.2008 held at Angappa College.2008.Com (Cooperation) represented Bharathiar University in the Inter-University Volley Ball tournament held on 06. Our college Cricket team secured first place in ‘A’ Zone cricket tournament in Bharathiar University intercollegiate tournament held at Bharathiar University on 14.6. A student of III B.2007.2007 at Bishop Appasamy College. Our college Cricket team secured third place in Inter-Zone Cricket tournament in Bharathiar University intercollegiate tournament held at Bharathiar University on 10. He also represented All India Inter-University Volley Ball Tournament at Maharashtra on 12.08. Coimbatore.10. 7. 8. Five of our UG students represented to Bharathiar University in the Inter-University Hand Ball tournament held on 30. 13.02.2007 at Bharathiar University. Our college Foot Ball team participated in Angappa ‘A’ Side Fives football tournament on 18.02.2007.2007 at Andhra Pradesh University and the team secured third place. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) First place in 20km walk Third place in hammer throw Third place in 400mts hurdles Third place in Pole vault 10.10. 18 . Our college Athletic team has won various prizes in the following events.

2008 at Kanniyakumari. Coimbatore-641 020 on 23.2008 at Melmudi hill (Coimbatore).S.14.2007 to 28.08. 20.07.2007 at Mettupalayam. 25 Physical Education Students of our college attended the Clinic cum Throw Ball officiating examination in KCT College on 07. 19 . 24. 22. A III B. Two students of our college shared individual championship in Annual Athletic Meet 2007-2008.01.Com (Cooperation) represented InterDistrict Sub-Junior Volley Ball tournament in Nagapattinam and his team secured first place.Sc (Physical Education) student represented Bharathiar Inter-University Foot Ball tournament held at Annamalai University. 15.2007 in our campus.07.2007.2007. Salem on 24. A III B. Six of our students represented Coimbatore District Foot Ball team for Inter-District Foot Ball tournament on 15. The Department of Physical Education conducted one day Trekking camp for physical education and sports students on 23-022008 and 07. A student of III B. Our college Physical Education students officiated Mahajana Higher Secondary School Annual Sports and Games on 09. Our college conducted the Annual Sports and Games from 16. 23.02.12. 21.Sc Physical Education represented Bharathiar Inter-University Kabaddi tournament held at Periyar University. 17. 18. On of our students represented Bharathiar University in Tamilnadu Inter-University Foot Ball tournament held at Vivekananda University.Com (Cooperation) student represented 10th All India Youth National Volley Ball tournament on 19.2008.2007 at Coimbatore.Sridhar. All students passed in the examination. Our college student Sri. II B.12.12. 16.07.2008 at West Bengal and his team secured first place. 19. Chidambaram on 19.01.

Two of our III B. 20 .02. Our College Physical Education students officiated Coimbatore.2008. All Physical Education Students of our College participated in the National Level Seminar entitled “Preservation and Propagation of indigeneous Sports and Games in India” on 26.Suresh of II B.2008 to Coimbatore on 12.Chinnakaruppaiah of II B. 32. Coimbatore on 02. 28.2008 in Coimbatore. 14 Physical Education students of our college attended the clinic cum Hand Ball officiating examination at Maruthi College of Physical Education. 31.Sc (Physical Education) won the I prize in the ‘20km walk’.2008 at CMS College.02. Three Physical Education Students of our college attended the Clinic cum Kabaddi officiating examination at Maruthi College of Physical Education. 5 October 2007. Coimbatore.25. Sri.2008 at Maruthi College of Physical Education. 26. The Department of Physical Education conducted Yoga Classes for all first year and second year sports students in the month of March 2008. All students passed in the examination. in the Inter-Collegiate Athletic Meet conducted by Bharathiar University on 3. 4. Sri. Annual Sports and Games from 05.P. 29.J.Sc (Physical Education) won the III prize in the ‘Hammer Throw’.2008 at Kongu Nadu Arts College.Sc (Physical Education) students presented papers in South India level Inter Collegiate Competition entitled “Preservation and Propagation of Indigeneous of Sports and Games in India” on 26. 30. One of our college students participated in the National Seminar entitled “Innovative Approaches to Excellence in Physical Education and Sports” on 27. 27. Coimbatore.02.2008. All students passed in the examination.03.

03. 17 February 2008 at Kanniyakumari. 33. 8 February 2008. 34. Student achievements and awards 1. 35. Tamil Nadu government on February 29.R Arts College. 2008. 7.2008. Four of our Physical Education students acted as officials for ‘Intra Mural Sport and Games’.33. 36. Twelve students of the same class participated in various other events and won the overall Championship.2008 and 02. 16. 26 students of Physical Education passed the Referees Board examination conducted by Throw ball Association of Tamilnadu and became eligible for acting as referees for matches conducted in Tamilnadu. 14 students of Physical Education passed the State Referees examination conducted by Handball Association of Tamilnadu and became eligible for acting as referees for matches held in Tamilnadu. ‘On duty’ to the participating students were liberally given. 2. Incentives to outstanding sports persons Regular encouragements (before and after attending the sports meets) were extended. conducted at CMS College of Arts and Science on 6. 34. 2008.Sc Physics were awarded prizes for paper presentation in the ‘Spectra 2K8’ held at P. Gobichettipalayam on January 24. Eight MSW (Master of Social Work) students attended a one day training programme on wild life census conducted by forest department. On 01. Two students of II M. they went to forest along with forest guards and conducted a survey of wild animals including Elephants 21 .03. Two students were selected for the Tamilnadu State Level Football Team and they played in the State Level Football Tournament held on 15.K.

Tholampalayam and Karadimadai forest areas. 3. 10.1500 as cash prize. Kerala as resource persons on 05. 6. Two III B. Coimbatore on 07.2008. 7. A II M. 2008. 5. Ethics.Com (Cooperative Management) along with 6 staff members were involved in the Data Collection of Police Image Survey in Coimbatore District on 06.2007.Sc Mathematics student participated and secured the Second Place (Cash prize of Rs. 40 students of II MSW and 5 students of II M.03. 8.2007 and 07. Based on their good performance the same students were sent to conduct the same programme at Carmelagiri School. 4.7500/-) in the Intercollegiate Essay Competition held on 02. Two of our students secured second place in the “King of Mobile Contest” and received Rs. Two MSW students attended a panel discussion on “Emerging trends in HR” organized by PSG College of Arts and Science.2007 in connection with the 202nd Bank Day Celebration of the State Bank of India.07. February 2008.Com (CA) students secured third place in the “Business Quiz Event” conducted by PSG Institute of Management on 14. 9.2008. A II BCA student secured second place in Web Design in the Inter-Collegiate meet conducted at Hindustan College of Arts and Science. 22 . Education Promoting Campaign” for 44 school children from 20 schools around Coimbatore between March 1-3. Munnar. Nearly 200 students have completed Cisco Certified Network Associate on-line Examination conducted by Cisco.and Leopard in Odanthurai.07.07.03. Two of our MSW students while undergoing field work in Shanthi Ashram were involved in organizing “India.

II.1000 each.Sc Chemistry students presented papers in the workshop on Current Developments in Chemistry held at Government Arts College. Four of our II M. 7 of our III B. Tiruchirappalli on October 12.Sc Chemistry attended a one-day National Seminar on Chemistry conducted by Gobi Arts and Science College on February 2. 2007. Our students won the overall championship. Three of the II M. 14. 13. They won prizes (February 2008). Sathiyamangalam and PKR Arts College. 15. 17. Two II BCA students secured second place on ‘Memory Test’ competition. Tiruchirappalli on October 5 and 6. 2008. Gobi. II & III prizes in the National Level Student’s Symposium on Green Chemistry held at the department of chemistry. quiz and word game organized by Khamadenu Arts and Science College. 2007 conducted at Tamilnadu Forest Academy Campus and also got a special prize in the Essay Writing competition conducted by the Forum of Humanism in connection with the International Day of Non-violence. conducted by Sankara Arts and Science College on 9. A BCA student secured first place in the ‘Quiz Program’. 2007.Sc Chemistry students attended the National Conference on Recent Trends in Chemisty held at Bishop Heber College. National Institute of Technology.Sc Matematics students participated in Mathematics marbling. 18. Coimbatore on February 7-8. 16.A English Literature student got the second prize in the Essay Writing Competition during wild life week celebration.11. III place respectively in the Tamil Essay Competition conducted by Swami Vivekananda Sevalayam. 19. 12. 23 . Two II M. Three students secured I.Sc (Chemistry) students won I. February 2008. A III B. Six students of I M. 2008. Tirupur. They received a cash award of Rs.

Sureshkumar Class II M.W 24 .T. 2008.20.2008 and 01. A student of III B.Com Coop.Veeramanikand an H. 26. 25.Sc Physics II M.Seenivasan R. Coimbatore. The following students received the Special Endowment Awards for the Academic Year 2007-2008. Two of our II M.K. Management III B.Com (Cooperation) class participated in the Pencil Sketching Competition conducted by the Rotaract Club of Tirupur and won the first prize. D. Three III B.2008.A. 2008.Shanmugavelayutham award Name of the student C. 24. 21.Com Cooperation III B. S. Six students were awarded prizes in various competitions during Gurupooja 2008 celebrations on January 6. Two of our UG students participated in the Facial Painting Competition held at PSG College of Arts and Science on February 23.Ramanujam Medal Kandaswamy-Muthulakshmi Ammal Award Sri Kalyanasundaram Chettiar Award Swami Vivekananda Award Dr.A (English Literature) students jointly presented a paper entitled “E-Learning Technology for Visually Challenged” in the two-day National Conference held at SNMV College of Arts and Science.S.1000).Sc (Mathematics) students attended the National Conference on Emerging Trends in Mathematical Sciences (ETMS 2008) on 29.Sc Computer Science II M.Ramalingam Chettiar Medal Mathematician Sri. 22.P.02. Coimbatore on February 8-9. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 Name of the award Sri. 23.Sc Electronics won first prize in more acting competition conducted by Bharathiar University at Nirmala College.Sc Chemistry III B.Gowtham of III B. 2008 and secured the second place (Cash Prize of Rs.Ponnuswamy K.03.Ravi Srikanth B.

Karthik K.Shanthi Memorial Award by Prof.Sc Chemistry III B.Mohamed Abuthahir S.T.Sc Mathematics III B.A.Arulkumar V.T.Ramaswami Prof.Jayaraman Sri.Venkateswaralu award Instituted by Prof.S.K.T.7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Sri.T.Sc Physics II M.T.Sc Mathematics III B.Murugesu Prof. Physical Education (SF) III B.Arthanari Lakshmi Memorial Award Instituted by Sri.Sundararaman Endowment Dr.S.Sc Computer Science (SF) III B.A English Literature 25 .T.S.Sc.Sundararaman Endowment Dr.R.Vishnu Kumar S.S.Mariappan award C.Saravanakumar III B.S.Ravi D.Com Cooperation (SF) III B.Sundararaman Endowment Dr.Sc Physics II M.K.Sriraman award Instituted by Dr.Com (CA) (SF) III B.K.Udayakumar V.Hariram S.Sundararaman Endowment Dr.Devanandham P.K.Dhandapani award Dr.K.Vijayakumar Dr.Gokulchandar A.

Jayakumar M.Suresh M.Arul Raja A.Sc Chemistry III B.A.Sc Electronics II M.Anand Veluswamy P.Ashokkumar II M. Activities of the Guidance and Counselling A close relationship exists between the students and teachers of our college. The Heads’ of the Departments play extra The students are guided and counseled aspects (academic or personal).Dhanasekaran A.Sc Electronics II M. They feel free to meet the teachers and get in all guidance and counselling.Azarudeen C.R.W L.K.K.Pradeep III B. The students are used to call the teachers as ‘Anna’ which means ‘elder Brother’.Prabhakaran R.Com Cooperation III B.Kandappan The Best Sports man award Vidyalaya award Vidyalaya award Vidyalaya award NSS award Best NCC Cadet (Vidyalaya award) Dr.S. The Career Guidance cell of our college functioned very well.Kandappan Sri.S.W 35.English Literature II B.Kandeepan V. 36.R.Sc Physics II B.Ramaswamy award Instituted by Sri.A.Krishnamoorthy Award for the Best NSS volunteer Instituted by Sri. Placement services provided to the students 1.K.Shanmuga Velautham award D. role in this respect.17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Sri Kavende Gounder award for Best Social Worker Instituted by Sri. All the outgoing students were asked to register their names in the cell which gave proper guidance and counselling to young aspirants who wanted to be placed in the respective jobs.Sc Applied Electronics III MCA II B. Campus 26 .

career guidance cell. Other highlights of the career guidance and placement cell of the college for 2007-08. Seminars. Healthy practices of the institution 1. were attended by 52 staff of our college. many non-teaching staff are able to work in computer and become aware of latest advancements in computer usage. attended by placement officers 6) Placement coordinators’ guest lecture in other colleges 37. During 2007-08. Development programme for Non-Teaching Staff As a result of computer course offered. Daily morning prayer. weekly bhajan. etc. extra curricular activity committee.24 international. parent teacher association. 2. 3. examination reforms committee. internal quality assurance cell. conferences. 38. seminars.interviews/recruitments were organised and placement assistance was rendered periodically. 2. anti-ragging squad. research and publication cell. students grievance re-dressal committee. alumni association are the continuing healthy practices of our college. workshops etc. planning and evaluation committee. grievances and appeal committee. 27 . student welfare committee. 1) On campus interviews arranged 3) Career coaching camps/seminars attended by students (with in and outside the college) 4) Aptitude test conducted for all the students 5) Meets. 7 national and 3 state level journals. Of which papers were presented in 30 18 staff of our college published 48 articles in 13 -6 -1 -7 -1 -5 2) Off campus interviews to which students were guided and sent. 152 students were placed in various companies under the guidance of placement cell. 72 seminars.

NET which has been established with the prime objective of promoting resource sharing among the libraries though the development of a network of libraries. 3. State level intercollegiate meet / symposium were conducted by the following departments. Signed an MOU with Design Whiz Groups on 15. 5. Our college has signed an MOU with Sutherland Global Services to develop employment skills among the students community.10. 4. An exclusive training program on Effective communication skills and employability soft skills was undertaken. Any other relevant information the institution wishes to add 1. 2.2007 for joint projects. 28 . Our college has signed an agreement with DEL. conferences and career resources. 40. Linkage developed with National / International Academic / Research Bodies 1. Our college has signed an agreement with Association of Computing Machinery for providing the computing field’s premier digital library and serve its members and the computing profession with leading-edge publications. The department of Cooperation developed linkage with National Cooperative Union of India. 6. Three staff members (Tamil and Cooperation) have published one book each in the subject concerned. Many staff members of Board of Studies of various other institutions.3. 12 of our staff members acted as resource persons in the meetings of other colleges. 4. 39. Our college has signed with MICRO SOFT for MICRO SOFT volume licensing services and MICRO SOFT e-academy.

2007. of Meetings 3 1 1 2 2 2 2 29 . A meeting of the research and publication council was held on September 14. 7. Department of Electronics and Instrumentation.Arun Pandya.11. Chennai addressed the staff members on Research and National Development. Under the scheme “Kaitharikku Kaikoduppom” (help handlooms) mooted by the Bharathiar Univesity. Lecturer in Physics.2007 21.02.12. 3. Scientist and head. Dr.M. 5. visited our college and interacted with the staff members of the department of physics regarding the award of research projects submitted by Sri.2008 (2 days) No. Free Noon-meal scheme for 150 deserving poor students sponsored by our staff members was commenced on 10. of participants 98 156 45 No. DRDO. 6. Reader in Social Work. Dr.2007.09.S.2008 6. Jodhpur.1.K. of college participated 14 15 9 2. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Committee Meetings Examinations Committee Meeting and the Results Passing Board Meeting Academic Council NSS Advisory Committee Research Publication Council NAAC Steering Committee NAAC Executive Committee The College Committee and Governing Council No. 4.Shanmugavelayutham. Many religious functions / celebration like ‘Kalaimagal Vizha’ were conducted. 7. our NSS colunteers sold the handloom clothes worth Rs.25.Mohan.314. No. Various Committee Meetings were held as listed below: S.Department Chemistry (Chemfusion’07) Mathematics Electronics (Omni Presence) Date 13. Loyola College.03.

D Viva-Voce examinations went on during 2007-08. Industrial visits by science students and practical training / field visit to Arts students are regularly arranged. 13. About 25 programmes were conducted by our college NSS.Phil and 11 Ph. 9. The NCC officer. two attended firing camps during the year. 11. 14. 12. 2007-08. successfully completed a three month pre commission course held at officer training academy. 15. Our students performed fairly well in the autonomous examinations examination programmes. 24 of our NCC cadets attended RDC. and was the overall pass percentage 94% in in May-2007 almost all impressive with above 52 meetings in 30 . Four staff members attended refresher courses in different universities for 21 days each. Nagpur from 2nd July 2007 to 29th September-2007. IGC and CAT camps.8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Magazine Committee Planning and Evaluation Committee Students Council Meeting Grievances and appeals Committee Finance Committee IQAC CBCS & Diploma Course Committee Library Advisory Committee Advisory Committee to discuss the Syllabus for PG Course in English Research and Publication council 2 1 3 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 8. Ph. 35 M.D Viva-Voce for 3 of our staff were conducted in other universities. He is the company commandant of 4/4 TN BN NCC. Regular conduct of association meetings. 10.

etc. ****** 31 .16. external examiner to conduct Ph.D Viva-Voce Examination. Board of Studies. The staff of our college involve themselves in the distance education programmes of the universities.