Tentative Webserver Security and Maintenance Syllabus (2010-11

General This is an intensive class, which lasts thirty-seven weeks. During the class you will become competent in setting up and administering both Windows and Unix (Linux) servers and clients. There will be regular quizzes and grades will be based partially on these. The class will be team-taught. Teachers will be Joe McGerald, Dave Almos and Tom Lashbrook. The class consists of a number of technical modules and several non-technical, management-oriented subjects. Examples include: 1. Project management, interpersonal relationship, and other supporting skills required in IT industry 2. Windows 7 Configuration and Administration 3. The Linux O/S as a Server Platform (Includes TCP/IP, DNS, PKI, Active & passive intrusion detection.) 4. The Apache Web Server (Includes Proxy Server & SSL.) 5. Windows Server O/S (Includes Active Directory.) 6. SQL Server & ASP.net. 7. MySQL & PHP. 8. The Perl Programming Language and/or Microsoft Powershell. 9. Email Systems such as Sendmail and MS Exchange Although this is not a course that is primarily intended to assist you in becoming certified, there are numerous certifications that you may want to consider pursuing during the year such as Network +, Security +, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) and more. Each of the above modules represents an entry point and if seats are available new students may be added to the class at the entry points. Certificates for the class will only be awarded to those who successfully complete all modules and take part in productions of a final project! Classroom time will also be devoted to non-technical subjects such as resume writing and job search skills. Prerequisites Although no prior experience is required, in order to be successful in this class the student should have an excellent working knowledge of the MS Windows operating system. Familiarity with the command prompt, and the concepts of files and folders, paths and text files is also useful. Access to an internet-connected computer system outside of the classroom is highly desirable. In the past, students have found it necessary to be able to work on projects outside of class time. Classroom Policies You will be assigned a computer today or tomorrow. That computer will be yours for the duration of the class! Please take the same seats every day. When students drop out, I will re-assign seating if necessary. As part of the computer assignment, you will also be assigned a disk drive for your use. You are responsible for returning this drive at the end of each class session. If your drive is not returned, you may be liable for its replacement. Do not install any software on these drives unless specifically instructed to do so, or unless you receive explicit permission of the instructor. Each year students install programs which inhibit them from participating in the class. If you violate this policy your drive will no longer be available to you!

San Diego Community College District policy prohibits food and drink in the classroom. We will take a break during class. Please consume food and beverages at that time. The District policy also prohibits cell phones and pagers in the classroom. If you have one either turn it off, leave it outside or turn off the ringer. If it is necessary to make or to receive a call, please move outside of the classroom. Student policy 3100 establishes a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. If you arrive at class under the influence I can and will suspend you immediately. I will also turn the matter over to Counseling and to the Dean for appropriate follow-up action. Grading, Attendance and Assistance You will receive a letter grade (A-F) for this course. You will also receive a certificate if you attend for the requisite number of hours (90% of those scheduled). Your grade will be based on numerous factors including the quizzes and exams, class participation, and final projects. ATTENTION: I have made every effort to ensure that this course is accessible to all students, including students with disabilities. If you encounter a problem accessing any portion of this course, please contact me immediately. Classroom hours & Time required per week Class is scheduled from 7:30-12:30 Monday through Thursday. Please be on time! You will be in the classroom 20 hours per week. Past experience has shown that the successful student probably spends about the same amount of his or her own time in studying and on the internet. It is very difficult to complete this course without access to a Windows computer outside of the classroom. Blackboard Course Management System You will be given access to a course management system called Blackboard that is used within SDCCD. Although its main purpose is to teach online classes, it is also useful for classes such as ours. It provides capabilities for a joint calendar, chat rooms and discussion groups. Instructors will post handouts and links for you on this site. Tentative Weekly Schedule
Week Subject Registration, Blackboard Introduction 1 09/07/10 Windows 7. 2 09/13/10 Windows 7 Date Instructor McGerald McGerald

Project management, interpersonal relationship, and other supporting skills 3 09/20/10 required in IT industry Project management, interpersonal relationship, and other supporting skills 4 09/24/10 required in IT industry
5 10/04/10 Redhat Linux Fedora (Entry Point) Directories, log files, Basic commands, 6 10/11/10 system startup, xinetd


Almos Lashbrook Lashbrook

Webmin, The vi editor, cron, logrotate, ps, 7 10/18/10 tar,rpm 8 10/25/10 Linux Security tools - logcheck, tripwire, sudo 9 11/01/10 PKI, GPG, iptables, snort The Apache Webserver (Veterans Day 10 11/08/10 Holiday Friday, 11/12) 11 11/15/10 The Apache Webserver 12 11/22/10 Closed - Thanksgiving 13 11/29/10 PHP & MySQL 14 12/06/10 PHP & MySQL 15 12/13/10 PHP & MySQL 12/20/10 Winter Break 12/27/10 Winter Break 16 01/03/11 Mid-Term Projects preparation 17 01/10/11 Mid-Term Projects preparation Mid-Term Projects presentations 18 01/17/11 MLK Day, Monday Jan. 17 TCP/IP Networking (Entry Point & Begin 19 01/24/11 Spring Semester) 20 01/31/11 TCP/IP Networking, DNS Setup The Perl Programming Language (Pres Day 21 02/07/11 Friday 2/12) Windows 7 Configuration 22 02/14/11 Pres Day weekend 2/18-2/21/2011 23 02/22/11 Windows 7 Configuration and Server 2008 24 02/28/11 Windows Server 2008 25 03/07/11 Microsoft Domains & Active Directory 26 03/14/11 IIS on Windows Server 27 03/21/11 Microsoft Powershell 28 03/28/09 Microsoft Powershell 29 04/04/11 Email Systems (Sendmail, Exchange) 30 04/11/11 Email Systems (Sendmail, Exchange) 04/18/11 Spring Break 31 04/25/11 ASP.Net & SQL Server 32 05/02/11 ASP.Net & SQL Server 33 05/09/11 ASP.Net & SQL Server 34 05/16/11 35 05/23/11 Final Project Preparation Final Project Preparation 36 05/30/11 Memorial Day Monday May 30 37 06/06/10 Final Project Presentations (Final Day 6/8)

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