Dosha Nakshatras

For a long time since, it is strongly believed that certain Nakshatras are Dosha Nakshatras for the girls. But the same Nakshatras are not considered to be Dosha Nakshatras to the boys. It may appear that even our Sastras have shown discrimination between a girl and a boy in considering the same values in respect of a horoscope study. Everything envisaged in our ancient Sastras, had some strong reason or reasons behind it. This aspect of showing a discriminatory approach to certain Nakshatras between a boy and a girl should be looked into in the light of the then being socio-economic conditions and family set up. The following Nakshatras of the girls were attributed with the consequntial effects as given below. Moolam Nakshatra is believed to take a stake on the life of the father-in-law; Ayilyam Nakshatra is believed to take a stake on the mother - in - law's life; Kettai Nakshatra is believed to take a stake on the elder brother-in-law's life; and Visakam Nakshatra is believed to take a stake on the younger brother-in-law's life. It is also believed that only the first two paadams of the respective Nakshatras are effective and worth fearing and the 3rd and 4th Paadams are not considered as important. While the horoscopes matching process ensures the protection of a girl, coming into the family of a boy, it also laid some emphasis on the safety of other persons in the boy's family. The girl is coming into the boy's family and forms part of it. She is going to live in the same house where the father-in-law, mother-in-law, elder brother-in-law and younger brother-inlaw are also living which means the family is a joint family set-up for the consideration of the above Dosha Nakshatras. The boy is not going to the girl's family and make a living in that house and become a part of the family members and as such, such a Dosham was not attributed to the Boy's Horoscope. When a girl's Nakshatra was considered as affecting or influencing some other member of the family, it was on the concept that they all lived together . In the modern days, the father, mother, son and daughter have to separate and live in an altogether different place - away from their joint home - for the purpose of education and employment. The family's living status is not all the same that was some years back. Like a girl being

if his/her fate is already alright. God has not created one human to kill another human. the same thing should have happened even if the girl was not married into the family. Similarly. Obviously. nothing untoward will happen. sons. the question of applying the Doshams in respect of Visakam and Kettai Nakshatras does not carry any consideration. the basics of Astrological study itself will be shaken if such an eventuality is not destined to the affected person. the same bad thing should have happened even if the girl with a Dosha Nakshatra did not arrive into the family. If anything bad has happened after the entry a girl with a Dosha Nakshatra into the family. A family consisting of a father. the modern economic conditions have brought in separation of the son also from the family . the question of applying Moolam or Ayilyam Nakshatras of the girl will also not arise. our traditional belief that the 3rd and 4th Paadams of Moolam and Ayilyam Nakshatras are not harmful. he is not going to live with his parents or grand parents. In the changed economic and social order. It may or may not be evident in the horoscope. daughters-in-law and sons-in-law are all only conceptual and practical in the present day scenario. when the parents are not going to live with the boy after the marriage. who can otherwise survive the fate. the family of a newly wed boy is going to be nucleur and not necessarily a joint family with the father. This false belief that the girl's Dosha Nakshatra has caused damaged the life of some other person itself has caused irreparable damage to the lives of several girls. A Dosha Nakshatra may be an indicator of something bad and it can never be a creator of anything bad. Even living together as a joint family. His employment necessarily compels him even before the marriage to live in a separate place. mother. the brothers (other sons) together in one family. I strongly believe that our forefathers would not have prescribed these as Dosha Nakshatras under the then being social order. .separated from her family after the marriage. If something bad happens to anyone in the family because of the arrival of a girl with a Dosha Nakshatra. daughters. Astrologers are not supposed to reveal such things to the clients. can change the fate of someone in the family. If it were to be so. when the newly married son is going to live separately and not as a joint family with his brothers. A Dosha Nakshatra of a girl can not re-write the fate of any other person. That never happens. I also strongly believe that the Nakshatra of the girl newly coming into the family frame. just because a girl with a Dosha Nakshatra is married into the family. newly married son. But unless the person concerned is having such a destiny. This fear has to be first thrown away. is equally a consideration we have to bear in some cases . When a boy gets married.even the husband and wife are separated on account of their jobs.

It does not infer that a Dosha Nakshatra causes damage to someone else. . Relatively it may have some indications as to its surroundings.Dosha Nakshatras are not Dosha Nakshatras by their character .but they can be indicators in some cases to something unpleasant. An horoscope influences only the person to whom it belongs.