Concept: Cadbury follows the product concept which
generally means bringing in new features, fulfilling wants & demands and competing excellently with other org. Brands with their best quality and satisfying distributors. And due to the fact that Cadbury follows the product concept there is a constant improvement in the products and also it helps them serve the customer better, as quality is the main focus of Cadbury , the customer relate the creamy taste, the smoothness and the crackle trademark with the brand.

History: Cadbury was a grocers shop opened in 1824 by
John Cadbury , selling cocoa and hot chocolate in bull street, Birmingham. By 1831 the brand became a manufacturer of cocoa and expanded their business by 1847. John handed over the Cadbury business to his two sons, Richard and George Cadbury due to his ailing health in 1861. By 1866 they launched Cadbury cocoa essence, wherein George bought this revolutionary machine from a Dutch manufacturer. By the year 1897 they launched the first dairy milk chocolate for eating which was a blend of dry milk powder, cocoa mass and cocoa butter and sugar. It was an instant hit! And by the year 1899 the Cadbury business became a private limited company owned by the Cadbury family. Somewhere around this time Cadbury was getting a stiff competition by the Swiss chocolate makers, to tackle this situation the Cadbury Milk

a no-frills but stylish Chocó box for.V commercials.To survive the Swiss competition. Cadbury had to merge with J. By 1980 Dominic Cadbury took over the reins of the company and made it more competitive introducing state-of-the-art production lines and streamlining the Cadbury staff. everyday eating . a image which Cadbury had to change post-WWII. a wider customer base and appeal and to gain access to more resources and to simply conquer/make their presence felt in the international market. Just recently Cadbury demerged from Schweppes with its own share of confectioneries and other products and has expanded its . By 1955 Cadbury had moved into T.Tray was launched. due to their sky-rocketing sales and all this was partially due to the fact that Cadbury was one of the first brands to venture into T. which it did by expanding their range of products and by advertising the brand.V commercials and it was a historical moment for the brand and for people watching commercial T.V for the very first time! By the 1970 s Cadbury was a household name.1 in confectionary and having bought ADAMS the owner of the chewing gum brands including Trident and Stride. to provide better service. Today Cadbury if world no. During the WWII chocolate had become rationed and was not a readily available product.S Fry and Sons ltd and later with Schweppes with a simple aim.

business all around the world including Africa. Japan. Australia and opening a subsidy with Kraft foods in India also! .

conducted cookery shows.and by 1867 they started the advertisement showcasing the purity of their product using the sloganAbsolutely Pure which connected with the masses. gave away free samples of . they were the first in their time to conduct a short travelogue film on how chocolate is made in their factories all around the world showed on the TV.. Paid-for is the one which they use in their T.Marketing. By 1900 they were in the print ads also. with posters by Cecil Aldine. low-fat content which appeals to people. And it also talked about its strengths and the no starch.V ads and the newspaper and radio and non0paid for is the world of mouth or marketing at sale. paid-for marketing and the non-paid. Cadbury is also single headedly responsible for the passing of the Adulteration of Foods Act in 1872 & 1875.. it uses two tools. The first ever advertisement issued by Cadbury was in the Birmingham gazette in the year 1824. And later in the year 1902 they conducted the Cadbury Bourneville factory tours which are conducted till today under a changed name of world of Cadbury .... They used film-advertisement too. now a collector s item. Cadbury got a lot of word of mouth publicity and also was in news for all the right reasons resulting in the sky-rocketing sales. They have also implied hand-painted Cadbury toys.!!! Cadbury has been very careful with its selection of marketing techniques.

point of sale. i.their product and also build chocolate houses to appeal to kids. competitions and promotional freebees for other brands. making way for the flakes Cadbury girls and the milk-tray man.e. By 2007 they launched the gorilla advertisement and in today s day and age they are visibly everywhere in the digital world. newspaper spreads and the Radio and BTL promotion means the kind of advertisement that the brand does not pay for. PROMOTION: CADBURY has used both ATL and BTL promotion of their products. and have also used TV s comic actors. all this just shows how devoted they are to making their product stay in the constant eye and minds of its customers. In 1959 models were made to star in the Cadbury ad s. TV ads. word of mouth. Cadbury has all along tried to re-invent its marketing techniques at times giving freebees to people if they purchase a Cadbury product. ATL promotion means all the marketing or advertising that the brand is paying for. In 1996 it started sponsoring the coronation street. reaching a record breaking 18 million customers all over the world. . making it to the minds of its customers all around the world everyday without us even noticing it.

Packaging. . Cadbury adopted the Glass-and a-half-full logo in the year 1928. In between this in 1868 Richard Cadbury started making decorative beautiful chocolate boxes. Chocolate trays were used for assorted chocolates. Cadbury throughout has experimented with packaging materials from thick boxes to tin boxes. decorative and lavish. it was a novelty package. When Cadbury first started selling chocolates in 1840. and also for chocolate of different flavours. They also changed to Script Font for the Cadbury logo. Cadbury changed its Dairy Milk chocolate cover colour in 1920 from Lilac to Purple as it s more royal and is a richer tone. Cadbury has involved famous artist in designing there chocolate boxes and cover and in 2009 due to environmental concerns Cadbury adopted production practicalities and attractive designs which are its cornerstones of today s packaging. with the brand logo and the nutritional value given on it. they use a shiny paper nowadays for the outer covering with the product designs on it. with the information about the brand. to make it more practical. When they got into making chocolate for customers on a full time industrial scale they started using aluminium foil with the brands logo embossed on it. from lace and frills to just pure and practical aluminium packaging. which was based on the signature of William Cadbury and it was first used on the Cadbury transport fleet.

Medium to Large. they also use cartons or lighter fibre plastic for their ice-creams and coffee products. Cadbury has also come out with different size range for its chocolates.Cadbury has used bottles also for their drinks. like the hot chocolates and for the bornevita product line. But this also in some regions depending on the demand for the various sizes. all the time keeping in mind their pledge to save the environment. . it ranges from Small.

The brands comes out with the expensive product range during the festive season because that is the time when customers don t hesitate to spend a little extra on the sweets. The pricing of the Cadbury products depend on the Demographic and the Economical personality of a particular region. the pricing ranges from anywhere between 5 rupee to 500-600 rupees. Product taste which is very distinct to the brand and is very delicious. For example: During the Raksha Bhandhan festival. Japan. But people still go and but it because of Cadburys good marketing techniques and their brand Image. And also because of the products association with this particular festival of celebration of the special brother-sister bond. . China etc. witness a varied range of products and price range. performance and their innovative features. Like for example developing countries like India.Pricing The demand for the product of Cadbury is very excessive in different markets of different countries. first because of its best quality. Cadbury comes out with its Cadbury Celebrations assorted chocolate tray which can easily set a person by 500-600 rupees.

. The price will also depend on whether they want to maximise their brand profit or maximise their sales. promotion and market research. production.Cadbury s price range is like any other company mostly depending on the cost it enquires for advertisement. if a product is easily accessible the price will be competitive and if the product is hard to get ones hands on the price will be higher due to its monopoly over that market. The price also depends on the demand. But main factor influencing the price of the Cadbury product is the price of the competitors.

from chocolates. to icecreams and also biscuits. Chocolates for kids and also for young adults (16-25) and for older people too (25+) males and females. naming few: CHOCOLATES: y Cadbury celebrations chocolate tray y Dairy Milk y Milk Tray y Crunch y Flake y y y y y y y y y Cadbury éclairs Cadbury Timeout 5-Star Perk Cadbury Gems Fruit and nut Cadbury Shots Bourneville Crème Eggs DRINK S: .Product Cadbury has a very large variety of products. to milk chocolate mix. They have different sizes aimed at different markets. Cadbury houses a variety of products. to cocoa powder.

.y Bounevita y Hot Chocó y Cocoa powder ICE-CREAMES: y y y y y FLAKES TRUFFLES MOUSSE CDM STICK FLAKE 99 CONE Cadbury has many more innovative ideas of how to serve their customer better and satisfied and loyal.

Launching Period of a Product or Change . The launch of a new product by any brand will be either because of competition or by sheer public demand. Cadbury generally launches a new product 6 months or so. . Change in their current product line is mostly done by changing their packaging or by adopting a new marketing direction. And also by aiming at expanding their target customer base.