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Phnom Penh Prey Veng
Neak Leuong

Svay Rieng
SR town

Tay Ninh Province


Moc Bai
Go Dau Ben Cau Trang Bang HCMC

MARPS in Bavet
Entertainment workers - mostly Vietnamese Brothels Massage Karaoke Escorts Discoteques

Bavet, Cambodia

RHAC – 6 casinos CRC – 5 casinos CRC – rolling staff
Tay Ninh, Vietnam

STI referral to RHAC and Tay Ninh - outreach in B

Qualitative Findings - EWs
EWs are migrants who spend long periods of time away from home Cambodian EWs are likely to have more awareness of STI/HIV/AIDS than Vietnamese EWs Most Vietnamese EWs cannot read or speak Khmer and do not have access to Vietnamese materials

Qualitative Findings Factory workers and rolling staff: Live not far from home and return regularly Most are not at high risk for STI/HIV Rolling staff have higher awareness on HIV/AIDS Both groups have sexual relations with boyfriends Some rolling staff have sex with casino clients Moto-taxi drivers and rolling staff had the highest knowledge on HIV/AIDS among Vietnamese

Identified Gaps
Transactional sex was widely available to casino clients … arranged by casino staff, at nearby massage buildings or at traditional brothels. Clinical STI and HIV services were not readily available nearby. Nov 2007
The RHAC clinic established, slow uptake of services Initially not enough Vietnamese speakers for rolling staff Outreach and clinic services had no Vietnamese speakers. Outreach only to owners of entertainment venues

Identified Gaps
Massage services available in casinos Massage/sex workers invited into casinos Rolling staff
- Under

separate management

- Escorts hard to


- Under separate


Strategies/activities Entertainment workers - Bavet

Increasing uptake of STI services Mobile team in RHAC clinic Vietnamese speakers as outreach workers

Supporting PAS/RHAC Workshops w owners Vietnamese speakers as outreach workers Outreach and peer education for Cambodia and Vietnamese Also in Svay Rieng town

MARPS - Bavet
Bavet Assisting CRC to reach rolling staff and uptake of STI services Workshops for moto-taxi drivers Factory workers Moc Bai Workshops for moto-taxi drivers Workshops for truck drivers? Outreach for rolling staff Moto-taxi drivers and rolling staff had the highest knowledge on HIV/AIDS Baseline surveys

Prey Veng
Neak Loeung

- site of a major

river crossing with JICA to build a bridge - Busy commercial area - Vietnamese communities - EWs and MSM

Identifying Gaps
Vietnamese communities of 2nd and 3rd generation families – 5,000 residents or more. A small number of young local residents are working in local brothels Some have not been to school, they have no citizenship in Cambodia or Vietnam They can speak Khmer and have some outreach from NGO/PAS

Strategies Neak Leoung
• Support for RHAC and

PAS for outreach and peer education • Vietnamese speakers as outreach workers • Workshops for truck drivers, moto taxi drivers

Tay Ninh
- Moc Bai - Ben Cau town - Go Dau Entertainment hot spot areas Trang Bang
Hot spots and migrant labour

Tay Ninh
Periodic meetings with Owners in entertainment setting in all 3 districts Communication activities for risk groups in the community IEC strategies for MARPS Factory workers in residential areas Workshops in factories for management

Vietnamese in Cambodia
Vietnamese from Tay Ninh - mostly rolling staff Other southern provinces - mostly EWs Tay Ninh & elsewhere - entrepreneurs/workers Resident in Cambodia - mostly Neak Leuong Sub-project 8 Response Uptake of STI HIV/trafficking awareness Uptake of service Vietnamese speakers IEC strategies Vietnamese speakers Peer education

Quarterly CBC meeting with partners is the main guidance for cross-border activities TN PHD initiates resources for mobile team and other contributions FHI supports CRC program and collaboration pushed for STI services in Tay Ninh

Key processes Vietnamese speakers for outreach Vietnamese speakers for STI services Capacity building Adding to analysis of MARPS and key approaches with IEC strategies Establishing cordinating mechanism - bringing together local authorities from both countries and (I)NGOs