Questions from Religulous This ‘mockumentary’ by Bill Maher is often vile, irreverent and blasphemous.

This video is often ill-informed (Maher states that no one who ever wrote about Jesus had ever met him… Matthew and John anybody?) and clearly biased (he makes his yardage by getting often embarrassing answers from average Christians, while not showing any wellspoken knowledgeable Christian apologists). It is most frustrating that the ‘average’ Christians did such a poor job defending their faith; this is why the world sees us as dogmatic, simple and ignorant. These poor answers play into Maher’s statement that “Faith means making a virtue of not thinking”. These questions should force you to THINK! As a follow-up to our Video BLOG on this topic, here are the questions that were asked directly or by inference. These questions are not listed to say anything negative about Maher; they are tough, provocative and worthwhile questions. Can you answer them; at least with some semblance of support and logic? Ridiculous questions worth answering: 1) Are you ever bothered by many things in Christianity that are not in the Bible like: a. Original sin b. Immaculate conception c. Virgin birth (how could it be only mentioned in 2 gospels) 2) What evidence is there for the existence of Christ? 3) No one who ever wrote about Jesus ever met him; including the gospel writers and Paul. 4) Why is the virgin birth not in all 4 gospels? 5) How can we believe in a talking snake, people living to 900 yrs of age and the virgin birth? 6) Jesus always preaches against rich people. 7) Why did Lot offer his daughters to be raped in order to protect the angels? 8) If I ever had to swear an oath, why would I put my hand on the King James Bible? 9) What does the Bible say about homosexuality? 10) All of the proscriptions about homosexuality are in the Old Testament. Are they? 11) Is it not a pretty big judgment from Christians that homosexuals are that way because they are incomplete? 12) Are miracles not just mundane coincidences? 13) If being with Jesus is a better place, why don’t you kill yourself? 14) Did Jonah really live inside a big fish for 3 days? 15) How did this country (USA) get to be a Christian nation when the founding fathers said the opposite? 16) Why is faith good? 17) Are the Ten Commandments really the ten most important laws? Only two of them are real laws; don’t steal and don’t kill. Why not include torture, child abuse and rape?

you would know the difference as an adult? 24) If they said that Jack and the Bean stock was religion and Jonah and the whale was a fairy tale. and perhaps any day now. two women announced that he had been resurrected. b. 33) If you believe that the world is going to come to an end. that seems so un-godlike. 5000 years ago with a talking snake in a garden. 31) You would believe that even if one billion people believed something. How is that? 30) Does it ever bother you that the story of Jesus was floating around the Mediterranean area for at least 1000 years before him? Implied question – is the story of Jesus not just a compilation of other stories? a. He was crucified first. He was tempted while alone in the desert. 29) It’s a monotheistic religion. after 3 days. does it not drain one’s motivation to improve life while we’re here? These questions should give you pause for thought. performed miracles. 28) If I was God. baptized in a river by Anup the baptizer. they transposed the Bible stories with fairy tales. I know people who have gotten over jealousy. OK you’re the prophet. Krishna (India >1000 years BC) was a carpenter. raised Asar from the dead (translates into Lazarus). now go tell the rest of the world and we just sort of have to believe it. Mithra (Persian god ~600 BC) was born on Dec. Thanks Bill. healed the sick.18) Do you believe in evolution? It couldn’t possibly have been Adam and Eve. but yet there are 3 of them. it could still be ridiculous? 32) If God wanted to communicate something to the world. 25. he could just talk to the whole world. light. Many of the gods were born on Dec. c. why was that God? 27) Your God is jealous. born of a virgin and baptized in a river. truth. he’s all-powerful. had 12 disciples. It seems he always picks out a prophet and tells them. Horus. the blind and walked on water. the Egyptian Book of the Dead describes a god. could it? 19) Scientists across disciplines and the world have a consensus against the factual basis of Genesis. why doesn’t he just obliterate the devil and therefore get rid of evil in the world? What is he waiting for? 26) What was the holocaust. who was born to a virgin mother. when you were a kid. who was later beheaded. I would create people without the hole in their life to begin with. 25. resurrected on the third day and was known as the: lamb. would you be defending Jack and the Bean stock as an adult? 25) God is super-powerful. . In 1280 BC. he can do anything. savior and messiah. This might stimulate some personal study or maybe even some sermon topics. does that not move you? 20) Why is it important for man to have co-existed with dinosaurs? How does this relate to your Christianity? 21) Does the Vatican look like anything that Jesus Christ had in mind? 22) Does the palace (Vatican) seem at odds with the message of the founder? 23) Do you think that if. way.