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PGPM (Marketing)

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K.R. Mangalam Institute of Management, Kailash Colony, Near Summerfield School, Greater Kailash-I, New Delhi-110019

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Ms. Manita Matharu Faculty of Marketing

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Customer satisfaction in the Indian banking Sector.


The Purpose of this study to investigates relationship dimensions and studies the differences in perception of customers with respect to sservices provided by five Indian banks. the purpose of banking being redefined. AimTo identify customer satisfaction variables which lead to building relationship with customer in the Indian banking sector. The main driver of this change is changing customer needs and expectations. therefore the customer is the focus and customer service is the differentiating factor. The relationship dimensions which lead to customer satisfaction have been identified. 2 . This study reports on the different satisfaction levels of customers of private and public sector banks with respect to the services provided by their banks. With the current change in the functional orientation of banks. Banks have also started realizing that business depends on client service and the satisfaction of the customer and this is compelling them to improve customer service and build relationship with customers. Customers look for a relationship with bank when they receive benefits from its services.Purpose of the StudyBanking is a customer oriented services industry.

Which type of banking products are attracting to customers? ObjectiveThe main objective of this study are To identify customer satisfaction variables which lead to building relationship with customers in the Indian banking sector  To study the difference in perception of the customers of the bank towards various services provided by bank.  To analyze the satisfaction level of customers with respect to the various service provided by the banks  To identify the strategies of banks to satisfy their customers. What are the perceptions of customers towards Private and Public sector bank? 3.Research Questions- 1. What are the factors that affect customers attracting towards particular bank? 2. 3 .

Primary data-There are various ways to undertake the gathering of primary data.100 Sample techniques. data collection method and selection of subjects. such as secondary data collection and Primary data collection. Sources of DataThere are many sources of data collection. Exploratory research helps to determine the best research design.Research Methodology Research design: Exploratory design This study is exploratory in nature. It provides a description of contemporary satisfaction parameter in the Indian banking sector. Sample size. such as in studies already undertaken on this area as well as published books. including conducting surveys to create market data or using other research instruments such as questionnaire. articles in journals.Convenience sampling Secondary data This involves information that already exists somewhere. Exploratory research provides insights into and comprehension of an issue or situation. articles on the internet and other sources 4 .

Research Findings and Discussion or analysis of results. Journals related to marketing and Magazines. Conclusions. A sample of 100 customer from the target group and then with the help of questionnaire. Objectives 3. 8.Proposed Contents of report:1. 7. Relationship marketing in banking sector. analysis the Customer satisfaction level in the Indian banking industry will be done. Internet. Customer satisfaction. Introduction 2. Work PlanTo analyze the customer satisfaction in the Indian banking industry. Bibliography. 6. 4.review. Research Methodology. I will collect all relevant information regarding this. 2. Different Banking reports. 3. 5. 5 . 4 Need for research. 9. The resource may be1. I will access all those resources from which I can get information.

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