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Welcome to Your Technesis Install
Technesis uses innovative communications technologies to assist Network Administrators or IT personnel in the installation and use of our solutions. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary for a successful Technesis installation using WebEx™. In this scenario, your in-house administrator (or qualified IT person) will install Technesis on your computer network. Technesis engineers will provide support using WebEx™ and upon request, take control of the desktop if needed.


System requirements for WebEx™ can be found at:

comprehensive document output management and cost ™ recovery. “as submitted” data records 20 pages printed. From here. ™ Technesis Client Technesis SmartPrint TechnesisSmartSync™ Technesis iBridge ™ Technesis iBridge enables the print management system to integrate with APIenabled output devices (or output controller for other devices).Understanding Technesis Components and Relationships This section helps you become familiar with the roles of key components in the Technesis Print Control System and gives you insight on how they work together to produce the industry’s most technologically-advanced print management system. This is a more accurate solution than recording data “as submitted” at the desktop or print server level. whereas “as printed” data correctly identifies the printing of just a single page. Technesis Console™ The Technesis Console is the single control point for the entire Technesis system. Example: If a 20-page document is submitted through a network print server but cancelled after the first page is printed. you can configure: ™ • Devices • Projects • Phases • Bill Types & Rates • Media • And More! ™ ™ The Technesis Console streamlines print management administration by Technesis SmartPrint Technesis iBridge Technesis Console automatically passing data between its databases and other components of the system for accurate. Technesis Client ™ Technesis iBridge allows direct access to job logs of individual devices to provide “as printed” data. TechnesisSmartSync  Technesis Install Instructions . This allows job data ™ to automatically flow into the Technesis Database without the need for additional hardware (like release devices).

Technesis Components and Relationships Log Network MFP Device Management Software Local Printer Network Print Server Log Wide Format Log Network Laser Workstation (Client) Technesis Server DB Accounting Databse (ERP/Billing System. etc) Technesis Console™ Technesis SmartPrint ™ Technesis Client ™ Technesis iBridge ™  Technesis Install Instructions .

This means current user codes.  Technesis Install Instructions . project codes. Technesis tracks ALL printing at the server – even without installing ™ software on at the desktop. ™ ™ Technesis Client ™ ™ Technesis Client ™ SmartPrint Technesis Client tracks print activity by workstation. accounting and billing systems. of TechnesisSmartSync TechnesisSmartSync Technesis iBridge Technesis Client TechnesisSmartSync™ Technesis SmartSync provides allows this solution to be tightly integrated into most ODBC-compliant systems. including ERPs. project IDs and end user information can be pulled into your Technesis Print Control System.Technesis Console™ Technesis Console™ Technesis SmartPrint ™ Technesis SmartPrint ™ Technesis iBridge Technesis iBridge Console Technesis SmartPrint Server tracks server-based printing based on administrator preferences. including printing to: • Network print queues ™ ™ ™ • Network printers direct from the workstation • Local (USB/Parallel Port) printers Technesis can track printing silently or be configured to deliver a pop-up for job billing purposes or communication ™ a print rule.

1 SP1 • MDAC .5 (Active Directory Services Interfaces) • Windows 000 SP or • Windows 00 • Cluster Print Servers Supported Technesis SmartPrint Server Tracking Technesis Client 5 Technesis Install Instructions . Required Software (must be present prior to Technesis deployment) • Windows 000 SP or • Windows XP Pro SP or • Windows 00 • Microsoft IIS (Web Publishing Service) • NO Other web server software using PORT 80 • MS Internet Explorer 6.0 SP8 • Pop-up for Billing only • Windows 95 or higher • MS IE 5.x or higher • For full Client • Windows 000 SP + • Windows XP Pro SP + • .Installation Planning Checklist This section helps you prepare for Technesis deployment. Required Software (will be loaded as part of the Technesis deployment if not already on host computer) • .NET Framework 1.7 • Jet . Please review it carefully and make sure your current system meets all of the minimum hardware and software requirements. Hardware requirements • 1.GHz processor • 51MB Memory • 50MB free disk space • NTFS formatted system drive Section II.NET Framework 1.0 • MS Sharepoint Server must NOT BE PRESENT Section III.1 SP1 • ADSI . System and Software Requirements Technesis Console Technesis Smartsync Technesis Consolidator Technesis iBridge Section I.

6. MB Software Licensing TIP: During the installation process. Send an email to Technesis to notify us you are ready for software download. Set up your Windows 000/XPPro/00 computer as specified in the System and Software requirements for Technesis Console. Pre-Installation Responsibilities A Technesis installation is simple and easy.6_Quick_Start. Download your Technesis software.pdf NetDeploy. You can request a license and import the corresponding files from the Technesis sales and support teams.0 Flash-based installation reference guide File Size 15.exe File Description Technesis Network Deployment installer Microsoft . Establish network and Internet access for this computer. Technesis will guide you through the licensing process. Confirm (with your printing supplier) printers are installed and available for network printing. The following table displays the filenames and file sizes for the download files: File Name Technesis_5. 6 Technesis Install Instructions . The Licensing section of Technesis Console displays licensing information about your current installation.Technesis Software Download Technesis will email you a secured download link. Validate print drivers (with your printing supplier) for network print devices listed in STEP 5.6 MB .Net Framework version 2.exe Technesis_5. Technesis sends you an email reply indicating a readiness for software download.17 MB 1. Create an administrator account for this computer. STEP 1: STEP 2: STEP 3: STEP 4: STEP 5: STEP 6: STEP 7: STEP 8: STEP 9: STEP 10: You receive an introductory email from Technesis with instructions on how to review and respond to the attached “Statement of Work” regarding your installation. Work with Technesis to validate your software. Just follow these step-by-step instructions and feel confident knowing that Technesis engineers are standing by to assist you (if needed).

Web Review Quick Start Guides . For more information. All other brands and their trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Configure Client Administration 6. Troubleshooting for Print Tracking Post Installation Technical Support As a Technesis customer.700 (6 AM – 6PM. you have access to a variety of informational resources and technical support. Review Updating and Reporting Administrator Training Services Include: 1. Technesis is a registered trademark of Technesis. Review and Configure Technesis Console . Setup Client Workstation Installations 7. Suite C Mountain View. CA 90 USA +1 (650) 691-700 (Worldwide) 877-TECHNESIS (Toll-Free in North America) sales@technesis. Technesis Install Instructions . Inc. Running Reports .Web-Based Installation and Administrator Training In addition to installation assistance via WebEx™. contact us: General Information: Internet Support: Support via Email: Support via Phone: www.650. Configure User Management . 7 Copyright © 2007 Technesis. Technesis provides the following installation and product training assistance as part of our initial service: Technesis Installation Services Include: 1. All rights support@technesis. PST) support@technesis. Configure Printing and Pricing Policies 5.technesis. Using Technesis Diagnostics . 100 Terra Bella www. Configuring TNAccess COM≠ . Inc.