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25 Years in Skokie! 152 Years Serving Chicagoland!


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High Holidays 5780 & Memberships saved by Divine Providence many times during the
Rosh Hashana will begin Sunday night Holocaust, is available for $20. Rabbi Juzint’s yahrzeit is
September 29, and continue on Monday the second day of Sukkot.
September 30 and Tuesday October 1. Yom Scholar-in-Residence & Melave Malka
Kippur will be Tuesday evening and November 15-16th with Rabbi Dr.
Wednesday October 8th and 9th. Membership information David Hertzberg, who is the
is enclosed! principal of the Yeshivah of Flatbush
Selichot - September 21 Middle Division and an adjunct
Please join us on Saturday evening September 21 at assistant professor of History at
10:00 pm for refreshments, a shiur at 10:40 pm and Touro College. His research has
focused on intelligence sharing in
Selichot, penitential suplications at 11:00 am.
counter-terrorism, diplomacy and epidemiology. He writes
Upcoming Yizkor a monthly column for the Jewish Press. Details to follow!
We will recite Yizkor on Yom Kippur, Wednesday October
Parsha Podcasts - For High Holidays!
9th at about 11:30 am, and on Shmini Atzeret, Monday,
Rabbi Louis Lazovsky's morning Vorts on the Parsha are
October 21st at about 10:45 am. To order Yahrzeit plaques, available as podcasts at (a
please call the office at (847) 679-9800. link is on our homepage, Last
Lulav and Etrog Sets - Deadline October 3 year we posted Rabbi Lazovsky’s podcasts on the entire
The shul will once again sell top quality Lulav sets Rambam Hilchos Teshuva in 33 sub-5-minute chunks.
from Israel. Please order your set from the office Facebook: Maariv Twitter: @KesserMaariv
by October 3rd. Cost per set is $50 for members or
Stop By the Shul to...
$55 for non-members Upgraded sets available.
•Pick up a Kesser Maariv Pushke (Tzedaka Box).
Please call Rabbi Benzie at (847) 679-9800 or
•Borrow books from our Lending Library, located on the
email . Sets will be available
south side of the Social Hall (for members only).
for pick-up after Yom Kippur. Order Form is later
•Borrow Shiurim from the Tape Lending Library
in this newsletter.
•Study from books in the Malamud Reference Library and
New Year Greeting Card -
the Max Katz Memorial Library.
You can join the Shul’s New Year
E-mail List
Greeting Card for $26. Please contact
To receive our emails, please send an e-mail to
Sheryl Greenstein at, or indicating that you wish to be placed
use the enclosed Membership flyer, by
on the e-mail list. We are happy to have more than one e-
September 22nd. The festive card, pictured
mail per family
at left, will be posted in the Shul lobby.
Send-A-Kid-To-Israel Partnership (S.K.I.P.)
Shabbat Shuva Shiur
Kesser Maariv is proud to be a participating Congregation
On Shabbat October 5th Rabbi Louis
in S.K.I.P. The program allows parents to contribute money
Lazovsky will deliver his annual special
annually in partnership with the synagogue and the Jewish
Shabbat Shuva shiur in lieu of the Shabbat afternoon class
Federation for an Israel trip for their children. Students in
at 4:25 pm.
grades 3-6, enrolled in a day or afternoon school, who have
Kids Sukkah Party!
finished paying their annual membership to the shul are
All kids are invited to a Sukkah Party on Shabbat Sukkot
eligible to participate. For additional details, a registration
(October 19) at 4:30 pm at the Shul.
kit or to enroll your child(ren) for the first time, please
Hakafot on Simchat Torah
contact Ben Zion Lazovsky at (847) 679-9800.
Hakafot will be held on Monday evening and Tuesday
Partners in Torah
morning, October 21st and 22nd.
Kesser Maariv is proud to host “Partners” on Mondays
Rabbi Juzint’s Nechamas Meyer & Chain of Miracles
from 8-9:00pm. Men and women are invited to come learn
Get authentic Slabodka Mussar explanations on the weekly
Torah with a partner, and hear short inspirational remarks
Parsha (Breishis & Shemos) by Rabbi Meyer Juzint z”l,
at the end. Refreshments are served. Questions? Contact
Purchase from the office and on our website for $25. The
Dovid Sukenik at
Chain of Miracles, which describes how Rabbi Juzint was
Misheberach List Hashana Gift Bag. Buy for yourself and as a gift for
If you have names for a misheberach, please send them to others! It includes baked goods, a meaningful book, a dish
the shul office or e-mail to and other goodies.
Mark a special occasion, milestone or memory with Serve at Café ARK on Wednesday, December 11th. Please
a leaf, acorn or foundation stone on our Etty Rubinow contact Cookie Goldrich at (847) 401-8149 to volunteer.
Tree of Life! Forms are online or in the Shul. Past Events
All-Occasion Cards August Women's Seudat Shlisheet. Saretta Lazovsky
Beautiful All-Occasion Cards (designed by Wendy Hartz spoke on “Remembering Chevron 1929 - 90 Years Later.
z“l) are available for purchase from the office. A different version of her talk is available on our podcast
Skokie First responders Kiddush - We thank the many September - We had a nice gathering in honor of our
families for sponsoring a huge kiddush in honor of first neighbor Chana moving to Israel.
responders. About 18 police, ambulance personnel, and Summer Bonfire in July at Emily Oaks Nature Center was
firefighters joined us. a lot of fun. Thanks to musician Miriam Brousseau for
Annual Meeting - On August 27 we discussed our many entertaining, and to Julie Rosenheim for leading Bonfire
important accomplishments and voted in a new board. The Yoga.
officers were all reelected. May Hashem allow us to Trip to Botanical Gardens - thanks to all who attended,
continue offering many programs and services to the and to CBG volunteer Sally Aaron for her guidance.
community. Serve Dinner at Café Ark in August - Thanks to Cookie
Chesed Project at the ARK - Thanks to Dalia, Orrin, Goldrich, Brenda Kahn, Sharon Friedman, Carmella Bega,
Jayden & Nathan Abramov, Lauren Fensterheim, Lora Beth Gottesman and Larry Stein.
Frazin, Cookie Goldrich, Myra Goldstein, Susan Schreck In July - Cookie Goldrich, Brenda Kahn, Carmella Bega,
Greer, Brenda Kahn, Yvette Katz, Nasrin Kheradyar, Saretta Lazovsky and Larry Rosen.
Saretta Lazovsky, Rita Lowenstein, Bonnie Moss and Joyce GOOD & WELFARE
Sacks for putting on 1,150 of 15,000 stickers on bags for Thanks to our Kiddush Sponsors: Nathan Serlin, Yoni &
the ARK’s recent food drive. Aliza Blumofe; Sandy & Jeff Cagan; Sally Aaron; Jeff &
ADELE GOLDBLUM WOMEN’S COUNCIL Judy Whisler; Lazovsky & Allswang families; Howard &
Rosh Hashana Bags Barbara Pomper; and anonymous sponsors.
Please see the enclosed flyer to order a beautiful Rosh Thanks to our Seudat Shlisheet Sponsors: Rabbi Louis &
Saretta Lazovsky; Samuel & Sofia Gabay; Steve & Teri
Steinberg; Larry & Judy Weinger; Moshe Kipnis, Maya
Kucher & Simona Cheskis; and anonymous sponsors.
Congregation B.H.H. Kesser Maariv A.L.
Mazal Tov to: Cookie Goldrich on the birth
4341 W. Golf
of great-granddaughters, Toba Rivka and
Skokie, IL 60076
Nava Bella, and on the engagement of her
(847) 679-9800
granddaughter Shykee Goldrich in
fax (847) 679-5041
Israel...Rabbi Arthur & Pearl Cohen on the
marriage of their granddaughter...Yoni &
Aliza Blumofe on the engagement of their
Rabbi Louis A. Lazovsky Steven D. Goldrich, President daughter Tirza to Avichai Ayishe... Lynn and
Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky, Zevulun Stein on the birth of a granddaughter, Eliana
Associate Rabbi & Executive Director Tzivia, to Daniel & Mati Stein...Susan Schreck Greer on
Sandy Miretzky, Nasrin Kheradyar & Saretta Lazovsky, the birth of a granddaughter, Leah Sheindel...Howard &
Co-Presidents, Adele Goldblum Women’s Council Barbara Pomper on the engagement of their granddaughter
Committee Contact Information: Elisheva Pomper to Mordechai Keslassy...Sanford &
Chesed Fund Anne Elovic (847) 673-2904 Shelley Schwartz on the birth of a great-grandson...David
Finch & Julie Rosenheim on the marriage of their son
Donate Books & Siddurim Office Nathan Finch to Stacy Smoler.
All-Occasion Cards (847) 679-9800 or Refua Shleima to: Bella Perlman, Alvin J. Goodman, Alan
Pushke Slodki.
Endowment Rabbi Louis Lazovsky Condolences to: David Elovic on the loss of his father,
Ernest Elovic... Dr. Steve Steinberg
Kiddush & Seudat Shlisheet Judy Whisler
on the loss of his father, Dr. Arnold
Membership 8/677-2281
Steinberg... Aron Lavon on the loss
Social Hall Rental Office
of his father, Chaim Tzvi Lavon.
Tree of Life Rent the Shul for Your Simcha
Yahrzeit Plaques (847) 679-9800 For information regarding renting
the Social Hall for your event, please call Ben Zion with the three hadasim on
Lazovsky at the Shul office at (847) 679-9800. Also, book the right (as we look at the
you child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah in the Shul calendar! Contact lulav) and the two aravot on
Judy Whisler at the left.
On the first night
Brief Laws of the Month of Tishrei - 2019 / 5780 of Sukkot, we make Kiddush, the bracha “Leisheiv
On Rosh Hashana night after Basukkah,” then Shehichaynu. While we are exempt from
we come home from shul we make eating in a Sukkah in the rain, on the first night there is a
Kiddush with Shehechiyanu. After special mitzvah to eat in the Sukkah and if it rains we wait
hamotzi, many have the custom to eat an out the storm, even until midnight. (Remember Yaaleh
apple dipped in honey, as well as other Veyavo in Birkat Hamazon.)
symbolic foods. Please note that despite The first day we make kiddush, leisheiv basukah,
what the Machzor says, it is proper to wash, hamotzi and eat a Yom Tov meal. During Sukkot
make the bracha Ha'eitz on dates (or whenever we eat any mezonos or hamotzi food in the
pomegranates if you don't eat dates) and Sukkah we make the Bracha “Leishev Basukkah.”
eat them before eating the apple dipped in honey. The second night we may not light candles or
As Rosh Hashana is the beginning of our prepare for that night's meal before 6:53 pm. We make
Judgement, we start davening early as we add special Kiddush, then shehechiyanu, then Leisheiv Basukah
prayers describing G-d as King. In the morning we read in (different than the first night) and have a Yom Tov meal.
the Torah about G-d remembering Sarah and in the haftorah During Sukkot G-d decides how much rain we
how He remembered Chana (mother of the prophet Samuel) will have for the year (which will water the crops,
hoping that G-d will remember us for good. We blow the ensuring our food needs are met). In the Beit Hamikdash,
Shofar, which is the special mitzvah of Rosh Hashana, and there was a special water-drawing ceremony called the
the special Mussaf we mention Biblical verses accepting G- Simchat Beit Hasho'eivah, which was the most joyous
d as King, about G-d remembering people for good, and ceremony all year in the Beit Hamikdash. In our
about Shofar blasts. After Shul we have Yom Tov meals at community we find some Simchat Beit Hasho’eivas with
home. Some have the custom to say Tashlich at a body of music and dancing to commemorate that.
water. (Many books with the Laws of Yom Tov [like
Monday afternoon we daven Mincha and Maariv. cooking] and Chol Hamoed, and the Lulav may be found in
Candle lighting is not before 7:17 pm, which is the earliest the Malamud Reference Library.)
time to prepare and warm food for that night's meal. We do The last day of Sukkot is Hoshana Rabbah, which
recite Shehechiyanu at candle lighting and kiddush (some is important day according to the Kabbalah, as in the Beit
have a custom to have a new fruit for the second night). The Hamikdash they performed a special, lengthy ceremony, and
second day is like the first, except we read about the Binding our prayers that day, as well as beating the Hoshana bundle,
of Yitzchak (Akeidah). are to commemorate that special service.
During the 10 Days of Repentance culminating Sunday night October 20 begins Shmini Atzeret,
with Yom Kippur we repent for our actions from the a distinct holiday from Sukkot, and therefore we do make
previous year, commit to not repeating them, and do as Shehechiyanu at candle lighting and in Kiddush. However,
many good deeds and give as much Tzedaka as possible. outside Israel we are required to eat in the Sukkah on
We also make several changes to Shmone Esray. Shmini Atzeret but we do not make the bracha Leishev
On Erev Yom Kippur we have a mitzvah to eat, in Basukkah. On Monday morning we recite Yizkor. Later in
order to strengthen ourselves for the fast. We daven Mincha the afternoon, before Mincha, we make a special prayer
early with the Viduy confession, as Rambam says one may when we leave the Sukkah after eating in it for the final
choke while eating out of the fear and dread of Yom Kippur. time.
We gather at Shul before sunset for Kol Nidrei. On Yom The final day is called Simchat Torah. It is the day
Kippur we abstain from eating, drinking, wearing leather we complete the annual cycle of reading the
shoes, using lotions, creams, ointments or perfumes, Torah, and begin it again. Rabbi Moshe
washing past the knuckle and marital relations. After Yom Soloveichik's grandfather taught that our joy
Kippur we make Havdala over wine, candle and the last comes from starting the Torah again with new
bracha of Havdala. depth and insight, not from finishing the
After breaking our fast there is a custom to Torah. On Monday night we have seven
immediately do more mitzvot, so some begin building their Hakafot (circling the Bimah) where we dance joyfully with
Sukkah, or at least gathering its pieces. the Torahs which we repeat the next morning, along with all
Sukkot has two special mitzvot associated with it - males above Bar Mitzva receiving an aliya, and we have a
the Four species (Lulav, Etrog, Hadas, Arava) and eating in special aliya for all children. We finish the Torah, begin it
the Sukkah. The Lulav is the tallest of the species; we hold again, and finish davening.
it with its spine (the darker green vertical line) towards us,
Date Candle Erev Mincha Shacharit Shiur Mincha

Shoftim 9/6-9/7 6:56 pm 7:00 pm 8:45 am 5:45 pm 6:45 pm

Ki Teitzei 9/13-9/14 6:44 pm 6:50 pm 8:45 am 5:35 pm 6:35 pm
Ki Tavo 9/20-9/21 6:32 pm 6:35 pm 8:45 am 5:20 pm 6:20 pm
Nitzavim 9/27-9/28 6:20 pm 6:25 pm 8:45 am 5:10 pm 6:10 pm
1st Day Rosh Hashana 9/29-9/30 6:16 pm 6:20 pm 8:30 am no shiur 6:20 pm
2nd Day Rosh Hashana 9/30-10/1 7:17 pm 6:20 pm 8:30 am no shiur 6:20 pm
Vayeilech (Shuva) 10/4-10/5 6:08 pm 6:10 pm 8:45 am Drasha 4:25 pm 5:55 pm
Yom Kippur 10/8-10/9 6:01 pm Mincha 2:30 pm 8:00 am during break Mincha 4:30
Kol Nidrei 6:00 Yizkor Neila 6:00

Ha’azinu 10/11-10/12 5:56 pm 6:00 pm 8:45 am 4:50 pm 5:50 pm

1st Day Sukkot 10/13-10/14 5:53 pm 5:55 pm 8:45 am TBA 5:55 pm
2nd Day Sukkot 10/14-10/15 6:53 pm 5:55 pm 8:45 am TBA 5:55 pm
Shabbat Chol Hamoed 10/18-10/19 5:45 pm 5:50 pm 8:45 am TBA 5:40 pm
Shmini Atzeret 10/20-10/21 5:42 pm 5:45 pm 8:45 am TBA 5:45 pm
Yizkor Hakafot
Simchat Torah 10/21-10/22 6:42 pm 5:45 pm 8:45 am TBA 5:45 pm

Breishit 10/25-10/26 5:35 pm 5:40 pm 8:45 am 4:25 pm 5:25 pm

Noach 11/1-11/2 5:25 pm 5:30 pm 8:45 am 4:15 pm 5:15 pm
Lech Lecha 11/8-11/9 4:17 pm 4:20 pm 8:45 am 3:05 pm 4:05 pm
Vayeira 11/15-11/16 4:10 pm 4:15 pm 8:45 am 3:00 pm 4:00 pm
If you have a chiyuv (to daven or for an aliya), please inform Rabbis Benzie or Eli Lazovsky before Shabbat.
To sponsor a kiddush or shalashudos, please call Judy Whisler at (847) 677-2281 or

WEEKDAY SCHEDULE - Minyanim meet in the Kaufman Bais Midrash

Minyan Times Classes Special Shacharit Schedule

Shacharit Sunday Morning at 9:30 am: Parsha Class September 23-27: 5:40 am
Sunday: 8:00 am Given by Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik Oct 2 (Fast day) 5:20 am
Monday-Friday: 6:00 am Wednesday evenings after Maariv - Gemara
Oct 3,4,7: 5:35 am
Mincha-Maariv Brachos (8th chapter). Given by Rabbi BLazovsky
Sunday-Thursday: 10 Shabbat Afternoon
Oct 8: 5:50 am
minutes before sundown 1 hour before Mincha: Weekly Parsha

Partners in Torah - Every Monday at 8:00 pm. Questions? Dovid at 773-656-4244 or
Malamud Reference Library - Come and Learn from any of the hundreds of titles in our library, located in the Kaufman
Bais Midrash.
Lending Library - Members may borrow books from our Lending Library, located on the south side of the Social Hall.
For hours of operation, more details or to donate books, please call the office.
Tape Lending Library - We have tapes and digital audio files on many topics including Chumash, Talmud and Mussar.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, President Steven Goldrich and Rabbi Louis Lazovsky, we are proud to invite
you to join us for our High Holiday 5780 Services this year, beginning with Selichot on Saturday evening,
September 21st. Rosh Hashana begins Sunday night, September 29th.

Membership & Ticket Rates Family (2 tickets) Single (1 ticket) Additional Seat Dependent Child
Membership $1,100 $550 $200 $75
First Time Good Neighbor Tickets $500 $275 $200 $75
Tickets Only, no membership $550 $200
Friend of Kesser Maariv (no tickets or membership) $200
To serve you better, we accept payments of $500 and above by Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky at (847) 679-9800 or Judy Whisler at (847) 677-2281 will be happy to help accommodate you and give more information about membership.


G My membership is enclosed.
Number of Men's Seats: ________ Number of Women's Seats: _______

Number of Boys’ Seats: ________ Number of Girls’ Seats: _________

G I would like to order _____ Lulav sets sets at $50/member or $55/non-member

G Please include us on the KM New Year greeting card. $26 per family.

Please sign our name as follows: ________________________________


Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

City, State & Zip Code: _________________________________________ Phone : __________________

E-mail: _______________________________________ and __________________________________________

---------------------------- For Credit Card Payments: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

I authorize Kesser Maariv to charge my __________ card.

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Card # _________-_________-_________-_________ Exp: ____ ____ 3-digit Security Code:__________

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