Climate Change as a Threat to Human Security

Dear friends, This questionnaire is designed to get statistics on the visions of the Global Climate Change problem that are common among people from different national and age groups. Your answers are very important for us! Please don't use any information resources while answering the questions. Otherwise we won't get accurate statistics. Thanks for your help and collaboration! * = Require answer. 1. What’s your name? _______________________________________________________________________ _ 2. What country are you from? * _______________________________________________________________________ _ 3. What’s the name of your city/town? * _______________________________________________________________________ _ 4. How old are you? * _______________________________________________________________________ _ 5. You are..... * a. a student b. a teacher c. a parent d. Other (please write down)……………………….. 6. Have you ever heard about the problem of global climate change? * Choose the variant that suits you most : a. I have a clear understanding of this problem b. I have heard something about it but I am not sure that I have got it right c. I have never heard of such a problem. 7. Where did you learn about the Climate Change Issue? * You can tick several variants a. at school b. at home (through conversations with family members) c. from a TV program


leave this answer blank. I have never learnt about it f. If you've answered "yes" to the previous question. No 10. How familiar are you with this terminology? * For every term choose your level of understanding I understand this term very well Climate Climate change Global Warming Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse Gases Alternative Energy Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide Emissions Recycling Reforestation Deforestation 9. Other:………………………………….d. I have heard this term but am not very confident in using it I have no idea what this term means . describe your observations briefly. Have you personally noticed some climate change in your local area during your lifetime? * a. Yes b. from a book/ newspaper articles e. If you've answered "No" to the previous question. 8.

you throw it away unsorted 14.. you sort it according to the material (plastic.. plastic bags b. When you get rid of your rubbish . always b. often c. If you can easily reach your destination on foot or by bike. * a. Compact fluorescent c.11. will you give up using the car or any other transport? * a. fabric bags c. glass) b. I don't know 12. What light bulbs are used in your house / flat? * a. never 13. When you and your family members do grocery shopping. sometimes d. you use . * Choose the variant that is more frequent in your life a. Halogen d. Incandescent b. recycled paper bags d. How many times in your lifetime have you done these activities? * Never recycle a computer / gadget recycle wastepaper Once 2-3 times 4-5 times More than 5 times watch a film on the ... I don't remember / don't know 15. paper. metal.

problem of Climate Change take part in a Climate change volunteer action plant a tree .