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Meine Küche

Meine Küche brings you the benefits of the most advanced and legendary German engineering and precision. Meine Küche comes to you from Tarachand Ramnath group. After all. the world leaders in providing superior functionality to kitchens. No wonder you insist and rightly so that your kitchen meets your requirements to perfection. your kitchen. like your home is the extension of your personality. Partnering with Hafele. “Meine Küche”… “My Kitchen”. a renowned business house known for its reliability and service orientation. Thorough understanding of your requirements coupled with design and engineering excellence make these kitchens perfect… just like you! Y .ou know exactly what you want in your kitchen. So that you can say with pride.

Various types of kitchens can be designed by combining these five zones to suit your requirements. Non-Consumables: This zone is used to store items such as dishes. spices as well as many other items need to be kept close to the work area. microwave. . grains. oven.The right kitchen customized to your personal requirements will shorten distances traveled and simplify work flows. Meine Küche presents 'no-nonsense' kitchens… because we know. pans.Disciplined… like you! Based on ‘Frankfurt Kitchen’ studies regarding kitchen workflows and optimization. a place for a waste collector as well as household cleaners and utensils along with the sink and dishwasher. electrical appliances. cutlery etc. cooking utensils and baking trays. flour. tinned goods as well as refrigerated food. glasses. Preparation: This zone is the main work area of the kitchen. pots. All you have to do is choose the one for you.This is where most of the preparation work is done. Cleaning: This "wet zone" contains storage areas. for you nothing less will do! Based on functions performed we have classified kitchens into various zones: Consumables: This zone contains typical foodstuffs such as rice. Kitchen utensils. Cooking: This zone includes the hob.


our kitchens are thoughtfully designed to take care of you. just like you! Such detailing can be developed only with an indepth customer understanding.Caring… like you! No one cares the way you do. something our partners. Infrequently-used items On the top level of wall cabinets and at the bottom level of base cabinets. Now isn't that a feature of a kitchen that really cares. Hafele & Blum are renowned for. The storage is carefully planned based on frequency of usage: Frequently used items In easy-to-reach pull outs near work areas as well as on the first level above the worktop. . Storage items at correct levels give a minimum stretch to your back. Less frequently used items Above and below the frequently-used area. And even saves time during your daily kitchen work. Taking inspiration from you.

.. you choose the reason! Meine Küche combines all these innovative solutions with a wide range of Shutters & Cabinets to choose from in Post-formed MDF / Marine-Ply laminates. entertainment or style..Stylish. PU Lacquers. remain in any desired position and of course. innovative Lighting solutions. like you! Meine Küche with Hafele brings to you kitchens with not just beautiful aesthetics and style but also the soul of perfect functionality. you’ll get a DVD player as well. Solid-wood. Mid-way systems. Veneers. for cabinets & also free standing ones.. which are available in attractive colours. Kitchens that would make every minute of your presence in the kitchen a joyful experience. high durability and extreme ease-of-use: Flaps open easily. close silently and effortlessly with Blumotion. etc. Innovative solutions like the Aventos lift will win you over with their elegant design. Hafele’s long list of kitchen accessories includes Knife sets. Waste bins for inside drawers. right in your kitchen… soaps. appealing designs and a wide range of options to match your taste and needs. cookery.


etc.. . Cutlery trays. Hoods. while your hands are busy doing something else. This creates more freedom of motion as well as high opening comfort. Accessories. or for that matter even weighing scales right in your kitchen! We make sure that all these fittings in your kitchen utilize the latest technology.. Sinks. Lift-up systems.Advanced. Pantry Pull-outs. Her kitchen is no exception. She employs the latest technology to make her life easier and faster.. Hobs. which ensures a soft. It doesn't matter whether they are heavily laden or empty. Meine Küche with Hafele brings to you revolutionary fittings & solutions women can upgrade to . silent 'cushioned' closing action for drawers and pull-outs regardless of the closing forces applied. like you! Every woman today is in tune with the times. Blumotion from Blum is an innovative controlled closing system.. Experience this kind of comfort everyday when you choose your kitchen from Meine Küche.. Pull-outs for Spice & Oil bottles. pushed gently or with force they will close silently and effortlessly every time. SERVO-DRIVE – a breakthrough & the latest innovation from Blum allows handle-less drawers to open or close with a light touch. Roller Shutters.Vegetable baskets. Pull-outs for Towels & detergents.


Now isn't that smart? A kitchen that a smart woman like you really deserves! . Right from kitchen supplies to cutlery to pans to cooking utensils.this setting enables you to gain as much as 55% more storage per pull-out. you can expect kitchens that are even smart like you. making complete use of the corners in your kitchen left unutilized otherwise. To make sure your storage items are well-organized we utilize Orga-line. Our kitchens are planned to take minimum of your time and do maximum of your work with optimal space utilization. you can organize almost anything using this feature. like you! At Meine Küche.. Even selecting full extensions of drawers and pull-outs in contrast to 2/3rd extending drawers have a significant advantage.Tandembox pull-outs with high backs and closed side walls . They give an excellent over-view and easy access. allowing you to see and access items all the way back. Also. The Corner solutions stand perfect to your virtue of smartness..Smart.

. www.Arcade 3. India. India.meinekuche. you are sure to find here the kitchen of your imagination and say with pride . Pune .com Citypride Multiplex . Tel : +91-20 -25437423 e-mail : A Tarachand Ramnath Enterprise .With every attribute of our kitchen matching you to perfection. Ground Floor.“Meine Küche” Meine Küche Ishanya . Tel : +91-20 -30221455 e-mail : ishanya@meinekuche.Kothrud.411038. Pune .411006.

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