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Terri Kelso

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Protective Outerwear Solutions

Proudly made in Washington, IN
overseeing both the hospital’s major
renovation project in xxx and the
installation of a new management
group at DCH.
She helped with the initial forma-
tion of Daviess County Habitat for
Humanity and Team Up to Clean
Up Washington, through the Wash-
ington Garden Club.
She helped youngsters navi-
gate the court system as a Daviess
County Court Appointed Special
Advocate (CASA) volunteer for 10
years, where her 26 years of expe-
rience as a court reporter came in
Now volunteering at the
museum, five and sometimes seven
days a week, preserving local his-
tory has become “her job.” She is
the director and oversees all the
various committees and program-
ming at the museum. She is one
of the original community mem-
bers who helped take the museum
from an old building full of stacks
of dusty boxes into a clean, bright,
and well-organized facility with
beautiful displays, including an
interactive screen.
She also helped established the
state-of-the-art archiving system and
the new genealogy research room.
Upon learning that the museum
was on the verge of losing its
tax-dollar support, she said, “I just
did what I had to do to help.
NONPROFIT “We needed more, so we came
up with a business plan and we sold

Becky Kremp’s busy ‘retirement’

it to the (county) commissioners,”
Kremp said.
She helped implement a history

scholar program at the museum for
ost women her Florida and moved back to Daviess Outstanding Historical Organiza- sixth graders to high schoolers, and
age dream of County to live year-round, where tion by the Indiana State Histori- often hosts fourth graders on field
retiring to a beau- they have jumped into volunteerism cal Society, Becky has been doing trips through the unique displays.
tiful house some- with both feet. philanthropy for the local commu- Kremp has successfully helped
where where Although most recently known nity for many years. secure $100,000 in grant money
it’s warm in the winter and close for the museum and its programs
to the ocean. Women in Business and she calls the 40-plus volunteers
Non-Profit Award Winner Rebecca
Kremp had that. She and her hus-
“I just did what I had to do to help.” who help a “great group.”
“It’s fun and I love every bit of
band, Joe, had a house in Florida Becky Kremp it,” she said.
they frequented in the winter. One Daviess County Museum Although the accomplishments
day while enjoying the sunny south, at the museum are important to
she thought to herself, “What are Kremp, her family, including her
we doing? We’re wasting time — for her tireless work and dedication She served on the Daviess daughter Avis in Verona, Wiscon-
this is time we could be giving back to the Daviess County Museum in Community Hospital’s Board of sin, and son, Joey, in Zionsville,
to our home community.” Downtown Washington — which Governors for 26 years and as Indiana, and her grandchildren are
And soon they sold their house in was recently recognized as the board president multiple terms, her most cherished rewards.
2019 4

Elaine Wellman familiar with public service

laine Wellman is no stranger to pub- Vincennes University, earned Indiana Accredited “I’ve also served as secretary and treasurer of the
lic service. The current first lady of Municipal Clerk and Certified Municipal Clerk Daviess County Republican Central Committee and
Washington has dedicated more than designations. served as treasurer and past president of the Daviess
22 years to serving others. County Republican Women,” said Wellman, who
“She inspires other women and also holds memberships in the Psi Iota Xi Sorority
serves as a powerful role model to others,” said
Terri Kelso, who nominated Wellman. “She is a
“It’s an honor and a and is a member of Our Lady of Hope Church.
While attending events with the mayor keeps
rare individual who would rather quietly serve the privilege to serve the her busy, Wellman said she also enjoys spending
public and not seek attention for herself.”
Wellman, who is married to Washington
public.” time with her children Brenda (Matt) Meredith,
Angie (Rick) Kribs and Lindsey (Scott) Sell and
Mayor Joe Wellman, has been a deputy in the Elaine Wellman seven grandchildren; Jayden, Christopher and
Daviess County Recorder’s Office, served as city Daviess County treasurer Joshua Meredith, Caitlyn, Macy and Maddox
clerk-treasurer and for the last seven years, has Kribs and Catherine Sell.
been the Daviess County treasurer, but her dedi- “Six of our seven grandchildren — one is still a
cation to the community and county does not stop She is currently serving as secretary of the toddler — are in sports, piano and other activities,”
there. Daviess County Community Foundation Board said Wellman. “So in our spare time, we attend
“It’s an honor and a privilege to serve the pub- and has previously served on the boards of the sporting events like soccer, baseball, softball, ten-
lic,” said Wellman. “And I enjoy helping the United Way of Daviess County Board, Senior and nis and basketball along with piano recitals. I love
taxpayers.” Family Services and the Daviess County Family spending time with the grandchildren. I also like
While serving as the city clerk-treasurer, YMCA. Wellman has also been involved on sev- to get together with friends and enjoy swimming,
Wellman, who holds an accounting degree from eral committees. reading and playing cards.”

5 2019

Lana Helms

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2019 6
Friends of the Library, Junior Achievement (pre-
vious board member), Odon Business Alliance,
Washington Bicentennial Committee in 2016
(co-chair), Washington Community Concerts
(president), Washington Rotary Club (presi-
dent-elect), Washington Economic Develop-
ment Commission (appointed by Mayor Joe
Wellman), and Women’s Giving Circle/Women’s
Fund (previous board member).
Terri has received numerous awards and
recognitions from her community and from
her insurance companies. She’s the recipient
of Hagel award (2016), Founders Awards from
Erie Insurance (2013, 2014 and 2018) Key to
the City by Mayor Wellman (2017), Readers’
Choice awards for Best Insurance Agent (2018),
Best Insurance Agency (2014 and 2018) from
the Washington Times-Herald.
She enjoys mentoring young people and help-
ing them learn how to become entrepreneurs.
She taught Junior Achievement classes to fourth
graders at Griffith Elementary 2013-2015, spon-
sored interns from local high schools at her
office 2012 to 2018, and has actively partici-
pated with CEO Leadership as a mentor 2013
to 2018 and also served on the CEO Leadership
scholarship committee member in 2017.
She lives in Washington with her husband,
Ed, and they are avid golfers and members of
Country Oaks Golf Club and the Bloomington
Country Club. Their two sons, Mike and Nick
SMALL BUSINESS / ENTREPRENEUR Breeden, both work for the family business,
along with Mike’s wife, Lani.

Terri Kelso’s ‘leap of faith’

She also enjoys reading, doing genealogy
research, spending time with her family and
friends as well as spoiling her two grandsons.

f you want to get something done, let a insurance quote?’
busy woman handle it.
After working for 18 years at a local
She soon outgrew the location and moved
to State Street in January 2013. “After relo-
“We are thankful to all
financial institution, State Farm agent cating, our business continued to flourish. In our employees and
the late Don Clements persuaded her to
change my career path. Clements taught her the
April 2014, we took another leap of faith and
opened a second location in Loogootee,” she
interns who have helped
ropes of the insurance business, and after his said. “We support our local communities and us build solid
tragic death in xx, his wife Judy encouraged
Terri to start her own business.
sponsor events at our local schools, libraries,
theater, museum, and other local organizations
With the support and encouragement from in both Daviess and Martin counties. Terri Kelso
family and friends, Terri Kelso – winner of this “Our business has been very blessed. We Terri Kelso Insurance
year’s Small Business/ Entrepreneur Award -- started small and have slowly built up our fam-
opened her own Terri Kelso Insurance in Sep- ily business. With growth, we’ve also needed to
tember 2011. hire additional employees. We are very thank- Terri was graduated from North Daviess
“I took a leap of faith and started with just the ful to all our employees and interns who have with high honors, received an associate’s
dream to have my own business. Initially, my helped us build and maintain solid relationships degree from Vincennes University with high
business was located inside the New End Zone. I with our customers.” distinction and received her bachelor’s degree
had a few friends who were concerned about this Despite being busy nurturing her own career, from Indiana University. She has property
unorthodox location for an insurance agency. Terri has found time for community service, and casualty and life and health licenses, as
However, I put a positive spin on being located including: Classical Club, Daviess and Martin well as being certified to sell long-term care,
in a sporting goods store. I asked, ‘Where counties’ Chambers of Commerce (previous Medicare products, annuity products and crop
else could a person get a suntan, a hydro-mas- board member), Daviess County Historical insurance. She is licensed to sell in both Indiana
sage, and go shopping all while getting a free Society, Daviess County Republican Women, and Kentucky.
7 2019

Tara Brower finds support in community

et behind something you Bubalo was her mentor in both athletics and She is the children’s elementary class leader
love and it won’t feel church and he was a big part of her decision to and 1-4 teacher for Sunday School at Bethany
like work.” join Edward Jones. Christian.
Those are words “As a woman, one of the most challenging Currently, Tara is serving on the Daviess
of wisdom from Tara things is raising a family while you a building County 4-H Board of Directors and is devel-
Brower, Edward D. Jones agent in Washington opment director, working tirelessly for raising
since 2006. funds for a $1 million initiative for the 4-H
Brower, the daughter of Joe and Susie Single- “Get behind something Buildings Renovation and Expansion project.
ton, and a 2002 graduate of Washington High
School, always knew this community was where
you love and it won’t feel She recently organized a yard sale that netted
more than $3,000.
she wanted permanent roots. After getting her like work.” One of her nominators had this to say:
bachelor’s degree from the Krannert School of “Thanks to her effort our future generations
Tara Brower
Management at Purdue University, she married will have a great place to come to for their 4-H
Edward D. Jones agent
Jess Brower and moved to St. Louis. It was there activities.”
where the Edward D. Jones corporate office Tara credits calls her dad her “philanthropic
where she started her career in their home office mentor and a great example of the great peo-
while her husband attended chiropractic school, a business. But I have a great support system, a ple who have gone before me. It’s about what
and there also where their first son, Jack, now great family, great church and great community,” you give back. When you have been given cer-
11, was born. She’s also “Mom,” to Nolan, 8, Brower said. tain opportunities, you have a responsibility to
Bennett, 6, and Jonathan, 4. Brower has served on the Daviess County give back. These are things that I am passionate
“We wanted permanent roots and were pas- United Way Board, and also served success- about.
sionate about coming back to where we were fully as its campaign chair. She’s been on the “For me it comes back to giving back and
raised, so our kids could have the same founda- board for Junior Achievement and has taught helping people. I want to help them reach their
tion we had. We had a good foundation and good classes regularly at both Washington and Barr- financial goals. I am passionate about helping
relationships in the community, which is where Reeve. She’s been involved with Washington them get there, and about watching kids come
you ideally want to build a business,” she said. High School’s DECA program and has served as to Jesus and get baptized. That’s the biggest
Long-time Edward D. Jones advisor Alan judge for district contests many years. reward,” she said.
2019 8
daycares or preschools might kick She incorporates sign language,
out for bad behavior. kindergarten-ready site words and
Stoll opened Kidz World in flashcard learning into her teaching.
Washington in 2010, and prior to Currently she has 10 children, but
that traveled worldwide and all has had as many as 16. She employs
across the United States with her four helpers for the children, who
husband, Kevin, who served in the range from age 1 to 11.
U.S. military. She was child care Some clients drop school-aged
licensed in Germany twice, in Mis- students off at Kidz World for after-
sissippi, twice in Texas, in Tennes- school childcare, where she helps
see and now in Indiana. the youngsters with homework.
Teaching the “Funshine Expres- Stoll, who many of the children
sions” curriculum, Stoll said she affectionately call “Grammy,” said
often takes the children on short she finds the way in which children
day trips to places they might not are talked to has a lot to do with
EDUCATION otherwise get to visit. This year the
children planted a small garden spot
their behavior. “They might pull
hair or bite once here, but it’s all in
and visited the neighbor’s chickens. how you talk to them. I don’t have

Luann Stoll gives many problems. I rarely have to

kick a child out.
“Children need something per-

time and attention “Children need

manent,” she added, “where they
can learn and be comfortable.”

A graduate of Washington High
lullaby was playing All children are in need of love permanent where School, Stoll has a medical assist-
softly in the back- and attention, which is what they they can learn ing degree from Milhen Mott,
ground, with children receive from Kidz World Daycare where she worked diligently to
scattered on their director Luann Stoll – the 2019 and be receive while taking care of four of
mats, sound asleep for Women in Business Award winner comfortable.” her own children while her husband
an afternoon nap. They were chil- for Education. was deployed, and also has a CDA
dren from an array of cultural back- Stoll has been teaching pre- Luann Stoll certificate. Her own children are
Owner, Kidz World
grounds, some with special needs school for 30 years and finds herself grown now, and she cherishes time
and some who are simply needy. often taking in children that other spent with her seven grandchildren.

Honorary Nominees
`` Kathy Wittmer – Bertha Ketcham `` Marsha Clarke – Crane Federal Credit
Memorial Union
“(her) caring and giving heart is a true gift “Not only is she our boss, she is also a
to our community and she continually mentor and a friend to each of us.”
seeks ways to support and give back….” `` Angie Steiner – Daviess Community
`` Susan Ramsey - Susan Ramsey `` Shelly Shake – Home Building `` Martha Stoll – Stoll’s Lakeview Hospital
Fitness Savings Bank Restaurant “With all her accomplishments profes-
“She started from scratch and helps “She gives of her time to several boards “Built a business from the ground up and sionally, what is most impressive is
women meet their goals… always and organizations.” has grown it steadily since 1985.” how she has thrown herself into our
encouraging” `` Shelly Wagler – A & R Home Center `` Cindy Barber – Purdue Extension community.”
`` Debbie Wilson – German American “leading a growing business through “gives unselfishly to make Washington `` Shannon Mefford – The New White
Bank thick and thin, keeping it going and and Daviess County a better place to Steamer
“Goes above and beyond in caring for growing.” live.” “excellent at handling a famous and busy
her customers… helps those in her `` Lisa Gray – DLC Media `` Megan Bigler Tafolla – Evansville restaurant putting customer satisfaction
community…” “Has kept four and as many as nine radio Teachers Federal Credit first.”
`` Patsy Stanley-Healy – ??? stations together day in, day out.” “She continues to dream big and while `` Julie Stuart – State of Indiana
“In her business she does so much for `` Rhonda Ramsey – Eaton’s she does so, she inspires me and others I “This woman has saved many lives and
free to help under-privileged people.” Monument know to dream big, too.” she continues to work hard every day to
`` Yolonda Granger Bostic – Simply Yo “She’s amazing and an inspiration.” `` Gina Wagler – Parkview Christian make sure the vulnerable and elderly in
Catering Village her territory are protected.”
`` Natalie Smith – Springs Valley Bank
“incredibly talented, supportive of other and Trust “Every resident thinks of her as their own `` Beth Gabhart – TruScripts
women, and very courageous.” “Her kindness and generosity and willing- daughter.” “A work horse, not a show horse. She
`` Amy Holstine – The Produce Patch ness to help others makes her a volun- `` Susan Leighty – Daily’s Furniture works tirelessly behind the scenes. She
“A true woman in business and a fierce teer worth celebrating.” “Has made sure that the family business simply likes to get things done.”
leader..” `` Melody Brunson – Washington has passed down from her grandfather, `` Dr. Kim Parsons – Kimberly Parsons
`` Suzanne Wichman – First Federal Times Herald father and mother.” DDS
Bank of Washington “The devotion to whatever she’s doing `` Tracy Conroy – Daviess Community “..provides great, compassionate dental
“We are a better bank because of comes straight from her heart.” Hospital care to our community.”
Suzanne’s leadership.” `` Pat Thompson – Thompson “provides employees and providers `` Jane Seidel – Washington Catholic
`` Jan Wagler – JJ’s Concrete Insurance exemplary leadership and compassion Schools
“Built a business from the ground up “She always puts others and the commu- for patients.” “A strong advocate of early childhood
and it will keep growing because it has nity first. She inspires those around her education who gives tirelessly to children
a ‘SOUND FOUNDATION.’ She actively to be better.” from throughout Daviess County.”
gives back to the community.”

9 2019
Carla’s Catering
Your event is my top priority!
Carla Harner, owner
12547 West River Road, Shoals, IN 47581
812-247-2176 or 812-631-2878
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