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How to select the best

We got you covered
E mergency health care is
no time to choose a hos-
pital. You’ll be transport-
You will have to balance
convenience with your person-
al circumstances.
Awards and other certifica-
tions indicate that a hospital
offers consistent care. The
from A to Z.
ed to the nearest facility suited Magnet program recognizes
Doctor Privileges
to your particular illness. excellence in nursing care and
Your preferred doctor
But if you require lon- other aspects of hospital work.
should have privileges at the
ger-term care, you’ll want a Not all hospitals are Magnet
facility you choose. Physicians
hospital of your own choosing certified. In fact, this award
send patients to specific hos-
— ideally a modern campus is only given to a select few
pitals because it is convenient
stocked with the best technol- facilities in the country.
for them. They are familiar
ogy and staffed by the most
Hospitals often have several
with the site and can use the
qualified personnel. So taking areas in which they specialize.
equipment there. Check with
time to look at different facil-
For example, two hospitals in
your doctor about where he
ities in your area today, before the same city may offer care,
can work.
you need the help, can aid you but one specializes in gastroen-
when you most need help.
Insurance carriers will pay
some of the cost of services
terology, while another has an HEMATOLOGY
Here are some factors that advanced cardiac unit.
can help you choose the best
from a preferred provider,
including hospitals. Verify
Choosing the right hospital ICU
hospital in your city. for your procedure will ensure
which hospitals are in your
carrier’s network. If you choose
you receive the highest level OBSTETRICS
of care. In fact, some hospitals
Location will play a large
role in your choice. The hos-
a facility that is not covered by
your policy, you run the risk of
will transfer patients to another ONCOLOGY
facility if it has better equip-
pital should be close to your
home or workplace.
incurring significant charges.
ment and specialists. ORTHOPAEDICS
Accreditation and Determining the highest
Some people will only have
one hospital in their area.
Certifications quality hospital for your condi- PEDIATRICS
Another consideration is tion will help you achieve the
Choosing a facility that’s out
of the way will not only add
what other features a hospital best outcome during instances PODIATRY
may offer. For example, a of illness or injury. Since
to travel time, it is simply not
practical. After all, when an
hospital may be accredited hospitals offer a variety of care PULMONOLOGY
with the Joint Commission, an and service types, be sure to
emergency happens, you will
need to get to qualified person-
organization that verifies spe- analyze all the options before REHAB SERVICES
cific standards of care within you decide.
nel as soon as possible.
But if you have a medical
medical facilities. By knowing the facts and SLEEP MEDICINE
Accreditation means that keeping your own priorities
condition and an alternative
facility farther away specializes
they are passing frequent in mind, you will make a wise SPORTS MEDICINE
performance reviews. You can choice when selecting the hos-
in it, that hospital might be a
good choice.
be confident you are receiving pital that is best for you. SURGICAL SERVICES
quality care.

an affiliate of Ascension St. Vincent

How to choose an OB/GYN
I f you have a baby on the way,
or you’re planning a pregnan-
communicate with you clearly services your doctor’s hospital
and completely. provides to make sure it meets
cy in the near future, one of Getting these insights from your expectations.
your most important choices is new mothers will help you
choosing a quality, competent The delivery
know what to expect from dif-
Because every delivery is

obstetrician/gynecologist, or ferent OB-GYNs in your area.
OB-GYN. different — often happening at
Pregnancy is a magical and Check your insurance unexpected times and occasion-
life changing event, but it can Another important consid- ally with complications that
also be stressful as you make eration is which doctors and can’t be predicted — it’s hard
plans for your new addition’s hospitals are covered by your to know what your delivery will
birth. But by choosing the right insurance plan. be like with any precision.
care providers and having a Your ability to shop for doc- The OB-GYN who delivers

Dustin Blackwell, DO
thorough pregnancy plan, you tors will vary widely depending your baby, for example, may
can avoid a great deal of unnec- on your particular policy. Some not be the one who care for you
essary and unhealthy stress. insurance plans have a large during the pregnancy. There’s
These care providers will
guide you from the first days
network of OB-GYNs to pick no way of knowing whether
from, but others may only give your OB-GYN will be the one Obstetrics and Gynecology
of your pregnancy until your you one or two local choices on call when you go into labor.
child’s birth. They’ll also followunless you’re willing to pay That’s an important question
higher — and in some cases, to ask, though, and the answer Dustin Blackwell, DO, wanted to be a physician ever since
up after birth to make sure that
mom is happy and healthy. dramatically higher — out-of- will often depend on how large he was a child. “My desire to be a physician stems from an
Here are some consider- network fees to pick a different the OB-GYN’s practice is. For aspiration to not only treat patients and make them well,
doctor. a small practice, with only one
ations for selecting expert care
For most people, choosing or two doctors, you’ll be very but to have ability to teach patients about their health,” he
an in-network provider is likely to know the doctor who said. Wanting to be a part of a rural, close knit community,
Get recommendations critical, so check with your delivers your baby. But even if Dr. Blackwell decided to practice at Good Samaritan. This,
Chances are you have any insurance company early in the you choose an individual prac-
friends, family members or
in addition to the state-of-the-art hospital, and friendly and
process. titioner who typically person-
co-workers with growing fami- ally attends your delivery, ask
welcoming staff, made the choice of practicing at Good
lies. They’ll usually be happy to Birth location about their backup plan if they Samaritan an easy one. Dr. Blackwell and his
For some expecting mothers,
share their experiences with you
the location of their birth is
happen to be sick, on vacation wife, Courtney, reside in Vincennes with
and recommend an OB-GYN or busy with another patient
for you to use — or one to a major consideration. If you their two children, Adalyn (Addie) and
in labor at the same time your
avoid. have a particular hospital or
baby is coming. You should
Gavin. In his free time, he enjoys being
Experience and training are birthing center in mind for with his family and getting outdoors to
know what to expect.
your delivery, make sure your
obviously the most important In the end, all these factors run, bike, swim, hike and golf.
aspects of choosing any medical OB-GYN is authorized to work should come together to make
professional, but personal there.
you comfortable and happy
references can give you other Most obstetricians have
about your decision. Asking
insights, too. The doctor should admitting privileges to just one lots of questions and picking a
have a personality and bedside hospital, so picking your OB-
GYN means you’ll be choosing
great OB-GYN will help make Now accepting
manner that makes you feel
new patients!
sure you have a happy and
comfortable asking questions, the place you’ll be giving birth,
healthy childbirth experience.
and they should be able to too. Look carefully into the

Medical Arts Building

700 Willow Street
Vincennes, IN 47591

huge How to choose a

on all
W hether you’re in need
of furnishing an an
entire room or home
or just replacing a piece that
has seen better days, choosing
much information as possible
about the frame, materials, and
what kind of warranty it comes
A well-trained staff can in-
Inquire about return policies.
Some furniture stores will allow
you to exchange an item within
a certain time limit if it doesn’t
meet your expectations. Learn
new furniture is a decision that form you about their furniture, what fees are involved if you
involves quality, style and, not how they’re built and why the have to return an item — if
least, comfort. construction matters. The best that is allowed at all.
You see and use the furniture stores have employees who As well, ask about the store’s
in your home every day, so you act as guides and teachers, not delivery policy, including how
Many want to be sure that it suits
your taste and is both comfort-
pushy salespeople. much it costs, how far they’ll
deliver and how quickly your
Styles and able and quality built. One way
Value, Not Just Price
It is best to pay more for a
furniture will arrive.
to ensure that you’ll pick the If you are comparison shop-
quality piece than to try to save
best furniture for your home ping, factor the delivery cost
money on something that will
Ready for FREE is to select a good furniture
not last in the long term. The
when considering different
stores. A low-priced couch will
Delivery! Here are some things to look
bigger the investment, the more
important the design and build
not save you money if it comes
for in a quality furniture store. with an expensive delivery
quality become.
Quality that Lasts fee. It may be worth it to pay
Concentrate on finding the
Look for a store that sells a little more for the couch if
best value. An inexpensive sofa
free or reduced cost delivery is
Stationary Sofas
quality, long-lasting furniture. will not be a good value if it
While inexpensive accesso- available.
is built with cheap and weak
ries can be bought cheaply and materials. Likewise, the most The bottom line is that there
changed often, big furniture are only two things that mat-
expensive love seat will not be a
investments — sofas, dining ter: the quality of the furniture
wise investment if the frame is
Rocker tables, and the like — need to you are purchasing, and the
not built solidly.
be purchased for the long term. level of service you receive.
It’s best to look for brands
Once you discover them both,
That means putting solid with a long track record and
construction before a pretty furniture shopping can be a
good reputation.
style. fun experience that that will
Solid construction isn’t al-
Service and Delivery beautify your home for many
Every store has a different years. And you can be happy

ways apparent at first glance. It
customer service policy. Choose and comfortable with the fur-

should feel solid, not flimsy, of
a store that is well known for niture for generations to come.
course. Beyond that, find out as
being loyal to its customers.

Reclining Sofas with Consoles

HOT BUYS ON RECLINERS! While Supplies Last!
208 E. Main • 254-3651 • Washington
VISA • Mastercard • Daily’s Charge • 90 days Same As Cash
• Open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm & Saturday 10am-3pm
Selecting an
INSURANCE Providing Protection
AGENT is what we do best.
I nsurance protects your
valuables — your home,
auto and other assets — and
to determine who has the most
satisfied clients. Are they easy
to work with? Have there been

•Auto •Home •Life

brings peace of mind in the any problems with collecting
event of a disaster, theft or on a policy?
other unexpected event. So Also, check that any pro-
selecting the right insurance spective agent has all necessary
agent for your needs is one of
the most important decisions
you can make.
Unfortunately, not every
licenses and training.
After narrowing your list of
•Medicare Supplement
agent is the reliable, reputable prospective agents, make an
agent professional you’d hope. appointment to visit each one.
It’s important to make sure you Prepare a list of questions and
vet your agent prior to opting concerns about your personal
into the coverage they offer. situation. Take notes during
An experienced agent can your meeting. Remember that
walk you through various you must feel comfortable with
options, keeping in mind your the answers before purchasing
budget and lifestyle. Your a policy.
financial future depends on If an agent tries to pressure
finding the right person to help you into making a decision
you get insurance that will fit right away, inform him that
your needs. you need more time and can-
not sign anything immediately.
Ask for Referrals The right agent will let you
Family, friends and col- take as much time as you need
leagues have likely worked with to understand the implications
insurance agents in the past. of each policy. They will give
Ask people you trust for refer- you useful information and not
rals. If you receive a recommen- subject you to high-pressure
dation, it is because that person sales techniques.
has had a positive experience. Your agent should be avail- Terri Kelso
There is a strong likelihood that able. The relationship doesn’t OWNER
you will have similar results. end once the sale is complet-
Good agents understand that ed. Your dialogue should be
offering great service will keep continuous. The best agents are
them in business. Their careers available in the event you have
depend on word-of-mouth. If to file a claim.
you are happy with the service Agents who have been in
you receive, your insurance business for many years likely
agent will appreciate your have a good reputation and
willingness to send business track record. They understand
their way. the policies and will even take Best Insurance Agent Best Insurance Agency
Research extra care that you are properly
If you do not have recom- protected.
mendations, begin researching It is essential that you choose
your options. Begin by looking the right type and amount of
at local companies and brokers. insurance to adequately protect
As you conduct your research, yourself and your financial
Washington Loogootee
812-254-7770 812-295-5777
be thorough and critical. future. The policy should be
Buying a policy is similar to tailored to fit your specific
purchasing a new car or home. needs.
It truly is that important. A seasoned, skilled insurance
Select a company that is agent will be an invaluable
highly regarded by consumers. resource for safeguarding your
Read reviews of each company future.

When to consider
C oping with the death
of someone you love is
not easy. Dealing with
a sudden, unexpected death
be like and how they want to
fund those services. Men and
women trusted to make those
decisions upon the death of a
already paid for can provide
additional peace of mind.
Instead of worrying that
their relatives will be forced to
of a beloved friend or family loved one will need to make handle the burden of financ-
member can be extra difficult, those decisions more quickly ing their funerals, men and
especially for those people who and likely won’t be in the women who preplan can rest
have to make important finan- correct frame of mind to make easy knowing their insurance
cial decisions while grieving. decisions that will honor their money and life’s savings will be
To remove the burden and loved one’s legacy. going to their surviving loved
stress associated with funeral ones and not toward paying for
Your wishes honored

Funeral Preplanning
planning, many adults preplan funeral expenses.
Men and women who
their funerals.
Adults can be as specific
formalize their funeral plans Protection
will ensure their wishes are Preplanning protects families
as they prefer to be when
honored. faced with sudden death.
preplanning their funerals, and
for Peace of Mind doing so gives loved ones peace
That can give you peace of
mind and will provide peace
Few people want to think
about their deaths, and fewer
of mind knowing that their
of mind to the loved ones they still want to think about dying
Funeral pre-planning will
relatives’ funeral services were
leave behind, who can attend suddenly and/or dying young.
conducted in accordance to
funeral services knowing those Preplanning a funeral and
their own wishes.
save your loved ones the Preplanning a funeral may
sound morbid, as few people
services are being conducted in
adherence to their loved one’s
setting money aside early can
protect and help families faced
wishes. with sudden deaths. That can
stress and expense of making want to think about their
deaths or discuss dying with
Even men and women who
discuss their wishes for their
be especially important for
young parents, who won’t
important decisions in their their families. However, there
are numerous benefits to pre-
funerals with loved ones may
not have those wishes honored
want to leave their spouses and
children financially destitute
planning funerals.
time of grief. Call today Time for making
if they are not put in writing.
Cost control
should they suddenly pass
decisions Preplanning a funeral may
for more information or to Preplanning provides time to
make the best decisions.
Preplanning can help control
costs. Preplanning often in-
not be something to look
forward to, but doing so can
arrange your preplanning Men and women who pre-
plan their funerals have ample
cludes men and women setting
aside money for their funerals
protect families and provide
men and women with some
before they pass away.
consultation, and ensure your time to decide just what they
want their memorial services to
Knowing that a funeral,
which can be expensive, is
peace of mind.

final arrangements are carried

out according to your wishes.

Washington's only locally

owned funeral home.
101 North Meridian & 602 East Viola
Washington, IN 47501
Phone: 812-254-3612 • Fax: 812-254-5633
How to choose a FLORIST
F resh flowers brighten any
room and are the go-to
gift or centerpiece for
a housewarming, wedding,
dinner, date or party.
Whether you’re selecting just
them in a notebook. Put a note
about why you like these partic-
ular flowers.
Once you have a list of
florists who are available, visit
their shops and interview them.
Most florists have a scrap-
book of their previous work.
Each professional brings a
sense of personal style to her
Be sure to show the florist
Eastside Flowers and Gifts
Locally Owned
a few or an entire arrangement,
flowers creates a happy and
Interview the Florist your notebook. Discuss the ar-
rangements you prefer. Perhaps
Professionals Helping You With Your
celebratory atmosphere.
A professional florist will
Observe the shop when you
get there. Are the pathways
the florist could produce similar
Flower and Gift Needs for all Occasions
clear of plants, tools and debris?
know how to make the colors, If you are holding a large
Is the staff friendly and warm?
types of flowers and even scent event, the florist might have
The answers to these questions
work for your occasion. recommendations about other
will help you understand each
event professionals.
Research the Florist shop’s level of customer service
Once you have chosen your
If you are purchasing a floral and care they give to their
florist, be certain to confirm the
arrangement for an event, ask products.
type of arrangements you will
the venue staff for recommen- All plants and flowers should
dations. They are often familiar be well-maintained and at-
You should also know when
with the best florists in the area. tractively arranged. Employees
the arrangements will arrive at
Popular florists are usually quite should be attentive. The best
the venue and who is respon-
busy year-round, so begin the florists have a wide range of
sible for placing the flowers in
process right away. options in their showroom.
the appropriate spots. Confirm
Family and friends may also During the interview, ask
when payment is expected.
have suggestions. Be sure to ask if the florist has previously
Understand the floral contract
them for their experiences, as worked at your venue. Each
before signing anything. Designers, Pam Mangin Seasonal Gifts & Decor
well as how much they paid for facility has unique rules about
the services. what they will allow in their Get it in Writing and Linda Ruppel
Call each florist to check location. If the florist has When you are pleased with
their availability. If a florist is worked at the venue, that is a a company’s work, you might
unavailable, scratch them off big advantage. They will know assist the shop with providing
your list. and can adhere to the rules. positive references and reviews.
Meanwhile, determine your Inform the florist of your A professional florist will
flower budget. It will be a budget and ask for recommen- help you go a long way toward
factor in your decision-making dations. The florist should be establishing the right environ-
process. able to give you numerous ment for your event. The vivid
Also, look for floral arrange- suggestions about flower colors and pleasant aroma will
ments in magazines. Clip out arrangements. convey the right feeling for
your favorite photos and put your special day.

Fresh & Silk Arrangements Carson’s Lanterns, Willow Tree

& Memory Candles

Specialized Funeral In Memory & Sympathy Gifts

Arrangements & Casket Sprays
107 E. Main St. • Washington, IN
Mon. thru Fri. 9am-5:30pm; Sat. 9am-1pm; Sun. Closed

How to choose a UROLOGIST

Urologists are medical medical problems involving board certified. They have a
specialists who treat diseases, this area of the body. However, website (http://Certification-
infections and issues dealing these issues are actually prev- for patients to
with the urinary tract system alent, so it’s likely you know search for local specialists.
and reproductive organs. If you people who have had similar
Other Considerations
are experiencing pain urinating, issues. They should be glad to
Experience their practice for
it’s usually a sign of infection or give you a reference.
yourself. Take note of how the
possibly an underlying disease. Searching online will also
office staff treats you. Are they
While many general physi- help. Reviews from other
polite? Do they contact you
cians can also diagnose these patients can help guide your
promptly and make you feel
problems, more complicated decisions. Though you should
issues such as kidney stones or be aware that anonymous
The location of the office
bladder cancer will often be reviews can be faked and rarely
is another factor. Will you be
referred to urologists. tell an entire story.
continuing treatment? If you
When looking for a urolo-
Check Credentials need to go back for follow-ups,
gist, here are some things to
Your state’s medical board you will want an office that is
keep in mind:
will have names of urologists convenient. Check the office
Ask Around in your area. They will be able hours to make sure they will fit
Check with other physicians, to confirm a professional’s cre- with your schedule.
including your primary doctor. dential along with his history. Your potential urologist
They will likely have recom- It is important to know if the should be able to answer all of
mendations for solid, quality urologist has faced previous your questions. Does he or she
care. sanctions. have a good bedside manner?
Also, inquire with close Another resource is the Research will give you peace
friends or family members American Board of Medical of mind.
whom they have used. People Specialties. This organization Finding the right urologist
don’t often like to talk about can tell you if the urologist is will give you freedom of pain.
How to choose a
300 NE 14th Street | Washington, IN G etting a cancer diagno-
sis can be a life-altering
Choosing the right specialist
to treat it can give you peace
One thing to find out
is what types of cancer the
surgeon has the most experi-
ferent hospitals have different
levels of technology and
equipment. You will want to
have the procedure done at a
hospital that is equipped to fit
ence treating. On your initial
of mind, though, as you consultation, you can ask your needs.
go through the process of how often they perform your If you prefer to have the
At Daviess Community Hospital, we diagnosing and fighting this
serious disease.
procedure or work with your
type of cancer.
surgery performed at a partic-
ular hospital, check to make

focus on patient care from start to finish. If your cancer treatment

requires surgery, a surgical
In general, the more com-
plex your surgery will be, the
sure the surgeon is approved
to operate at the facility. Also
oncologist has the training and check with your insurance
From cancer diagnosis, oncology surgery
more specialized your surgeon’s
skills to remove tumors. Not training and practice should company to verify that not
all surgical oncologists are the be. It’s common sense that do- just the surgeon, but also the
to chemotherapy, our same, though.
Here are some things to
ing something frequently can
keep skills at their sharpest.
hospital where the surgery
takes place, will be covered at

patients will receive

keep in mind when choosing Even within the surgical the level you’re expecting.
one. oncology specialty, there are Communication style
a variety of sub-specialties
Training and licensing The best medical profes-
Surgical oncologists go that come with their own sionals aren’t just incredibly
through some of the longest very specific skill sets and skilled and experienced in
medical and and most intense training in
the medical profession. Their
training. Some surgeons may
have expertise specifically in
their corner of the medical-sci-
ence world. They’re also good
colorectal surgery, gastrointes-
surgical specific field of study and
their most common areas of tinal surgery or head and neck
surgery, for example. Find-
A potentially complex
practice can help you find out procedure like surgery to
oncology in one whether they would be a good
fit in your situation.
ing one whose background
matches your medical needs is
remove a tumor can have a
variety of possible outcomes,
location. Start by checking with your important. and a good surgeon will be
state’s medical board. Most Insurance coverage able to clearly explain what
states have a database that lists Surgical procedures can be you can expect. They’ll also
physicians currently licensed extremely expensive, so it’s let you know the steps to take
to practice in your area. You important to consider your after the procedure to have the
Jack Rostas III, MD, MPH can sometimes find more de- insurance coverage in the best recovery, which will likely
Board-Certified General Surgeon tailed information, such as any decision-making process. include pain medications and
specialty board certifications Check with your insurance limits on your physical activity
Board-Certified Surgical Oncologist they hold and where they went company about which surgical for a period of time.
AHPBA Hepatopancreatobiliary to medical school. oncologists are in-network. Finding a surgical oncol-
Surgeon Other doctors can help you If you’re on Medicare or ogist who has not only the
make a good decision, too. Medicaid, find out whether right education and experience
You can ask your primary the surgeon accepts those pay- to do the job, but also the
care physician or a general ments and what your financial bedside manner to commu-
oncologist who they would responsibility will be. nicate clearly and thoroughly,

Self-referrals Accepted. recommend for your proce-

dure and why.
Hospital privileges
Surgeons must be allowed
will give you peace of mind
when undergoing any kind of
surgical procedure.
to operate in facilities. Dif-
Call 812.254.8856 to schedule an appointment.
Monday - Thursday: 8 am to 5 pm

an affiliate of Ascension St. Vincent

Methods for choosing the

F ew elements of our person-
al health say more about
us than the quality of our
teeth. We’re taught from a very
young age that caring for our
family and colleagues can be a
great resource.
Searching on the Internet
for dental offices in your area
offices might be able to see you
right away, while others may
have a three-week wait time.
Your prospective dentist
will also help. Professionals should accept your dental
teeth will save us a lifetime of often have their own websites, insurance. If don’t have dental
pain and costly procedures — which include the backgrounds insurance, inquire about pay-
and that’s very true. So choosing of those working there. The ment plans. The office should
a dental professional you can website may also tell you about give you an estimate before
trust, along with scheduling how they handle procedures performing any work.
regular care and cleaning can and appointments, as well as
result in just that — a lifetime of
Office visit
specialized services they offer.
When someone meets all
beautiful, healthy teeth. Your local newspaper will
of your requirements, visit
If you don’t already have a likely have advertisements from
the office. The staff should be
regular dentist, choosing the local dentists. Oftentimes you
professional and friendly. Every
right dental health profes- can find specials and discounts.
dentist should be willing to
sional is essential to helping
you maintain your health and
Interview dentists answer all of your questions.
Once you have gathered a Some people are afraid of
appearance in addition to
list, begin calling each prospec- dentists or of pain. If you have
helping you avoid nasty dental
tive dentist. You can talk to a any concerns, communicate
problems down the road.
receptionist or other staff per- with the staff and dentist.
No one wants to have a root
son if the dentist is unavailable. Many professionals are willing
canal redone because of shoddy
Check to make sure the to go above and beyond to help
dentist earned the necessary you work through these issues.
Find a dentist who makes
degree from a reputable school A basic oral health history
you feel comfortable and
and is current on all licensing should be taken by the dentist
explains every procedure in an
and continuing educational or staff. They should tell you
understandable way, and you’ll
requirements. Ideally, he will be about future treatment and
be in good hands.
familiar with the latest dental prevention options. A quality
Finding a dentist near your
technologies and trends. dentist will help you feel com-
home or workplace will help
Ask if the dental office pro- fortable during your visit.
you make your appointments
vides emergency services. If you The best dentists offer friend-
on time. When searching for
break a tooth or need to have a ly, happy dental experiences.
a dentist, make sure the office
root canal done right away, you Teeth are extremely import-
hours work for your schedule.
will want to use your chosen ant to your overall health. They
So how should you start your
dentist. You don’t want to have can also help or hinder your
to search for a dentist when you appearance. Finding a good
Ask around are in pain. dentist is like finding a friend
First, ask your social network Lead time for appointments who consistently brings out
for recommendations. Friends, is another consideration. Some your best smile.
How to choose and pick the best cardiologist
for you.
Also consider the cardiol-

CARDIAC CARE ogist’s specialty. Some car-

diologists become experts at
one particular procedure by
Because heart disease is the Word of mouth performing and perfecting it
No. 1 cause of deaths in the Talk to your friends, family over many years. They’ll earn a
United States, cardiologists oc- and colleagues about their reputation for being experts in
cupy the front-line in treating experiences with local cardiol-
that narrow field. Others will
this life-giving organ. ogists.
Heart attacks are not They’ll be able to tell you diagnose and treat a wide range
the only reason one would the good and bad things of heart problems and diseases.
encounter a cardiologist, but they experienced from their Your personal heart health
they’re certainly among the cardiologist and can help give needs will determine the kind
most prominent. Diseases of you insights that can only come of cardiologist you should see.
the heart are numerous and from a first-person testimonial. Resources
complicated, and treating them This will be the best way to
is key to your cardiovascular Many cardiac procedures
learn whether the cardiologist
health. has a friendly staff and a good require regular visits to check
As with any health issue, bedside manner. on the condition of your heart
prevention is paramount. A over time. And the help and
cardiologist can also help you
Area of expertise support you get after any heart
What’s most important,
take preventative care of your procedure is important.
however, is whether the cardi-
heart by explaining what heart You may need to eat a
ologist has the right training,
troubles you are most risk of healthier diet, get regular
qualifications and experience.
developing and giving you a exercise, quit smoking or lose
Cardiologists must first be
plan to protect your bodies weight to improve your heart
certified in internal medicine
busiest muscle. health. These things can be
and then earn an additional
If you’re looking for a cardi-
certification in cardiology prior aided through a support group
ologist, here are a few things to
to practice following medical or specialized health program
keep in mind:
school and residency. So, you’ll to keep your cardiac rehabilita-
Referrals want to be sure yours is board tion on track. Your cardiologist
Usually, a referral from your certified. can help facilitate these services
primary care doctor is the first The American Board of after your initial treatment and
step in visiting a cardiologist. Medical Specialties has set up a provide valuable resources to
If you have a regular doctor, website, CertificationMatters.
they should have all the infor- help you care for yourself.
org, where you can search to
mation they need to recom- see which board certifications a Your unique situation will
mend the right heart specialist doctor holds. determine which cardiologists
depending on your concerns. A cardiologist will have dif- you choose. But getting the
Your doctor will also make sure ferent board certifications than right one is vital to ensuring
that the cardiologist is apprised a cardiac surgeon. Your regular you enjoy your best heart
of your medical history. doctor can help you sort it out health for years to come.

How to choose a What is the news source’s

agenda? Is it to inform readers?
Promote a left- or right-leaning

NEWS SOURCE way of thinking? Sell a product?

Win an election? Make sure
you understand the agenda

R eliable news sources mat- mission and ethics. Also, of the news source so you can
ter now more than ever. good news sources will clearly approach the information
In a time when everyone separate opinion columns from accordingly. An unbiased news
shares opinions online, it’s news stories. source will separate news from
important to make sure those opinion, promote accuracy and
opinions are well informed.
Information sources
correct errors.
Information sources are im-
We need reliable news sources
to give us factual and generally
portant. Sources tell us where Local news
the information originated. Local journalists and report-
unbiased information.
Journalists should clearly source ers live and work in the same
Here are a few tips for find-
their information to back up community as you. They are
ing a trustworthy news source.
credibility and prove the infor- familiar with the people and
Credibility mation is not the journalist’s stories that affect you daily.
Is the outlet credible? Check opinion. A good information Often, their lives overlap yours,
the URL and make sure it’s not source will have knowledge, and you may share common
passing itself off as a reliable training or first-hand experi- interests and concerns. They
news source, when in reality ence on the topic. know your school system,
it’s not. Read the site’s “About business climate, communi-
Us” section to learn the site’s
ty figures, sports teams, and
weather. Local news sources
can give a voice to you and the
people who surround you.
No matter what sources
you choose to stay informed,
be sure to do your research.
A little homework will go a
long way toward preventing

How to choose a dealer for Find out about the installa-

tion services they use and the
dealer’s reliability. Do they use
in-company groups or outside Your dealer should also be
contractors? Also, find out about friendly, and the showroom
prices and warranty coverage. should be inviting.

all your FLOORING

C hoosing new or re-
placement flooring will
change the look, feel
and value of your home.
track record of excellent cus-
tomer service. Spending extra
money is worth purchasing a
product from a flooring dealer
Most flooring can be
installed in about a day, but
ceramic and porcelain tile
installations require about two We’ve got you covered!
It’s an important decision you can trust. days. When doing an entire
and there are plenty of great Carpeting: you’ll want a house, plan for more than two
options, including carpet,
vinyl plank flooring, ceramic
long-lasting, easy-to-main-
tain carpet, and the new
days. Flooring, Carpet, Tile,
Installers: ideally, choose a
tile and porcelain tile.
You will need guidance on
carpets are higher quality and
very easy to care for. Smart
dealer with in-house install- Vinyl, Hardwoods, We take your
ers who are considered to be
which brands and types are
durable and low maintenance,
Strand is a good choice, and
almost all carpeting has pet
second-to-none. These are Backsplashes, & Flooring from
experts who know how to Beginning to End!
as well as what material best
fits your needs and lifestyle.
protection built-in (for easier
cleaning). You’ll want to talk
do the work thoroughly and Showers
This is where a good dealer with the experts at your dealer
You also want to keep in Our re
can help you determine which about what locations would be
mind the entire interior of lers a Daily Specials on In-Stock Flooring
flooring is best for you. best for carpet (living rooms,
your home, and choose a In al o None!
d T - Large Selection of Remnants
Here are some things to bedrooms).
flooring dealer with interior Secon
consider as you shop for Vinyl Plank Flooring: 100
flooring. percent waterproof makes for decorating capabilities as well.
When picking the best a very easy choice in floor- This enables the installation
to harmonize with existing

Lincoln Trail
flooring and respective dealer, ing. You can choose this for
try not to be overly frugal. You the bath, utility rooms, entry decor.
must think about longevity. ways, as well as the whole After making a list of
Your budget may be tight, but
you must get the best value
house, and many people do so
(due to allergies, or high-traf-
potential dealers, give each of
them a call. Inquire about the Decorating Center
possible. fic areas). background of the company Call today for
So be sure to look at addi- Ceramic and Porcelain and how long they’ve been 1432 N. State Road 67 Vincennes, Indiana
tional support and services. Tile: for kitchens, showers, in business. You may ask 812-882-4141 Free Estimates &
Find a quality dealer with back splashes, and more and for referrals from previous “Serving your Flooring Needs for over 40 Years” Measuring 812-882-4141.
a great reputation and long more, the whole house. customers.
How to choose a MATTRESS the pillow-top adds to their
extra thickness.
• Coil spring construction are
chambers. It is an ideal
choice for partners who need
to have different mattress

great choices for people who preferences. You can also
uying a new mattress the wild range of prices in a as much about the mattress a personalized experience
want a firm mattress. This
is no longer a one-stop mattress store. But selecting the sagging and breaking down. without disturbing the other alter firmness for yourself,
option has the ability to keep
proposition for many. right mattress for your needs at Consider your bed size. Is it person’s sleep. depending on your physical
your spine aligned. Most
The mattress industry has the right price really is pretty time to buy a bigger bed? Per- • Standard mattresses can condition.
mattress stores can show
boomed with the introduction simple. haps you would like to sprawl exacerbate allergies if you you samples of their product
of memory foam, sensor-ac- Ask your friends and family out and relax. are sensitive to lint, cotton, When shopping for a
lines. Choose the best con- mattress, don’t be afraid of
tivated comfort control and for recommendations, and then Here are a few other things dust or dust mites. If you or struction you can afford.
firms that sell quality products start browsing. Or you can to keep in mind: your partner have allergies, lying down and trying it out.
• ”Memory” or high-density
online. scour the Internet for informa- consider getting a latex, foam foam or latex mattress are Roll over and pay attention to
• Do you need a firm or soft
It is estimated that we sleep tion and start narrowing your or water mattress. You might helpful if you have physical how your body feels. Are you
mattress? People with a bad
a third of our lives away, so a choices. also think about getting issues, such as skeletal pain comfortable?
back, neck or leg pain, or
comfortable mattress is key Purchasing a mattress is a a hypoallergenic mattress or circulatory problems. Inquire about the mattress
other circulatory problems
to comfort and eliminating long-term investment in your cover. This mattress conforms to guarantee or warranty. A stan-
might require firm support
sleep deprivation. When you health and self-esteem. Don’t the shape of the body. It also dard warranty is 10 years. If the
to keep their spines aligned. When you are looking at
think about that, a new, quality be afraid of looking at pricier minimizes pressure points
Other people prefer flexible actual mattress options, the warranty is shorter or non-exis-
mattress that provides you with options. Often, expensive mat- from the head, shoulders and
support that fits the contours following are popular choices: tent, look elsewhere.
a restful night’s sleep is well tresses may be on sale or part hips.
of their bodies. • Pillow-top mattresses are Remember, your mattress is a
worth the price. of a closeout event. Quality • Adjustable air mattress-
• Do you sleep with another famous for their softness; long-term investment. Choose
You shouldn’t lose sleep over mattresses last longer, so you es allow each person to
person? Mattresses made however, they do have levels wisely and you will be rewarded
shopping for a new mattress, will not have to go through the change the firmness through
of memory foam might be of firmness. They also require
either. Sure, the number of trouble of buying another mat- electronic and mechanical with years of restful nights and
beneficial, as it will give you a larger bottom sheet because
options can be as daunting as tress in a year or two. Or worry devices that control air energetic days.

“Where Quality Is Affordable!”

744 S. State Rd. 57, Washington, IN 47501 • 812-254-2390
Monday thru Friday 8 A.M. - 5 P.M.
Saturday 9 A.M. - 2 P.M., Sunday Closed

•Locally owned and operated

•Delivery available
•Financing available
•Large selection of Mattresses, Furniture,
and Appliances including manufacturers

1725 N. 6th St. Vincennes IN 47591

Monday thru Friday 9 A.M. - 5 P.M.
Saturday 9 A.M. - 2 P.M., Sunday Closed


•Specializing in Mattresses and
Living Room Furniture
•Over 25 styles of mattresses to choose from
•Large selection of Recliners, lift chairs, sofas,
sectionals with special order options
•Financing available
•Mattresses made in Jeffersonville, Indiana
Finding a good
W hether it’s a broken or
failing appliance or
the appeal of a newer
appliance — its features, design
and convenience — purchas-
also offer free delivery in the
local area.
You can get a good idea of
the services offered by various
companies via business review
As always, conduct research
on the appliance you need to
make sure you are spending
money wisely. Not all appli-
ances are the same; just because
ing large appliances is one of sites. Don’t dismiss negative one manufacturer was excellent
the larger investments you’ll reviews, but keep in mind that two decades ago doesn’t mean
confront. customers who have good expe- the quality will be the same
Chances are you’ve already riences are less likely to crow on now.
done some research or quizzed the internet.
friends or family about their
Store policies
Consumer Reports (www.
Review the store’s policies
own experiences with various and
about warranties and repairs.
appliances, but shopping for the Better Business Bureau
If the appliance comes with
one can be daunting. But it can ( are also great
a one-year manufacturer’s
also be fun. resources for finding reputable
warranty, you might not need
These days appliance man- businesses. To qualify for listing
an additional warranty from
ufacturers produce items that on the Better Business Bureau
the store.
have every conceivable feature site, the business must be reli-
Appliances have a yearly sale
to make your life easier. Explor- able and honest.
price cycle. Washers and dryers
ing these innovations in home Many stores also have review
usually go on sale during the
appliance technology can be sections for customers to
winter. Refrigerators are often
an enjoyable and eye-opening leave comments, reviews and
discounted in the spring, and
experience. ratings for the services and the
stoves and ovens in the fall. If
We’ve put together some products they sell, which can
you don’t need it right away,
tips that can help you narrow give you some insight into the
consider shopping seasonally
your search and find exactly business and their products.
for the best deal.
what you need. But first you’ll
have to determine your budget
Advertisements You could also haggle for
For most of us, getting a a price, especially at a local
and requirements — what you
good deal is probably a top appliance store. Salespeople
need, what you want and what
concern when shopping for are typically prepared for this
you’re willing to pay for it.
appliances. Check your local process. If you are too shy or
Now, it’s time to go shop-
newspaper and your mailbox afraid of haggling, ask the store
for circulars announcing the for extras, such as an extended
Shopping online latest, greatest deals on appli- warranty or free delivery and
First, do an internet search ances in your area. set-up. It never hurts to ask.
for appliance stores in your Many stores will use They just might give it to you.
area. Local stores are easier to price-matching to stay compet- Consider these questions
work with and you will likely itive. Not all stores have policies when you’re looking for an
be able to get your appliance on price-matching, so be sure appliance store: Do they have
much quicker than if you had to ask first. If you can find a a delivery window, warranty
to go out of the area or order it. lower advertised price on the options, repair services and
If your refrigerator has stopped exact same product and model range of products?
working, this is especially im- elsewhere, many stores will sell Answer these questions, and
portant. Many appliance stores you the product for that price. know that you’ll purchase your
appliances with confidence.

How to choose an
Y ou’ve probably seen
them on the sidelines at
games, out of the lime-
light until the worst possible
time: when an injury occurs.
an injury occurs, getting it
diagnosed and properly treated
quickly makes a big differ-
ence in recovery times, which
ultimately can save money on
required to earn a bachelor’s
degree at a minimum. They
also need to be certified or
licensed to work in your state,
something that differs from
Athletic trainers play an im- health care later. place to place.
portant role in keeping athletes For serious injuries, having Most states have an online
healthy and performing at a someone ready to administer database that lets you search
high level. While they’re fre- first aid can also lead to faster for licensed trainers in your
quently seen on the sidelines recoveries and better out- area. Just like with state
of competitive games helping comes. medical boards, you can see
injured players, they also may Trainers also help teams stay whether the trainer holds the
work on practice fields or in- competitive. Because they’re right credentials.
side schools, hospitals, fitness skilled at preventing, treating
centers and doctor’s offices. and diagnosing various injuries Experience
They’re in high demand, and illnesses — especially Beyond the basic legal
too. According to the United those involving muscles and requirements, a trainer’s ex-
States Bureau of Labor bones — having an athletic perience and background can
Statistics, the athletic trainer trainer can mean getting play an important part in the
profession is expected to grow skilled players back on the decision.
nearly 20 percent by 2028, a field faster. Find out what kinds of
figure the bureau says is “much This is especially important sports the trainer has worked
faster than the average for all as year-round sports competi- around most often and what
occupations.” tions become more prevalent types of injuries they treat
Why all the growth? Much for young people, increasing most frequently.
of it boils down to two things: the risk of injuries. It’s also a Any licensed trainer can do
competition and safety. needed service for middle-aged the job, but some will have
and older populations as peo- specialized skills or interests
Benefits of athletic that make them a better fit for
ple remain active later in life.
trainers certain sports or activities. Ide-
The safety benefits of having Qualifications
ally, you’ll find a trainer with
access to an athletic trainer Before they can work in
a not just background that
will get you back in the game... should be obvious. When the field, athletic trainers are
matches your needs, but also a
passion for the activity.

FASTER. Other considerations

The best athletic trainers
won’t just treat injuries after
they happen. They’ll also be
skilled at helping you develop
a comprehensive plan for
preventing injuries, too.
That’s because good athletic
trainers don’t just see them-
selves as doing a job, but being
a part of the team. They’re
invested in it and want to see
both the team and players | 812.254.2673
That means the trainer’s
personality and drive are im-
A Service of Daviess Community Hospital portant. A great athletic trainer
will constantly be learning and
studying about their field, be
personable and a good com-
municator when working with
players and parents, and be
both dependable and flexible
about their schedule.
With some thoughtful
searching, a good athletic
an affiliate of Ascension St. Vincent trainer can make a positive
difference for any team that
wants to be both safer and
more competitive.
Best methods for selecting a
F or your best health, you
need to have a good
relationship with your
primary care provider. And
Meeting your needs
Experts recommend selecting
a general practitioner to serve
as your primary care physician.
medical board. This licensing
body will also tell you if he has
any pending disciplinary action
or complaints.
if you want to have a good This professional might be an Not every doctor accepts
relationship with your doctor internal medicine doctor or a new patients. Once you have
or practitioner, it helps to start member of a family practice. collected a list of possible physi-
by picking the right one. Under some circumstances, cians, contact them to make
The best providers are excel- it is better to select a doctor sure they will accept new pa-
lent listeners who take patient practicing within a particular tients, as well as the insurance
concerns seriously. But there specialty. you carry.
are some other things you need Women might feel more Ideally, your first visit will
to consider when feeling out comfortable with an obstetri- include a routine physical ex-
a new doctor’s office. Here are cian/gynecologist or OB/GYN, amination and documentation
some things to think about: as a primary care physician. of your medical history. But
Insurance A pediatrician might be the sometimes insurance carriers
Insurance companies have primary care physician for chil- will decline payment for rou-
contracts with individuals or dren. Seniors could even have tine exams.
group practices. It is likely that a geriatric specialist for their Convenience
you cannot go outside of your primary care physician. Convenience is another im-
insurer’s provider network Ask for referrals portant factor when choosing
without paying an additional Friends, family and other a physician. His or her office
fee. Your primary care doctor trusted sources are the best should be easily accessible from
should be able to understand way to find a new doctor. your home or workplace.
your medical needs, as well as People will gladly give referrals Ensure the doctor has
offer you appropriate referrals when they have had positive admitting privileges at your
should you need a specialist. It experiences with their health preferred hospital in the event
is possible that using a doctor care providers. They will also you need treatment. Ask where
outside your insurer’s primary provide feedback when the ex- your physician can perform
care network may subject you perience was not to their liking. diagnostic tests and procedures.
to out-of-pocket expenses. The American Medical Some doctors might use a sep-
Some insurance carriers do Association or other profession- arate facility rather than their
not impose restrictions on your al physicians’ organizations in own offices.
choice of physicians. If you your area will be another useful Finally, inquire how long it
have this kind of policy, look to resource. usually takes to book an ap-
your local newspaper or online Prior to making a final pointment. When an emergen-
advertisements to find potential decision, always confirm that cy arises, you will want to know
primary care providers in your your physician has a current that your new doctor can meet
area. license to practice with the state you quickly.

How to choose styles of communicating that

can make a big difference.
You should feel comfortable

a GENERAL talking with the surgeon and

getting answers to your ques-
tions. Likewise, the surgeon

SURGEON should make you feel comfort-

able enough to let them know
your concerns and openly share

M odern surgical proce- may perform diagnostic tests medical information that might
dures are generally safe and determine the course of be important.
and performed with action for your treatment — The best surgeons will
a regularity that brings little something that may or may not consider your preferences
worry to those who are being for treatment as part of their
require surgery, depending on
operated on. But that doesn’t process. They’ll listen closely to
your health needs. Your family
mean you should not scruti- your needs and questions, then
doctor or specialist should be
address them in a way that’s
nize the surgeon performing a able to explain what to expect
easy for you to understand.
procedure. when you visit the surgeon for
Most people don’t have the first time. Hospital and insurance
much experience shopping for Finally, there are two factors
surgeons like they do ordinary
Background that could play a role in your
There may be no career field decision. What hospital is the
goods and services, though.
where education, ongoing surgeon affiliated with, and
So how do you pick the best
training and experience matter how well does your insurance
one? Here are some factors to
more than in surgery. That’s cover them?
why you should ask questions Ideally, you’ll want to have
Referrals and learn about the surgeon’s your surgery performed in a
Your primary care doctor can background before you make hospital or surgical center close to
refer you to general surgeons a choice. your home, where time and trav-
they recommend in your area. Ask about the surgeon’s el considerations are reasonable.
This is an important first experience as it relates to your It’s important to know your
step because not only does potential procedure. Is it some- insurance details, too.
it give you a recommenda- thing they perform regularly? If both the hospital and
tion from a trained medical Do they have any specialized surgeon are considered “in net-
expert — something that training, technology or experi- work” by your insurance plan,
should carry more weight than ence level that sets them apart you typically pay lower out-of-
other factors — but it also gives from other surgeons? pocket costs. Your insurance
you a chance to learn more In most areas, information company can help explain what
about what to expect and ask about medical qualifications costs you can expect to pay for
questions about your potential is available online through the your surgery, including any
surgeon and surgery. state medical board or a board deductibles and co-pays.
Your doctor makes referrals of specialization. Try to learn Choosing one general
for a good reason. They know as much about your surgeon’s surgeon over another can some-
which surgeons in the area have background as possible through times make a big difference to
experience successfully handling these websites, including your pocketbook, so know the
your specific medical needs. whether they have disciplinary costs and insurance coverage
It’s a good idea to ask your action in their history. up front.
doctor not only which surgeons If you can find a surgeon
they recommend, but why.
While all certified general who is highly experienced and
They can give you insight into qualified in your procedure, has
surgeons will have met the
medical issues that you may not good communication skills, is
same stringent education and
have considered. covered by your insurance and
experience requirements before
You also can learn more recommended by your doctor,
going into medical practice,
about what to expect down the you’ll be more likely to have a
some surgeons have different
road. For example, a surgeon great experience in the end.
Choosing the best
PEDIATRICIAN for your child
F or a child, visiting a doc-
tor’s office might seem
like a terrifying prospect.
Initial visits can make an
indelible mark on children
You can also check with
your family doctor or OB/
GYN who delivered your
baby. They will have informed
recommendations to help you
can find out who will work
best with your child.
Look at their office loca-
tions. They should be in a con-
venient location, not far from
for future treatments and the select the best doctor. your home. You will probably
cold, clinical atmosphere of Don’t just collect one or visit this doctor quite often, so
most medical clinics can be an two names. Ideally, you should convenience is a big factor.
immediate source of fear. have a list of at least three When you meet with the
Fortunately, pediatricians
are trained not only in medical
professionals. It will help you
compare and made the right
doctor, focus on his or her
philosophy. Some physicians A physician and
mother of four,
treatment for children but how selection. prefer to run lots of tests.
to make them most comfort- Others have a more relaxed
able during their visits. Wel- and homespun approach.
Next, look at your insurance
coming, child-friendly waiting
and exam rooms, along with
a caring, easy-going manner
policy. Find out if any of the
people on the list are part of
Parents who follow a well-
ness philosophy might have to
look harder to find a doctor
Dr. de la Vergne
brings 23 years
your network plan. Remember
work wonders on youngsters. who is open-minded about
that children visit the doctor
If you’re looking for a pedi- alternative medicine. If you are
more frequently than adults

of expertise and
atrician for your child, here’s interested in alternative vac-
because they catch a lot of
how to get started. cine schedules, be sure to find
viruses while building up their
out if your doctor is receptive
Recommendations immune systems. Doctors not
Family, friends and ac-
quaintances will likely have
covered by your insurance
to this idea.
should be crossed off your list. The visit personal Tanya de la Vergne, MD
experience to
recommendations about good You might also reconsider your Bring your child along for Board-Certified Pediatrician
pediatricians in your area. insurance policy. this meeting. It will help you
Parents will be happy to share gauge their interaction.
Narrowing the list
the pediatric patients of Daviess
about their experiences at the The doctor should make
It is time to arrange a meet-
pediatrician’s office. your child feel at ease. He
ing with each physician so you
should be patient, tolerant and
You must feel comfortable County and surrounding area.
with this medical professional
as well. He should take the
time to answer your questions
Inquire about their
emergency policy. Does the
office accept walk-ins? If your
Accepting New Patients
child gets sick in the middle
of the night, can you call the
Call 812.257.0383 for an appointment
pediatrician or nurse? Find out
about office hours and when

you need to visit the hospital
Is the office decorated with
children in mind? Is it a safe,
inviting atmosphere? Does the
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
practice use modern equip-
ment? Are exam rooms clean?
Many pediatricians now
offer separate waiting rooms 1402 Grand Avenue
for children who are not sick.
These “well child” waiting Washington, IN 47501
areas help stop the spread of
viruses. If your child is there
for a checkup, it is a bad idea
to have him sit next to another
child who has the flu.
With this strategy, you
should have an easier time
an affiliate of Ascension St. Vincent
selecting a pediatrician.
Choosing well now will save
you time and trouble in the

How to choose a REAL ESTATE AGENCY experience. Small agencies can

provide more personalized
service, but they may not have
the networking advantages of
Purchasing or selling a home navigating the myriad contracts agency that can best represent share of real estate businesses. you, and solid contacts with
and property is, in the best case, and making a deal that benefits your interests. But choose wisely, all are not other realty companies. a large company. Big agencies
a complicated process. It takes a you. So you’ll want to do your These days, it seems like equal. You should ask around This assumes major impor- have more opportunities to net-
professional with experience in research and find a real estate every town has more than its and check with your local tance when you’re selling your work and sell your home, but
business bureau for suggestions current house, because the they may have to divide their
about good agencies in your agency usually handles the sale time among many clients.
area. while the realtor helps you find Be prepared to ask an agency
Once you have a list of possi- your new one. the following questions if you
bilities, do some research. Find The marketing strategy and are selling your home:
out how long the agency has advertising is what makes each • How will you advertise my
been in business. Ideally, you agency unique. It will great- home? Will you use the
want people who know your ly influence the sale of your internet and newspapers?
community. home. • How many pictures of my
If the real estate agency is Although most companies house will appear online?
merely a side business, it might might look the same, real estate • On which sites will my
not give you the best results. agencies have a preference for home be featured?
Buying and selling homes is a the kind of properties they • Do you have other homes
full time job. show or sell. These concentra- that have recently been sold
Look on the internet and tions might include commercial in this price range?
read customer service reviews. properties or high-end homes. • How long has the agency
They should also have an im- Try to find a business with a fo- been selling homes in my
pact on your overall impression cus that concentrates on selling
of an agency. homes similar to yours.
• What makes your agency
Once you have narrowed Look at an agency’s listings
your list, contact some busi- to see if your home would fit
nesses and ask them questions. in nicely with their existing The two biggest financial
You should know about their clients. If you were purchas- decisions you will make in your
listings, fees and commissions. ing a home, would you find lifetime are buying and selling a
Choose an agency that has their listings easy to read and home. Protect your investment
connections with the commu- informative? and peace of mind by choosing
nity, a sharp understanding of The size of the agency the best and most trustworthy
neighborhoods that interest will have an impact on your real estate agency you can find.

Real Estate Merchandisers

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Office: more real estate than RE/MAX.
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Office: 812.254.1973 rem I am a li

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Each office Independently Owned and Operated.
How to choose a designs to consider. Maybe you
would prefer a one-story ranch,
two-story home, Cape Cod or

MODULAR HOME chalet-style structure. You can

customize the look to meet

your lifestyle and budget.
odular homes don’t works with modular home Because these homes are
necessarily mean cheap manufacturers. manufactured by using innova-
or poorly constructed The best dealers are licensed tive technologies in a controlled
— although they can save you general contractors who can environment, the result is a
a substantial amount of money. handle all aspects of construct- more precisely built home.
Different from mobile or ing your home. He will make Weather variations during
manufacturer homes, modu- certain that the design meets construction will not affect the
lar homes can be worthwhile your specifications and budget. house.
investment that means a home Dealers oversee all aspects of Manufacturers purchase
can be constructed in weeks putting your home together, massive qualities of materials
rather than months. which includes securing the for their factories, so they pass
Modular homes are built in correct permits, to concrete, their cost savings on to you.
large section in a factory, then plumbing, HVAC, electrical Typically, production time
delivered and assembled quick- and carpentry work that will at the factory takes about eight
ly at the construction site. The occur onsite. weeks. The structure will be
time savings and the efficiencies In addition, the best dealers delivered and placed onto your
of producing most of the struc- will assist you with your lender foundation. After that, the
ture in a modern factory also and title company. They want final process of construction
make modular homes a great to make sure everything goes usually takes two to four weeks
value for careful buyers. smoothly for you. depending on the home and
Follow these tips to help you job site.
find a modular home that will
The manufacturer Research the background
Once you pick a dealer, you and expertise of your dealer and
fit your needs.
can begin to look at styles of manufacturer. Look carefully at
The dealer modular homes. the features and design of the
Your first stop is finding a Each manufacturer has dif- manufacturer’s plans. Your hard
qualified, licensed dealer who ferent options. There are sizes, work will result in a high-quali-
floor plans and architectural ty home built to last.

How to choose a best to choose a funeral home

Ed L. Lee
that will cater to your specific
needs in order to make this

FUNERAL HOME difficult situation a little less


Caring Staff

hoosing a funeral home the prices of the various funeral
is never an easy process. homes in your community. When visiting a potential fu-
During times of loss, neral home, the funeral director
the emotional pain and grief
Ask For References can be a major deciding factor
can be crippling and making
From Friends when you choose whether
Even if you have never had or not to use this particular
arrangements for a funeral can
to choose a funeral home in the company to handle the funeral
complicate and already difficult
past, you may have a friend or of your loved one.
But there are ways to make
two who has. Ask these friends
if they would recommend the
this difficult decision a little bit
A caring and professional
funeral director and staff will Will guide you to a compassionate,
services provided at the funeral take the time to explain all your
easier on you and your family.
Here are some tips to help
homes they have used.
They may be able to share
options in an empathetic way professional & affordable
make choosing the right funeral so you can make a better choice
home less stressful.
valuable information about
the staff, facility and prices of a
when choosing a funeral home.
If the director seems short
funeral service.
Compare Prices specific funeral home.
If you have had to make fu- or uninterested in your needs
neral arrangements in the past,
Ask About Packages or makes you feel like you and
Whether your deceased loved your deceased loved one aren’t
you may be tempted to just go
with the funeral home you have
one had a specific list for their
final wishes or you have to
important, you won’t want to
choose this facility to handle
2 Convenient Locations
experience with. While this
may be a smart option for some
people, it’s not always the right
make these decisions for your-
self, it is important that you ask
the funeral of your loved one.
While dealing with the death
in Washington
a potential funeral home what of a loved one is hard, choosing
types of packages they offer. the right funeral home can help
Depending on how long it’s
You will find that not all relieve you of some stress.
been since you needed to make
funeral homes are created If you want your loved one
funeral arrangements for a
equal, and each offers their own to receive the proper funeral he
loved one, the price of that par-
different ways of handling a or she deserves, following the
ticular funeral home may have
service. No matter what type above listed tips should help
gone up. That’s why it is wise
of requirements you have, it is you make the right choice.
to shop around and compare

101 North Meridian Street

620 East Viola
Washington, IN 47501
Phone: 812-254-3612 • Fax: 812-254-5633
How to choose a FINANCIAL ADVISOR be someone who will guide
and inform you. He or she
will continually increase your

T here are many sound paper will likely have adver- Areas of expertise sion. Look at the rate of success mission-based services. It will knowledge about your current
reasons for choosing a tisements for local advisors. Financial products can con- for each advisor. Has the rate of greatly influence your selection. financial situation and how to
financial advisor to man- Remember to research each tribute to your well-being and return on his recommendations A commission-based improve it.
age your money. Professional advisor with an eye toward your peace of mind. Some common outpaced the average market advisor is prone to suggesting Put it in writing
advisors are experts in wealth own situation and goals. investing tools include bonds, rate of return over time? An ad- financial products that offer
Once you have narrowed
management and can guide you Once you have a list of three mutual funds, stocks and com- visor with a solid rate of return a professional commission. It
your list to one or two advisors;
how best to save, invest and or four possibilities; look closer modities. conducts research to strengthen could needlessly increase your
allot your money for current at each choice. It might be a his clients’ portfolios. exposure to risk. Only use a ask each to write a plan for
Weighing risk is essential.
and future needs. They can also good idea to pick a financial Some products will undoubt- During tough or stagnant commission-based advisor if he moving you from where you
suggest avenues of money man- advisor who is a certified finan- edly be better for your portfolio economic times, experience or she has a proven track record are to where you want to be.
agement that hadn’t occurred to cial planner. A certified finan- than others. An experienced will play a vital role. Has your of success and also has your Get a written copy of this
you, help lower your taxes and cial planner has passed rigorous financial advisor can customize advisor weathered previous eco- best interest in mind. proposal.
guide you through uncertain exams to obtain a certificate. a portfolio especially for you. nomic slowdowns? Do clients When you need someone This document should have
financial times. Once you have discovered You can also do some re- thrive in bleak environments? who puts your best interests your short-term and long-term
A great financial planner can each advisor’s qualifications, search to find a segment of the Or have clients taken multiple first, go with a fee-based advi- goals, and also state who else
also teach you how to man- contact the certifying organiza- market that might be a good fit hits to their portfolios? sor. He or she will be compen- will profit from the proposal.
age household expenses and tions to find out if there have for your situation. Then look You should be wary if clients sated only for the time spent on This plan should be written
increase their wealth through been any complaints against for an advisor who special- appear to be doing too good serving your portfolio. clearly so you completely
proper money management. each professional. If so, find izes in that investment. For during tough times. Someone understand it.
To find a reliable financial
out how the complaints were example, if you want to invest with an extraordinary success Once everything has been
Once you have narrowed
advisor, start by asking your resolved. in commodities, your poten- rate might be too good to be completed to your satisfaction,
your prospects to two or three
social network. Friends and You can request a list of tial advisor should have some true. you can choose a financial
possibilities, schedule a meeting
family may have some sugges- satisfied clients who have goals experience in that market.
Fees or commissions with each professional. During advisor. Then you can comfort-
comparable to yours. Con-
Research online for advisors tact them to talk about their
Rate of success Inquire about how your this consultation, communicate ably relax and know that your
Success rates will also play a advisor is paid for services. your goals honestly and clearly. money and future are in good
in your area. Your local news- experiences.
prominent role in your deci- Most offer fee-based or com- A financial planner should hands.
Finding the right institution has a different policy
about these matters.
Many financial institutions
Financial institutions usually
invest deposited funds under
a fractional reserve banking
Still, a solid financial institution
will limit exposure to toxic
assets that put its balance sheet

FINANCIAL INSTITUTION offer overdraft coverage in the

form of a high-interest credit
line. Other financial institu-
system. Any financial institu-
tion with a strong balance sheet
should be able to weather any
at risk.

Most financial institutions
anking, like almost Look at a fee schedule to Also, ask about their online tions charge fees each time an turbulence caused by market offer a variety of services.
everything in the inter- determine if it is acceptable to banking policies. Is the finan- overdraft occurs. corrections. Whether you need to get a loan
net age, has changed you. cial institution’s website easy Other financial institutions Most financial institutions or open a checking account,
drastically. to navigate and secure? Online provide no coverage. Be sure are also insured by the Federal choose a financial institution
Most of us hardly carry
Convenience Deposit Insurance Corporation that fulfills your needs with
banking can be a great way to to research overdraft policies
Financial institutions with for up to $250,000 per depos-
much cash or write checks pay bills and transfer money before making a final decision. the fewest fees. It should offer
multiple locations in conve- itor. This can vary depending the maximum conveniences
anymore with the rise of online between accounts.
banking. But that doesn’t mean
nient areas are important. Stability on the type and number of possible.
If you travel frequently, make Overdraft safeguards It is very important to accounts held by a customer. Careful and vigilant shoppers
all financial institutions are the
sure your local or regional fi- We all make mistakes. consider a financial institution’s If you understand these will have positive experiences
same. Accessing your money
nancial institution is a member Accidental overdrafts happen stability. Before you hand mon- safeguards, your money will be by making an effort to choose a
almost anywhere at any time
of a national network. occasionally. Each financial ey to an institution, check its safe in a financial institution. trustworthy commercial finan-
is a great convenience, but
choosing the right financial history and financial condition. But failures are still possible. cial institution.
institution to serve your needs
still requires close scrutiny.
Which sort of financial insti-
tution you choose — a “name”
institution, credit union or the
new-money, internet bank —
reflects your financial needs and
how you wish to deposit and
manage your hard-earned pay.
Here are a few things to
Interest rates
Financial institutions want
to be competitive. One way
they entice new customers is
by offering handsome interest
rates. It’s not uncommon for
savings account interest rates to
vary widely, but the majority of
institutions make adjustments
according to changes in the fed-
eral funds rate.
If you think interest rates
are inconsequential, you’re
wrong. When substantial
deposit amounts are involved,
the difference a few percentage
points on an interest rate makes
can be significant. Use online
resources and shop around for
the best rates in your area.
Financial institutions are also
notorious for charging fees for
certain transactions. A checking
account may only allow a
certain number of checks to
be written each month before
a fee is assessed, or maybe a
minimum balance is required
to keep the account active.
Some financial institutions
offer free checking. But you
should make sure that the free
checking is really free. There
may be stipulations such as
being required to keep a mini-
mum balance in the account at
all times.
Tips for selecting a quality HEARING AID to help you choose the right
style to fit your needs.

Internal electronics
ore than 40 million Hearing aids can help are sometimes quite different Styles size means they are typically The design of a hearing aid
Americans suffer from relieve the consequences of this from person to person. Gone are the days of bulky, more expensive. will make a large difference
some form of hearing condition and ensure that the Recent innovations in obvious hearing aids. Other styles include half- in cost and performance. Two
loss or impairment. Difficulty hearing-impaired lead richer, hearing aids include digital The most popular hearing shell, full-shell, behind-the-ear devices may look similar but
hearing can have a huge impact fuller lives. processors to isolate and am- aids on the market fit com- and open-fit hearing aids. produce dramatically different
on our lives, from struggling If you think you may need plify the frequencies a patient pletely within the ear canal. Because these hearing aids results.
to understand conversations to a hearing aid, it’s a good idea needs most. Ask your doctor While they are attractive and come in a range of sizes and The difference is in the
enjoying our favorite forms of to talk to an expert. Types of about your options for a quality barely noticeable, their small prices, consult with a specialist internal electronics. Nearly all
entertainment. hearing loss vary widely, and hearing device. hearing aids available today
are digital. They will filter out
background noise, enabling the
wearer to hear a conversation
clearly. This technology is par-
ticularly effective in crowded
This technology can be
tailored to help with your
particular kind of hearing loss.
If you have an outdated hearing
aid, consider upgrading to a
more modern device. It will
help your hearing be as close to
natural as possible.
When you are searching for
a hearing aid, look for special
features that will enhance your
hearing and your life. Some
examples include:
Bluetooth connections: You
could connect wirelessly to
Bluetooth electronic devices,
such as smart phones. It allows
you to hear phone conversa-
tions directly through your
hearing aid.
Telephone adaptors: This
feature senses when you are
talking on the phone and
adjusts the setting to make it
more clear during your conver-
Directional microphone:
You can adjust your device to
pick up sound that is directly
in front of you. For example,
when you are having one-
on-one conversations with a
person, it is useful to turn the
microphone to improve your
hearing. You may also change
the setting to a more general
setting that would be useful
at public performances or
Remote control: Some
devices allow you to adjust the
settings without touching it.
A remote control can change
the directional microphone or
There are a lot of beautiful
sounds in the world. Don’t let
your hearing loss cause you
to miss any more of them. A
hearing aid can help you.

Working with a certified Hearing test by a certified Understanding of expectations Treatment plan customized Accurately fit and
hearing care provider hearing professional and better hearing goals to your needs programed technology

Meet the Expert

Karin Schmidt, BC-HIS, Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, Owner of
Hometown Hearing, Inc., is an Indiana native and received her training in Hearing
Instrument Sciences in Vincennes and Washington. With over 12 years experience
in the hearing wellness industry, Karin’s mission and challenge is to help improve
each person’s quality of life by improving the quality of their hearing.
Karin Schmidt, BC-HIS Tim Schmidt,
Call today to schedule your FREE hearing evaluation with Karin Schmidt, your Board Certified Co-Owner
local hearing healthcare professional! Hearing Instrument Specialist

Vincennes: (812) 882-2075 • Washington: (812) 674-2334

There’s Nothing To It
During your initial visit, you will receive
the following:

COMPLIMENTARY hearing screening and
COMPLIMENTARY video otoscopic examination
Hometown Hearing
Locally Owned and Operated
of your ears, see inside your own ear!
• COMPLIMENTARY hearing aid clean and check 2003 Hart Street • Vincennes, Indiana 47591
if you currently wear hearing aids. (812) 882-2075
© 2018 Starkey. All Rights Reserved. 8/18 266882429

• COMPLIMENTARY demonstration of the newest Washington

in hearing aid technology. 420 South Highway 57 • Washington, Indiana 47501
See how far technology has come! (812) 674-2334
We service all makes and models! After hours and Weekends by Appointment only
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How to choose a reputable DIGITAL minute talking with someone
who wants to throw jargon
around and talk over your
Fifth: Make sure there’s an
“out” clause — i.e., if you’re

unhappy after three months,
head, and above all, insist on you can cancel everything.
transparency. Keep the results you desire

Third: GET A SECOND for your business in mind, but
onsider two digital and then notice advertisements the company’s location and have developed digital advertis- OPINION! If someone is
advertising scenarios that for that business popping up start seeing mobile advertise- ing departments maintaining don’t be overwhelmed.
telling you that you can do
may sound familiar. on your smartphone, tablet, ments for that company on ground (because these are Think about defining what
something that almost sounds
How often do you find or laptop? This is happening your digital devices, your phone content-focused media). too good to be true, it probably success would be with a digital
yourself each day searching for more and more. The simple location has been tapped, and Due to the successful results is. An example might be some- advertising campaign. How
something on Google? Millions reason is because it works for that is called “geofencing.” delivered by digital advertising, many new customers would
one telling you that you can
of us do — over 3.5 billion In- the advertiser. Digital adver- A geofence is a virtual out- there is naturally a stampede be acceptable? Which kind
geofence all the 30-year-olds
ternet surfers, each day. That’s tising catches your eye because line of a given location. It can of advertisers clamoring to get
who come and go at a business of customers — i.e., who you
the starting point for many you’ve shown interest, in some be a large or small “fence,” and their ad online.
people when they’re searching location. That technology would like to see more of in
way, for the product. You have it can be defined by latitude So, before you move
for something they need or been targeted! and longitude, or by zip code. forward, here is some advice doesn’t exist yet. If someone your business? Also, what
want. When people are delib- You notice the ad, you click These are just two examples for how to choose a digital ad is telling you they can do that, items or services would you
erately seeking something out, on the ad, you visit the site, of digital advertising. consultant! smile politely and end the like to sell more of? What is
this indicates that they are very you click a button that says In 2020, this kind of adver- First: Buyer beware. Make meeting. the long-term value of one ad-
likely ready to make a purchase “send me more info” or ask the tising will overtake all other sure you are buying from a Fourth: Make all efforts to ditional customer? How many
in the near future. business to contact you, or you traditional forms of advertising. known, respected, and creden- choose local! Avoid “out-
additional customers would
Wouldn’t it be great if your might even call the business In 2019, the total spent in the tialed provider, one you are of-town-experts.” There are
help to justify the cost of your
business leverage this flood of right then and there from a United States will be nearly familiar with and one who has nightmare stories in every town
of businesses being contacted digital ads?
ready-to-buy prospects? Well, result of the ad. $130 BILLION, or over 54% a positive track record.
it can, by using targeted digital by friendly-sounding sales- That way, with a three-
When you’ve visited the of total U.S. ad spending. Second: Explain what results
advertising. company’s website and then In 2020, the amount spent you’d like and that you’d like a people several states away who months and “out” clause
Another question: How start seeing advertisements, on digital advertising will edge proposal describing a handful sold them something they can’t in your digital advertising
often is it that you visit a busi- you’re experiencing “site retar- out radio, billboards, with of ideas that will help toward update, can’t move, and have to agreement, there’s no harm and
ness, be it in person or online, geting.” When you’ve visited television and newspapers that that goal. Don’t spend one keep paying for. no foul!