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Sa 9 Bo
20nde 50 IIR’s 8th ANNUAL TA INDUSTRY FORUM ve Ja ok
08 es up nua by
in tte r 2

A Ove

to ry
€ &

Keeping Up To Speed With Global Regulatory, Strategic & Technological Challenges

Network And Discuss Key Key Speakers Confirmed This Year Include: Hot Topics To Be Covered At ITAS 2009:
Issues With These • TA 2009 – Strategic Challenges &
Industry Leaders: Opportunities For The Next 5 Years:
Trends In Client Evolution And
• JP MORGAN ASSET MANAGEMENT Geographical Business Expansion
• EFAMA • What Is The Impact Of The Subprime
• ALFI Bernard Julian Presber Martyn Cuff Crisis On The Funds Industry? And What
Director of
Managing Director
Director – Head of
Operations Next For The TA World? Tracking Recent
Fund Flows
• ALLIANZ GLOBAL INVESTORS • Global TA Platform: Technical
EUROPE Challenges and Opportunities
• BNP PARIBAS ASSET MANAGEMENT • Fund Processing Passport – What’s
• BANCO SABADELL New? And Who’s Responsible For
• KAS BANK Automation?
SERVICES Paul Brady Marco Zwick Mauro Baratta • Outsourcing & Strategic Partnerships –
Director - Directing Officer Managing Director A More Attractive Proposition In The
Transfer Agent Credit Crunch Period?

• METROSOFT Plus Gerald Ratner
“Getting Back On Top:
• LIPPER FERI Recovering And Learning
• INTERNATIONAL FUND INVESTMENT Global Transfer Agency From Disaster”
• ROBECO Focus Day
• LOTUS INDIA ASSET MANAGEMENT Challenges & Opportunities In 5 Key Reasons To Attend
• MCKAY’S The Evolving Global Markets
• NATIXIS GLOBAL ASSOCIATES “Supporting cross border-distribution  The Only Transfer Agency Forum Of Its Kind
in a wider market”
Tuesday 3 February, 2009  Over 250 Attendees –
• FRANKLIN TEMPLETON All the Key Players Will Be Here
INVESTMENTS And  New Global Markets Summit Day –
An A-Z Of Geo Developments
• CACEIS Post-Conference One Day Workshop
• INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL DATA  More Interactive Polling Sessions With Q&A –
Anti-Money Laundering Regulations
Friday 6 February 2009 Register Your Views
Led by DTH ASSOCIATES  Wine Casino - A Great Opportunity To Network
Endorsed by
Lead-Sponsor Internet Sponsor

Wednesday 4 – Thursday 5 February, 2009,

Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg
Arranged by
Paper sourced Elemental
from sustainable Chlorine Free
forests (ECF)

To Register: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7017 7200

Fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 7807 Email:
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8th Annual Event

Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg
Wednesday 4 – Thursday 5
February 2009

Day One: 12:20 16:00

Is Distribution Support Value Added, And Can
Wednesday, 4 February 2009 Keynote Out of the Box Speaker: You Charge For It?
• Changing distribution trends: UCITS new
08:40 “Getting Back On Top: global brand
Registration & Coffee Recovering And Learning • How can TA match client’s international
From Disaster” distribution needs?
09:20 • Price impact of distribution support?
Gerald Ratner Pascal Bérichel
Chairman’s Opening Remarks Gerald had transformed his family
Paul O’Neil, Managing Director of IFDS Head of Fund Distribution Services
business into the world’s largest
jewellery retailer with 2500 shops,
Paul moved to Luxembourg in 2006. In his current role SERVICES
he is the Managing Director of IFDS Luxembourg and is when a casual joke he had told many times before hit the Pascal Bérichel is the Head of Fund Distribution
responsible for State Street’s European Shareholder papers. He became a laughing stock and was forced to Services for Société Générale Securities Services (SGSS) and is also CEO
Services (Transfer Agency) business, which has operations based in step down. Now back on top with a thriving online & Managing Director of European Fund Services, a subsidiary of
Luxembourg and Ireland. Previously Paul was Managing Director of Société Générale Group which provides these services. Based in
International Financial Data Services U.K., which he joined in 1999. operation, he talks candidly about the rollercoaster Luxembourg, Pascal Bérichel is in charge of the international
journey and the valuable lessons learned. development of theses services. After holding various senior positions
09:30 both at Société Générale head office and abroad he was Head of SGSS
Global Issuer Services from 2004 until April 2008.
Keynote 13:00
View From 30,000ft
TA 2009 – Strategic Challenges & Lunch sponsored by 16:40
Opportunities For The Coming Year Ahead. Global TA Platform: Technical Challenges and
Trends In Client Evolution And Geographical Opportunities
Business Expansion Michael V. Gentry,
Julian Presber, Managing Director Chief Information Officer Canada
Luxembourg, STATE STREET
Mr. Presber joined State Street in 1995 as Head of Fund SERVICES
14:20 Michael V. Gentry is Chief Information Officer of IFDS
Administration Services, in Luxembourg. In 2001 he
was appointed Managing Director of State Street Bank Streams Commence Canada. Michael joined IFDS Canada in 2005 and in
Luxembourg. He has been a member of the Board of the Luxembourg 2006, and was assigned the additional position of Chief Technology Officer
Investment Funds Association (ALFI) since 2001. He holds a Master of of IFDS UK. In these roles, Michael oversees the information technology
Business Administration from Insead, France. groups responsible for the systems that support the mutual fund markets in
Canada, United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Ireland.
Gauging Impacts Of The Credit Crunch On
The Funds Industry. What Next For The Funds
& TA World? Tracking Recent Fund Flows ASSET MANAGER & DISTRIBUTOR FOCUS
Simon Osborn 14:20
Managing Director 14:20
Cost Reduction In Transfer Agency. Impacts
Prior to the launch of International Fund Investment Of New Standards & Connectivity Platforms - The Asset Manager Panel:
Ltd, Simon Osborn was an Associate Director of the
International Herald Tribune in Paris where he was responsible for the Supporting Global/Cross Border Distribution Are Fees Sustainable For The Fund Manager?
development of the IHT’s asset management coverage. Before joining the • Recent developments and key initiatives New Realisation Of The Fee Structure and
IHT he was with HZI International, a media consultancy that
specialised in advising and investing in business, financial and
• Distribution challenges How To Get The Most Out Of Your TA
medical publications in the developing world. • Where to next? • Are fees too high?
Derek Ramage • What are the market drivers now?
10:30 Head of Service Management Organisation • New paridigms in the service offering
State Of The Art Automation – Where Is It? Dominic Hobson
• Know your operational processes David Emsley Editor-in-Chief
• Know your technical architecture Dominic Hobson is Editor-in-Chief of Global Custodian
• Communication and tips 15:00 magazine. Born and educated in Southern Rhodesia, Dominic graduated
Nick Parsons from Cambridge University in 1980. He spent four years in investment
banking with Morgan Grenfell before leaving to help found Asset
Chief Technology Officer STP And Fund Processing Standardisation – International, publishers of Global Custodian and Plan Sponsor magazines.
Bravura Solutions Limited Where Are We? Dominic is also a published author, with three books to his credit.
With over 22 years experience in the IT industry, Nick
has extensive knowledge in dealing with large asset Moderator: Panellists:
managers and third party administrators. At Bravura Solutions he is Bob Currie Paul Brady
responsible for driving technical innovation across a diverse product
range, developing partnerships with key technology suppliers and
Editorial Director Director - International Transfer Agent
delivering positive solutions for Bravura Solutions’ clients and FINANCIAL SERVICES RESEARCH Operations and Customer Service
shareholders. Nick is currently working to further develop Service Bob Currie is Editorial Director and co-founder of
Financial Services Research, a quarterly journal that reports on
Oriented Architecture (SOA) as part of the company’s new technology
offering to take to market. He has a Bachelor of Science, Computing and investment performance, risk and operational efficiency in the financial INVESTMENTS
Electronics from Durham University. services industry. Prior to his current role as financial commentator, Bob Paul has teams in three continents and seventeen locations supporting
worked for much of the 1990s as lecturer and researcher in the UK Franklin’s international business. He has been working with Franklin
university sector, specialising in international political economy and Templeton for 7 years having previously worked for the Bank of New
11:00 Morning Coffee York, Retail Fund Administration business for 15 years based in
development strategy for emerging markets.
London and Edinburgh.
11:30 Panellists:
Martyn Cuff
Electronic Polling Panel Session I: David Moffat Director – Head of Operations
Automation Mean To Us? DATA SERVICES Martyn is a member of the European Management
Daniel Watkins Polling David has spent 20 years in the asset management Board of AGIE with a focus on Distribution and Production Operations.
Head of European TA industry with Fidelity, Threadneedle, Mellon and JPMorgan FundsHub. He has 23 years’ experience within the investment management
Following a couple of years consulting on wrap and platform industry. During this time he has operated within both the front and
JP MORGAN ASSET MANAGEMENT back office of private client and institutional fund managers. Prior to
Dan Watkins is Head of Operations, Europe, of JP development, he has spent two years as the Investment Director for
Money Portal, one of the UK's largest IFA groups. David joined IFDS joining AGI Europe, he was a founding partner at a boutique
Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM). Prior to that he
UK in 2007 where he is responsible for business development. investment consulting company, CSTIM, and before that he was at
managed JPMAM's pan-European Transfer Agency functions located in
Ernst & Young. His early career was spent at Barclays.
Luxembourg, UK, Italy and Paris and was Head of Operations of JP
Morgan Asset Management Luxembourg. Sergio Venti
Vice President, Sales & Relationship Sylvie Baijot
Bernard Delbecque Management Investment Funds Services Head of Fund Administration & Client Services
15:40 Matthias Doerscher
Patrick Giry
CARMIGNAC (invited) Afternoon Tea


To Register: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7017 7200

Fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 7807 Email:
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‘The world’s leading provider of investor recordkeeping solutions for fund managers and distributors’
State Street/IFDS have created a global framework with DST Systems to support investor recordkeeping (transfer agency), bringing to the market a level of
experience and focus that is second to none. With over 30 years experience in TA servicing we already support around 450 organisations operating in 13
countries around the world, which include all the key domestic and offshore markets for approx 150 million investors. As the market’s leading TA player we
continue to invest in our technology and services to ensure that we remain the world’s leading provider, offering a range of solutions from ASP technology
through to a total outsourcing solution. We pioneered the creation of shared service models that allow organisations to retain processes and functions where
they believe they can add value in-house and outsource the balance, in effect treating each organisation as an individual with unique requirements. Our
solutions have been designed to operate across the spectrum of distribution environments right through from the traditional paradigm to supporting modern
distribution models such as independent fund supermarkets, consolidation platforms and wrap accounts, encompassing both proprietary and non-proprietary
product ranges. Our range of solutions encompasses integrated business process management (BPM) solutions that enhance service delivery and provide for
a quality-processing environment without the need for paper. With a wide range of STP solutions and interfaces to domestic and international portals, we allow our clients to reap
the benefits of technology. Our integrated business intelligence solutions provide an unprecedented understanding and insight into their business. When organisations select us
as their business partner, they are selecting a partner that has the local presence to deliver in their market, supported by a breadth and depth of experience and a scale
unparalleled in the market place, a total commitment to the business, and an unwavering passion to deliver the best results.
Canada Albert Labelle Luxembourg David Kubilus USA Mike Tobin
Ireland Gavin Nangle UK David Moffat Other Junaed Kabir


The Global Treasury Services (GTS) division of Bank of America European Fund Administration (EFA) is an independent 3rd Party fund
provides integrated working capital management and treasury administrator specialising in services to Investment Funds, Management
solutions to more than 150,000 clients around the world, Companies, Private Equity Companies and Hedge Fund Managers. With 2477
including small businesses, middle-market and large funds worth over €123.5 billion administered on behalf of 153 clients, EFA
corporations, multi-nationals, financial institutions and governments. GTS offers services including leads the outsourcing market in Luxembourg, Europe’s largest fund servicing
treasury management, foreign exchange, short-term credit, liquidity management, commercial card, center. EFA's service range includes Fund Accounting & NAV calculation,
merchant services and group banking. Bank of America is the number-one treasury and trade Transfer Agency & distribution support, Compliance Services, Reporting (inc.
services provider in the United States and a leading provider worldwide.
• Bank of America has a specialist team providing unique value-added solutions to the cross border Risk & Performance Analytics) as well as specific services for Hedge Fund &
distribution markets of Luxembourg and Dublin Private Equity vehicles. EFA is present in Luxembourg and Paris (via EFA France)
• Bank of America is a key partner to many of the major Luxembourg SICAV’s and the Dublin Money
Market Funds
• Bank of America partners many of the specialist Transfer Agency providers in both the Dublin and
Luxembourg market place

Bravura Solutions Limited is a publicly listed With €2.3 trillion under custody, Metrosoft empowers global
company and leading global supplier of pension, €1.1 trillion under administration TA players with solutions
life insurance, wrap platform, investment, transfer and a network of offices across designed for the asset
agency, STP financial messaging and portfolio Europe, North America and Asia, servicing industry.
administration applications. We stand at the CACEIS is a leading global provider of services to institutional and Fundsphere®, a highly scalable, secure, segregated, and white-label
forefront of our industry; setting the benchmark corporate clients. internet platform ensures increased client satisfaction, risk reduction
for innovative, high quality technology applications, service and support. and measurable operational efficiency gains. The platform, using only
Considerable expertise in alternative investment servicing gives thin browser client, delivers valuable self service in key business
With over 20 years of experience in developing and maintaining large CACEIS a ranking among the top 10 global alternative fund service
scalable financial systems, we support more than 180 financial areas to all players in the TA value chain. Fundsphere® interfaces
providers. And as an established transfer agent, CACEIS assists with major TA systems and is in production in the Americas, Europe,
institutions globally, with a range of clients in Australia, New Zealand, the institutional clients in distributing their product range internationally,
United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and South Africa. and Australia.
offering services for promoters and distributors from start-up right
More than 18 million accounts are administered on Bravura Solutions through to cross-border and multi-product distribution support. Metrosoft offers in-depth expertise in the TA business resulting from
software, representing more than US$1 trillion in funds administered over 10 years of experience working with blue-chip clients across the
globally. globe. Its proven ability to bridge business and technology has helped
Bravura Solutions employs more than 650 people, staffing 14 offices in 9 these clients to effectively solve regulatory, compliance, transparency
countries. and core business issues.
Additional information is available at Metrosoft is headquartered in the United States.

Clearstream, the established provider of settlement and custody

Société Générale services, is part of the exchange organization Deutsche Börse Group. It
offers comprehensive services for both domestic and internationally
Securities Services
offers a full range of traded bonds, equities and investment funds. is the
securities services in: information aggregator for
• Clearing, delivery and settlement Clearstream’s Investment Fund Services offer customers a single point
of access to a variety of infrastructure solutions that can be assembled fund sponsors.
• Securities back-office outsourcing services
• Custody, trustee, transfer agent, fund and portfolio administration and tailored to meet their specific needs.
presents custody and clearing resources, all in one place.
• Employee Share Plan Management
Société Générale Securities Services currently ranks 7th worldwide Headquartered in Luxembourg, with operations in Luxembourg and
Leading industry participants have come together to present the key
custodian (source: with €2,733* billion in assets Frankfurt, Clearstream also has offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, London,
New York, Singapore and Tokyo. information to you. Be sure to use us to check out service providers
under custody. Société Générale Securities Services provides custody
and service offerings, rankings and ratings, and news and events.
& trustee services for 3,243* funds and the valuation of 5,255* funds
Access is free. What's more, you can explore without registering.
representing assets under administration of around €495* billion. Clearstream Banking
42, Avenue JF Kennedy Visit us now at or
Société Générale Securities Services also ranks among the European
L-1855 Luxembourg
leaders in stock option management. Société Générale Securities
Services is present in key financial centres and employs over 4500 Tel. +352-243-0
people. Société Générale Securities Services is part of Global
Investment Management and Services (GIMS), one of the six business EXHIBITOR
lines of the Société Générale Group, which also includes asset
management (Société Générale Asset Management), private banking
(SG Private Banking), execution and clearing of listed derivative
products (Newedge) and direct banking (Boursorama).
*figures at end June 2008

Promotional Opportunities
If you are interested in reaching senior decision makers at this audience:
Please contact Jeff Ong on +44 (0) 20 7017 7240 Or email

To Register: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7017 7200

Fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 7807 Email:
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Day Two: Thursday, 5 February 2009 Slawomir Muszkatel
Senior Manager – TA Products
The Distributor Panel:
What Are Our Needs For 2009/10? 08:30 Slawek manages delivery of TA Products to global providers.
• Single access to broad range of funds His special focus is transaction transparency in global
Morning Coffee
• Trader fee reporting distribution. Slawek has over fifteen years of experience in the TA business
within product and technology areas. He has joined Metrosoft in 2006. Prior
• Service level - excellent execution 09:00 to joining the company, Slawek worked at Citi Global Transaction Services
• Transfer of assets where he was responsible for worldwide deployments of TA products. Prior to
Chairman’s Recap Citi, he worked at Forum Financial Group and at Pioneer TA.
Roderic Rennison 09:05 11:40
Between December 2004 and June 2008, Roderic was a main Is TA Becoming A Commodity Service? How Can
board director of The Thinc Group, and his responsibilities Supporting Efficient Trailer Fee Processing
included co-ordinating the merger between Thinc and Destini, working with TA Differentiate Its Service? Through Transparency (Market Practice &
the board and CEO to finance the Group, and subsequently the sale to AXA Christophe Lentschat
in late 2006. He has now set up his own consulting company, Rennison
Head of Sales,
Innovative Models)
Consulting, and has a particular interest in the future shape of the retail • Market practice
financial services sector as well as the challenges of financial planning for Product Development & Marketing
clients at, and post retirement. • Existing tools
• Recent developments and Key initiatives
Panellists: Christophe oversees sales, development of new services and marketing and Brenda Bol
Neus Martí Audí communication at EFA. In this capacity he has a proven record in the Senior VP - Sales & Relationship
BANCO SABADELL acquisition of stand alone TA clients and the creation of new TA services. In Management Investment Funds Services
particular he participated in the creation of EFA’s TA Bureau service. Prior to CLEARSTREAM
Neus is a third party funds manager, participting actively in a business
joining EFA in 2000, Christophe was a management consultant with Deloitte
process reestructuring, in both IT and HHRR fields. She has been at Banco Brenda joined Clearstream in August 2007 as Head of
Luxembourg. He began his career with AXA Investment Managers Germany as
Sabadell since 2008. Her previous assigments included a post as Lecturer of Customer Service Luxembourg Section. sHE has 10 years experience in the
a product manager. Christophe holds a MS from Sup de Co Reims, France and
Management at Universitat Rovira i Virgili. fund business, she previously worked at RBC Dexia Luxembourg where she
an MBA from Kellogg (Northwestern University), USA – WHU, Germany.
headed the Customer Service department for fund services. Prior to that she
David Ferguson worked for Bank of New York for 10 years in Brussels and Luxembourg in
Chief Executive 09:35
different operational management areas. She is a graduate from the
NUCLEUS FINANCIAL GROUP Alternative Investments TA Operations. Université Catholique de Louvain.
Following stints with Life Association of Scotland, Ivory &
Sime and Scottish Life International, David spent seven Supporting Distribution In A Wider Market –
years running strategic financial consultancy The Abacus with Philip Keeping Up To Date With Product Diversity And 12:10
Martin before securing funding for IFA-led wrap business Nucleus Financial
Group in the summer of 2006. Client Needs. Interactive Q & A and Electronic
• ETFs
Ward Giesen
Network Manager Global Fund Services
• HFs
• Real Estate
Polling Session II
KAS BANK Where the real-time views of the audience are polled and
Ward has been Network manager since 2007, and previously • PE commented on by our high-profile panel members. This fantastic
was Account Manager Institutional Investors at Kas Bank 2005-2007. • Certificates interactive session ensures the latest trends and developments are
Moderator under the spotlight.
Mark Kennett Paul Bratch, MORSE CONSULTING
COO Paul has 20+ years experience across the investment management industry
SCOTTISH LIFE INTERNATIONAL (invited) built through a mixture of consultancy as well as operational roles. A senior
advisor for the Morse (previously CSTIM) management consultancy he has 12:50 Lunch
15:40 experience right through the value chain, with extensive operational/systems
credentials, delivering a wide range of projects in the UK, in Europe as well
Afternoon Tea as for global clients. With the growth of Alternative funds (Hedge, Private
Equity) in the past 5 years Paul has been focussing on the additional 14:10
demands at the Investor as well as Valuation level in particular the
BREAKOUT B cont’d: REGULATION challenges for managers, administrators, as well as system vendors in UCITS Passport - A Gateway To Global TA
attempting to resolve the disparate range of needs. Steve Evans
UCITS IV – Impacts on Fund Management & TA, Thierry Detz
Progress Achieved To Date & What Will Be Global Head of Shareholder Services 14:40
Included? Thierry has been in his present position since April 2006. He Outsourcing & Strategic Partnerships – A More
Didier Millerot is a highly motivated senior manager with more than 19 Attractive Proposition In The Credit Crunch
Deputy Head of Unit years of experience in the financial banking industry. Proven skills in
EUROPEAN COMMISSION operations, in project management and in change management dedicated Period?
Didier is Deputy Head of Unit, 'Asset Management' DG Internal Market, at mainly to the mutual and alternative fund industry sector. He is also (speaker to be announced)
the European Commission. He is responsible for the Legal Team of the unit, Chairman of the Alternative Investment Operations working group insight
the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI).
which is involved in the preparation and implementation of Asset 15:10 Afternoon Coffee
Management legislation.
Selim Saykan
16:40 Head of Fund Administration 15:30
ITAS 2009 - RoadMap For The Future
Mr. Saykan joined Aberdeen to create the Luxembourg platform in order to
• An introduction to the 3rd EU Money Laundering support the direct and indirect funds, to assist the product development on the (speakers to be announced)
Directive set-upping face, to create the fund administration function (FA, TA, CS roles), to
supervise the oversight functions, to monitor the vendors and service providers
• Innovations for Luxembourg of the Law of 17 July and to consolidate the Aberdeen Property Investors funds structures. Previously to 16:10
2008 on the fight against money laundering and this Mr Saykan worked at JPMorgan Asset Management in Luxembourg as Chairman’s Closing Remarks
terrorist financing Head of Delivery and Product Specific Manager from 2002 to 2007.
• Estimated impact of the Law on the ABBL-ALFI- 16:30
ALCO "Practices and Recommendations aimed at 10:10
Close Of ITAS 2009
reducing the risk of money laundering and Payments & Cash Management – What’s Your
terrorist financing in the Luxembourg Fund Cash Management Footprint?
Industry" For most fund managers and transfer agents, cash
Marco Zwick management is effectively a by-product of their core
Directing Officer activities. However, that is no reason to neglect it. As
SCHRODERS Last year, the 7th Annual Transfer Agency Forum saw 250+
with any by-product, there are significant cost and
Marco acted as the Head of Compliance of Deutsche Börse attendees at the event. The positive feedback led all
Group prior to joining Schroder Investment Management reputational risks associated with cash management.
involved to declare it a resounding success in terms of
(Luxembourg) S.A. as Compliance and Risk Director in April 2005. He is a William Wrest, Senior Vice President –
directing officer and member of the board of directors of Schroder Investment catching up with business partners, listening to and
Management (Luxembourg) S.A.. In addition to his responsibilities for
GPS Treasury Sales, debating with some of the leading figures in this industry,
Luxembourg, he is Schroders Global Head of Compliance and Regional BANK OF AMERICA and having great fun at the evening functions. Already
Head of Risk for Continental Europe. William is a Senior Vice President and a senior account
manager with Bank of America Global Treasury there is great anticipation in the market for coming along
Management in London. He sells Bank of America’s Cash Management to ITAS 2009, where we hope to be joined by not also
17:30 – 19:00 solutions in Europe to a portfolio of Fund Managers, Transfer Agents, and
familiar faces within this vibrant forum, but also look
Custody Banks. He is an acknowledged specialist in cash and treasury
management for fund managers and other non-bank financial institutions. forward to welcoming a fresh wave new attendees. Last
year saw delegates from all corners of the globe
attending… and this is set to continue.
Morning Coffee
WINE TASTING Don’t miss this opportunity to network with the key players in the
11:10 TA world. Last year the Summit sold out – early registration is
strongly advised. This year’s forum, as before, will be very much
Taste, smell, play and win! Transactions, Commissions, And Fees - The geared towards coming away with firm ideas to drive your
This is an interactive activity and Need For Transparency In The Global business strategy through 2009. We encourage active
game around wine tasting and the participation and would welcome any advance questions for our
recognition of aromas. No need to
Distribution Value Chain
• Underlying drivers of demand for transparency panellists and speakers at ITAS 2009. Please feel free to contact
be a wine professional to participate Andrew Barman on with any questions
• Recent Trends and developments
in this game. and comments you would like to put forward for discussion at
• Implications and challenges on the TA Operating our numerous Q&A sessions.

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Global Transfer Agency Focus -
Investigating Key
Challenges & Opportunities In The Evolving Global Markets
“Supporting cross border-distribution in a wider market”
Developments in
Tuesday 3 February, 2009 Anti-Money Laundering
13:50 ASIA Friday 6 February, 2009
Registration & Coffee
Demystifying Asia - The Distribution Challenge Vs
09:00 The Building Business Challenge: Which Is The Whilst you are working hard to develop faster,
Chairman’s Opening Remarks Greater? more effective techniques to combat financial
Tom Bruno Alessia Lorenti crimes of all types, at all stages and from all
Head of Transfer Agency Business & Strategic Development Manager quarters, it is unfortunately true that fraudsters
IFDS Alessia is responsible for strategic development and the governance and launderers have also been evolving to counter
Thomas oversees the transfer agency services for State Street Bank
Luxembourg S.A. clients, as facilitated by IFDS Luxembourg,
of affiliated entities at CACEIS Bank Luxembourg. Previous to this your money laundering defences. Are you up to
role, she was in charge of the sales and relationship management for UK and US- date with your requirements?
including Client Services, Dealing and Registration, CSD Clearing and based clients, as well as the coverage of corporate client relationships for employee
Settlement, Distributor Services, and Corporate Actions. Prior to jointing share plans, with particular focus on the Transfer Agency domain. Alessia joined
IFDS/State Street Luxembourg in 2005, Tom worked for Boston Financial Data
Services in Boston, Massachusetts.
the Crédit Agricole Group in 1998. 09:00 Coffee & Registration

14:20 MIDDLE EAST 09:30 Welcome and Introduction

What Are The Requirements To Service The Middle An Update on Money Laundering Schemes & Latest Updates in
Overview Of Market: What Are The Driving Factors East? the Fight Against Money Laundering
For Fund Sales And What Are The Hot Countries • Sovereign funds • The meaning of money laundering as set out in the Proceeds
• Sharia funds of Crime Act
Right Now? • Family trust • Why money laundering is such an important issue
• Latest industry trends in Europe • Family offices • Assessing the innovative ways money is being laundered
• Industry response to current developments Willem van Someren Gréve • The damage that money-laundering can cause your
• Cross-border and domestic activity in major Senior Executive Vice President organisation
European markets ROBECO • Analysing the extent of increasing money laundering scams
• When will investors return to funds? Willem van Someren Gréve is responsible for the Key Accounts, globally
Mauro Baratta, Managing Director fostering partnership both on the buy and sell side with major • The US Patriot Act
distributors. He joined Robeco in mid-1995 and has held several functions over • UN Security Resolutions
LIPPER FERI the years, including Executive Vice President of Marketing Private Banking and
Mauro is possibly Europe’s leading expert in fund market data Executive Vice President of Rodamco N.V. Before that he worked at Peat, • Recovery of money laundering losses
collection, analysis and translation having been involved in Marwick, Mitchell & Co. (1975 - 1982), Schlumberger Ltd. (1982 - 1986) and
research and analysis of the European fund industry for the last ABN AMRO (1986 - 1995).
fourteen years. Joining Lipper first in 1993 and he was one of the main architects The Proceeds of Crime Act
of the first ever pan-European fund analysis database. • The Offences and how you can commit them
14:50 • The reporting requirements
09:50 Tracking Recent Developments In The • Examining the code of practice for investigation
• Building the framework and looking at room for manoeuvre
Globalisation - Is There Really A Truly Global TA? Fund Market In India • Best practices in know your customer procedure
• Regulatory update
Global TA Solutions – Operational And Servicing • Market developments
Aspects To Be Considered • Operational challenges and developments
The 3rd EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive on National and
• Challenges of global distribution Offshore Transactions
Ajay Bagga • Examining the extension of reporting and identification
• How to drive fund automation in new markets
CEO procedures brought about by the 3rd EU Directive
(speaker to be announced)
LOTUS INDIA ASSET MANAGEMENT • What reach does the 3rd EU Directive have on Offshore
Ajay is Chief Executive Officer of Lotus India Asset Management
10:20 Company Private Limited, a USD 2.1 Billion AUM asset
manager that is a joint venture between Fullerton Fund Management, Singapore • Understanding the concerns about loopholes brought about by
Pan-European Roundtable. What Are The Specifics (a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings PvtLtd.) and Sabre Capital new technologies
Worldwide. He has 18 years of experience in the financial service segment, • UK Money Laundering Regulations 2007
That The European Client Is Looking For? A Focus having worked with global giants like Citigroup and General Electric as well as
on Germany, Switzerland And France asset managers like Pioneer ITI and KotakMahindra. He is the Chairman of the
Looking at the Changing Role of the Money Laundering Officer
Jörg Ambrosius Financial Planning Standards Board ofIndia which grants the Certified
Financial Planner (CFP) mark. Reporting Officer
Managing Director State Street Bank GmbH,
Munich, Senior Vice President • From Compliance Officer to Money Laundering Officer: Is it
15:20 Afternoon Tea just a change of names?
Jörg Ambrosius is a managing director of State Street Bank GmbH, Munich and • Successfully identifying the right candidate
senior vice president of State Street Bank and Trust Company. He is responsible 15:50 • Identifying the regulation that affects your organisation
for the Sales & Account Management activities of State Street Bank GmbH. After • Delivering up to date information to those that matter
completing his Banking Apprenticeship and his Business Administration Studies, Australian Funds To Be Passported Into Asia - • Assessing the necessary depth for compliance:
Jörg Ambrosius worked for Deutsche Bank AG in Frankfurt and London. He
held various positions with Deutsche Bank, culminating in Chief of Staff of Implications For UCITS - Monitoring
Global Securities Services. Mr. Ambrosius has been with State Street since 2001. • Mutual recognition - Reporting
• Asia – Hong Kong and Singapore
RBC DEXIA • What’s involved? The Role of Offshore Banking in the Promotion of Global Money
(speaker to be announced) • Implications for UCITS Laundering
Bruce McKay • Assessing the impact of globalisation on money laundering
11:00 Morning Coffee Principal • Strengthening reporting requirements and private banking
MCKAY’S relationships
Before establishing his own boutique legal and consultancy practice based in
11:30 Sydney, Australia to provide services to other firms, banks, corporates and high
• Scrutinising financial intelligence and investigation: the
net worth individuals both in Australia and off-shore, Bruce worked in a number effectiveness of reducing crime across borders
Potential For TA In The Extended EU – How Are of large legal firms and for over 20 years as in-house counsel with Australia’s • Exploring the impact of money laundering on developing
Developments Panning Out Now In CEE? largest bank. He has worked in Australia, Europe, UK, USA and Asia, gaining countries
a high level of exposure to funds (their structures, regulation and assets),
Jaroslaw Orlikowski structured finance, banking and finance, M&A and debt capital markets.
President of Management Board Dealing with Different Jurisdictions
PROSERVICE AGENT TRANSFEROWY 16:20 • The role of the Financial Action Task Force
• Carrying out a risk analysis of your products and services
12:00 Panel: How To Handle Fluctuating Currency Rates • Carrying out a risk analysis of your client base:
TA USA: Challenges And Opportunities Between Different Shareclasses When Dealing - geographic
In The United States With Investment Minimums - regulated/non regulated
Mark Stevens - listed/private
Terry Metzger, Executive Vice President &
Chief Operations Officer, NATIXIS GLOBAL ASSOCIATES LLC 5:00 Final Q&A and Wrap Up
Mark has been working in various TA related functions over the past 20 years
BOSTON FINANCIAL DATA SERVICES and specifically in offshore for the past 14 years. He was a Director/Offshore
He Metzger is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Relationship Manager at Fidelity for 5 years and a VP in Offshore Risk Mgmt at
Officer of Boston Financial Data Services. Terry is responsible for
leading and directing Boston Financial’s service operations and customer
State Street Bank for 2 years. For the past 3 years he has been at Natixis Global
Associates as VP Offshore Fund Operations and Services, overseeing the TA
About Your Workshop Leader
relationships. He joined Boston Financial in January of 2004 after 24 years at vendor relationships.
DST Systems where he last held the position of Vice President of the Client Services Doug Hopton, Director,
division. 17:00 DTH ASSOCIATES Ltd.
Chairman’s Closing Remarks Before setting up his own company Doug was with the
12:30 Lunch Barclays Bank Group for over 37 years serving in many
17:10 parts of the world. For 24 of these years he was in Group
Internal Audit mainly involving fraud investigation and
End of Global Markets Day
compliance world wide with the anti-Money Laundering
legislation. For many years he was Head of Group Fraud
and Money Laundering Prevention and was the Barclays
Group Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

To Register: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7017 7200

Fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 7807 Email: