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Daily News and Events from the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization

19 October 2010

EPHESIANS MANUSCRIPT If you did not receive an Ephesians manuscript at registration. Please pick one up at the Registration area. You will need one for our daily ‘Celebration of the Bible’. PENTECOSTALS Meet for a time of introduction and recognition in Room 2.42 CTICC at 14.00 19 October. Dr. Prince Guneratnam. Chairman, Pentecostal World Fellowship. FILM ‘Loving the Bad Man’ is showing tonight at 21.15 in the Auditorium 1 (Room 1.10). PRAYER 24/7 Please check Cape Town Today each day for opportunities to pray for the leastreached people groups and nations of the world. For more information visit There are 15 prayer watches in Cape Town committed to praying for the Congress and open 24 hours a day. Do join a 24/7 prayer room to pray. Contact information available at the Prayer Room, outside Auditorium 1 on Level 1. SURVEY The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life is conducting a survey of all Congress participants. The survey gives participants the chance to express their unique perspectives on issues, opportunities and concerns facing evangelical Christians in their countries. Please stop by the Pew Forum booth. MULTIPLEX ADDED A fourth multiplex has been added on Wednesday 20 October at 14.00. This session, led by Andrea Zaki from Egypt, will explore dimensions of witness in the Muslim world. Several presenters will participate.

The opening ceremony on Sunday night begins with pagentry and song.

hen we were organizing the programme of the 1974 Lausanne Congress, we realized that the agenda was going to provide a unique opportunity for brothers and sisters from all over the world to listen to one another—and to respond. And, lo, it happened! The Spirit of the Lord was present in the process of mutual discovery and trust, and the consensus expressed in The Lausanne Covenant is evidence that there was dialogue between North and South, East and West, old and young—and that we reached consensus.


his effort, and I did my best to be sure that his point was considered in the drafting committee. Such an intentional effort takes time, intense attention, clarity of language, and consideration for your brother and sister. God’s grace at work in us allows us to grow in the art of listening and responding, celebrating agreement, agreeing to disagree, trusting in spite of disagreement. So as we move into the intense encounters and sessions of these days, as we try to learn and share, give and take, praise and pray, let us ask the Holy Spirit to give us the grace to carry on. And then let us do our best.

To listen to one another can only be an intentional effort. It does not happen by chance. I well remember at Lausanne 1974 when the late Francis Schaeffer took time to find me to have a walk for a personal conversation about one point of the Covenant. I was moved by

Samuel Escobar
Theological Seminary of the Spanish Baptist Union Chair, Cape Town 2010 Advisory Council

The opening ceremony closed as it began with an explosion of praise to the Lord.

Cape Town Greetings
It is a high honour and great joy to bring greetings to all of you gathered for Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. I wish so much I could be with you in person, but I will be present in my thoughts, my prayers, and my best wishes and support. One of the great blessings of Lausanne to me personally has been the friendship forged across the continents and the years. So to friends, older and younger—hello! At the very first Lausanne gathering in 1974 the theme that emerged was cooperation in world evangelization— the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world. I pray that ‘spirit of Lausanne’ may be manifest again at Cape Town. Leighton Ford, Charlotte, NC Honorary Life Chairman of The Lausanne Movement

God’s Dwelling Place: The Reconciled Community
Ruth Padilla DeBorst will deliver today’s first plenary address, teaching on Ephesians 2. She says the chapter is ‘a cosmic plan of bringing things together in Christ that will be every day made incarnate in the Christian community.’ ‘To think of God living not in temples, not in some distant, high-away, lofty place,’ she emphasizes, ‘but living in and among us when we allow his work to come through us....We were all dead, now we are alive in Christ. We need to make that visible. Are we incarnating the reconciliation that God has already done in Christ?’ Come to be challenged toward God’s design for his Church as Ruth teaches on God’s Dwelling Place: The Reconciled Community.

How Can You Be an Agent of Reconciliation?
On page 31 of the Congress Handbook a grim picture of the current social milieu is described: ‘The scourges of poverty, human trafficking, ethnic violence, sexual immorality, exploitation of labour, and waste of precious resources are undeniable realities. As well as causing alienation from one another, they create a hardening of hearts towards God. It continues, ‘In such a context, how can the Church be an agent of God, who in Christ was reconciling the world to himself, and who has committed to us the message of reconciliation?’ Helping Congress delegates to explore these important questions during the Plenary 2 session will be Antoine Rutayisire, Joseph D’souza, Pranitha Timothy, and Christine MacMillan. What will you do upon your return home to be an ‘agent of reconciliation’?

MISSION AFRICA: Visit the Mission Africa Information Area in the lobby to learn about the recent series of 21 Missions across Africa, leading up to Cape Town 2010, and how you can explore becoming a partner in future Missions. ANNOUNCEMENTS TO SUBMIT? Send an email to Anja Rajaobelina at Deadline: for Wednesday announcements: on Tuesday 10.00. For Friday announcements: Wednesday at 10.00. For Saturday and Sunday announcements: on Friday at 10.00.

for men and women, presentation by women from Latin America on ministry opportunities.

Overcoming Language Barriers
My first experience preparing myself to attend an international Christian convention was both exhilarating and stressful. On the one hand, I was excited by the possibility of meeting and learning from the experience of Christians from other parts of the world. But on the other hand, I was quite worried as to how I was going to communicate with those who spoke a language I didn’t understand. There was a great risk that I would just keep to myself and go back home without learning from others. I believe that many of the participants in The Lausanne Movement will be coming to this Cape Town gathering with similar concerns. If you fit into this category, here are some of the attitudes that helped me overcome my worries. I mentally prepared myself not to let the language barrier become a problem by deciding not to limit myself to talking to people who spoke my language. I quickly realized that I was not alone in such a situation, and many like me were just waiting for

such an opportunity. I challenge you to take that leap this week! When I wanted to talk to someone who spoke another language, I found a translator. Perhaps you know someone in your country/region who speaks the other language and who could help you. Identify these persons at the beginning of the meetings and ask them if they are willing to help you from time to time. When I had no one to help me with the translation, I didn’t hesitate to use hand gestures to communicate with others. Despite the limitations, it helps to establish good contacts. I also made an effort to learn a few basic words in the languages that were commonly used at that meeting. A greeting, a common word in the other language, becomes a great starting point for developing a meaningful relationship. Anyone who speaks a majority language such as English may want to make a special effort to communicate with persons who speak minority languages. This effort often shows a Christlike attitude and can result in an enriching experience. Daniel Bourdanné Lausanne International Deputy Director for Francophone Africa

Reconciliation Is a Lifestyle
It could be said that the priority of the Church depends on the political and social context of each church’s particular global location. In some countries, there are ethnic clashes; in others, family reconciliation is needed. In other contexts, it is about changing our lifestyles because of the great level of environmental degradation. I hope that participants will remember that reconciliation is for everybody and that it is a lifestyle. We’re a people of peace taking the peace of Christ everywhere we go. And it is our duty and privilege to present the good news of Jesus Christ both relevantly and contextually. Antoine Rutayisiré

Prayer Focus: God at Work in the Middle East

Plenary 3 this evening will focus on the Middle East region as well as the global issues of HIV/AIDS and human trafficking. Focus your prayer throughout the day and evening for the following requests (with thanks to Operation World): •Pray for training institutions and trained leadership for the churches. •Pray for the impact of Christian satellite TV and the Internet, which has been highly effective at sharing the good news in restricted access nations. •Pray for the many unreached people groups throughout the Middle East region.

Special Dialogue Session: Discussion on the Anglican Church, with five archbishops, today 16:00, C-Auditorium 1.

Book Corner
More Precious Than Gold
Written by Robert Murray McCheyne, this Bible-reading guide is one of the Didasko Files resources presented by The Lausanne Movement. John Stott says of the booklet, ‘Nothing has helped me more than this to grasp the grand themes of the Bible.’ Visit the book shop for additional Didasko File titles. Congress prices: 1 copy, R10; R5/35; R10/60

Shining Like Stars
Author Lindsay Brown presents stories of remarkable faith and courage from students around the world. Ajith Fernando of Sri Lanka says that as a result of reading this book, ‘Your heart will be warmed, your mind informed, and your will challenged to involvement in God’s mission.’ Congress price: R50

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God in Christ, reconciling the world

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to himself
2 Corinthians 5:19

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