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contemporary arts? A product of culture

Art of the present Originated in performed arts
Moves with perception Needs a 3rd party viewer
No exact meaning Ritual
Characteristics of Contemporary arts Religious rite or solemn ceremony
Site specific Earliest forms of theater
Collaborative Where is Cañao or kanayaw located
Interactive Cordillera autonomous region
Process based Canao is performed for
Integrative Healing
Define site specific A coming of a child
location gives meaning Wedding
Collaborative Burial
Involvement of two or more artists Wakes
Process based Kashawing is located in
In continuous work, you realize the idea Lake lanao, Mindanao
Integrative Kashawing is performed for
Mixed media Ensure abundance during rice planting and
Contemporary art started on harvesting
1970 Involves re enactment of the pact
Who is Ronald ventura Kuro Duwa is located in
thomasian artist Palawan
Modern art (when) A ritual from minahaw tribe (kuro duwa)
18th century to 1960 To call an ancestor for guidance with matching
What is modern art kudyapi
All of the artists are dead Pagdiwata is located in
Revolving set of artists/ideas Palawan
Who is the father of modern art When does pagdiwata hold the ritual
Victorio edades Last month of the year during a full moon
What did victorio edades do to UST What does the ritual from padiwata do
Established fine arts on 1935 Heal the sick
Architecture on 1930 Offer prayers for the dead
Who are the Triumvirate What are shamans
Carlos Botong Francisco The medium for the ancestors or the officiators
Galo Ocampo What was introduced in the Spanish era?
Victorio Edades Plays
What is context What was replaced in the Spanish era
Background information to formulate meaning Rituals
from works of art What was part of the colonization process
What are the context Religious orders
Artist background What are the Religous orders
Nature Conversion of the natives to catholicism
Everyday life What is Zarzuela
Society, politics, economy, and history Operatta
Mode of reception Zarzuela features
What is artist background Singing and dancing
The artist's age, gender, culture, economic In what year did Spanish artists introduce Zarzuela
conciousness 1878
Nature The four cultural heritages
A source of inspiration and wellspring of Asian, european, mexican, american
materials for art production
Everyday life When was did the natives wrote playwrights
Integral part of daily life 1890
Society, politics, economy and politics The first zarzuela
Affect the ideology and culture directly influence All european actors
the life of the artist Spanish in language
Mode of reception Wrote sarsuela in tagalog and most distinguished
Artworks acquire new meaning playwrights of their day
Theater Hermogenes Ilagan and Severino reyes
Most celebrated leading artist and 1978 national artist for English was dramatized
theater and arts A modern filipino
Honorata atang de la rama First play written in english
What is opera Lino Casillejo and Jesus Araullo
One or two dramatic acts 1915
What is a play Vaudeville
Dialogue between characters for theatrical Originated in france introduced by the americans
performances Popular in 1920
What are the 3 kind of play What is Vaudeville
Komedya de Santo Slapstick, songs, dances
Secular Komedya Japanese era
Senakulo 1941 to 1945
Komedya de santo Japanese era introduced
Centers on the life of christ or any other saint Comedy bars
Elaborately choreographed war scenes Post war republic
Extravagant costumes 1946 to contemporary times
Secular Comedia Turning point in the history of philippine theatre
War or love story between christians and 60s
muslims Activist political theatre and cultural direction of
What is "moro" mainstream theatre
Spanish word for moor Path of development of technology and thematic
Senakulo concerns
The life and suffering of christ What does CCP mean
When is senakulo performed Cultural center of the philippines
Lenten season What does PETA mean
Who wrote passion plays Philippine educational Theatre Association
Gaspar Aquino de Belen When was ccp founded
What is the sedition act of 1901 September 1966
No advocacy of philippine independence Venue for national artist award
Who enacted the act of 1901 CCP
William howard taft Teatro tomasino
When was the act of 1901 made Ust theatre
November 4 1901 Music is regarded as
What did juan abad wrote The most universal in its appeal and acceptance
Golden chain Music may be universal but
What did juan matapang wrote It still has individual character
I am not dead Filipinos are said to be
Aurello tolentino wrote Musical people
Yesterday, today and tomorrow The instruments made out of bamboo show our
Where was the plays held Primitiveness
Teatro libertad What did they use to make music back then
Hindi ako patay Bamboo canes palm leaves bark of trees
Full length What materials did they use for pen
Juan matapang Sharp stick or iron
1903 Ethnic musical instruments
Teatro libertad Pipes flutes zithers drums
Golden chain What are the various string instruments
Juan abad Kudyapi - 3 strings
3 acts Kulintangs - bossed gongs
July 7 1902 Bamboo percussion
Teatro libertad Agong -large bossed gong
Yesterdy today and tomorrow Functions of music
3 acts Religious and social life
Aurello Tolentino Filipino music started with
May 14 1903 2 note melody
Teatro libertad Forms of filipino music
Drama simbolico More recitative but the melody exudes customs
Yearning for freedom traditions and aspirations
Weapon of the artists Origin of filipino music
Lingua franca Mostly adapted to other countries
What kind of musical instruments did the Spaniards Jazz and popular music
bring Who regulates the information during the japanese
Western musical instruments music era
What happened to the music when Spaniards came Hodobu
European flavor Who is felipe Padilla de leon
What year was Catholic liturgical music introduced National artist composer
1742 Felipe was forced to write what song
Who was the archbishop of manila Awit sa paglikha sa bagong pilipinas
Juan Rodriguez angel Awit sa paglikha sa bagong pilipinas was
What did Juan Rodriguez angel established The anthem specifically for japanese peroid
Singing school - manila cathedral What conveyed in the song "awit sa paglikha sa bagong
What type of music was being taught in the manila pilipinas"
cathedral Allegiance to the nation reared in the east
Western church music Created primarily for visual perception
What type of curriculum was patterned accdg to Juan Visual arts
Rodriguez Angel Visual perception
Madrid conservatory of music Drawings, graphics, painting, sculpture,
Who is the prince of philippine church music decorative arts
Marcelo Adonay Folk art and primitive art
Who would soon teach at the Manila Cathedral Consists of classic and modern features
Santo domingo and san agustin convents Philippine Visual Arts
What is pasyon or pabasa European and Indigenous influences
Narration of christs passion Pre colonial period
What inspired julian felipe to compose the philippine First people to step foot in the philippines
national march Who found "tabon man's skull"
Spain's royal march Dr robert B. Fox
What is kundiman When was "tabon man's skull" excavated
Traditional means of serenade May 28 1962
Who cited the 3 theories regarding its origin Kinds of pottery wares
Raymundo banas Majority types include earthenware, stoneware
the most famous kundiman or PABOOORITO😂 and porcelain
Jocelynang Baliuag what is pottery
Pahinga ka naman gurllllll 🖕 Ceramic which makes up pottery
BISH NEVER Manunggul Jar
Philippine Revolution Burial jar found in Palawan
1896 Jars of Maitum
1896 (philippine revolution) Secondary burial jars in Ayub Cave
Kundiman of the revolution Calatagan Ritual Pot
What is balitaw Found in Calatagan Batangas
Love and lullabies songs Burnay Jar
Harana Air tight jar is solid and sturdy
Tradition of serenading women Palayok
What is rondalla music Used for cooking
Traditional string orchestra Banga and Tapayan
A mandolin type instrument Used for fermenting food or keeping liquids
Banduria and laud Carving
Guitar instruments Using tools to shape something
Double bass Angono petroglyphs
Drum Oldest work of art in the philippines
Percussion The laguna copperlate inscription
America singing introduced Found in lumban laguna
Jazz Antoon postma
What is important in the american music era Deciphered the text in 1989
Instrumental and vocal music Sculpting
What was Santiagos masterpiece Two or three dimensional art forms
Concerto in B flat minor Bulul
Most recognizable patriotic songs of the Philippines Made by the people in cordillera
Bayan ko Okir
What was banned in japanese music era Motif from maranao and tausug