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BRU $ BCES| BY MIKE SCOTT SURREAL DEPROCOMEDY | 52x7" THe SAY Bru & Boegie are two inseparable best friends that always hang out with their hands in their underpants. They only ever wear underpants. Bru’s a white guy. Boegie's a black guy, They live in a small town in South Africa where not much happens, and they like it that way. Bru has his head in the clouds, does exactly what he wants and isn't too concerned about what others think. For Bru, there's no internal struggle to stay true to himself - compromising is not an option. He seems totally ok with taking immense risks. Boegie wants to be carefree like Bru, but unlike Bru, Boegie is divided: he has one foot in the ‘normal’ world and half in Bru's world. Boegie worries about Bru, but also admires and cares for him Doggie Poggie is a mute Zen master dog of mystery. He's almost always bopping his head to an imaginary beat. DP is chilled, but leads a fascinating surreal double-life. Pregnant Cat is Bru & Boegie’s unhinged and feral cat. She's almost always pregnant. Bru & Boegie's efforts often revolve around hare-brained schemes to earn money so they can buy her cat food. They're dedicated to helping her have healthy kittens. Bread Head is Bru & Boegie’s gullible neighbor. All he wants is to hang out and jam videogames with them, but Bru & Boegie don't dig him because they think he's too needy and uncool. “Mom" isn't Bru & Boegie's real mom but they call her that. She's their other neighbor and pops in now and then to check on them. She thinks they're cute in an odd way, and sometimes she feeds them. PLAPITUDEAPOES Platypus who wanders around murmuring vacuous platitudes: “Easy come easy go.” “Go with the flow.” “It is what it is." He wishes Bru & Boegie would join him on Saturdays to watch the rugby on TV, but they never do. Bru in South mall ‘ i > BRU & BOEGIE ‘Feelin’ It "2 1 Music SEK: Davie Scott ss te | FEELIN? IT Lehto gleloh— acolo olen TRC Clg Bru wants to know if Boegie's "feelin graphic designer. His first gig is a it. man’. Even though Boegie claims billboard design for a million bucks, He _ to be feeling it, Bru’s not convinced. likes his design so much that he buys it back for twice the price, and needs ala cE alelacelal Ua) to sell the house to pay for it, (ail at ro R-iaorg mela) A=) Bru forces Boegie to join his band, but Boegie can't play the bass. Despite repeatedly telling him, Bru only really rele ed verse eeai a ENA cass eciels the massive sold-out stadium gig. (Finished short online) LOVE EUR astcel ke crete COR ona cai Mekal alaea ocak se esr POTUS with love Talal ro k-ale ln coval lial) STORIES THE BRU & BOEGIE MOVIE Bru & Boegie shorts aren't getting many views online so they create South Africa's first full-length 2D animated movie. It's easier than they imagine. (Script complete) acticin im cedele Teen rercc) mainstream audience, Bru & Boegie Ceri U na ucvnaa verte and make a ridiculously amped-up PeccuoN eh cola reuse ier (Sou imechccmvelect 4 complete)