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Establishing research directions in sustainable building design
Buildings contribute more than half of the United Kingdom's greenhouse gas emissions through their construction and energy use. Therefore the design of buildings and planning of cities have a major role to play in the mitigation of climate change. Conversely, urban design must adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as changes in extreme weather. Buildings should also interact with the environment to reduce energy use by using features such as natural light and ventilation. Dr Koen Steemers, from the Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies at the University of Cambridge, is bringing together a network of researchers to develop a clear agenda for future research into sustainable building and urban design. It is the first time that architects, engineers, economists, social and natural scientists have collaborated to formulate a holistic approach to improving the relationship between buildings and climate. Researchers from a range of disciplines and organisations will meet at a series of workshops to exchange ideas, brainstorm and collate information. They will explore issues such as changes in the behaviour of building occupants, changing transport patterns, ideal city layouts, reduction of energy use and the impacts of microclimate on buildings. Subsequent workshops will be expanded to include experts from the architecture, engineering, construction and energy industries, as well as local and regional governments. The resulting research priorities will guide future examination of the interaction between buildings, cities and climate change.

Buildings contribute more than half of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, and are affected by the impacts of climate change. © M. Robinson More information Contact the lead investigator of Project IT1.28 (Sustainable building form: the role of architecture and urban planning with respect to climate change): Dr Koen Steemers The Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies University of Cambridge, 1-5 Scroope Terrace, Cambridge CB2 1PX, UK Phone: +44 (0) 1223 33 1701; Fax: +44 (0) 1223 33 1700 Email: Other researchers involved in this project are: Dr Jonathan Köhler, Department of Applied Economics, University of Cambridge Professor John Page, Professor Geoff Levermore, Dr Simon Shackley, UMIST, University of Manchester Dr John Turnpenny, Tyndall Centre and University of East Anglia Dr Tom Markvart, School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton Mr Steve Sorrell and Professor David Gann, SPRU, University of Sussex Timeline: July 2001 to July 2002 Useful web sites: The Tyndall Centre: Research at the Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies: European projects addressing sustainable development and the built environment: University of Hong Kong's concepts about sustainable architecture and building design:

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IT1.28 - fact sheet

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