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Cottonwood High School Wind Ensemble Disclosure
Teacher: Amber Tuckness
Email: ​
Cell phone: 801-860-4917
Wind Ensemble Remind 101: phone number is 81010 text message @cwoodwind Username: cottonwood Password: clarinet120

Both student and parent must read and understand the information contained in this disclosure.
1. Expectations:
A. Be on time, with instrument, pencil and music.
B. Stay in the class throughout the period unless given permission by the teacher.
C. Practice and keep on task with assignments and sectionals.
D. Respect your teacher, peers, room and music equipment.
E. Clean up after yourselves.
F. Follow directions.
G. No bullying or hazing will be tolerated.
H. Students must follow the UHSAA eligibly requirements to participate in the program.
I. No gum, food or drink allowed in the classroom (water only).
J. No cell phones or iPods (unless you are getting music downloaded onto it from me) are allowed in the
classroom. They need to be put on silent and left in a locker or backpack. If they are used during a class
without permission they will be taken to the office and a parent has to come and pick them up.

2. Supplies and Fees:

Depending on instrument: Woodwinds- a box of extra reeds, cleaning rods/swabs, Brass- valve oil, slide
grease, snakes, mouthpiece brush, mutes, Percussion- stick bag with a pair of drumsticks, timpani
mallets, and yarn mallets.
Padlock for a new instrument locker. Please give an extra key or the combo to me so we have it on

District Music Class Fee $50 for entire year
District Instrument Rental $75 per instrument for the entire year, $15 per additional instrument
Men’s Concert attire= Tie $10
Women’s Concert attire= Shirt and Skirt $90
Pep Band T-shirt $15

3. Concert Attire:
Women: ​You will be wearing a uniformed concert black outfit ($90). It is a long black skirt and black
top and gold sash. You will be sized during the fall and they will be delivered to the school before the
December concert. Black hosiery or socks and black shoes (no flip flops or tennis shoes) are necessary.
Students can keep these uniforms and they can use them for the next year. They need to be paid for
before December.

Men: ​Black dress pants (no jeans, corduroy, or Dockers), black long sleeve dress shirt, black socks and
black dress shoes. Ties ($10) will be ordered during the beginning of the school year. Students can
keep these ties and they can use them for the next year. They need to be paid for before December.

4. Grading System:
100-90 = A
89-80 = B
79-70 = C
69-60 = D
59-0 = F

5. Assignments and Tests

Concert Attendance Report:​ Students must attend a concert every term and fill out the concert
attendance report sheet that is available on Canvas. Concerts must be pre-approved by the teacher. For
example, Utah Symphony, Salt Lake Symphony, any University Orchestra or Band, and Utah Opera
would be approved. Students must attend a concert in which their instrument is performed on the
concert. Students must attend concerts that are of high caliber. Junior high concerts are not acceptable.
The concert reports are due the last Monday of the quarter ​ ​Concert reports are worth 200 points
towards their grade​. If the concert report is turned in after the due date the maximum credit will be 50
points. Concert schedules and dates will be provided for the students on the bulletin board by the
practice rooms. Many concerts are free of charge and some charge admission.

Sectionals:​ Students are required to attend sectionals. Our sectionals are held on late start Mondays
from 7:15-8:20 am. Sectional leaders will notify the student and post when sectionals will occur. On
average we have 4-5 a quarter. Each student must attend the sectional for the entire time in order to
receive full credit. ​Each sectional is worth 25 points​.

Playing tests:​ During class time will be given. The teacher will determine the testing material. The
material will be chosen from the music that the student is currently learning in their performing class,
scales, intonation exercises, etc. His/her section leader and/or the teacher will administer the student.
The grade will be based on playing test rubric that the teacher has created. Students can always retake a
playing test with the section leader or teacher as many times as they want until they receive the grade
they desire. ​Each playing test is worth 25 points​.

Assignments​: Each class will be using the Breezin thru Theory website to complete theory assignments.
Each student will have an individual account with Breezin thru Theory and will complete weekly
assignments that are due by midnight on Sunday. We offer after school tutoring for any one that is
struggling with these assignments. Students will be given a handout that gives the assignment schedule
for the entire quarter and the due dates. We will also do listening assignments (recordings will be
provided or websites given), recording their playing, and taking pictures or video of themselves
practicing in front of a mirror. Recording and video devices are provided at lunch for the students that
do not have those available at home. ​Each assignment is worth 25 points​.

Early morning rehearsals​: Before our concerts we will need to rehearse as a full ensemble to better
prepare for the concert. These rehearsals will take place before school. They are all mandatory in order
to perform at the concert. A list of these early morning rehearsals will be given to the students in class
prior to the first scheduled rehearsal. It is extremely important that the student attends these rehearsals
and comes on time. On average we have 2-3 early morning rehearsals prior to each concert.

Performances:​ All students must perform on every concert that their group(s) performs. No excuses
will be accepted unless the teacher in notified in advance by the student and parent or an administrator.
Students must be prepared and appropriately dressed to perform at the concert. Performances fall into
two categories:
A. Major 200 points each (Concerts, festivals, competitions, etc.)
B. Minor 25 points each (Pep band games, Assemblies, etc.)

Pep Band​: students enrolled in Wind Ensemble are required to attend Pep Band games. All are
scheduled and handed out to the students at the beginning of each quarter. Students must clear their
schedules for the evenings in which there is a Pep Band game. For Football season this year students
must attend 4 games. In basketball season students must attend 6 games. Roll will be taken at the
beginning of each game; if the student is late they receive half credit. Students must also wear their Pep
Band t-shirt that is provided to each game for full points. The student must inform the teacher a week
before the game, if they will not be attending.

6. Citizenship
The Granite School District Policy will be used. To receive a 4, the student must attend all rehearsals
and performances and showed exemplary behavior in class. Accumulated tardies, absences or failure to
participate in class will result in a lower citizenship grade. Students will be given an automatic 0 if any
performance throughout the year is missed, unless the teacher is notified and agrees prior to the concert.
Students will also receive a 0 is they are absent or tardy more than five times.

7. Private Lessons
I encourage all students to take private lessons. There are wonderful teachers in the community, and
students at local universities and colleges that would like to have some private students. I can help you
find a teacher that lives in your area and charges a reasonable price.

8.​ ​Canvas
The class will use Canvas, it is a great resource for many items. On a daily basis the homework
will be posted for each individual class. There is an accurate calendar of all concerts, early
morning rehearsals, sectionals, social events, etc. You can also find recordings and videos for class

How Parents Can Help

At Home​:
1. Calendar all of your child’s performance and avoid scheduling other events over the top of them.
2. Show an interest in the music study of your child.
3. Arrange a regular time for your child to practice in a quiet place without interruptions and help them as
much as you are capable.
4. Keep the instrument in good repair and encourage them to be careful with their instrument.
5. Even though private study is not required, it is strongly recommended.
6. Contact me if you would like to be a participant in our new M.V.P. (Musician Volunteer Parent)

At School​:
1. Encourage your child to faithfully attend all rehearsals, performances, and activities, and teach them to
be prepared and on time.
2. Notify the teacher if your child is going to be absent or tardy.
3. Attend as many performances as you possibly can.
4. Make sure they come to school and performances with all of their music, instruments and the correct
5. Volunteer to help out whenever possible (especially our annual dinner spring concert).
6. Make sure they are following the UHSAA eligibility rules throughout the entire school year.

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