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280 Clark Drive

Henderson, Nevada 89074 Mrs. Tara Imboden, Principal

Phone: 702-799-5730 FAX: 702-799-5759

(All meetings are subject to video recordings)

School Organizational Team

Meeting Agenda
5:00pm DMC Library

Members Present
Tara Imboden
Stephanie Pandullo
Kandi Tobin
Jill Stackel
Anna Sowell
Randi Myers
Amanda Miller

Meeting was called to order by Mrs. Imboden at 5:00pm.

Approval of the Agenda and Parent Survey

The agenda for the meeting was distributed and unanimously approved (Jill Stackel motioned; Anna Sowell

Budgetary Updates (Grants, SB178, District/Garden)

$8,201 is currently in our budget leftover from the turf rebate. The City of Henderson grant provided the money
for certified temporary tutors, so will we be able to possibly use that money for textbooks? The SAS is providing
principals with grant writing training. The team also discussed possibly reaching out to staff and parents that have
grant writing experience for their assistance.

Staffing Updates

Three SPTAs (special education teacher assistants) are still needed as well as a SEIF (special education
instructional facilitator). Count day was 9/6/2019. Certified temporary tutors will start 9/20/2019.

SOT Elections- Next Month

Kandi Tobin, Stephanie Pandullo, Amanda Miller, and Rene Alexander to be added to the ballot. The team
discussed possibly providing parking spaces for members as an incentive.

Community Questions/Input

Two parents attended the meeting. Tara Imboden explained acronyms to parents (SOT, SEIF, SPTA, PTA, etc).
A parent wanted to know what SOT is and what they do. Tara Imboden explained what the team does.
Meeting called to an end by Amanda Miller and seconded by Jill Stackel at 6:00 pm.