Capturing geological change at the coast

The Tyndall Centre’s Coastal Regional Simulator is exploring the impact of sea level rise on the management of the UK’s coast so that coastal planners and policymakers can make decisions informed by the impact of climate change. A number of Tyndall projects are already working on critical aspects of the simulator, such as coastal erosion, sediment dynamics, biodiversity, vulnerability, tourism, and the perceptions of coastal communities. A current problem for developing the simulator is the capture of important data about coastal geomorphology in light of sea level rise and climate change. Geomorphology studies the development of landscapes and landforms, and its timescales are long-term, spanning from decades to centuries. Professor Robert Nicholls from Middlesex University’s Flood Hazards Research Centre is leading a group of geomorphologists who are working with the Tyndall Centre’s Regional Coastal Simulator team. Together, they are identifying and defining a range of possible morphological states and shapes for the coastline, and the probabilities of those future states. The aim is to integrate and adapt existing and emerging ideas on the development of coastal morphology into an explanatory framework for the simulator. The objective is to describe different behaviours of the coastal morphology, rather than geographic details of change. They are considering open coast as well as sheltered estuary areas. The approach is being demonstrated for the East Anglian coast, but the resulting methods are also applicable elsewhere. Towards the end of the project, a workshop is drawing together academic and coastal management communities to encourage participant feedback for incorporating into the final results.
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Professor Robert Nicholls and colleagues are identifying and defining a range of possible morphological states and shapes for the coastline, and the statistical probabilities of those future states, to inform the understanding of the Tyndall Centre’s regional coastal simulator

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Contact the lead investigator of Project T3.42 (Capturing geomorphological change in the coastal simulator): Professor Robert Nicholls Flood Hazard Research Centre University of Middlesex Enfield EN3 4SF Tel: 0208 3625569 Other researchers involved in this project are: Dr Tom Spencer, Cambridge Coastal Research Centre, University of Cambridge Dr Jon French, Coastal and Estuarine Research Unit, University College London Dr John Rees and Dr Peter Balson, Coastal Geoscience and Global Change, British Geological Survey Dr Iain Brown, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research Dr Susan Hanson, Flood Hazard Research Centre, University of Middlesex

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Tyndall Centre’s Sustaining the Coastal Zone research theme Tyndall Centre’s Integrated Regional Coastal Simulator Tyndall Centre’s Calculating the Costs and Benefits of Managed Realignment FutureCOAST Coastal and Estuarine Research Unit Flood Hazard Research Centre Cambridge Coastal Research Unit British Geological Survey Project duration: September 2003 – January 2005

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