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WARRANT OF ARREST AND DETENTION DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS Dallas County. Texas Service # [202433-2019 Ti Fetony DPS/SID#: Arrest # Misdemeanor Warrant Number = Charge: | Capital Murder Suspect | Mitehell, Jacquerious [Bail Amount § TO GE ey Tn the name of the State of Texas to any Sheriff or other Peace Officer of the siate of Texas— Greetings: You are here by commanded to take the body of Jacquerious Mitchell hereinafter called the accused, and him safely keep so that he may be dealt with according to law, and to hold the accused to answer to the State of Texas for an offense azainst the laws of the said State, namely: Capital Murder 19.03, of which C/F offense he is accused by written complaint, made under oath that has been presented to me and that is by this reference incorporated herein for all purposes. OCT 08 2019 \ Witness my signature this day of. HAUL Dip wcne F1976586 Dallas County, Texas ADMINISTRATIVE DATA ALL BLANKS MUST BE COMPLETED OR INDICATE “UNKNOWN” Tule of Toms va [Mitchell Jacquerfous Tees Seas [Ta Custody Race [B_| Sex: M DOB i We Hai. [Black | Eyes: [ Brown Residence Address: Business Address: Business Name: Complainant: | Joshua Brown Dato of Offense: ‘October 43019 ‘Amest Warrant Issued to: | DPD/DSO Driver's Livense # FEES $4.00 $2.00 $2.00 $6.00 8 $ $ CAME TO HAND THE day of __ »AD.20 sand executed the = day of A.D. 20 ___, by arresting and detaining above named and accused and BY; Statute of Limitations: F1976586 [STATE OF TEXAS AFFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT | COUNTY OF DALLAS — ] BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared the undersigned affiant who, after being duly sworn by me, on oath stated: My name is Detective J. H. White #7682 and I am a peace officer ofthe City of Dallas, Dallas County, ‘Texas. I, the affiant, have good reason and do believe that on or about the 4th day of October, 2019, one Jacquerious Mitchell did then and there in the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas commit the offense of Capital Murder, a violation of Section of the Texas Penal Code, a C/F. Affiant’s belief is based upon the following facts and information which Affiant received from: Bat zation of this alleged offense. OC __, a fellow peace officer of the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, who personally participated in the investigation of this alleged offense, providing this information to Affiant, and whose information Affiant believes to be credible. On 10/04/2019, at approximately 10:30 P.M., suspect Jacquerious Mitchell committed the offense of Capital Murder at 4606 Cedar Springs Road located in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. Suspect J. Mitchell committed the offense by participating in a robbery which resulted in the death of the complainant. The complainant in this offense is Joshua Brown. On 10/04/2019, at approximately 10:30 P.M., patrol officers responded to a shooting call at 4606 Cedar Springs Road. Upon arrival, patrol officers found Complainant Brown Lying in the parking lot of the apartment complex with multiple gunshot wounds. Complainant Brown was transported to an area hospital where he died as a result of his injuries. Around the time of this offense, Suspect J. Mitchell was also transported to an area hospital with a gunshot wound, Patrol officers spoke with ‘Suspect M. shell, who transported Suspect J. Mitchell ‘MR ost ‘where Suspect J. Mitchell was subsequently transported to I Hospital by DFR. Suspect M. Mitchell stated they were walking down the street neat the Promise Hospital, which is located at 7955 Harry Hines Boulevard. Suspect M. Mitchell informed the patrol officers that they attempied to buy some “weed” from an unknown individual and he attempted to rob them. Suspect M. Mitchell further stated that the ‘unknown suspeet shot Suspect J. Mitchell. While patrol officers were speaking with Suspect M. Mitchell he provided them the name of “Demon Martin DOB: Through the course of the investigation, Detective J. H, White #7682, received a phone call {rom [NM with the Rapides Paztish SherifP’s Department located in Louisiana, informed Detective White that he had been contacted by an individual that he knows, who wishes to remain anonymou stated this anonymous witness informed him that Complainant Brown had been shot and killed during a robbery gone bad and the individuals involved were Suspect J. Mitchell, Suspect M-Wwiitchett ane another UnaMee sispect. Detective White was also contacted by another witness, whose identity is being withheld at this time for their safety. The unnamed witness informed Detective White that Suspect J, Mitchell, Suspect M. Mitchell, and Suspect Thaddeous Green came to Dallas to rob Complainant Brown. Witnesses at the crime scene informed patrol officers that after hearing gunshots, they observed a 4 door gray sedan flee the offense location at a high rate of speed. Detective B. Tabor #7687, spoke with Police Department officers and they reviewed the surveillance video which shows Suspect M. Mitchell speak with an occupant of a 4 door silver vehicle bearing nse Plate: fier conducting research of the vehicle, Detective Tabor leamed that the vehicle was rented ‘on 10/04/2019 in Alexandria, Louisiana, Detective Tabor also learned that the vehicle was retumed on 10/06/2019. 0n 1010772019, Detective B. Tabor and Detective S, Sayers #7157, interviewed Suspect J. Mitchel! at IE ospia. During the interview, Suspect J. Mitchell stated he came to Dallas with Suspect M. Mitchell and Suspect Green to buy some weed, Suspect J. Mitchell told Detectives Tabor and Sayers that he and Suspect M. Mitchell were sitting in the car and Suspect Green exited the vehicle and began talking with Complainant Brown, Suspect J. Mitchell stated he heard them arguing and he exited the car. Suspect Green and Complainant were tussling with each other and he observed a gun at which time he was shot. Suspect J. Mitchell informed Detectives Tabor and Sayers that he then heard two more gunshots before Suspect Green got back into the suspect vehicle with a gun and a black bag which belonged to Complainant Brown. Suspect J. Mitchell stated Suspect Green told him to tell the police that he got robbed. Suspect J. Mitchell also stated Suspect M. Mitchell told him to tell the F1976586 STATE OF TEXAS __ AFFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT | _ COUNTY OF DALLAS police that Suspect M. Mitchell’s name is “Demon Martin.” On 10/07/2019, Detective J. White and Detective C, Walton #8479, travelled to {INN Louisiana. White in Detectives White and Walton spoke with Witness [EEE Witness IIIs Jrented a vehicle for Suspect J. Mitchell. Witnes further stated MllMlearned that Suspect J. Mitchell travelled to Dallas and had been shot. Witness stated fg has heard that Suspect J. Mitchell travelled to Dallas with Suspect M. Mitchell and Suspect Green. Witness ted nerd that the suspects planned toro Complainant Brown and during te robbery, Complainant Brown and Suspect J. Mitchell were both shot. Detectives White and Walton also spoke with Witness AB 0 he lithe of Suspect M. Mitchel. Witness stated that Suspect M. Mitchell told him that he went to Danas with Suspect Green and Suspect J. Mitchell. Witnes: stated Suspect M. Mitchell told him that he, Suspect J. Mitchell, and Suspect Green were involved in a drug deal that went bad. Suspect M. Mitchell told Wines during the drug deal, the transaction went bad at which time Suspect M Mitchell and Suspect Green became involved in a physical altercation with Complainant Brown. During the altercation, Suspect J. Mitchell was shot Legg ___ WHEREFORE, Affiant requess that an arrest warrant be issued forthe ARFIANT hove accused jadivdual jm geeonignee wit the law SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME on the day of 20 OCT 08 2018 MAGISTRATE IN AND FOR DALLAS DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS MAGISTRATE'S DETERMINATION OF PROBABLE CAUSE. On this the ay 8T o8 on » There by acknowledge at Ihave mained the orepong ada and have determined hat probable ease exis fr be eunee of Dowief Wout ® an ares warn for the nv secs erin MAGISTRATE IN AND FOR DALLAS DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS