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a6 Dally gle, oeetembsse 20, 2014 ésociation of Assigned Counsel, ens Family Court holds annual dinner By Andy Katz ‘Queens Daily Eagle ed Counsel Association of Queens Family Court held its fourth snnuat ‘Sinner at Vila Russo's catering hall in Rich= fond Hill on Wednesday. Lawyers and jud- 3 gathers ir own ina hood that was celebratory, but also evident of frastration as one speaker after another called on Albany to raise the rates at which cous tre reimbursed for their efforts on behalf of tients deemed indigent by the court. “Our compensation hasn't changed in 16 years," said ACAQFC President Sarah Ti- ary, “That makes it difficult t0 attract new mnembers, beeause assigned counsel atorney must be peed in relevant areas of the Taw. back tole from ‘ofr ‘work nights and weekends without compen re constantly being evaluated,” said °C Vice President Andrea Ogle” And {noways thet other atlorneys never would be. amily Court judges assign counsel “We of the apple.” Tigary seid, referring to family court cases involv~ ing adults, such as custody disputes, charges of neglect and wilfulness. “In some of these ses people can go to jal if found guilty, so presentation is important” From left: Frank Bruno, mevecns Daly Fogle, Septempir 201019 pib Association of Assigned Counsel, Queens Family Court holds annual din) Continued from page 2 High stress and low pay notwithstanding, the work this night was to celebrate, enjoy and honor several col. leagues. Daniel Moskowitz, Rayaaz’ Khan and. Austin Jdchen, all of them star ACA, meys. isis normally not my said honoree Rayaaz Khan, who immigrated to the United States from Guyana “But tonight is special, and so are all of you." years serving as. assigned Counsel In addition to eps Fesenting the indigent Mos. Kowite ound time to wnt “Bronx Slagaee” a novel about the Bronx County court Called by some es “the sequel [10 Bonfire a the Vanities" Austin When isan of member of Langer of Dis: Unetion Tnioducing some of the housing. and family court Judge" Margit Paris e- Gowan said, "When [wen the supreme cout I thought there! be all new storey and they'd be right on the ball mo, [really mis the ACA ? dont ge op Kop Seed’ Bob Mode ATs age Seve Sogac ACAQFC Board. Llana Hela, Wendy Pelle-B ing whats de to you. Tapephowsbytndyka Bante,