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Complete the table for common conversation types that might happen on the project's website.

Conversation Type User Intent

Functional Users could use the webpage for


Transactional Users follow the instagram & FB

links on the page to post their pics

Thinker The webpage has contact

information to learn more
Entertainment The webpage has a short video

User Personas represent real, living and breathing people who will engage with your product. While
individuals featured on a persona are technically hypothetical, the information on the document should
not be hypothetical. All sections must be completed based on fact, hard data, and research.
Read the following for more information on how to create your user persona.
Using the link given, create your user persona.
Download the pdf version of your user persona for submission.
Create a user journey map using UXPRESSIA. UXPRESSIA has a free version that allows you to create
from persona to user journey map.
You can check their examples of how they work on their user journey with different personas. You also
have the option to create from scratch, edit the existing sample that caters to your need or use their
In this task, create a persona using UXPRESSIA and develop user journey map using the scenario in
Activity 3.
Right click on the page -> click Adobe Acrobat -> convert Web Page to PDF and submit pdf of the user
journey. If you don’t have Adobe as an alternative, click on Fullscreen and take a screenshot of the whole
page showing your user journey and submit the screenshot.

Assume you are on one of the social media of #myplasticfreefuture. Choose one of the triggers and
intervention that will lead the user to click and visit the website and explain (100 words minimum).
Users who post a picture for 1 day using the hashtag will be given a Free reusable Drink Bottle. This can
lead people to the one plastic free day webpage and get to know more about the project as we all love free
giveaways, another trigger that would make people visit the website would be to share a post with 30 other
people and those people share it on their personal page, whoever does this gets a t-shirt with the print of
the project. Sharing folders in the neighborhood explaining about the project would be a way to engage
more people to come to the website to understand the topic.
Checklist of documents to submit:
1. Personas in pdf format;
2. Screenshot on user journey;
3. Submit a completed table from Task 1 and Task 4 in Moodle or as a Word document.