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Memorandum of Understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is between SAGACITI SERVICES, a

business firm that specializes in recruitment and training and Talent Pro India Pvt
ltd., a Company that specializes in HR Services.

This memorandum of Understanding is dated 15thNovember 2010. It will be valid

until 31st March 2011. The MOU will be freshly drawn for each financial year. This
Memorandum of Understanding can be terminated with a 15 days notice period.
Such notice will be in writing and served over mail and as physical document.

Talent Pro India Pvt Ltd., will be referred to as Talent Pro in this document.

Scope of services

• Under this MOU, SAGACITI will offer recruitment and sourcing services to
Talent Pro on the agreed commercials mentioned herein.

• Talent Pro will provide sourcing mandates across specific geographies on a

regular basis to SAGACITI.

• SAGACITI will help and assist Talent Pro in the sourcing of candidates for
Talent Pro India Pvt Ltd., clients.


Talent Pro agrees to compensate SAGACITI for the sourcing as follows

The total fee payable per person is 1500/- (Rupees one thousand five hundred
only). It will be paid as follows

1000 /- (Rupees five hundred only) is payable once the resource provided by
SAGACITI joins Talent Pro’s client. This amount is payable as soon as the
resource joins Talent Pro’s client and is not linked to any specific time of stay by the

500 /- (Rupees one thousand only) is payable as soon as the associate completes
45 days from joining the Talent Pro’s client.

Intimation of selection and billing

• Talent Pro will intimate SAGACITI of all short lists on agreed time lines.

• Talent Pro will communicate on resource joining the client

• Talent Pro will send periodically the 30 day and 45 day tracker on resources
referred by Tehcruit.

Billing / Invoice

• SAGACITI will raise bill on a fortnightly basis for new joinees. Service tax
and other applicable taxes will be included in the billing.

• Talent Pro will deduct tax at source on the payouts.

• Talent Pro will pay SAGACITI within 15 days from the date of receipt of bill at
its end.

• The date will be endorsed on a copy of the bill and given to SAGACITI.

Non Compete

SAGACITI will not compete and offer recruitment directly to Talent Pro’s client.

Any recruitment to Talent Pro’s client will be only after the same is formally
approved by Talent Pro in writing.

No poach

Talent Pro at any time will not directly or indirectly offer employment to any of the
M/s AKS employee or associates.

Project basis

Each mandate given by Talent Pro will have a project code. And the specific
turnaround times (TAT’s) or SLA will be drawn. The resourcing has to be done
within the TAT / SLA provided for the project.

Agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned in this Memorandum of


For Talent Pro India HR Pvt Ltd., For SAGACITI SERVICES

Venkateshan .S Prabhjeet Singh

Recruitment Head Proprietor