Judge Johnson, I am replying to the GAL M. Jill Dykes letter dated Nov.

12, 2007 in which she verified that a “Court Evaluation” is not obtainable through Ms. Turnbull and asks for your direction. I am also addressing several other issues that are ripe for consideration. I am asking that if the court continues to feel a [4th, 5th, 6th] evaluation is necessary, the court shall make specific arrangements with that evaluator, agree as to the extent of the Further, I request that the evaluation be paid for with state funds, as the typical $5,000 to $15,000 cost of such evaluations is beyond my ability to pay. A proposed motion is attached for your signature. Additionally, a Journal Entry per Supreme Court Rule 170 in regards to the November 7, 2007 hearing needs to be made, and I request it be done by Don Hoffman, the attorney of record for Mr. Richardson. I have at last been given an opportunity to review the courts social file. In a separate affidavit, I wish to enter my comments in regards to the entries that were made in that file which were never disclosed to me and I have never had an opportunity to rebut. Specifically, I noted a great deal of ex parte communication between so and so, so and so and so and so.... This will also be addressed in my affidavit. And lastly, I have attached a motion for immediate restoration of my right to visit and contact my daughter unsupervised. Nothing in the courts file deems me to be a danger to my child. There are numerous mental health reports in the file which state I am a fit parent and not a danger to my child as well. While the court may consider 8 years for a child to be reunited with her mother reasonable, this is a lifetime to a child. Even in Child in Need of Aid hearings it is duly recognized that time is of the essence with children. Given that there have been so many delays in restoring my daughters relationship with her mother, my motion sets forth a reasonble unsupervised visitation schedule that would be afforded any fit non custodial parent--every other weekend and a mid week dinner visit. Specific proposed drop-off and pick up times and places are attached. I am respectfully asking his honor to stop the madness. I have never been a danger to my child and never will be. There is nothing in the 13 year history of this case that identifies me as a violent or unsafe parent. Supervised visitation was originally set up for MY protection from domestic violence in 1996. With structure pick-up and

drop off places and times in public places, this should hopefully no longer be an issue. Rikki deserves a normalized relationship with her mother. Anything less is unconscionable, and not in the best interests of the child. I await your direction and ask that you make consideration of these and any other pending motions as soon as possible.

Then, attach your affidavits and motions. Be very specific.

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