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Giuliana Gardellini was born in Bologna in 1967 and graduated in Foreign Languages and
Literatures at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Bologna in 1994, with a thesis in
Contemporary English Literature (Samuel Beckett). She received her Ph.D. in English Literature in
1999 from the University ‘Ca’ Foscari’ in Venice, with a dissertation in Victorian literature (Alice
Thompson Meynell). In 2001, she received a two-year, post-doc grant from the University of
Bologna and, in 2004, a two-year grant from the Scuola Superiore di Studi Umanistici (Higher
School of Humanities) of the University of Bologna on a project linked with the website on how to teach tolerance to children and adolescents. She collaborates with the
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the University of Bologna and with the Centre
for Canadian Studies of the University of Bologna. Since 2006, she has been fellow-researcher to
the Chair of North-American Literatures, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University
of Bologna.

She taught Italian language and culture (ILP – Intensive Language Program) to the students from
the University of California in Bologna (Autumn 2000 and 2002).
She was lecturer (professore a contratto) at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bologna to
teach English language and English for Medicine to medical students (2000/2003).
She was the coordinator of the courses: “Democracy and Tolerance: Political Communication in
Italy and Abroad” (Autumn 2004), “City and Democracy” (Autumn 2006), and “The City and
Democracy: Moving Towards an Engaged Citizenship” (Autumn 2007) at the International Center
for Civic Engagement University of Bologna / University of Denver.
She is lecturer (professore a contratto) at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the
University of Bologna and teaches North-American Literatures.

She published a book-length study on A. Thompson Meynell (The Silent Shadows of Language: the
Poetry of Alice Thompson Meynell, Bologna, CLUEB, 2001) and a number of essays in English
literature (Austen, Meynell) and in Canadian literature (Atwood, MacEwen, MacLeod, Mistry,
Moodie, Newlove).
In particular, within the theme of Italian-Canadian identity and literature, she published the
following essays:

• “’Look. Have No Words.’ The Dynamics of Memory in the Poetry of Pasquale Verdicchio”,
in The Dynamics of Cultural Exchange: Creative and Critical Works, ed. by Licia Canton,
Montreal, Cusmano, 2002, pp. 233-242.
• “An AEsthetics of Oblivion and Silence: Voices from Italian-Canadian Poetry”, in Shaping
History. L’identità italo-canadese nel Canada anglofono, Atti del Convegno Internazionale
“Oltre la storia / Beyond History / Au-delà de l’histoire: l’identità italo-canadese
contemporanea” (Udine, 20-22 maggio 2004), vol. 1, Udine, Forum, 2005, pp. 61-66

Giuliana Gardellini