Common Grounds 2011 Client Request for Proposal DEADLINE: December 1, 2010 SEND TO: info@CommonGroundsMN.


The Common Grounds Steering Committee requests proposals for a consulting project for the Spring semester starting in January 2011. Guided by the principle that complex problems require collaboration across disciplines, Common Grounds brings together approximately thirty students from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, and Law School. Common Grounds engages community issues from an interdisciplinary approach by providing professional research and consultation to businesses and organizations. In addition, Common Grounds provide students with a forum to develop collaborative ideas and to promote integrative leadership. We ask that any participant is able to attend a meeting of our whole group on a Monday morning in early February during which you can present the project and outline several areas of research for our members to pursue. Members of Common Grounds will work together in groups to research the project over a two-month period. We will ask you to direct us to materials you think we should investigate and take our own initiative to find resources to provide the best research product. We will ask you meet with us again in April in order for us to present our findings and hear your feedback. A short final report detailing our research will be provided. We are happy to answer questions about past projects and our method of working, and find that gaining the basic information this form provides is a great starting place. We would also ask to have at least one meeting with your organization prior to selection so we can shape the project together and set expectations. Common Grounds does not charge for these services, but may ask your organization to contribute something of value for our members, for example a meal for a meeting.

COMMON GROUNDS STEERING COMMITTEE: Chris Hamsher (Chair), Amelia Brunelle, Anne Huart, Astrid Brouillard, Benjamin Marcy, Heather Abraham, Mike Osberg, Peter Reese If you have any questions, please contact us at:

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How would your proposed project engage cross-disciplinary discussions about Law/Business/Public Policy? Briefly summarize the challenges you face in this project.



Why would this problem interest the members of CG?


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What are the options you can imagine for using the work groups effectively:?


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