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Kuehne Family YMCA - YMCA Safe Visit Satellite Office
2OJ6 NW Taylor Topeka. Kansas 66608
(78S) 234-4677

F•• (78S) 234.5466

The Honorable Judge Anderson
200 SE 7111

Topeka. KS 66603 Case # 96 D 217: Claudine Dombrowski & Hal Richardson March 8, 2002 Dear Judge Anderson: . This letter is to update the supervised CQntac;t etween Claudine and her daughter Rikki. b The parties visit on Thursday evening 5:30-6:3Opm and Saturday afternoon 12:301:3Opm. Since the previous repon dated 8-20-01. there have been 58 V1sit6 6CheduJed with 4 visits missed. Hal canceled the visit on 12-29-01 due to a funeral. This was made up 00 12-30-01. Claudine canceled the vi5it OD 1-10-02 due to her mixing up her days. On 1-31-02 staff cancelled the visit due to the weather. The visit on 2.14-02 was canceled due to Rikki being ill. Claudine continues to be responsible for program costs and maintains a zero balance. Rikki is observed by staff as a typical 7year old child. She is easily engaged in play, yet she shows Some level of independence in wanting to complete tasks by herself and in her own way. An example of Rikki exening her independence is while playing a game Boggle Jr.-Rikki wanted to lind the letters on her own. She repeatedly told Claudine not to help her. However, Claudine continued to tum ovet' the correct letters and push them towards Rikki to help her spell the words in question. Rikki and Claudine play with a variety of toys and games during the visitation. Rikki and Claudine often discUSlischool, friends and day to day activities i.e. karate. Claudine brings snacks and creative projects for parties to wolk on during the supervisoo parenting time. Recently. Claudine brought an easy bake oven and Rikki made cakes and cookies during the visit. On 11-21-01, Claudine gave Rikki a Thanksgiving card with a business card enclosed to give to her friends (see attached), Staff intervened and discouraged this type of communication due to the potential for unsolicited contact from strangers. On more then one occasion, Claudine has given information to staffverhally and from her web page regarding her desire 10 regain custody of Rikki. On 2-16-02, Claudine notified staff she was requesting all communication from Safe Visit go through her counsel Leonard Robinson (release attached).


Thi, PrrJg_ftwfed in ""rt by ,ron" prrJylded ~ " •• UlliUd 1Iby. Sluzl,'n" "'""'" City YOlllhS'I'VK'S Fomd, tht Srott Chil4 F~g, ond Ctnl<r PrrJS-. anlrh. Federal Sro" Acem and WJirorio" P",&""" (lJ odmi"ultred by KtJrUaJ Allomty Ct".rat Carl. J. SroWJII.

Please notifY Safe Visil about the outcome of the Court hearing on 3-11.02 so slaffeRn plan accordingly.


Cc: Leonard Robinson, counsel for Claudine Don Hoffinan, counsel for Hal.

Safe Visil staff does norprovide evaluations of the families who use the program's services 07 make recommendations about future arrangements f07 parent/child contact. Staff records parent/child contact. However, observations have occurred in a structured and protected setting. Therefore, care should be exercised in using obseniations to predict WISlJ{)ervised contact.

Febnwy 16, 2002

1. CI.udjM Dombrowskl, d<l hereby give my wrlnen lIIId sigped rd_

of llIlYaDd infmmation rel1Ued to my participation in the Safe Visit Pl'lIgram In Topeka, KS.


Any lIIId all iDformIItion, writ1al, elecll'Oillc or via telephone comJIIllIliC8lion ill expressly 8I1d ONLY given to the reUowlng:


RObIJIsDIl, Atblmey @ Law 1605 SW 3.,0 Street

Topeka, KS 66611
0fIlce Plcme: 185-261-5063 NO OTHER permission is given; to release any iDformation to any other person is


EIpcctaOy DO intDrIIIIIlion Is to be released to Hlury Mocm: CSOIlI of ShaWllee CoUIlty District Court ServiI:CSOR any other CoIIrt Sc:rviCeli Officer UD1el1s staled exclusivei)' in a signed Court Otder by a Dhnrict CoIIrt J lIdge in Shawrme Collllly. This Release of information nullslU1d voids B1Iprior s1gnod releases of infarmalion, aDd lIIkes effect on drls dale: Febnlllry 16. 2002.

SiBJted, ~\c.-~' Claudine Dombrowski DalD:Febnwy 16,2002




cc: Leonard


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