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H,morablt:. Evelyn Wilson

~;~i1wn~, Dlslrict Cuun. Di •. 5 Co. "'V, E . -tl' ",",vv I Tcp~k", It,!;. ISG6f)~ CroSeN". 96Dn 7: Cl~l1l1ine Dombro,,~ki &. Hal Richerrnon, Jr.

March 1,2005

This 15 lL~.undute on 1M wove-lllention1";' ,

ca~c, which l,;omes before th~ Coun: 3-3-05.

In caliy 2004, it was wcommend"d that <':Iaudini' have superviseU visitation with hee .;laughter; F.1kki. H •.l contQcted t.!}e program 00 y~-n4 to re-est<'.llllsh ger .•ic~, Staff
re~ic\V<,;dthe Program gujJe1j~s '9'/ith him on 2-4-04. CJ~l1t!llle did [lot conlll,;lllle t'fcgrarn unlil 9 ..l-o:J... 3lJc Ufcl w-jth ~troi il t;. ? 0.1 to rJ'ri!?'.v gtJi, .. 11n~~ nU? 'to 1he O l..... Program'~ s(;lJ"Ju1c vi~it5 were unable to begin until 9.29..1)4, Visits were ~c.bedl!led fur ~V:iry Wednesday fr'}ifL 6:30pm- 7:30pm. The vj~lcs moved to ~very S1.1i10ay ffCom 4~(JOpmi:OOpm on 1.3()..05 :Jt Ha1'~ !~.qucst ~nd to bc.ti:cr nble Ie ;locorr.modate anelher f~mHyin


the program. PayTl1CmIs 355eil~W tu Claudine. She hI!' a zero balance at this time.
'l'I\~1'Q h~\~ \)J;.~[l )--:..'1Ji6r~ l,!,.'hpc1111"J1 i4ild

21 lla,'e occurred. The vian on 12-1-04 was c:lncelled so Cl~utiille could. aucnd Rikki", Oill Scout dinner that ~a..rn~ "vening,'and the V~£lt 00 1,5.U~ was caN"l"l1p.c1tine to the Program b~iJ!gdoscxllT..causc of bud w6at110r. C,lt'Jdiii~ lias brought ,n~,~k",and RClivldes for hcr awl RfrJ.i to ~hare dllling the visits. ;'t~yb\j" tr-.we erat! items tog~'.r,f.r Hnrl ha.ve I~Jked aooulocLoQl, people they know, ,U'.u :idvities e~.dl are lilVOlval io. Kmh oisplay physical aff~tiuu.ll\l!,~ and kiss.:;Swith th:.:other. CI:wdine often tells staF this is her best slav nf the. week as sbe g-~.ll>to see lUk!'.i. Nothing i"•. pproprilitc hli; b;e.n said or :j.:-nf: rlnnng the Vls~tS .tloIDpart!c~ l1ave .
"r:i-icn (j;,d dcpmted nt their lippointed times llIld haw tollowf:r1I11p. Pmgram guidelines. Rikki trnnsitions f'..,'lSily frc,m [h~ drop off, to the visit, and with the pick Up. fh" visit on II 1701, P..lkki talked with staff about ho\i' sh.~was ti':clinl' ahout CiliUdinc cOlIUng tv cat iunch with her III Gchooi, She expressed some disc,;I;cfc,r", wiUI
'. I -'1'Ul~ w:a ll\l,,-lt.licva(.,.) ~f.C u.,)~,, , ., • ~lC~ Ul\.IllICl. 1".,Q.l

tv ~v


v,- ',,\'h~n <

:3uv •••• :; a


Sh~ crJd tho

~t.hc; kid:; would t~c

her. StrJ'f cncoW'llsed her to talk with her moth::'!"about the thinSS

(hr.t iJotr'li;rher. Rilcki .saId ~hc.has but her molfJer doesn't lisren. At the .i5its. Claudine h;:;; rtfc!'i~'" Rikki ~ "her Pl'i~ss" and sings songs as they do uctivities hut Fildd UOCS flvl \'oio:. any UlJlJOSitiiJll tu Clumiluf., a!J(IU( her (.omn1ents or behaviors.







Staff has been in contact with the GAL, Jill Dykes,
pW'alltJohild oontAot Mel comm;uniCQti"n.


well as the Case M~r,

T Jny6

Swam. regarding polnL'i U1ub:ielvation and on a need to know bllliis, issues of

Please notify Safe Visit if there arc 0Jl}' chllDge:i t/lat need to be made regardins the.

visitation plan.

--~ •..




Program l'oordinator

(, f)nf?;f~t~#Connie Sam;h~. Safe:Visil Adminisllalof cc: Cilludine Dombrowski, Pro Se Don Hoffmll.n, Att. for Hill

Jill Dykes, GAL r..Ioyd Sw~nz,c~s~M~n~ger
d~d nol provide ••",/.olio", of the fomilier wh6 l/U ,h~ I'rOS''''n1' t "rI'icn lIr IJwb Ilhnu, fu"'''' nJ'TIIJ'2t1mJ!fI1<lnr fln"".t!rhiitl r.fllI!an !Stqjf"rnrds porOlt/cJWd conta<:t. HrJWeYf!r. obserl1ations have occurred in a slrvc'"reli arul proter:ttd &"ning. Thtrefore. car. should be ~ercisecl", /ojl"): {(J plW;,llUf~"II.r.i:>.d wIIIllLt Sdft Viti'
ffJJ!f "rnl1l1lllntfll,iJln.'


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