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August 3),2004

-- - -_. __ . The Honorable David E. Bruns Shawnee County Courthouse Division 12 200 S.E. 7'h Street Topeka, Kansas 66604 Re: Richardson v. Dombrowski Case No.: 96.0.217


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Dear Judge Bruns, Pursuant to my appointment as Guardian ad Litem for the minor child in the abovc captioned case I have conducted the following: I. Reviewed the Court's social file. 2. Interviewed the minor child, Rikki . _.J ~..--Interviewed the.mother;Claudine Dombrowski. 4. Conversed with Dr. Rodeheffer, Rikki's Therapist. 5. Conversed with Amanda Smith, Court Services. 6. Conversed with the father, Hal Richardson. 7. Conversed with Rene Netherton, former G.A.L. 8. Conversed with Scott McKenzie, former G.A.L. 9. Conversed with Lloyd Swartz, Case Manager. 10. Conversed with Don Hoflinan, Mr. Richardson's counsel. II. Reviewed on going Letter Decisions and Documents filed with the Court. As the Court is aware, Ms. Dombrowski has requested the Court set aside the order Jor supervised visitation between Ms. Dombroski and her daughter Rikki. With regard to this issue, I received a letter from the case manager, Lloyd Swartz, on or about August 5, 2004, requesting that I provide the Court and parties with written argument concerning the visitation.

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My review of the social file disclosed that the order for supervised visitation issued around February of 2004. The order allowed Ms. Dombrowski to have visits with her daughter, Rikki, through the YM.C.A. Safe Visit Program. Since the Order issued there have been two reported violations of the Order by Ms. <.::-Dombrowski. One involved an incident at the school where Ms. Dombrowski allegedly stood in a neighbor's yard near the school and tried to communicate with Rikki. The other involved Ms. Dombroski dressing in disguise and hiding in a bathroom stall at the school during a girl scout meeting. Ms. Dombrowski allegedly tried to pull Rikki into the stall so she could talk with her. Ms. Dombrowski denies both of these allegations.


Since the order for supervised Visitation issued Ms. Dombrowski has not visited with ~) -'~ikIU attliC Yl;;r.CA. . M~ombrowski statedll1atSl1eoia-riot walino' use'iheYM.-CA:-aiia' would prefer to use the Farm in l.a\HenCe, Kansas. At this time, I believe that supervised visits are still appropriate. In addition, I do not see a reason to change the location from the Y.M.C.A. to the Farm. 11 is my understanding that the visits were originally changed to supervised because Rikki had overhead comments on a visit with her mother that led her to believe her father was in danger. Based upon this fear, Rikki's therapist, Dr. Rodeheffer, felt that it would be in Rikki's best interest to have supervised visits with her mother. Since the order was entered, Rikki has had no contact with her mother other then the alleged reported violations. Therefore, nothing has changed materially which would indicated that unsupervised visits would be appropriate at this time. In fact, given the allegations and Rikki's responses to them it appears that supervised visitation is more appropriate now then ever.




Rikki has had visitation with her mother at the YMCA before. She is familiar with the facility and VOiced no objection to meeting with her mother there in fact quite the opposite. Rikki stated to me she just wished her mother would fill out the paperwork so she could see her. RY3'hangingtheJocl\!wn.of.1hc v'.5it1tion.l(uh~. farm, all wc .would .bc.Bccomplishing.would.he to place Rikki in another unfamiliar environment which would not be in her best interest. I intend to continue to monitor the case and it's progress through ongoing contact with my client, her Therapist, and hopefully, the staff at the Y.MCA. Safe Visit Program. In the event that I determine that supervised visitation is no longer needed I will report the same to the Court and parties immediately

7 1

Thank you for appointing me to represent such a wonderful young lady. I sincerely hope that this case can move forward and Rikki can once again have visitation with her mother.


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