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2005[, COURT C,a.Tl-<Y '-E:~ SERVICES •.•A11T_ DR'f:CTOR 7TlI, SUIT!:104 06003-:396 t:.xT,4004 I
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1 1 August 1997

Attached you will find the repoi1 fr(,n", C,',url SCIyices in l.~rnOO'd As 1 recall, YOU wished a once over of Claudine Domhrowski's residenc~ and Courl Services there has rro\'idr.d that Should yell! have: any 'lilesticlns, dCl not hc:,iiitte ttl cclll me iii 4~()()




State of Kansas

Sue Fehrenbach leeso} '05 s. Penn Ness City. Kansas 61560 (913)798.3695 Fu No. (9131198-3839 Fred Rou (CSO) 606 Topeta Lamed. K5 67550 (3161285-3100 Fax No. 13161285.3120

Judicial District

Court Services


Serving Edwards. Hodgemon. Lone. Ness. Pawnee and Rush Counties
Gd Antenen (CSO) 105 S. PetWl. Nes5 City. lCans.a5 67560 (9131798.3696 Fax No.19131798.3839 O"NeiII (CSO) 606 Tapeta Lamed. Kensali 67550 13161285.3109 Fax NO.(316IZ85.31Z0 Shan.


5, 1997

Harry Moore 200 SE 7th Suite 104 Topeka, Ks 66603-3961 Dear Harry, On 7-8-97 you requested a quick once over at Claudine Dombrowski's home by our office. AfLer three attempts, I was able to make contact with Claudine. Claudine and her daughter Rikki live in a 2 bedroom one and a halt story house on a large corner lot in Pawnee Rock, Ks. The outside has a large fenced in backyard which contail's a swing, wagon, sandbox, playcenter wi th sl ide, playhouse and a dog house. The yard was mowed and free of "debris. It appears to be in a quiet neighborhood. Claudine's house was clean and well kept. She has large rooms which include a living room, kitchen, dining room, utility room, and two bathrooms. She has an open staircase which was closed off with a child's safety gate. All medicines and chemicals were located in cabinets well out of reach for a two year old. Claudine has some electric outlets covered and others are not. Her refrigerator and cabinets were well stocked with groceries. Claudine has two outside dogs, one Sheltie and one Cocker Spaniel. Claudine and Rikki have lived in this house since May and she plans to buy it after the first of the year. Claudine currently rents from Roger Kurtz. Rikki is enrolled at Kids World Daycare in Larned. I concacced Janice Fisher, LJirect.or, and she indicat.ed that she has Rikki from 6:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on the days Claudine is at work. She says Claudine delivers and picks up Rikki on time, and that she pays promptly. She believes Claudine is over protective as she calls once or twice a day to check on Rikki. Rikki is always clean and well groomed and appears to be loved greatly according to Janice. I contacted the Larned St.ate Hospital and verified Claudine's employment as an LPN on ATC West unit. Her employee review is attached. Claudine works from 7:00 a.m unt.il 3:00 p.m with a rotat ing schedule. Her supervisor Mary Perez is on vacation at this time.



State of Kansas

Twenty-Fourth Judicial District
Serving Edwards. Hodgeman. lane, Ness. Pawnee and Rush Counties
Sue Ft!ltnenbac:h leesO) 105 S. Penn Ne5S City. IhnHS 67560 19 131798-3695 Fax No. (9131798-3839 Fred Roa ICSOl

Court Services Division

Gail Anlenen ICSO) 105 S. Penn. Nc:A City, J;~5 67560 19131798-3696 Fax No.(9131798-3839 Shan4 O"NeiII (CSO) lame-d. 606 Topeka 67550 13161285.3109

606 Topeta
L8m~. J:S 67550 13161285-3100 Fu No. 13161285-3120

Fu No.1316)285-3120

I hope this ~s the i~foLulati0~ Y0~ ~ere :c0king be of further assistance please contact me. Sincerely,




Shana O'Neill Court Service



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