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AngelFury "" MHP reportsFriday, October 19, 2007 1:15:41 PM

Roger, I will be bringing to your office this afternoon a pile of MHP reports in this case. The last one being from Mary Ann Dugan that says it ‘how it is’- July 2006. Intentional attacks on the bond between parent and child. In finding this report I recall that in the court social file there are two other reports.. One from a SW who did a home study on dad-April 2006- she never met me-However, talked about how bad mom was- allegedly this report was thrown out- 2nd from a Barbra Bowman PhD- she to wrote an evaluation on me with out ever meeting me- ‘bad mom’- allegedly this to was thrown out. It is in the court social file aka ‘gossip file’- along with rodeheffers reports. From that time on April 2006 I have been seeking evaluations to show my fitness- the courts- and GAL keep trashing the good ones and attempts to only use bad ones to keep me separated from my daughter. I know this sounds crazy- it is. Jim Morrison will be putting together an investigative comtee this session along with several others that I am indirectly and directly working with for the whole Court abuses..., sadly the MHP field has been instrumental in these abuses. The ‘good’ folks are pushed out and those who continue to profit from the extended litigation are held high in the court abusers system. I woke this morning thinking about Mary Ann and thinking about the SW and Barbra Bowman last April 2006. I think that by bringing to you the slough of reports that are on court record… That I have access tomay help to assist and or guide you to reach the ones that I am not allowed access to. Being: 1. Rodehheffer 2. Bowman 3. the ‘unknown’ SW –Why they kept her confidential is obvious- but I believe therein are answers. The Court Social file hat every one has access to .. but myself. So you know why ‘that pile of MHP repots are there..’ that I drop off. J They are all quite interesting to read, I have yet to get them on line.. except for Dales Report. I noticed is the only one on line.. with Uffman, they btw were good MHP’s J Thank you again…. I am heading down to drop them off now at your offices.. Please feel free at any time to contact me for any thing else.. ThX claudine dombrowski 785.845.3417 'We must ‘be the change’- we ‘wish to see’ in the world.'-Mahatma Gandhi

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