On December 1, 2004, I was contacted by the gal who had stated that Rikki wanted to cancel the visit… that Rikki had called he the night before…..as Rikki had a girlscout dinner, and even though I have an order through the case manager My visit was cancelled, and no make up visit was scheduled. At this dinner Rikki came with her father his girlfriend and her two kids . Rikki stayed with her dad and girlfriend…through the buffet line and st at he table with them during the dinner…..again….I was made to feel as an outcast…..with people starng at me as Hal was talking to them….this is all on video tape……my camcorder….my only allie in a school where I was once considered a mom of a very beautiful girl……..now……I am an outcast in my daughters life…..not by her choice……but by the intimidation of her father…..as he has already proven to her that he is in control…..and that he will never allow me to be a significant part of her life. Live in girlfriend has a girl in 6th grade and a boy in 8th grade, they all live in the same house as Rikki and the older boy and girl sleep in a room together in bunk beds….as Rikki is considered to be my dependent and is entitled to my Social Security benefits….of which Hal is the payee of $412.00 A MONTH…. This guarantees Rikki the right to her own room…..so in order to keep my daughters benefits… . Hal and his girlfriend…..had her 12 year old daughter and 14 year old son sleep in and share the same room. I know that there are ordinances prohibiting this….yet….Hal is above any laws…..as I have already been shown time and time again. Worthy note here is that the 14 year old boy is ADD, very prone to violence as the schools records will show and has been investigated for sexual abuse towards my daughter Rikki, now 9 years old. Birthday 12-12 …..which I am being denied all rights as a parent and Rikki’s rights to be with her mom during any holidays and or birthdays…..Again…. based on false allegations.


Lloyd Swartz- Without substantial evidence rescinded my visitation for more than 9 months. Simply because an 8 time Criminally convicted batter stated lies that were automatically considered gospel and without even asking me about the allegations………pulled the visitation. - This has been the norm since the case manager was appointed to the case…. Time and time again I asked the presiding judge for an opportunity to present evidence which would refute and lay to rest the obvious lies and intentional distortions by the petitioner. And time and time again…..still to this date I have been denied the right to a hearing. 2. GAL

-Very cozy and comfortable stating that she was out to Hal’s house last week and they have her home phone so that they, or Rikki can call her at anytime….Conflict of interest has already been established by her relationship with Rene Netherton and Scott McKenzie….



RESULT- My parenting time with my daughter has been rescinded, and the games continue, whenever Hal says “jump” the case manager and Gal alike say how high.…and then again Rikki and I lose what little ground we have gained, by jumping through every circus hoop that the case manager Hal and the Gal ask us to in order to co-operate with the process…then when we get close to ending or resolving this need for supervised visitation, then ‘bam’ Hal cries foul, makes up yet another story and sets the progress back and again I am falsely accused without representation and without due process………Rikki and I are punished gain….. - This is the purest and blatantly cruelest case of parental interference that I have ever been privy to.

“The Best interest of the child rule has ever been applied to this case….it has ALWAYS been the best interest of the Abuser”……and it still is……He is a self admitted and convicted batter with 8 CR convictions of violence including battery of an L.E.O. I have NO criminal convictions of any kind, nor do I nor have I ever had a problem with substance abuse as the petitioner has as evidenced by his court commitment into SARP r/t his battery on an LEO case #. ( ) Time and time again Judge Bruns for this past year has stated over and over that both parent are considered to be fit and able to care for there child……..again…..I ask….why…..am I not allowed to be my daughters mother……..?…..and why is the father still able to use the courts officers to foster his own agenda to intentionally drive a little girls mom out of her life?…..Best interest of the abuser…?…..no one else’s except for the Court appointed officers who are making money by the hour hand over hand to prolong and continue the torture and punishment of 2 innocent people… a little girl and her mother. I have been forced out of my home and out of the State to seek protection as the case manager and others appointed to this case have said that the beatings I received by Hal during visitation exchanges, is part of co-parenting, and that by my seeking a PFA, I was being UN-co-operative with co parenting and that I would lose even more rights to my daughter….finally in January 2004, I could take no more. And I fled the state abandoning EVERYTHING….I received a Full Order of Protection from the State of Missouri…..I might add that Missouri is appalled at this whole case…..everyone from the media to court officials and crisis centers are appalled…..Gene Schmidt the victims rights coordinator of the Kansas Attorney General Office is appalled and is amazed at how ANY of this could have happened to begin with anyway, victims being re victimized by the very courts that are there to protect them…. ….see his attached e-mail…..in fact the ONLY people that are not appalled are those who are the ones enabling the abuser to continue to control and isolate…not only mom, but now Rikki who is isolated completely .I am appalled that my daughter was being taught that this was appropriate behavior……I could only give her one thing…..example…..that this is wrong….beatings are not a family value….and take away her guilt as I WAS ONLY BEING BEAT DURING VISITATION EXCHANGES…..THEREFORE…her guilt was tremendous I saw it in her eyes…….I did only what I could do ….the only gift I could give her at this point…….that violence is wrong. And again stop the trauma that she had to go through. In order to see her mother. I only wish I were exaggerating…..unfortunately….I am minimizing…..the brutality of the physical, financial and judicial abuse is mind boggling. A horror story that is real. A nightmare to which Rikki and I can not awake from.

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