The Archangel Anthony: Highest of all the Archangels An Allegorical Tale By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq.

, Coif © Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar Anthony Frazier was a successful trial litigator, living and practicing law in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was also a law professor at Duquense University Law Professor Frazier’s chief academic

School, having received tenure the year before.

interest was property law and law and theology or spirituality. He did most of his research online and at Borders Books, instead of the library. During the course of his scholarly research, Anthony Frazier came across the Don Juan books, by sociologist, Carlos Casteneda. Although Frazier basically read the books as allegory, not as factual, he still tried to see if some of Don Juan’s suggestions worked. Don Juan, a Yaqui Indian Sorcerer, said that if you stayed awake all night that you would begin to see through reality and recognize illusion. So, Tony Frazier tried Don Juan’s advice and stayed up two nights in a row without sleeping. After the second night, Tony Frazier experienced a psychic or spiritual breakthrough and began having preconscious visions of the Astral Plane and also began to learn to Channel or engage in telepathy. and people. Frazier also began to see auras around trees

Frazier kept his experiences to himself, having been warned that he would

forced to undergo psychiatric treatment for a mental health condition if people really knew what he was up to.

After about two months of this new psychic or spiritual experience, Tony Frazier was reading some of the Don Juan literature, where Don Juan said that a Sorcerer, to advance, must lose the Human Form, or Human Nature. Tony Frazier prayed that he would lose his Human Form, and the next thing you know, it happened. He was being offered a chance to change his Human Nature into something else. A Devout Episcopalian, Frazier thought through the situation very carefully and then chose to be Anthony the Archangel, and thus he came into existence as Anthony the Archangel. Soon, Anthony began remote viewing universes, and astral planes, and other supernatural phenomenon. He gained access the an Astral Library and the Angelic Book of Wisdom, which he began to study. Frazier saw that each Archangel had its own unique nature, and so he began to define himself as an Archangel. Based on the choices he made he evolved, and soon surpassed the Archangels Gabriel and Miehael and became the highest of all the Archangels. He was the Archangel Anthony, but he was also the God of One Aten, or Atman. Soon Anthony was doing battle with Satanic Archangels who followed the Archangel Satan or Lucifer. Anthony found that the Soviet KGB and the Cuban KGB were satanic societies dedicated to the destruction of spirituality and Christianity, particularly the Catholic church. Anthony the Archangel had his work cut out for him combating Satanism and the KGB.