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Legality Checker vB54-24 - February 18, 2010

Author: Sabresite
- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 -
- Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7
- Extract to a folder.
- Drop PKM file(s) onto the executable.
- Drop folder(s) onto the executable.
What does this program do?
Legality Checker is a simple tool designed to aid a person in determining if the
ir Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Pokemon is Legal.
The program checks for certain values and relationships which cannot be seen in-
game. Everything else should be viewable in-game.
- This number represents a crude integrity check of the pokemon data. If it is
Invalid, the pokemon was modified externally from the game.
Pokemon ID:
- This number is the personality ID of the pokemon. It determines nature, gende
r, ability, and shinyness
- The ability (1 or 2), should correspond to the ability seen in-game. This may
be different for pal parked pokemon where abilities were
later introduced for Diamond/Pearl.
Individual Values (IVs):
- This is a set of numbers representing the pokemon's genetic disposition to a p
articular stat. The set is in order of:
- HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense
Secret ID:
- This number distinguishes a trainer from others which may have the same name a
nd/or trainer id.
Hidden Power:
- The type and damage related to the Hidden Power move.
Fateful Encounter:
- Certain pokemon from promotional events (like mystery gifts) have this flag.
Gender Check:
- If this is invalid, the pokemon is hacked.
Effort Values:
- If this is invalid, the pokemon was altered by an external program.
Trash Bytes:
- Pokemon Pal Parked from GBA have this. If this is displayed, it must be valid
or the pokemon is hacked.
- Pokemon which have evolved after they were pal parked will have invalid tras
h bytes.
- Mystery Gift pokemon also have this. If this is displayed, it must be valid o
r the pokemon is hacked.
Country Originated:
- This is the country/language that the pokemon originated from.
- For pal parked pokemon, it may be different then the Pal Parked Country.
Pal Parked Country:
- This is the country of the diamond/pearl game that pal parked the pokemon.
- This is determined by trash bytes. If trash bytes are invalid, this does not
apply (since the pokemon is hacked anyways).
- If the pal park country says "Indeterminate", this is because there are no tra
sh bytes to check.
- If a pokemon evolved, the trash bytes may say "Japan" or "Invalid" instead of
the proper country. This is normal.
- A pokemon that was pal parked by a different country than the country of origi
n or the korean game must be nicknamed.
In this scenario, the trash bytes will be invalid if the pokemon does not have
the IsNicknamed flag.
- This refers only to wild encountered 4th generation and in-game legend Pokemon
. This does not include the great marsh,
gift, starter, in-game trade, special acquisition, or roaming Pokemon.
- If this is Invalid, then the Pokemon is hacked.
- Normal NDS or GBA - This type is the most common and will be seen on wild/lege
nd encountered pokemon in nds/gba games.
- Wild GBA - This type is less common and will be seen on wild encountered pokem
on in gba games.
- It is unclear whether GBA legends will be seen with this type.
- Uncommon GBA - This type is seen uncommonly by wild encountered pokemon in gba
- Rare GBA - This type is seen rarely by wild encountered pokemon in gba games.
- Very Rare GBA - This type is seen in less than 1% of wild encountered pokemon
in gba games.
- Ultra Rare GBA - This type is seen in less than 0.01% of wild encountered poke
mon in gba games.
- Common GBA Event (Restricted) - This type is seen with particular promotional
GBA pokemon.
The following pokemon should ALWAYS be this type.
- WISHMKR Jirachi
- 10th Anniversary Pokemon (All countries)
- Bryant Park 10 ANIV Pokemon
- SPACE C Deoxys
- DOEL Deoxys
- ROCKS & Festa Metang
- GW, Yokohama & ANA pikachu
- Mitsurin Celebi
- Sunday Pikachu and Wobbuffet
- PCJP Pokemon
- Pokepark Pokemon
- Hadou Mew and Regis
- Tanabata Jirachi (2004-2006)
- Common GBA Event (Unrestricted) - This type is seen with particular promotiona
l GBA pokemon.
The following pokemon use both restricted & unresticted:
- Pokemon Center Japan
- Negai Boshi Jirachi
- Pokemon Box pichu, skitty, swablu, and zigzagoon
- MYSTRY mew
- There may be more. Please report confirmed pokemon events so they can be ad
ded to this list.
More Types:
- Egg - This is a pokemon in an egg. There is not much to check.
- Hatched - This pokemon was hatched from an egg. Not much to check.
- Honey Tree Munchlax - This is a legal Munchlax that came from a Honey Tree.
- Mystery Gift (Static PID) - This is a mystery gift with a static pokemon id.
- Mystery Gift (Dynamic PID) - This is a mystery gift with a dynamic pokemon id.
Make sure to check it thoroughly with another program to be sure its legit.
- Hacked Mystery Gift - The mystery gift is a hacked static pid mystery gift.
- Egg from Manaphy Event - This is an egg from the pokemon ranger manaphy event.
- Static (usually in-game traded) - This is a static pokemon, usually it was tra
ded from an in-game source.
- Hatched from Manaphy Event - This is a manaphy hatched from the pokemon ranger
- Hacked Manaphy Event - This is a hacked manaphy.
- Valid USA (or Japan) Berry Glitch Zigzagoon (RUBY or SAPHIRE)
- This is a legal zigzagoon acquired from the japanese or american demo disc.
- The name displayed, RUBY or SAPHIRE is based on the trainer's gender, and mu
st match the OT Name.
- Hacked Berry Glitch Zigzagoon
- This is a hacked zigzagoon, which failed either the OTG, TID, SID, Shiny, PI
D, IV, Location, HomeTown, or other check.
- Unknown GBA Pokemon - Hacked & Hatched pokemon from GBA will show up as unknow
n. Pokemon from XD/Collo will also be unknown.
These promotional pokemon also fall here:
- CHANNEL Jirachi
- Ageto Celebi
- Koroshiamu pikachu
- Ruby/Saphire Shiny Zigzagoon
- PCNY pokemon
- Hacked Pokemon - This pokemon was hacked.

Beta 54-24 02/18/2010
- Fixed a bug with Japanese Slot 1 Pal parking D/P
- Fixed a bug with certain NoK pokemon not having the proper distribution region
Beta 54-23 02/07/2010
- Added Pikachu colored Pichu (USA) - THanks Nigoli, Person, Kelly, and others
- Added Jirachi (USA) - Thanks Nigoli, Person, Kelly, and others
- Added 10th Aniv HGSS Mew (53b) - Thanks Nigoli
- Added Unown GBA (Fr/Lg) Algorithm - Thanks DarkDragonite
- Added X-Act Method 3 (A-C-D-E, this is theoretical until I see one)
- Cleaned up NDS and GBA validation so there is no confusion.
- Removed A-B-D-E from NDS.
- Restricted 10th Aniv HGSS Mew (53a) to HGSS only.
Beta 54-22 12/26/2009
- Cleared up the source code for basic legality checking
- Added a wider support for GBA legality
Beta 54-21 12/21/2009
- Fixed various bugs with mystery gifts
- Fixed a bug with ARIO Pikachu support
- Added support for in-game location
Beta 54-20 12/20/2009
- Fixed a bug with all generation 4 mystery gifts
- Added ARIO Pikachu
- Added 10th Anniv Mew
- Fixed a bug with USA Platinum Trash Bytes
Beta 54-19 12/10/2009
- Fixed a bug with trash bytes on Non-Jap First slot Pokemon.
Beta 54-18 11/08/2009
- Added Big Brother Slugma egg
- Added AUS/USA Arceus
- Fixed various small bugs
Beta 54-17 10/12/2009
- Added all JEREMY pokes
- Added OTG checks to mystery gifts and static pokes
- Fixed various bugs with evo checks and hometown checks
Beta 54-16 10/12/2009
- Added all Diamond/Pearl/Platinum in-game traded pokes
- Added all Emerald in-game traded pokes
- Added various HG/SS in-game traded and static pokes
- Fixed a bug with mystery gift evolution checks
Beta 54-15 10/10/2009
- Fixed a bug with world distribution mystery gifts
- Added display of acquisition date
Beta 54-14 10/10/2009
- Added PikaCafes (I missed them?)
- Added Release Date checks for mystery gifts
- Added Language checks for mystery gifts
- Added Hometown checks for mystery gifts
- Added Evolution support for mystery gifts
- Fixed various bugs with mystery gifts
Beta 54-12 10/08/2009
- Added "Big Brother" Mareep Egg
- Added 2009 CMEX Kyoto Pikachu
- Added 2009 Birthday Chimchar 2009
Beta 54-11 09/20/2009
- Added French Regigigas
- Added Sync check to Chain Shinies (may not apply in all cases though)
- Added Berry Glitch Shiny Zigzagoon Check #1
- Thanks to Invader Tak, Godzilla, & McFizzle for their contributions.
Beta 54-10 09/09/2009
- Added Synchronize validity thanks to mingot
Beta 54-9 09/06/2009
- Added VGC 2009 Milotic
- Added European (Spanish/Italian) Regigigas
- Added all current Korean Mystery Gifts
- Added Birthday Charmander 2009
Beta 54-8 07/18/2009
- Added Movie 12 Arceus
Beta 54-7 07/10/2009
- Added Notched Pichu
- Added NZ Jirachi
- Added Platinum Trash Bytes (relaxed)
Beta 54-6 05/29/2009
- Added USA Shiny Milotic
Beta 54-5 05/23/2009
- Added French/German Movie 11 Shaymin
Beta 54-4 04/16/2009
- Added UK Movie 11 Shaymin
- Added Spain Movie 11 Shaymin
- Added Osaka Meowth
- Added NoK Mew
- Added another check for all mystery gifts
Beta 54-3 03/02/2009
- Added Honey tree Munchlax legality check thanks to SCV.
- Added ONEMURI Pikachu to the Mystery Gift List.
Beta 54-2 02/02/2009
- Fixed two bugs with genders and the gender check
- Fixed a bug with mystery gifts
- Added all mystery gifts including USA TRU Shaymin and Regigigas
- Added a placeholder for unrestricted dynamic mystery gifts
- Added code to support vB55-G - Almost there!
Beta 54 - 12/8/2008
- Fixed a bug with the Manaphy anti-shiny algorithm.
Beta 53 - 12/6/2008
- Fixed a bug with determining Manaphy legality.
- Added fateful encounter check to the manaphy legality check.
Beta 52 - 12/6/2008
- Found a flaw in GameFreak's code allowing a shiny Manaphy to be possible. Thi
s is possible by hatching someone else's manaphy egg.
- Manaphy eggs conform to Normal NDS algorithm.
- Hatched Manaphy from pokemon ranger conform to Normal NDS (both shiny and nons
hiny), or antishiny.
- Fixed a bug with genderless not showing as a proper gender.
Beta 51 - 12/3/2008
- Fixed the file/directory recursion problem when using more than 20 files.
- Fixed a bug with pokemon that have no name terminator.
- Fixed a bug with pokemon that have no original trainer name terminator.
- Added pal park country "Indeterminate"
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