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DISTRICT: STATUS: POSTING DATE: CLOSING DATE: POSTING NUMBER: LOCATION: POSITION: JOB DESCRIPTION: JOB QUALIFICATIONS: Dallas OPEN 11/04/2010 11/18/2010 009044 Business Services Chief Financial Officer #7461209111

Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university in Business Administration or a directly related field; MBA preferred Significant years of directly related experience preferred Knowledge of public school finance, budgeting and accounting principles, gained through an extensive number of years of directly related experience Knowledge of competitive bidding statutes and purchasing procedures


Provide leadership in the direction of all financial, construction, budget, purchasing and technology operations Direct through the executive director - Financial Services: Accounting Services, Grants Management, Treasury Services, Risk Management, and M/WBE Direct through the deputy chief of operations – Construction: Facility, Maintenance, Construction, Food and Child Nutrition and Transportation Services Direct, through the executive director - Information Technology: Management Information Systems, Technical Assistance Center, Data Support and Compliance, Desktop Services, Information Technology, and Network Services Direct, through the executive director - Budget Services, and all budget and related planning services of the district Direct, through the director – Purchasing, and all purchasing functions of the district Develop, with the approval of the Superintendent of Schools and in collaboration with the other Chiefs, the type of organization needed to
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Jobs -- Job posting

11/17/10 3:41 PM

accomplish the district’s objectives and programs Direct the establishment of ongoing operations of Business Services to ensure fiscal responsibility to meet the needs of the schools, community and taxpayers Direct the development of programs and methods to establish standards of performance and the evaluation of performance against these standards for the purpose of attaining Business Services and district objectives Direct the maintenance of such records and reports as are necessary for the Superintendent of Schools and other executive staff to keep the Board of Trustees informed of the district’s progress and future plans Direct strategic planning operations of all district business operations Perform all other task and duties as assigned
REQUIRED EXPERIENCE: OTHER INFORMATION: Selected individuals for Dallas Independent School District positions will be placed according to compensation guidelines. A campus-based employee may not assume a new position for which he/she was selected based upon the posting process until the end of the current semester, unless approved by the executive director – Human Resources. All interested candidates please send letter of interest and resume to: Dr. Claudia Rodriguez, Executive Director of Human Resources, 3807 Ross Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204, 972-9254288 or email it to Will offer a competitive salary 226 FROM - TO -



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