Cisco 642-873

642-873 Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH)

Practice Test
Updated: Sep 30, 2009 Version 1.6

Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 1 Which of these Layer 2 access designs does not support VLAN extensions? A. FlexLinks B. loop-free U C. looped square D. looped triangle E. loop-free inverted U Answer: B


Answer: B


A. cell phones B. remote access C. mobility services D. network management E. network unification F. network decentralization Answer: C,D,E


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Which three of these are elements of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network architecture? (Choose three)







Which of these is a Layer 2 transport architecture that provides packet-based transmission optimized for data based on a dual (counter-rotating) ring topology?


Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam Refer to the exhibit. Which two of these are correct regarding the recommended practice for distribution layer design? (Choose two.)

Answer: A,D

QUESTION NO: 5 Which of these terms refers to call issues that cause variations in timing or time of arrival? A. queuing B. jitter C. packet loss D. digitized sampling E. signal-to-noise ratio ratio "Pass Any Exam. Any Time." - 3


A. use a redundant link to the core B. use a Layer 2 link between distribution switches C. never use a redundant link to the core because of convergence issues D. use a Layer 3 link between distribution switches with route summarization E. use a Layer 3 link between distribution switches without route summarization






Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 6 Which two of these are characteristics of an IDS sensor? (Choose two.) A. passively listens to network traffic B. is an active device in the traffic path C. has a permissive interface that is used to monitor networks D. traffic arrives on one IDS interface and exits on another E. has a promiscuous interface that is used to monitor the network Answer: A,E


In base e-Commerce module designs, where should firewall perimeters be placed? A. core layer B. Internet boundary C. aggregation layer D. aggregation and core layers E-access and aggregation layers Answer: A

In which two locations in an enterprise network can an IPS sensor be placed? (Choose two. A. bridging VLANs on two switches B. bridging two VLANs on one switch C. between two Layer 2 devices with trunking D. between two Layer 2 devices without trunking E. between a Layer 2 device and a Layer 3 device with trunking Answer: C,D


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and Cisco hardware clients to act as remote VPN clients in order to receive predefined security policies and configuration parameters from the VPN headend at the central site? "Pass Any Exam.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam What is a virtual firewall? A. when deployed in routed mode. a separation of multiple firewall security contexts on a single firewall D. what is the recommended separation between cells with the same channel? A. can support up to 1000 VLANs per context E. 7 dBm C. PIX Firewalls. to ensure a loop-free topology 5 Ac tua QUESTION NO: 11 lTe sts .co m . because of the risk of lost connectivity without STP E. 6 dBm E. another name for a firewall deployed in transparent mode C. for the most deterministic and highly available network topology Answer: B QUESTION NO: 12 Which site-to-site VPN solution allows Cisco routers.actualtests. another name for a firewall deployed in routed mode B. all of which share the same policies (such as NAT and ACLs) Answer: C QUESTION NO: 10 In a VoWLAN deployment. a firewall that. 19 dBm B.www. 5 dbmto 10 dBm Answer: A Why is STP required when VLANs span access layer switches? A. Any Time. a firewall that has multiple contexts." . 10dBm D. to protect against user-side loops C. in order to support business applications D.

only the low-order 23 bits of the MAC address are used to map IP addresses B. use VTP server mode to support dynamic propagation of VLAN information across the network E. the 0x01005e MAC address prefix is used for mapping IP addresses to MAC addresses Answer: A. use 802. Any Time. GRE tunneling 6 Ac tua Which two of these are recommended practices with trunks? (Choose two." . the packet error rate should be no higher than what value? A.) A. 1% "Pass Any Exam. Group Encrypted Transport VPN Answer: A QUESTION NO: 13 Which two design concerns must be addressed when designing a multicast implementation? (Choose two.actualtests. use ISL encapsulation B. only the low-order 23 bits of the IP address are used to map MAC addresses E.1 q encapsulation C.) lTe sts . only the high-order 23 bits of the MAC address are used to map IP addresses D. Virtual Tunnel Interfaces D.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam A. only the low-order 24 bits of the MAC address are used to map IP addresses C. Answer: B.www. Easy VPN B. DynamicMultipoint VPN E. set DTP to desirable and desirable with encapsulation negotiate to support DTP protocol negotiation. set ISL to desirable and auto with encapsulation negotiate to support ILS protocol negotiation m .E QUESTION NO: 15 For acceptable voice calls. the 0x01004f MAC address prefix is used for mapping IP addresses to MAC addresses F. 0.1% B.F QUESTION NO: 14 A.

Their traffic appears to originate from the originating host Ac tua A. C. They do not receive unique IP addresses. B.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam C.actualtests. NBAR examines data in Layers 3 and 4. NetFlow examines data in Layers 3 and 4. an architecture in which all traffic between firewalls goes through application-specific gateways Answer: A "Pass Any Exam. D. an architecture in which all traffic between firewalls goes through application-specific servers E. NBAR examines data in Layers 2 through 4. a method of operating firewalls from multiple vendors C. QUESTION NO: 17 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 18 What is meant by the term "firewall sandwich"? m Answer: A 7 . Any Time.5% D. They are assigned addresses from the internal DHCP pool. lTe sts Which statement is correct regarding NBAR and NetFlow? . C.user devices? A. firewall connections in either an active or standby state D. 25% Answer: B QUESTION NO: 16 Which of these statements is true of clientless enD. RADIUS or LDAP is required in order to assign IP addresses. E. multiple layers of firewalling B." . NetFlow uses five key fields for the flow.www. B. D. 2. NetFlow examines data in Layers 2 through 4.

noise level 5dBm B. Flex Links B. by moving the SLB to a position where selected traffic to and from the servers does not go through the SLB Answer: D Answer: B.E QUESTION NO: 21 Which signal and noise values will result in the best phone communication with an access point? A. by detecting undesirable conditions along the path to the e-commerce module C. loop-free U C.actualtests. how is packet flow into the e-commerce module controlled? A. and preferences of each site to its ISP E. looped triangle E. looped square D.www. signal strength 0dBm. by tracking the status of objects along the path to the e-commerce module B. signal strength 6dBm. by communicating the available prefixes. signal strength 4dBm. noise level 9dBm D." . loop-free inverted U sts .) m QUESTION NO: 20 8 . noise level 6dBm Answer: A QUESTION NO: 22 A remote user needs a static IP address to support a specific application. noise level 4dBm C. signal strength 8dBm. Any Time.C. routing policies. by using the MED to communicate the site preferences for traffic to multiple ISPs Ac tua lTe A.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 19 When BGP tuning is used. Which remote access VPN addressing technique supports this? "Pass Any Which three Layer 2 access designs have all of their uplinks in an active state? (Choose three.

com Ac tua lTe sts . BPDU guard F. has a permissive interface that is used to monitor networks D. use with ACLs and a static route to the VPN headend.D. Use DHCP to assign addresses based on incoming user policies. is an active device in the traffic path C. Deploy RADIUS or LDAP to assign the address to the user B. loop guard D. Use an internal address pool per VPN headend. root guard E. has a promiscuous interface that is used to monitor the network Answer: B." . UplinkFast m 9 .C. Branch site to branch site traffic is approaching 30 percent. traffic arrives on one IPS interface and exits on another E. C.www. D.D QUESTION NO: 24 Which four Cisco Spanning Tree Protocol enhancements are supported with rapid per-VLAN Spanning-Tree plus? (Choose four.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam A. Which VPN topology should you recommend to this customer? "Pass Any Exam. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 23 Which two of these are characteristics of an IPS device? (Choose two.) A. Any Time. PortFast B. Deploy a clientless model to assign a unique address to the user.E QUESTION NO: 25 A customer has eight sites and plans to increase that number in the future.actualtests. The customer's goals are to make it easier to add branch sites in the future and to reduce traffic through the hub. BackboneFast Answer: A.) A. passively listens to network traffic B.

output interface C. Dynamic Multipoint VPN E. Traffic flow through the IPS resembles traffic flow through a Layer 3 router.C QUESTION NO: 28 What two descriptions best define DWDM? (Choose two.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam A.) A. Any Time.) lTe sts . next-hop IP address m .www. and exits via the same interface. Easy VPN B. Traffic arrives on the detection interface. but all subsequent traffic is blocked. destination IP address F. is inspected. an optical technology for transmitting up to 16 channels over multiple fiber strands j C. E. GRE tunneling C. It resembles a Layer 2 bridge B. Inline interfaces which have no IP addresses cannot be detected D. an optical technology for transmitting up to 32 channels over multiple fiber strands Z D. C. a technology "Pass Any Exam. next-hop MAC address Answer: A. Group Encrypted Transport VPN Answer: D QUESTION NO: 26 Which two of these key fields are used to identify a flow in a traditional NetFlow implementation? (Choose two. Answer: A.) A. a WDM system that is compatible with EDFA technology B. Malicious packets that have been detected are allowed to pass through.E QUESTION NO: 27 A. source port B." . Virtual Tunnel Interfaces D. source MAC address 10 Ac tua Which two statements correctly describe an IPS device? (Choose two.

a technology for transmitting more closely packed optical signals using more sophisticated transceiver designs than CWDM Answer: A QUESTION NO: 29 DRAG DROP Answer: QUESTION NO: 30 DRAG DROP "Pass Any Exam. Any Time." Ac Explanation: tua lTe sts .Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam for transmitting multiple optical signals using less sophisticated transceiver designs then CWDM m 11 .

com Ac tua lTe sts ." .co m 12 .actualtests.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam Answer: Explanation: QUESTION NO: 31 "Pass Any Exam.www. Any Time.

but use the original path m 13 .) A. with the only difference being that it has a a group of receivers rather than just one destination Answer: A. Call signaling must have guaranteed bandwidth service. D.C QUESTION NO: 32 Which two of these are characteristics of multicast routing? (Choose two. which statement is correct? tua lTe sts . multicast routing uses RPF B. When deploying an MSFC and an FWSM. C.actualtests.C QUESTION NO: 33 "Pass Any Exam. Voice needs to be assigned to the software priority Ac Refer to the exhibit. Answer: A. D. Any Time. multicast distribution trees are not rebuilt. At least 33 percent of the link bandwidth should be reserved for default best-effort class. When network topologies change.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam Which two statements correctly identify considerations to take into account when deciding on Campus QoS Design elements? (Choose two.www. B. C. In multicast routing. E." . multicast routing is connectionless. Strict-priority queuing should be limited to 50 percent of the capacity of the link.) A. Voice needs to be assigned to the hardware priority queue. the source of a packet is known. Multicast routing is much like unicast routing.

Layer 3 intercontroller roaming D. D. Place it inside the firewall with multiple context modes connecting to all configured contexts. Any Time." . B. intracontroller roaming Answer: B "Pass Any Exam.www. Place it outside the firewall. Place it inside the firewall to make design and management m 14 . Which roaming option will keep them on the same IP subnet? A. Proper placement depends on the VLAN assignment. Layer 1 intercontroller roaming B. lTe sts . Layer 2 intercontroller roaming C.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 34 Client traffic is being bridged through LAN interfaces on two WLCs. Ac Answer: A tua A.

It is a full-duplex serial standard. types of devices at the remote site E. duplex serial standard. 14 D. B. E.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 35 Which three of these are major m 15 . and performance considerations for an IPsec design? (Choose three." .) A. number of remote sites C. number of routes in the routing table at the remote site Answer: Ac tua lTe sts . It allows up to 320 MB/s of shared channel bandwidth. The bus is limited to 25 meters in length. connection speed B.www. 7 B. Answer: C. 8 C.C QUESTION NO: 36 Which two statements about SCSI are true? (Choose two. whether packets are encrypted using 3DES or AES F. D.actualtests. features to tie supported D.B.711 codec with 802. The bus is limited to 32 devices.E QUESTION NO: 37 One of your customers is using the G.) A. Any Time. This can support a maximum of how many phones per access point? A.11a access point radios. C. It is a halF. 19 E. 23 Answer: C "Pass Any Exam. sizing.

" . peer-to-peer C. hub and spoke "Pass Any Exam. full mesh m 16 .www. The customer plans to grow the number of sites in the future. three of which process a large amount of traffic among Ac tua lTe sts . partial mesh D.actualtests.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 38 DRAG DROP Answer: Explanation: QUESTION NO: 39 A customer has seven sites. Which is the most appropriate design topology? A. Any Time.

An IDS analyzes a copy of the monitored traffic and not the actual forwarded packet." m 17 . Answer: B QUESTION NO: 41 DRAG DROP "Pass Any Exam. D.www.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam Answer: C QUESTION NO: 40 Which statement about IDS/IPS design is correct? A. C. B. Bandwidth considerations must be taken into account since IDS is deployed inline to traffic flow. Traffic impact considerations are increased when deploying an IDS over an IPS Ac Answer: tua lTe sts . Any Time. An IPS should be deployed if the security policy does not support the denial of traffic.

www.actualtests. QoS must be set to Gold D. Layer 3 Central mode D.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam Explanation: Drag and drop question. The NAS identifies clients solely based on their MAC addresses.B QUESTION NO: 43 At a certain customer's site. Cisco Compatible Extensions must be disabled sts Which two settings must be configured in order to use the GUI to configure applications? (Choose two. Layer 2 mode 18 Ac tua lTe A. Layer 3 In-Band mode Answer: A QUESTION NO: 44 Which path selection protocol is used by Fibre Channel fabrics? "Pass Any Exam. Answer: A. Any Time. TSPEC must be disabled ] E. QoS must be set to Platinum B. In which access mode has this NAS been configured to operate? A.) . a NAS is both physically and logically in the traffic QUESTION NO: 42 m ." . WMM must be enabled C. Layer 3 Edge mode C. Drag the items to the proper locations.

to provide a trunk by which all VLANs can navigate from one site to one or multiple sites Answer: C QUESTION NO: 47 Which two of these correctly describe Fibre Channel? (Choose two. allows addressing for up to 4 million nodes m . QUESTION NO: 46 How does ERS use the VLAN tag? ~i A. VoQ C.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam A. When the provider experiences an outage. E. Because U-PE devices act as IEEE 802." . the VPLS core must use STP. Multicast traffic is flooded but broadcast traffic is not flooded in VPLS. SANTap Answer: C QUESTION NO: 45 Which of these statements best describes VPLS? A. with each EMS being analogous to a VLAN. as a connection identifier to indicate destination C. IP re-routing restores PW connectivity and MAC relearning is needed. Neither broadcast nor multicast traffic is ever flooded in VPLS. provides a high speed transport for SCSI payloads "Pass Any Exam. as a mapping to the DLCI in service internetworking D. supports multiple protocols B. works only in a shared or loop environment C. Any Time. D.www. FSPF D.) 19 Ac tua lTe sts Answer: C . VPLS emulates an Ethernet switch.actualtests. to provide service internetworking A. B. IVR B. C.1 devices. VSANs E. to support transparency for Layer 2 frames B. allows addressing for up to 8 million nodes E.

Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam F.actualtests. may stretch to a distance of up to 100 km before needing extenders Answer: A.E QUESTION NO: 48 What method does the Cisco MDS 9000 Series use to support trunking? A. Any Time." . IVR C. VSANs Ac tua lTe sts . VoQ D. Enhanced ISL QUESTION NO: 49 DRAG DROP Answer: Explanation: "Pass Any m Answer: E 20 . ISL B.www.

IP address space is difficult to Ac tua QUESTION NO: 51 lTe sts . Broadcast and fault domains are increased." . Any Time. Limits on clustering and NIC teaming are removed. edge F.actualtests.www. D. B. it is not used in multicast "Pass Any Exam.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 50 In which NAS operating mode are ACL filtering and bandwidth throttling only provided during posture assessment? A. Fast uplink convergence is supported for failover and fallback. Layer2 B.) A.E QUESTION NO: 52 What is the purpose of IGMP in a multicast implementation? A. in-band D. Convergence time is fractionally slower than STP. central Answer: D Which two statements about Layer 3 access designs are correct? (Choose two. out-oF. Layer 3 C. E. band E. C. Answer: m 21 .

number of plug-ins per scan C. NICs are used for network connectivity.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam B. addressing designs need to allow for summarization B. designs should not include overlapping address spaces between sites. D. since NAT is not supported Answer: A "Pass Any Ac tua A. bandwidth B. A fabric is used as the hardware for connecting servers to storage devices. it is used on WAN connections to determine the maximum bandwidth of a connection E. Answer: B. E. number of checks in each posture assessment lTe Which of these is least important when determining how many users a NAS can support? sts . IGP routing protocols will update their routing tables over an IPsec VPN D. Servers request specific blocks of data C.www. Any Time." . total number of network devices D. The TCO is higher because of the cost of director class storage switches.) A. it determines whether Bidirectional PIM or PIM sparse mode will be used for a multicast flow Answer: C QUESTION NO: 53 Which two characteristics are most typical of a SAN? (Choose two. Storage devices are directly connected to servers.D QUESTION NO: 54 Answer: A QUESTION NO: 55 Which of these is true of IP addressing with regard to VPN termination? A. B. it dynamically registers individual hosts in a multicast group on a specific LAN D. termination devices need mutable addresses inside the VPN C. it determines the virtual address group for a multicast destination m 22 .

Traffic switched between VLANs is subject to state tracking and other firewall configurable options. Any Time. "Pass Any Exam. when the design implements Layer 3 between the access switch and the distribution switch Answer: F QUESTION NO: 57 A. Routed mode is often called bump-in-the-wire mode.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 56 When is a first-hop redundancy protocol needed in the distribution layer? A.actualtests. FWSM switches traffic between the VLANs. Which two characteristics are true of a firewall running in routed mode? (Choose two) .co m . Routed mode firewall deployments are used most often in current designs. B. FWSM routes traffic between the VLANs. E. C." . when a robust method of backing up the default gateway is needed E. when the design implements Layer 2 between the access switch and the distribution switch F. 23 Ac tua lTe sts a Refer to the exhibit. when preempt tuning of the default gateway is needed D.www. when multiple vendor devices need to be supported C. when HSRP is not supported by the design B.

7 dBm C. One-arm mode C. 19dBm D. Never peer on transit links.) A.www.D QUESTION NO: 58 Which of these practices should you follow when designing a Layer 3 routing protocol? A. D. C.actualtests.D QUESTION NO: 61 "Pass Any Exam. 6 dBm B. Build squares for deterministic convergence.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam Answer: A. Three-arm mode D. 5 dBm Answer: B QUESTION NO: 60 Which three implementation modes may be used to deploy SLB? (Choose three. Bridge mode inline Ac tua lTe sts ." .B. Summarize routes at the distribution to the core to limit EIGRP queries or OSPF LSA propagation. Combo Bridge router mode Answer: m 24 . Bridge mode passive F. Any Time. B. Build inverted U designs for deterministic convergence. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 59 What is the recommended radius of a cell for a voice-ready wireless network? A. Router mode B.

C. Design 2 is a looped triangle m 25 ." . Design 1 is a looped triangle design.www. VSANs E. D.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam In a base e-Commerce module design. J E. B. VoQ D. D. Both designs support stateful services at the aggregation layer. Design 2 is the most widely deployed in enterprise data centers. Any Time. C.actualtests. Which two statements about the topologies shown are correct? (Choose two. ISL B.) Answer: A. lTe sts . which routing statement is correct? A. IVR C. Design 2 achieves quick convergence using Ac tua A. Hardcoded IP addresses are used to support failover. Enhanced ISL "Pass Any Exam. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 62 a Refer to the exhibit. VLANs between the access layer switches are used for FHRP protocols. Routing is mostly static B. Inbound servers use the CSM or ACE as the default gateway.D QUESTION NO: 63 What is the term for a logical SAN which provides isolation among devices physically connected to the same fabric? A.

single run B. Flex Links automatically disable STP so no BPDUs are propagated.actualtests. Flex Link pairs must be of the same interface type. and catastrophe protection. E.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam Answer: D QUESTION NO: 64 Which technology allows centralized storage services to be shared across different VSANs? A. An interface can belong to multiple Flex Links.D QUESTION NO: 66 Lafeyette Productions is looking for a new ISP that has improved availability. Flex Links operate only over single pairs of links. FSPF C. B. IVR B. sts .) m .co Which two statements are correct regarding Flex Links? (Choose two. Which type of ISP connectivity solution would be best? A.www. stub domain EBGP D. direct BGP peering C." . FICON D. C. Currently the manufacturing facility "Pass Any Exam. D. It has a single manufacturing facility with 3 regional warehouses and 16 district sales offices. Failover from active to standby on Flex Links takes less than a second. multi-homed Answer: D QUESTION NO: 67 Acme Nutrition manufactures a wide variety of vitamin 26 Ac tua lTe A. SANTap Answer: A QUESTION NO: 65 Answer: B. load balancing. Any Time.

16 (3 from the warehouse range and 13 from a separate Class C address) D.(II)-(2).(IV)-(4) C. (1) VPN access devices (2) IPSec tunnels (3) Internet services from ISPs (4) Headend VPN devices A. (I)-(2). each district sales office requires 11 IP addresses. (I)-(3).(III)-(4).co QUESTION NO: 68 m 27 .(II)-(2).(IV)-(1) Answer: A QUESTION NO: 69 When designing a converged network.(IV)-(4) D. (I)-(3).(II)-(3).(IV)-(1) Ac tua (I)VPN headend termination devices at a central campus (II)VPN interconnections for headend and branctend devices (III)VPN brarch-end terminatior devices at branch office location (IV)WAN interconnection media lTe sts . how many Class C subnets will the district sales offices require? A. 19 (3 from the warehouse block. 15 from a separate Class C block and 1 from the IP WAN block) Answer: D Please match the VPN component to its description.(III)-(4). and the IP WAN requires 38 IP addresses.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam requires 210 IP addresses.(II)-(2). 19 (3 from the warehouse range and 16 from a separate Class C address) C. (I)-(1).www. each warehouse requires 51 IP addresses.15 from a separate Class C block and 1 from the IP WAN block) B.(III)-(1). which measures can be taken at the building access layer to help eliminate latency and ensure end-to-end quality of service can be maintained? (Choose three. If Acme Nutrition plans for 20 percent growth in facilities.) "Pass Any Exam.(II)-(3)." . Any Time. 20 (4 from the warehouse range.

Use class-based WRED to randomly drop the peer-to-peer traffic during network congestions. 7 D. m 28 .1. QUESTION NO: 71 With Call Manager v3. C.D QUESTION NO: 70 Users at the Charleville Company began experiencing high network delays when Internet connectivity was enabled for all users. 6 Answer: A QUESTION NO: 72 What are two considerations to using IP Multicast delivery? (Choose two.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam A. B.C. source sends multiple data streams out each interface B. classify and mark traffic close to the source B. Which QoS mechanism can you implement to improve the network response time? A. no guaranteed delivery mechanism C. you determine that peerto-peer traffic from a music download site is consuming a large amount of bandwidth. what is the maximum number of servers in a Cluster? A. Use CBWFQ to queue the peer-to-peer traffic into the default traffic class. After investigating the traffic flow. configure spanning-tree for fast link convergence D. Use class-based shaping to delay any excessive peer-to-peer traffic. 3 C. Any Time.) A. 8 B. Use class-based policing to limit the peer-to-peer traffic rate. isolate voice traffic on separate VLANs Answer: Ac tua lTe sts Answer: B ." . no congestion avoidance D.actualtests.www. rate limit voice traffic C. not for bandwidth intensive applications "Pass Any Exam.

actualtests.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam Answer: B." . modular block design at the access level D.C QUESTION NO: 73 Which routing protocol supports a flexible area structure using routing levels one and two? A.www. IS-IS B. Any Time. up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth at the access level B. path MTU discovery B. remote management Answer: B QUESTION NO: 76 Which IOS QoS enhancement was created to address scalability and bandwidth guarantee issues? "Pass Any Ac Which VPN management feature would be considered to ensure that the network had the least disruption of service when making topology changes? tua lTe sts A. redundant servers at the access level C. EIGRP C. auto setup D. dynamic reconfiguration C. high port densities at the access level .co Scalability is provided in the server farm module by which of the following design strategies? m 29 . BGP D. OSPF Answer: A QUESTION NO: 74 Answer: C QUESTION NO: 75 A.

RSVP B. Any Time. Virtua LAN C. Increased usage of standalone devices is cost-effective. What is the term for a logical SAN which provides isolation among devices physically connected to the same fabric? A. A load balancer and SSL termination have also been recommended. Putting all security devices in a single chassis provides a single point of failure.C QUESTION NO: 79 Which typical enterprise campus requirement ensures that the network supports the required applications and that data flows within the required time frames? A. The data center would need several devices to achieve its goal. IntServ C.) lTe sts . D. DiffServ D.Potomac's management have expressed concern over the cost.www. What is one advantage and one disadvantage of your design proposal? (Choose two. Using integrated blades would only require two devices.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam 30 Ac tua A security analysis at The Potomac Canal Company recommends installing an IDS appliance and a firewall appliance. These appliances should connect directly into a Layer 3 switch. availability "Pass Any Exam. virtual storage area network B. B. You suggest using integrated blades. WFQ Answer: A QUESTION NO: 77 You are the Cisco Network Designer." .actualtests. manageability B. C. InterSwitch Link Answer: A QUESTION NO: 78 A. Virtual Output Queuing m . Answer: B.

com Ac tua lTe sts . (I)-(1).(IV)-(2) Answer: D "Pass Any Exam. IS-IS B.(IV)-(3) B.(II)-(1).Supports manual or automatic route summarization A.(III)-(3). functionality D.(III)-(3). (I)-(2).Uses a simple routing metric .co m 31 .(II)-(4).(II)-(4). (1) Cisco NAC Appliance Agent (2) Cisco Trust Agent (3) Cisco Secure Services Client (4) Cisco Security Agent (I)client-side component provides device-based registry scans (II)threal proectior application prevents malicious behavior before it can occur (III)singe authenication framework works on multiple device types (IV)application determines if security or management tools are installed and current A.(IV)-(2) C.Requires minimum router CPU and memory resources . EIGRP Answer: C QUESTION NO: 81 Please match the Cisco client security software application to its description. (I)-(4).actualtests.www.(II)-(4). Any Time.Supported by multiple router vendors .(IV)-(1) D. OSPF C." . (I)-(1).(III)-(3).Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam C. performance Answer: C QUESTION NO: 80 Which routing protocol best fits these requirements? .(III)-(2). RIPv2 D.

www. for use by mobile users B. Any Time. out-of-band m . Layer 3 B.) A. for multiple ISDN connections D.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 82 When is the site-to-site remote access model appropriate? (Choose one. (I)-(4).(III)-(3).actualtests. for modem concentrated dial-up connections Answer: B QUESTION NO: 83 You are the Cisco Network Designer. for a group of users in the same vicinity sharing a connection C.(V)-(1) "Pass Any Exam. Which layer NAS operating mode are ACL filtering and bandwidth throttling only provided during posture assessment? A.(IV)-(5). (1) PortFast (2) UplinkFast (3) BackboneFast (4) Loop guard (5) Root guard (I)shuts down a port that receives a BPDU when enabled (II)cuts convergence time by mas-age for indirect failure (III)prevents the aliernate or root port from being designated in absence of BPDUs (IV)causes Layer 2 LAN interface access port to immediately enter the forwarding state (V)helps prevent bridging loops due to jni-directional link failures on point-to-point links A." . Layer 2 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 84 Please match the Cisco STP enahancement term to its definition.(II)-(2). Layer 4 32 Ac tua lTe sts .

com Ac tua lTe sts QUESTION NO: 86 . (I)-(2).(V)-(1) Answer: A QUESTION NO: 85 When designing the WAN module within the enterprise edge.(V)-(1) Answer: A "Pass Any Exam.www. (1) CST (2) MST (3) STP (4) RSTP (5) PVST+ (I)icentical to 802.(III)-(4).(II)-(5).(V)-(3) B. RFC C. which document is used to specify the connectivity and performance agreements with the service provider? A.(V)-(3) D." .(IV)-(5).(II)-(3). (I)-(2).1w (II)assurnes one spraining-tree instance for each bridged network regardless of number of VLANs (III)provides a separate instance of 802. (I)-(1).(III)-(3).(V)-(1) C. SLC/SLA Answer: D Please match the spanning-tree term to its description.(IV)-(4). (I)-(4). SOW D.(V)-(3) D.(II)-(5). Any Time.1w for each VLAN (IV)Cisco STP enhancement providing a separate 802.(III)-(2). (I)-(2). RFP B.(III)-(2).(III)-(4). (I)-(4).(II)-(2).(IV)-(4).(III)-(1).co m 33 .(II)-(5).(IV)-(4).(V)-(3) C.1D version providing loo-free topology in a network with red-indant links A.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam B.(III)-(1). (I)-(3).(IV)-(5).(IV)-(1).1D spanning tree instance for each VLAN (V)original 802.actualtests.(IV)-(5).(II)-(2).(II)-(5).

It scans devices for hardware information. determine the environment in which the router will be used .com 34 Ac tua QUESTION NO: 89 lTe Answer: D sts A.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 87 Which content networking device allows bandwidth configuration settings so that streaming content will not interfere with other network traffic? A. the inventory is automatically updated. Content Engine B. determine types of protocols to be supported D. select the number of LAN ports required B. m What is the first step that you would use Cisco Product Advisor for when selecting a router for an Edge solution? . D. Content Distribution Manager Answer: B QUESTION NO: 88 Which statement about CiscoWorks 2000 Inventory Manager is true? A.actualtests. IP/TV Control Server C. It scans and records the operational status of devices. IP/TV Broadcast Server D." . It uses SNMP v1. select the number of WAN ports required C. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 90 To securely transport EIGRP traffic. C. IPSec in tunnel mode B. When the configuration of a device changes. GRE with IPSec in tunnel mode "Pass Any Exam. What is the best method to accomplish the transport of EIGRP traffic? A. Any Time.www. a network administrator will build VPNs between sites.

Which CiscoWorks network management application will be used to report the latency and availability for configured traffic operations on an end-to-end and hop-byhop (router-to-router) basis? A. IPSec in transport mode D. scalability B. Any Time. load balancing D. scalability C. fault tolerance E. redundancy QUESTION NO: 92 Answer: A.) A. GRE with IPSec in transport mode Answer: D QUESTION NO: 91 What are disadvantages to storage directly attached to the application servers? (Choose three.actualtests.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam C.www. service assurance Ac tua A. remote management lTe sts What four functions does Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) incorporate? (Choose four. reliability B.D 35 .B." .D QUESTION NO: 93 The network administrator would like to generate synthetic traffic using the Service Assurance Agent contained in Cisco IOS. nGenius Real-Time Monitor B. manageability m Answer: B. Device Fault Manager C. CiscoView D.) . Internetwork Performance Monitor "Pass Any Exam.

B. continuous operation of computing systems D. reduced MTBF B. clustering of computer systems Answer: C QUESTION NO: 96 A.www.000 end users on a campus network. LAN Management Solution (LMS) is being deployed as the network management to the regional office and one to another branch office Answer: A. dial plans C. What is the recommended number of network management server(s)? "Pass Any Exam. dual Wan links to another branch office C.) A.) tua lTe sts . phone features Answer: A." . redundant infrastructure m .com 36 Ac What two choices can you make when redundancy is required from a branch office to a regional office? (Choose two.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam Answer: D QUESTION NO: 94 Which three things can be restricted by the Class of Service in a traditional PBX? (Choose three.D QUESTION NO: 95 What is high availability? A. multiple Frame Relay PVCs D.actualtests. single links . Any Time.D QUESTION NO: 97 ABC Company has 1500 managed devices and 15. voice mail prompts D. dialed numbers B. dual Wan links to the regional office B.

where should the Content Engines be placed? A. 3 C. Rather than deploy a private branch exchange (PBX) in the new building. remote access D. where a gateway connects into the worldwide PBX network of Sun Stable.www. Building 331B was added.actualtests. In 2003.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam 37 Ac tua lTe sts QUESTION NO: 99 ." . close to the servers B. The campus there is made up of a number of office buildings located within the same vicinity. Voice mail and unified messaging components are required and all IP phones and workstations should be on separate VLANs and IP subnets. Which IP telephony deployment best suits their need? "Pass Any Exam. mobility services B. 4 Answer: C QUESTION NO: 98 When dealing with transparent caching. The additional building houses approximately 1000 employees. Any m . a new building. network unification C. close to the end users C. 2 B. in front of web server farms D. network management Answer: C QUESTION NO: 100 Sun Stable is a global insurance company with headquarters located in Houston. Sun Stable has decided to implement an IP telephony solution. at the Internet edge Answer: B Which one is not the feature of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network architecture? A. Texas. External calls will be carried across a MAN link to another building. 1 D.

actualtests. jitter of 30 ms or less C. Any Time. multisite with centralized call processing Answer: A QUESTION NO: 101 The Schuyler and Livingston Iron Works has been working on getting its network security under control. one-way latency of 150 ms to 200 ms B. and it monitors and responds to security events as they occur. clustering over the WAN C. 150bps of overhead bandwidth Answer: C QUESTION NO: 103 ____ dBm is the recommended radius of a cell for a voice-ready wireless network.) A. and dedicated firewall appliances.C QUESTION NO: 102 Which QoS requirement applies to streaming video traffic? A. security management C. It has set up VPN with IPSec links to its suppliers. It has installed network vulnerability scanners to proactively identify areas of weakness. intrusion protection Answer: m .Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam A. "Pass Any Exam. The company has been growing very fast lately and wants to make sure it is up to date on security measures. Which two areas of security would you advise the company to strengthen? (Choose two. secure connectivity B. stateful firewall implementations.www. identity 38 Ac tua lTe sts . It also employs extensive access control lists." . multisite with distributed call processing D. packet loss of 2 percent or less D. single-site B.

Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam A. SANTap D. 1 D. FICON C.1 Answer: C "Pass Any Exam.actualtests.www. 4 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 104 Which three components comprise the AVVID framework? (Choose Ac A. 2. 6 B. that form a virtual fabric.01 C. intelligent network services D." . 0.) A. abstracted integration C. 0. the packet error rate should be less than___% A. FSPF B.5 B. Any Time.C. IVR tua lTe A virtual storage area network (VSAN) is a collection of ports from a set of connected Fibre Channel switches. 7 m 39 . network solutions Answer: A. 10 D. Which technology allows centralized storage services to be shared across different VSANs? sts QUESTION NO: 105 .D Answer: D QUESTION NO: 106 For acceptable voice calls. common network infrastructure B.

B QUESTION NO: 110 Which two statements are true about MLP interleaving? (Choose two.www.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 107 Users of a site-to-site VPN are reporting performance problems." .actualtests. B.B. D.C Which two benefits does VoFR provide? (Choose two. What would be two methods to overcome this problem? (Choose two. Turn off pre-fragmentation for IPSec. The VPN connection employs IPSec and GRE and traverses several Ethernet segments.D QUESTION NO: 108 Which three are used in configuring Call Manager dial plans? (Choose three. gateway list Answer: A. route pattern B. Any m 40 . Employ path MTU discovery.) A.) A. bandwidth efficiency B. Set the MTU higher than 1500 bytes. C. The VPN packets are being fragmented as they traverse the links. route group D.) A. Answer: B. cell-switching Answer: A. route list Ac QUESTION NO: 109 tua lTe sts . Set the MTU value to 1400 bytes.) "Pass Any Exam. heterogeneous network D. congestion notification C.

Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam m . reverse proxy C. Loss should be no more than 1 percent. Packets smaller than the fragmentation size are interleaved between the fragments of the larger packets. Packets larger than the fragmentation size are always fragmented.D . 2500 D. proxy D. transparent B. and cannot be interleaved. even if the traffic is voice traffic.) A. direct tua Which enterprise caching mode eliminates the need for Layer 4 switches or WCCP enabled routers to intercept user requests? lTe sts Answer: C. 5000 C. Managed bandwidth is strongly recommended for voice control traffic. Jitter should be less then 40 ms. C.www. but does not encapsulate smaller packets inside a fragmentation header. 6500 "Pass Any 41 Ac A. It fragments and encapsulates packets that are longer than a configured size. QUESTION NO: 112 Answer: C QUESTION NO: 113 What is the device weight limit per CallManager in a Cisco IP phone configuration? A." . B. 3000 B.D QUESTION NO: 111 What are two design guidelines for VoIP networks? (Choose two. D. D. Delay should be no more than 10 ms. It fragments and encapsulates all packets in a fragmentation header. Any Time. B. Answer: C. C.

scale to a large size D.D QUESTION NO: 117 Captain Marion's Videography delivers Internet digital video using 9 MPEG video encoders and a statistical multiplexer. SCSI-FP B.www.) m . eSCSI Answer: C QUESTION NO: 115 Answer: A. iSCSI D. Channels are packed into a 6-MHz channel bandwidth.C. provide a flexible topology with no spanning tree loops B. technology implementation Answer: B.actualtests. Any Time. increase router peering C.) A." . activity audit C. control broadcasts in the backbone sts . administration B.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam Answer: B QUESTION NO: 114 Which protocol would provide block access to remote storage over WAN links? Which three objectives would be met by designing Layer 3 switching in the Campus Backbone of a medium size installation? (Choose three.C.The MPEG "Pass Any 42 Ac tua lTe A. FCIP C. policy establishment D.D QUESTION NO: 116 What are three primary activities in the cycle of building an enterprise security strategy? (Choose three.

TAPI B. open looped D.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam multiplexer monitors and allocates the appropriate bandwidth. SRST D. fixed broadcast C. RIPv2 C.actualtests. IGRP B. Which feature ensures that the remote site IP phones will still have limited functionality given a WAN outage? A. MGCP Answer: C QUESTION NO: 119 Which three LAN routing protocols would be appropriate for a small retail organization with a multivendor LAN infrastructure? (Choose m . RIP D. Any Time. The multiplexer measures available bandwidth and feeds back signaling to the MPEG encoders. quality equalization B.D QUESTION NO: 120 What is one of the reasons that custom QoS ACLs are recommended over automatic QoS when configuring ports on a Catalyst 6500 for use with IP phones? "Pass Any Exam. Call Admission Control C.www. Coding rates are then increased or decreased." . These bandwidth and traffic requirements work best with which mode of video delivery? 43 Ac tua lTe sts . VoD delivery Answer: B QUESTION NO: 118 A company is using a multi-site centralized call processing model.C. OSPF Answer: B. Packet generation from each input source is controlled such that no packets are dropped and no extra null packets can be generated.) A.

policy management "Pass Any Exam. B.C QUESTION NO: 123 A network vulnerability scanner is part of which critical element of network and system security? A." Ac tua lTe sts m 44 . DNS. host security D.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam A. QoS D. 79xx IP phones do not mark protocol packets such as DHCP. device Pools Answer: A QUESTION NO: 122 Which three components are part of the Intelligent Network Services provided by the Cisco AVVID framework? (Choose three. or TFTP with non-zero DSCP values. 79xx IP phones use a custom protocol to communicate CDP information to the switch. partitions D.) A. D. IP multicasting C. C. Any Time. security monitoring C. 79xx IP phones do not automatically mark voice packets with non-zero DSCP values. security B. 79xx IP phones do not mark voice packets with optimal DSCP values. perimeter security B. IP telephony Answer: A. regions C. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 121 What type of Call Admission control in CallManager allows for limits to the bandwidth consumed by active calls? A. locations B.

single site with centralized call processing C." .actualtests. multisite with centralized call processing m 45 . Resilient Packet Ring B.) A.www. 7200 series with NSE-1 D. 7500 series B. Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing C. Any Ac QUESTION NO: 126 tua lTe sts .B You are the Cisco Network Designer. 12000 series C.323 environments? A. 3600 series Answer: A. Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Answer: A QUESTION NO: 127 "Pass Any Exam. Dynamic Trunking Protocol D.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam Answer: B QUESTION NO: 124 Which IP telephony deployment model uses an H.225 Gatekeeper-Controlled trunk for call admission control within existing H. Which of these is a Layer 2 transport architecture that provides packet-based transmission optimized for data based on a dual ring topology? A. single site with distributed call processing Answer: C QUESTION NO: 125 Which two of the following Cisco router platforms support Multicast Distributed Fast Switching? (Choose two. multisite with distributed call processing D.

etc A. traffic shaping 46 Ac (1) Cisco NAS (2) Cisco NAA (3) Rule-set Lpdates (4) Cisco NAM tua Please match the Cisco NAC appliance component to its description.www.) A. classification B. prioritization D.(III)-(4). D.actualtests.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam To ensure voice packets are kept within the Committed Information Rate (CIR) of a Frame Relay link. B. what should be used in the CPE? A.(IV)-(1) B. Implement intrusion detection with automatic notification of intrusion attempts in place.(III)-(4).(II)-(2).C.(III)-(3).(III)-(1). Answer: B. Any Time.(II)-(3).antivirus.(IV)-(4) Answer: A "Pass Any Exam. Implement server load balancing. lTe sts .antispyware. Implement highly redundant switching and links with no single points or paths of failure. (I)-(2).(II)-(4).(II)-(3). fragmentation Answer: B QUESTION NO: 128 Which three best practices should be implemented at the campus backbone submodule to support the server farm module? (Choose three.D QUESTION NO: 129 (I)a centralized management point (II)an in-band cr out-of-band device for network access control (III)a Windows-based client which allows network access based on the tasks running (IV)a status crecker for operating systems. Implement the Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) for failover protection. (I)-(2)." . (I)-(2).co m .(IV)-(1) C.(IV)-(1) D. C. (I)-(3).

co m 47 . Dropping WAN costs. however.Cisco 642-873: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 130 Acme Costume Company is connecting its manufacturing facilties to its stores with a small pointto-multipoint Frame Relay IP WAN.www. Little growth is expected in the network infrastructure.Up to this point the company has been using a dial-on-demand Ac Answer: C tua lTe sts . D. For RSVP to be end-to-end. have led them to consider using a high-speed WAN solution to improve access. C. distribution. clearly defines module boundaries and demarcation points to identify where traffic is D. includes all modules needed to meet any network design QUESTION NO: 132 Which two are characteristics of RSVP? (Choose two. Answer: A. An RSVP compatible QoS mechanism must be used to implement guarantees according to RSVP reservations. requires specific core.actualtests.) A. and access layer requirements to match the model C. RSVP reservations are maintained by a centralized reservations server. EIGRP C. Which two routing protocols could you deploy to support the new larger network while keeping costs down? (Choose two. all devices must support RSVP. OSPF Answer: B.D QUESTION NO: 131 What is a criteria of the enterprise composite network model? A. defines flexible boundaries between modules for scalability requirements B. RSVP itself provides bandwidth and delay guarantees. B.) A. Any Time." . RIPv2 D.B "Pass Any Exam. RIP B.

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